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  1. So Cincinnati was looking at a MLS bid as early as 1998-99? The USOC dropped Cincinnati, Tampa, Dallas, and LA from 2012 consideration in October 2001. https://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/usoc-to-trim-field-of-us-bid-cities-for-2012-games-to-two/
  2. He's not Hollywood. He's not Broadway. He's Barstool. And now goes by "Frankie Midnight"; given to him from the top Barstool guys.
  3. They had the 4th highest payroll this year and already have $133M in salaries for next season. When your that far into the Luxury Tax, you cannot be the 8 seed. You shouldn't be a 5. http://www.oregonlive.com/blazers/index.ssf/2017/03/blazers_damian_lillard_salary_contracts.html Crabbe's $19M and Turner's $17M are kinda untradable. Nurkic will be a FA next year, so only one or two of the $6-9M guys could be desirable in trade. For decades, team execs love to unwisely spend Paul Allen's money.
  4. Rip City fans acting as if they all saw Harambe get shot.
  5. FYI, the San Diego FOX affiliate will air Rams preseason games. http://awfulannouncing.com/nfl/san-diego-fox-affiliate-forego-chargers-air-la-rams-preseason-games.html From the story:
  6. Mark Jones and Hubie are the #3 ESPN/ABC team, so they'll likely work over Ryan Rucco and Doris. Plus, they could move the two to radio. Mark Jones is 55?!? Black don't crack.
  7. It's far less than 50%. It likely >20% if the LA Times story is remotely close. 62.5% of all revenues (PSLs, Suite deposits, naming rights) go towards construction costs. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-rams-chargers-revenue-20170211-story.html
  8. The Vacation Bible School crowd known as a Thunder home game fans are pretty bad.
  9. Anything like that would need the NFL to amend their constitution to permit it. Such rights are currently only 75 miles in any direction from the city limits.
  10. If Russell doesn't sign an extension after the 2019 season , The Oklahoman's Berry Tremel argument with him post game might be one reason. http://thebiglead.com/2017/04/23/video-russell-westbrook-got-agitated-with-a-reporter/
  11. The relocation fee is spread over ten years, however the agreement with the Rams is not public regarding its length.
  12. McGee has played really well this season. He's 29 and an impending FA. Even through we've got nine seasons JaVale highlights and know that his performances in Games 1- 3 are basiclly outliers, he's about to get overpaid.
  13. MInor league sport is a gate driven business and the marketplace does not want it, period. People have generations of attachment to HS, college and NFL teams. They don't have the need to be attached to minor league (or spring) football.
  14. When you have eight pending free agents, it will blow itself up naturally since Reddick, Speights, Bass, Felton, and Mbah a Moute are likely not to be offered a going salary.
  15. It's not cheap. It's being run "on the cheap". Housing and feeding 100+ for three weeks is costly and Woods didn't get all player spots filled, so he's already lost money. And they won't play today, due to weather. Yea, football canceled by weather. So per usual, Brian Woods can't deliver what he promises since those dudes lost another opportunity "for film".