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  1. Well, maybe it was shot live in a studio. Also, I really hope there's some sort of weird continuity error. Like Bray Wyatt got a haircut between shooting that scene and today.
  2. There's never been a rematch for the Universal Championship, so I'm still convinced that it doesn't have a rematch clause. That's good. Would have felt like SD was getting ripped off since Jericho is supposedly leaving soon. The House of Cringe is up next.
  3. I was really hoping Matt was going to become broken from being swung so much by Cesaro.
  4. I know they said that Jericho was going to SmackDown if he won. But does that mean Owens is going back to RAM? ALSO! How could they have the Face of America lose already?
  5. They need to bring back the Great American Bash (again) just so we can get the Face of America on the poster.
  6. WWE even took Great American Bash. They should drop Hell in a Cell and bring back Halloween Havoc. Other than Money in the Bank and Royal Rumble, I'm not a fan of the themed PPVs. We don't need three cell matches on one card.
  7. It's been a bit since I had so much trouble remembering that a show was even happening. Heck, I don't know that I know any of the actual matches on the card other than the Haunted Mansion match. I guess that almost makes up for the Red Champ not being there.
  8. If one of the announcers don't yell, "GOODNESS GRACIOUS! GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!" then this thing is a total waste.
  9. The only good thing about that "Pack" logo that Nevada sometimes uses, is that it helps me remember if they're the one word or two word Wolf Pack team (NC State being the Wolfpack, all one word).
  10. Yeah, good try. That logo is so obviously terrible and fake. This is just like when everybody was trying to convince me that Jinder Mahal was the #1 contender.
  11. Jinder Mahal's gimmick makes me think of this
  12. Let me help you out here
  13. They've been a fun comedy team. Highlights include giving Cena a ticket for wearing jorts, and Fandango surviving a sunset flip long enough to make it rain tickets on somebody (Slater I think). The out of nowhere aspect is part of the problem. I'm fairly certain that before winning that #1 contender's match, Jinder Mahal hadn't secured a single victory on WWE TV since his return. Again, this is why they should have had a tournament. Have Mahal be the bottom seed so that he could have a big upset victory over somebody worthwhile and use that momentum to carry onward to eventually winning the tournament and build him up to seem at least somewhat legit. Tournaments are great and we need more of them in wrestling.
  14. Well yeah, the king of Utah granted his royal patronage to them. What's not to get?
  15. So wait, Rollins has another finisher? What is this, like his fourth finisher? Curb Stomp, Pedigree, Phoenix Splash (?), and some new thing? Granted, Taker and AJ Styles have four(-ish) finishers, but they never had one retired or anything like that. They were all a part of the arsenal at once. What a weird thing.