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  1. rxmc89

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    That’s too bad. I was really hoping for Thunderbirds, it’s way better than any of the other proposed names.
  2. Tonight is the first postseason game at SunTrust Park, in its second year. Marlins Park is once again the only active ballpark that has never hosted a postseason game, and I think it will remain that way for at least a few years.
  3. rxmc89

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week One

    They should wear those socks with the black pants. That would look great and avoid the yoga pants look.
  4. They’re in different conferences, have never met in the Super Bowl, and only play each other in a meaningful game once every four years.
  5. rxmc89

    First MLB Game Memories

    I went to my first MLB game when I was a baby, so I have no memory of it. It was the Mets vs. Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in 1990.
  6. The Giants and Jets aren’t really rivals though.
  7. rxmc89

    2019 Winter Classic logo

    I don’t mind it, the shamrock makes sense, but I was really hoping/thinking they would incorporate the golden dome.
  8. rxmc89

    Newly-formed Atlantic East Conference Unveils Logo

    You’re right, but I can see why they did it the way they did. It lines up better with the A this way. Also it’s not the Atlantic Due East Conference.
  9. rxmc89

    Stars and Stripes Across MLB, Patriotic Uniforms for July 2-3-4

    The Angels are the worst offenders. The lettering and numbers are barely readable.
  10. rxmc89

    Biggest Downgrades in History

    I wouldn’t say the cardinal looks angry, he looks more determined.
  11. rxmc89

    NHL 2018-19

    And it’s really just four colors. The purple and burnt orange are in the logos only. Sort of like the Blackhawks, who only have three colors in the uniform but more in the logos.
  12. rxmc89

    Powder Blue Across MLB Today For Dad

    It’s still better than where they were the last couple of years. The ultimate goal is no blue/pink at all except for a small patch, armbands, etc. and this is closer to that.
  13. rxmc89

    Powder Blue Across MLB Today For Dad

    At least it’s limited to just the hats and not the whole uniform. They’re taking steps I. The right direction.