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  1. Nope, it'll look bad on the ice too. Look at Chicago's photo-shoot and you'll see why.
  3. Just effin'brutal.
  4. The color rush silver jersey would look fantastic...if it was not paired with the unitard silver pants.
  5. I remember the first time I ever saw those first crush in junior high wasn't on a was those Phoenix Suns jerseys.
  6. Yuck. If that was an NHL logo, it would be ridiculed widely around this site for being a rocket with a frown and angry teeth. Nothing like winning a couple of NBA titles and then totally blowing up your identity.
  7. Kind of a hodge-podge of eras - especially with the 1990's haircut.
  8. Above-the-knee shorts...multi-stripe socks...white shoes...put Dr J's head on Fultz's body and you have 1976 all over again. Retro is cool.
  10. Mods: please move this post to Unpopular Opinions.
  11. That GE patch is GIGANTIC!
  12. Plus another $200 for customization?
  13. Love the new orange...hate the new blue.
  14. Love it!
  15. I'll withhold my final verdict until I see them in action as opposed to propped up on a mannequin.