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  1. There's gonna be a newness factor at play, but the team still must field a competent squad from the jump. It'll help those far north of Carson, on the 405, but there's now a basic "dividing line" which could be muddled up more for the Galaxy if San Diego receives a franchise themselves.
  2. So Uncle Drew is really a "snowflake"? Wow.
  3. Their stock is 4 cents/share. If one invested $1,000, you're likely able to commit a hostile takeover of a $hitshow. Note they are a bit late on their latest filings. Plus, THEY'VE NEVER MET THEIR OWN DEADLINES!!!
  4. Goodbye Vice Sports. http://variety.com/2017/digital/news/vice-media-layoffs-global-video-1202502249/
  5. Mallory went to Newhouse and spent time at SI as the NCAA football editor there before Grantland and The Ringer. She really seems she would rather be in entertainment than sport as she was more interested in talking about "Lost" years ago in the SI college football podcast when Stuart Mandel was at SI.
  6. Because The Grove is borderline overrated and you don't $hit where you eat.
  7. Y'alls problem is that FOX Sports GO and the app are embarrassing bad yet y'all are just not that web savvy (not calling y'all dumb).
  8. Cheating? He spent nine years in the bing. Yea, that's a cheater. Whatever you think of the 1994-95 trial (if you were actually alive), he didn't "cheat" any American when a main prosecution witness purgers himself and a jury thought the prosecution failed to do their job. Are you equally concerned (tongue in cheek, cause you're likely not) with Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman?
  9. But for the last 50 years, they can only be good (8+ wins) if... A. The QB is a member of the Manning Family. B. They overtly cheat.
  10. https://sports.yahoo.com/hugh-freeze-resigns-ole-miss-school-discovered-call-escort-service-234821463.html
  11. And the Ole Miss chancellor is Jeffrey Vitter, whose brother, former Louisiana U.S. Senator, David Vitter also used hookers and was part of the DC Madam scandal! http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/politics/elections/article_e0860489-1ffa-593d-ba67-bf46e287c02f.html
  12. The new TV and apparel money has kicked in. Windhorst is correct in that there isn't a new revenue stream coming in but for them partnering up with a sports gambling company and there's no real time frame for that to become legal.
  13. Hugh Freeze resigns from Ole Miss. https://mobile.twitter.com/OleMissFB/status/888182930476081152
  14. The Buccaneers did the same thing for Raymond James Stadium, but you got your money back after10 years. For most STHs, year 11 and getting the refund coincided with the recession in '07-10.
  15. PSLs for new Warriors arena announced. http://www.sfchronicle.com/sports/article/Warriors-new-offer-Season-tickets-for-30-years-11300137.php#photo-13266154