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  1. Check out @MJD7's MLB Redesign thread in the Concepts section.
  2. I like it...but I think you could add to this set: Add gray pants to the away uniform (make the all-maroon an alt set), and then add bright white pants to the Alternate 1 set (save the all-blue as another alternate for special occasions).
  3. The shorts are great. The front of the jersey is dumb. Should have just gone standard - big wordmark, normal number - on the front.
  4. Nah. The Sabres already tried that and it looked awful.
  5. Thier floor hasn't had a lot of gold for some time. I like this new's akin to the early 90s Market Square Arena court.
  6. Isn't that the state of Indiana/Pacers logo secondary?
  7. "We'll do something special for 2019, but back to navy and white for 2020".
  8. Does that mean the Vintage Line will be eliminated? Will CCM still have the NHL license? Or do all the vintage logos and jerseys get produced by adidas?
  9. So for a while I thought I'd figured out that the Giants were going to change their Color Rush helmets based on Riddell discontinuing the retail sale of last year's Color Rush helmet...after all, having the "Giants" decal seems like a great thing in 2016 to honor the '86 team. And I assumed the 2017 CR helmet would just be the normal Giants' NY helmet with a white facemask. But Phil Hecken posted this from the Giants on Tuesday...and they're sticking with the GIANTS decal.
  10. He had hair surgery two years ago to fix the loss. Doesn't wear the headband as much to cover it up. I'd say that's a real photo.
  11. That exact same template but without the yoke would work just fine for Ottawa too (obviously switching out blue for red).
  12. There have been dozens of NFL hats with pant stripes.
  13. Is it not photoshopped? Here's the original picture... #cmonfellas
  14. They are awkward, but they are supposed to be windows that are darker than natural shadows.
  15. If it's 30 days old you know we know about it.
  16. Navy pants for the Cowboys? Edit: Canzman's answer about the Cowboys makes sense. That being said, the Giants still wore gray pants at home in the preseason despite announcing white pants at home way before the 2016 season started. Even in Canzman's quote above, the team says white will be worn at home in the regular season. Doesn't mention preseason. It'd be cool, as a Giants-in-white-pants guy, if they wore the Color Rush pants at home all year instead of the five-stripe pants. The Color Rush pants have the same stripes as the gray pants, so it'd be a more natural home/road pants set.
  17. I'm sure they will, and I hope it's backed by actual science and not placebo talk. If Iguodola had a front cut on his tight shorts in this picture, he'd have more range of motion.
  18. Plus the benefit of freedom of motion is offset by the redistribution of weight (of the shorts) towards the back, thereby being pulled down by gravity when the knees go up.
  19. But if with middle side-cuts there was still range of motion. The front side cut has to make .0000000000002% diiference. It's still navy. Doesn't look any darker than this.
  20. Bring on the gold-plated helmets, home and road! (...and part of me is saying "that might be kinda cool...)
  21. Pretty cool how they made the league logos and players look like the fresco inside the Capitol.
  22. I really hope Nike re-designs the cut in the shorts... these stripes have that odd, diverting angle...
  23. Random - the 4th of July socks, Home Run Derby socks, and ASG socks next year will likely be pretty similar. Really nice logo. 9/10 (or better)
  24. The Rangers have a pre-Nolan throwback every year. Wore it just a few weeks ago against the Angels.