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  1. Red Wolf

    2018 NFL Season

    They were going to do that anyway.
  2. Red Wolf

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    It was also a transplant-heavy city with a reputation for being a bad sports town in general. Turns out transplant-heavy isn’t necessarily a negative for MLS since there’s not multi-generational fandom built into the sport in the US.
  3. Red Wolf

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Now that they have their own stadium they get to control revenue rather than be tenants at an old stadium. Bringing in extra revenue by renting the stadium out is smart and was definitely something they wanted to do from the get-go. I feel no sympathy for DC United finding a way to make more money. Shout out to Atlanta United for being the least Georgia team in Georgia. Congrats to them on the Cup and for proving all of us wrong.
  4. Red Wolf

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    False EDIT: Atlanta just went up 2-0. Can they fulfill the prophecy?
  5. Red Wolf

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    Not good enough if they want to jump into FBS with the rest of the Sun Belt though.
  6. Red Wolf

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Everybody with any sense was incredibly cynical about Atlanta in MLS and they’ve completely proven all of us wrong. It’s truly incredible
  7. Red Wolf

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Can't wait for Atlanta to give up a two-goal lead to prove that they're a real Georgia-based sports team.
  8. Apparently, yes. If you have the financial means to not play a bunch of money games like you're in the Sun Belt or C-USA, then don't.
  9. Exactly my point. Schools like Florida will say, "schedule better" but offer deals they wouldn't take themselves. Like I said, it's only one step up from lecturing schools about how they should just join a better conference. Florida doesn't have to have a home-and-home with UCF, but to criticize UCF for not taking a two-for-one just because USF did is absurd. UCF has several home-and-homes scheduled with other P5 schools so they obviously don't need to take crap deals like two-for-ones to go off to Gainesville twice. If Arkansas State were getting that many P5 home-and-homes that regularly, I'm pretty sure we'd tell even Arkansas to shove-it if they offered a two-for-one.
  10. Is Florida scheduling two-for-ones where they go on the road twice? If not, then there's no reason UCF should be held to that same standard. UCF not wanting to participate in garbage scheduling practices like that should be applauded. Criticizing them for this is basically one step removed from, "Why don't they just join a better conference, since it's up to them!??!"
  11. Red Wolf

    Best Logo Refreshes

    The new one loses whatever character the old one had. Compare this to how NC State updated theirs for instance. It cleaned things up without losing what made it interesting in the first place. This is like when Spongebob decided to be normal.
  12. Red Wolf

    Best Logo Refreshes

    Honestly, anybody who disagrees is somebody I wouldn't trust.
  13. Red Wolf

    2018-19 NCAA FBS Coaching Changes Thread

    He had a one-year show-cause, I believe. Seems like it should have been as long as the Ole Miss bowl ban (or longer), though I guess it effectively was.
  14. Red Wolf

    Best Logo Refreshes

    I really don't like the Heat update. I know gradients are bad and all, but I liked that the old logo looked more like a fireball. The updated version looks too much like a busted basketball to me.
  15. Incorrect, though reasonable. It's not your fault that major college football is so baffling.