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  1. dfwabel

    AAF: Alliance of Am. Football teasing logos

    A Birmingham radio station claims that the team name will be announced this Thursday. https://mobile.twitter.com/987TodaysKiss/status/1042058385863204865?s=09
  2. dfwabel

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Because it's being discussed within the Sports Logos section.
  3. Hasn't the PAC 10/12 always been kinda weak? A "national championship coach"? Get in line. The Pete Carrol era was a great time, not what you should expect. $hit, after John Robinson, y'all had Larry Smith, Ted Tolner and others.
  4. LSU Ed tells us how he feels...
  5. dfwabel

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    They look like Wyoming.
  6. Why worry about that when TCU is apparently the 15th best squad? It's basically a about 6-8 teams for four CFP slots and both divisions of the SEC and the B1G East champion looked to be in. Clemson's best win may be Aggie or BC, who both may have three losses. Oklahoma may have a three loss team as best win
  7. But they're NOT overrated. They lost Darnold and replaced him with a kid who should be a HS senior but he reclassified. Helton is now 22-8 with both Rose Bowl and a Pac12 championship.
  8. dfwabel

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    When collegiate teams deem it necessary to make their font proprietary.
  9. Gus Johnson makes a squirrel taking a dump (or any game) seem more exciting.
  10. dfwabel

    2018 NFL Season

    So Josh Gordon will be a Cowboy by Tuesday night, right? Dez was with Jerry at the concert for nothing.
  11. Boise State's 23 point loss in Stillwater helped the AAC most, especially UCF as due to the UNC cancellation, they don't play a Power 5 team this season*. South Florida was helped at a lesser level. *-unless they schedule one.
  12. Another mediocre QB performance and yet LSU wins again. Joe Burrow isn't good.
  13. dfwabel

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Before I look locally, what's going on in Denver today? I flipped through channels and saw Rapids/Atlanta Utd. on Univision and there was a VERY SMALL crowd. The side the camera shoots at was virtually empty.
  14. Their social media didn't have the best week either. Yes, she deleted her personal accounts.