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  1. Warriors open up a 7 point favorites for Game 1. For the series, Warriors -260 and Cavs +220 from Westgate SuperBook
  2. League sent a memo to teams saying no kids, season ticket holders or non-team personnel are to be representatives.
  3. Edens is the daughter of the Bucks owner was at the Draft Lottery that one year which essentially changed the rules for who represents teams.
  4. At least in Las Vegas there are direct flights to/from each MLB city. When the call up is in say El Paso, Des Moines, Fresno, Reno, or Omaha you're likely connecting, unless the Mets are in a hub when on the road.
  5. And was nearly taken down by a past his prime Rajon Rondo and Wade. Draft picks, no ,matter how high, do not always transition well to the NBA and generational players such as LeBron are just that...generational. There is no guarantee that the Celtics will "get better" past this. Even with the #1 overall, they may just be the 2012-14 Pacers. While currently is cap room, the salary cap will still come into play with Marcus Smart, IT, Bradley and Olynyk if you really believe in this core.
  6. When you use capitals such as, The Celtics,yet not use that for most other teams....you are a homer.
  7. Indy Star points out part of what I said yesterday. But now you put yourself in football season with Indiana residents with IU, Purdue and ND game tix on that Saturday. Good job! IU host UVa, but Purdue and ND host MAC schools. http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/motor/2017/05/23/nascar-moves-brickyard-400-september/337839001/
  8. But Greenberg really never wanted to be there and replace Tony Bruno. From 2015 this interview with USA Today, followed by the public moves from his agent(s), mark the kindling in the fire. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/03/mike-and-mike-espn They were never the same. Greenberg likely thought that Golic would you eventually be fired, ESPN would name new morning show hosts and he could move on to what he thought his (then) goals were.
  9. Is PayPal still commonplace to use today? I haven't used it since about 2012. That said, I can see why an infringement case was filed.
  10. Inside The NBA cannot end this season quick enough. Shaq and Chuck cut deep again. Kenny kept eating. http://thebiglead.com/2017/05/24/shaq-and-charles-barkleys-feud-got-really-personal-on-inside-the-nba/
  11. Welcome, I guess. BOS is still a team which is 6-2 versus CLE this season. Adding the #1 overall isn't going to be an instant game changer for 2018.
  12. And a series of music specifically for jobbers too. TNA once had decent jobber music also.
  13. I've got that book too, but was waiting for the week of no games to read it.