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  1. Well, if that's true then I guess the other questions I had check out. Cages are machines and pentagons are the opposites of octagons.
  2. They make way too many cuts, way too quickly, that's for sure.
  3. Early on in my Lucha Underground watching, I have some questions 1. Are cages considered machines? Cage says he's called Cage because he's "not a man, but a machine." 2. Are pentagons in fact the opposite of octagons? 3. Is Sexy Star actually sexy? Hard to know with that goofy mask. 4. How did WWE miss the opportunity to bill the Undertaker from "Beyond the Grave?" He's the Deadman after all. Also, I love the vignettes LU does where they apparently have cameras at the ready to watch Cage beat up a bunch of random dudes on the streets of LA.
  4. What about GOAT vs. GOAT vs. Goat (Daniel Bryan)?
  5. If Kevin Owens can be the longest-reigning champion of all-time, then it's not that cray to think that Zayn could win the Rumble. But also, he was never winning the Rumble, and they let him stick in there for a good long while so it was fine.
  6. I am curious what will happen with them in WWE. I never watch ROH so this may as well happen.
  7. I wonder if ROH will basically just be folded into NXT (or vice versa).
  8. I can understand Wrestlemania and SummerSlam (assuming they keep going with Brooklyn) avoiding Chicago but I don't see why Royal Rumble and Survivor Series wouldn't be possibilities at some point.
  9. "It may be true that my right arm has gone dead because you somehow squandered up the money to send Greg Valentine over to my trailer and put me in an arm bar for 2 and a half hours." This quote makes me want a two hour SRW that throughout the show just cuts to Ferguson's trailer showing him still stuck in an armbar.
  10. It's a bad idea to film yourself having sex. It's outright disgusting to hack people and leak stuff like that on the internet. I don't think there's any debate to be had here. Now then, Lucha Underground is neat. Go watch it.
  11. Southpaw is just a lot of fun. It comes off like a bunch of stuff that the wrestlers came up with themselves which is probably why it comes off so well. Luke Gallows' Sex... Tex Ferguson character is clearly a labor of love. Handsome Rusev and Lana as all-American farmer folk is pure class. I hope they come out with more eventually. EDIT: If Lethal Leap Year isn't a thing on Saturday, February 29, 2020, then to Hell with this company.
  12. Southpaw Regional Wrestling is pure quality.
  13. There's definitely a lack of true faces on SD even without Cena leaving. Reigns doesn't really fix that.
  14. It's not really your fault, but man do I hate the way Little Rock's Trojan logo is weirdly transparent in parts. On the silver helmet I wonder if it would look better if that part were just filled in with white rather than an outline around their dumb, weird logo quirk. Maybe they'll fix that one day if I whine about more. They changed their branding from UALR to Little Rock a few years after I started saying they should do that, so perhaps they're just catering to the whims of a fan of their biggest rival. If you need/want/don't care about suggestions, I'd throw out UT-Arlington just to fill out the Sun Belt ranks.