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  1. Looking at it more, it does have an awkward shape and balance to it. The V in the wordmark seems like it should be more balanced, like the other letters are. Small complaints and over analysis, maybe.
  2. Having a team in Vegas is not traditional either. If Sergei Federov played with white skates, I'm pretty sure the NHL will allow white gloves.
  3. I liked the old logo pretty well...but this is an excellent update. It's one of those "Whoa, I never thought they'd go in that direction and do it so well" kind of logos. The wordmark seems cleaner, though it looks a little like Friz Quadrata, and a little like the font that San Diego State uses.
  4. You can give us more details than that What were the defining characteristics?
  5. The first UA uniforms that Utah had (2009-10 or so) were better than Utah's Nike unis, but have, IMO, gone downhill since.
  6. That's kind of like Blue = Green - Yellow. While true, doesn't quite have the same "Hey look at that!" panache.
  7. Why would the NHL not let them wear white gloves?
  8. I kinda like it. College hockey has such a different aesthetic than pro hockey, though (most notable, school names on the front). This is a great look for a college team.
  9. Is that a bridge (on the left side) for no reason whatsoever?
  10. #76 in the back is Syracuse #81 in the front is likely Utah
  11. Yeah not a fan. Two clunky T's that are only used to create field goal posts in the negative space seems un-Packer like.
  12. Thinking that one of the red teams was Stanford, I found this, from 1962 I think...!
  13. The blue and white might not be Kentucky, though it's still a decent guess. Perhaps it's Penn State (?) Perhaps Oklahoma had a white stripe on its helmets, which makes the two red unis more of a mystery.
  14. The weird thing is UofA is known for having really nice basketball unis, and the baseball unis have been on point...and it's like they just don't give a damn about looking good in football. If anything, when redesigning the football team, look at their other sports that have classic looks.
  15. No white accents anywhere on the jersey...if you're going to do a red jersey like that , at least make the stripes white and navy and not red and navy.