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  1. Clicking on that video was worth it just for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Totally 1999, and yeah, I liked BBVD.
  2. Concept to prototype doesn't take a year. And again, the timeline for teams not making substantive changes isn't as difficult as you think it is.
  3. Exclusive Pro Sports.
  4. 1) those steps aren't that complicated, given technology - putting a crest and numbers on a jersey might take an hour, max. 2) half the teams aren't making substantive changes; 3) the steps you listed aren't all that different from a normal year's production cycle 4) adidas designers don't manufacture any of the the work you described doesn't apply to them 5) adidas announced the deal in September 2015, so 18-24 months does seem like a pretty feasible timeline
  5. Which brings us to the question of why did adidas take over the contract from its sub company if it presented all of these ridiculous manufacturing limitations... I'm not sure how bringing a straight copy of an existing design (say, Rangers, Red Wings, or Blackhawks) to an adidas template requires a lot of work. People on this board can make that design change within minutes when presented with the templates used.
  6. Even if that's true (as it looks like teams that use navy don't have a lot of black Nike stuff), Nike could make both black and dark gray items. It's not one or the other.
  7. Sarcasm? Seems like Nike is willing to sell dark gray anything for anybody at a moment's notice.
  8. I'm not sure a Reebok t-shirt from 2015 (that's now on sale) is anything to get excited about.
  9. Pretty sure the league office would intervene. There's a reason why Dennis Rodman wore #70.
  10. If true, it's a good change.
  11. Yeah he wore 6 from 1996-97 through the end of his career. Odd to see him wear 25, really!
  12. I'm sure this is on the internet somewhere...but how many seasons did Eddie wear #25 with the Lakers? One? Edit: Two seasons, 1994-95 and 95-96.
  13. What were their jobs in Wisconsin?
  14. Clearly. Not many New Jersey Devils hats have a G and a baseball bat.
  15. The two different grays on the numbers of the blue jersey are tricking my eyes into thinking the lighter gray is actually white, and the darker gray is the normal color. And I like the font too.