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  1. I'm glad I only paid $15 for FIFA 17 since that series still exists to merely piss me off in every conceivable way.
  2. Why is MLS bothering to market this as rivalry week when most of the matches are definitely not rivalry based? Unless there's some deep-seeded hatred between Chicago and Orlando that I'm not aware of.
  3. I like the idea of continuity with JBL being a SmackDown guy now doing SmackDown commentary, but everything else about him his terrible. Even ignoring his alleged bullying, he's generally no good at being a commentator. I will give him a shout out for maintaining his status as a heel commentator by burying Americans who lost to Rusev for failing their country. That was good stuff. I still wish I could have my dream team of Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan on SDL. Two guys who seemed legitimately excited by everything they saw during the CWC and had actual insight. Mauro and Nigel will probably be a solid team but I feel like Percy will be lost in the shuffle between the two. And really, more than two guys at once is generally no good. Maybe for continuity and commentary excellence purposes we could get Daniel Bryan and Mauro Ranallo doing commentary on SmackDown with Kurt Angle as GM. Or even better, Mark Calloway as GM.
  4. Saturdays in the fall are pretty great. I wake up and watch the morning EPL games, and just as they're ending, college football gets started. What a time to be alive. MLS will continue to grow, and hopefully have the money to sign and retain more top-tier players. The league is barely old enough to drink, and yet you'll see some goobers on twitter trashing the league for not having a massive multi-generational fanbase.
  5. Started season 2 of Lucha Underground
  6. I wonder if Georgia would consider changing the stripe and facemask whenever they wear the black jerseys. The helmet just doesn't work very well with that jersey to me and I think it's because of the white facemask and stripe. Also, glad to see that black helmet is just a wacky mockup. The last time they wore black helmets looked hideous.
  7. Maybe they just made sure he wouldn't have to be anywhere near JBL and that was good enough for him. And the schedule won't be nearly as demanding as being on the road with SmackDown all the time,
  8. There's a reason we don't usually see heel vs. heel.
  9. I feel like Nashville went from kind of ugly with the horrible piping to kind of bland. A very lateral move for my tastes.
  10. And she gets her briefcase stripped away. What a dummy.
  11. I remember Maria's gimmick being that she was a ditsy airhead back around 2006 or thereabouts. I couldn't tell you anything more specific than that though.
  12. Rhino and Heath Slater had more tag title reigns. Even Blake and Murphy, and the Vaudevillains held the NXT Tag Titles.
  13. Axel is clearly using Cena's "Never give up" attitude when it comes to his hair. Some battles just aren't worth fighting anymore.
  14. Maybe he can fix his gut by getting on the Jinder Mahal plan.
  15. I remember liking his work when he was working singles due to Enzo being injured. It was actually really surprising at the time. I guess he had just been vocally overshadowed by Enzo for so long that I never realized he had it in him.