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  1. Casual fans who have no idea what the Twins wore in 1987 are not the targeted demographic of the promotion. Throwbacks appeal to hardcore/nostalgic fans and uniform geeks. Yes, the Twins got it wrong, and only doing a cap for the 30th annivesary of the team's first World Series seems awfully cheap. But casual fans probably don't care one way or the other, and odds are, they aren't cognizant of the mistake. Casual fans aren't nearly as worried about the misrepresentation as we would think.
  2. Casual fans might think that for about 30 seconds, maybe do a Google image search for "1987 Minnesota Twins", then move on to something else.
  3. I think it's just a solid white M.
  4. I believe Conrad noted the Nuggets will not be wearing throwbacks.
  5. I would find a nautical theme to be just fine for Los Angeles. In fact, for a city that will claim Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Rams, Chargers, Galaxy, and Sparks, Clippers might have more to do with LA than any other team.
  6. The design shown for the Nationals is not the design that will be used.
  7. Most likely not a new logo. That shirt is part of Fanatics' "Hometown" Collection.
  8. According to New Era Cap Talk user "Hat Guru" (who I think is might be on this board, or at I least hope is part of CCSLC), the D-Backs, Twins, Giants, Pirates, Rays, and Nats will have different hats than shown in the graphic.
  9. Well different font and different shadow direction, but same idea.
  10. At least the number is purple outlined in orange, and not black.
  11. Fanatics. Search "Round About".
  12. They're better because they're simpler. No triangles at odd angles. No funny collar. No tiger stripes in the actual uniform stripes. No GFGS on the number outlines. I like the M logo (and even the old M-paw logo). But note that I grew up watching Big 8/Big 12 games, so nostalgia is strong too. Looking at these photos again, I actually like the 1996 jerseys without the white number outline better. Might look cooler without the white helmet stripes. I've said it here a number of times, but black and old brassy gold is pretty cool color palette for a football team.
  13. Why did they change from the previous look that had appeared in a Super Bowl?
  14. The awkward drop shadow has been removed. Previous:
  15. A lot of people must have been buying beer and in the restrooms.