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  1. I assume the Broncos also did it because the Panthers wore white at home throughout the rest of the playoffs.
  2. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    That play reminded me a lot of this. Except you know, the Minnesota play was crazier.
  3. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    Well, Bortles will be there, so that doesn’t make any sense.
  4. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    The dream of a Case Keenum vs. Blake Bortles Super Bowl is still alive!
  5. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    This is typical of Blake Bortles this season. He bounces wildly from solid-to-good NFL QB all the way down to slightly better than Nathan Peterman territory. I like to think the Jags' split helmets are to blame somehow. People act like the NFL is booked like a wrestling show. If it were, the Broncos would have made the playoffs due to having tall man Brock Osweiller on the roster.
  6. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    I wonder which would cause more whining between another Pats Super Bowl or a Blake Bortles vs. Case Keenum/Nick Foles Super Bowl matchup.
  7. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Bama fatigue plus not wanting to put up with the “S-E-C!” rubes makes for a lot of disappointment. We got to have a season with the SEC not being particularly impressive, but they just happened to have two really good teams. Almost like you don’t have to be from the best conference to be the best team or something, a concept many SEC fans don’t seem to understand. But to argue Bama didn’t belong, especially after last night is preposterous.
  8. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    If anything, Alabama should be pushing to expand the playoff. You never know when failing to win your division will keep you out of the playoff.
  9. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Maybe Georgia as a state should just take a break from sports.
  10. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    Super Bowl wins over the Vikings shouldn’t count anyway.
  11. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    Better teams typically beat lesser teams?
  12. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    The AFC East is a weak division. It's not the Patriots' fault, but it doesn't make it untrue.
  13. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Assuming Bama wins, this still holds true.
  14. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Ratings will be horrible just like last time. And Alabama will probably win the national title without even winning their division yet again.
  15. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    In BCS and Access bowls, the teams who "don't belong" are 7-3 against the money conferences.
  16. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Rams vs. Niners should be one of the best uniform matchups twice a year. It should never look like this again, but it probably will.
  17. Say it ain't so, Joe

    This is the sad truth of many cover-ups.
  18. Say it ain't so, Joe

    I need to learn to stay out of this thread. It really frustrates and saddens me.
  19. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Happy to see it happen. And they needed to win this one, because it may be a while before they go back to one.
  20. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Kind of surprised it was new. Pretty sure that practically every team typically outside of the national title picture has done that one by now. There are a lot of bad trends in college football aesthetics, but the giant logo on one side, number on the other is probably my least favorite. I would also like to say that I really like the wolf logo NC State used on its helmets. I wasn't keen on it before, but I've warmed up to it. The block S with tiny NC just seems a bit too generic.
  21. I don't like the mono navy, but I find this to be particularly abysmal.
  22. Gross. Titans should only wear white pants with either of their color jerseys.
  23. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    The color rush pants are essentially the same as the throwback pants. So, something like this.
  24. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    The Raiders and Eagles look like two teams that really don't want to win right now.
  25. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    Well, the Steelers like to play down to their opponents, and I think they're locked into their seeding, right? So... 90%.