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  1. A couple years ago, when I think the current ESPN website was designed, they didn't have an "NHL" dropdown in the top banner next to the other three leagues. NHL was included in "Other Sports". I think a few thousand tweets complaining about it made ESPN realize it was a pretty stupid mistake.
  2. Do you mean Skip will be on TV long after anyone else, or that'll he'll be on ESPN?? Skip hasn't been with ESPN for a few months now. I have no idea why ESPN even tries to have a SportsCenter-like show anymore. Every highlight possible is on the internet, and better covered on the league networks. Corny catchphrases and overhyped players and activity lost its appeal years ago. Morning SportsCenter (a traveler's staple back in the day) isn't needed anymore. I have no idea how Linda Cohn stays on at ESPN. Her prime was way back in 2002 or so.
  3. The only option is Supersonics. Charlotte proved that any other nickname other than the fan favorite won't really work.
  4. The depiction of the southern border is almost too simplistic. Other than that it's pretty nice.
  5. Different hues of orange and blue though. Division rivals having the same colors isn't as big of a deal as it seems. The Braves and Nationals come to mind. In the AL, the Twins and Indians.
  6. I don't mind the current look as long as they emphasize the blue and orange and de-emphasize the black.
  7. The Mariners should stick with the colors they came up with (navy/northwest green) and not the colors the Pilots/Brewers came up with.
  8. I like that Pacers jersey. Remember...the NBA logo will stay on the back.
  9. I like the logo, although there appears to be a weird twist in the nose and jaw (as if the jaw is twisting towards the viewer). Technical tip...the helmet decal should be angled up, at the same angle as the vertical bars on the facemask.
  10. I'm not sure if it's simple (there's asymmetry, balance issues, and a lot of elements thrown in), but it is sleek and elegant, and well done.
  11. I wonder if we'll get skinny shoulders and deep v's when Nike unveils them.. (maybe not, as the ads need a little room).
  12. There was a yearbook or magazine made in the 90s that hinted at a green jersey, as it was a green background, with a navy "BREWERS" outlined in gold at the top. Looked very Notre Damey, but nice. I think there's a pic of in somewhere deep in the MLB Changes thread.
  13. FTFY. Metropolitans only works if every other nickname is terrible. Seattle is a modern city, not a "let's pretend we're kinda/sorta connected to a team from 100 years ago" city. It'd be better to have a "Metropolitans Appreciation Night" every year rather than use the name full time. Just take the way the Leafs honor the St. Pats, but do it every year.
  14. I had the same inquiry a few years ago on a different hat, as I thought it was weird...and was told about the Raiders' rules, which I didn't really believe (lol) because it seemed odd to give just one team that kind of power. But those rules seem to apply to something every year.