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  1. Templates Requests

    Does anyone have Shumway's basketball template?
  2. Templates Requests

    Define easily, I've converted chestnutz's templates to photoshop but they are huge files.
  3. **TEMPLATES**

    Why not just download Inkscape and alter the .svg templates? Then they can be resized to whatever you need, instead of being at a fixed size like in Photoshop. Especially considering that depending on your screen size, the template would only be 600 px max.
  4. **TEMPLATES**

    SVG files aren't ment for photoshop buddy, sorry. What type of templates are you looking for cause I have a few PS ones and there is always the Template Request thread.
  5. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Whenever this thread gets bumped, its usually gonna be new members just wanting the file. If they would read through the thread they would see that there is more than just the templates on here, but thats unlikely to happen.
  6. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    I would be willing to offer my services where I could.
  7. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    think youve gotten your horizon line in the wrong place there bro. for reference in marked on the helmet colour layer. I realized that after I put it on here, thanks for pointing that out.
  8. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    This is what I came up with combining your newest set with a background from one of my wallpapers. Thanks again for the amazing work you put into these.
  9. Templates Requests

    I'm looking for the same thing. I don't think there are any left, really, so I'll probably be making my own. If they don't suck I'll release them onto here As far as action templates for hockey go, I only know of one and it is the rbk player. I used it in making my Pepsi Hockey concept and dgnmrwrw is using it in his NHL redesign. I tried making it paint compatible but it was not a success and your probably going to end up making your own. I am currently trying to make that Photoshop compatable, but it seems to lose some details. I might try it for a few of my concepts and see how everything looks.
  10. Templates Requests

    You probabily have a very slim chance of finding any hockey action template besides the RBK one, which I have only seen in .ai format.
  11. Name That Font!

    Thank you. "We Never Stop" is Weltron Urban, or something of the like. It's on for sure. Good eye, Shumway. Thanks, I got one more for everyone. This is from today's throwback game between the Bucs and Tigers, are the fonts the same for the letters and numbers and what would both fonts be?
  12. Name That Font!

    Thank you.
  13. Name That Font!

    Would anyone know the font from the "we never stop" portion of the banner? For the "Pride...Passion? For the "Cast your vote" and "Sanchez"?
  14. Templates Requests

    Did mine fail? I think Shumway's also had that shadowness to it. No, I'm also looking for a non-action template to go along with the action one.
  15. Templates Requests

    Does anyone have a basketball jersey template with shading/wrinkles that is compatable with Photoshop? If so, I can PM you my e-mail. Thanks, Mike
  16. Name That Font!

    I was wondering if there is a similar font to what is seen in this image. I understand that this is probabily a unigue script, but I was wondering if there is anything that is similar to this. Thanks, Mike
  17. Templates Requests

    Does anyone have a photoshop template for basketball displaying the front, back, and side and an action template as well?
  18. Templates Requests

    I'm looking for photoshop templates (.psd) for the following sports: -Hockey -Baseball -Football -Basketball -Soccer I plan to use these on league re-designs (like my current NHL one). If it is possilbe to have action templates as well as jersey templates, that is great. All credit will be given on the template when I release the concepts. Thank you, Mike
  19. **TEMPLATES**

    That would be very difficult if you mean like layers and stuff, but it could be done. They can (not simply though) be converted to .eps which I believe Photoshop can read, and some can be made paint templates. I'm sure someone knows more about this than me. Ok thank you for the time Mike
  20. **TEMPLATES**

    Is there any way these templates can be converted to work in photoshop?
  21. Name That Font!

    Thanks, font solved. Does anyone know what font is used for the script here? Thanks.
  22. Templates Requests

    Would I be able to get these for Photoshop? I can PM you with my e-mail if needed. Thanks
  23. Templates Requests

    Is there a template out there for a caged hockey helmet like those they use in college?