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  1. There's also NOTHING to be gleaned from the NBA Live 18 videos, because they've yet to incorporate the new Nike designs. They're using the old rev30 adidas uniforms in their build because they're working on 3D-rendering the different cut (and mesh template, likely) of the new uniforms. Disregard everything from them. Trust me.
  2. This is BALLER style.
  3. ^ Yea, saw that too a couple days ago. That's a just a marketing logo for this offseason. Decent idea, though. Maybe helping to transition people to the "shield" look of next season?
  4. Need to spread those stripes all the way across the front, imo. It's a downgrade from this season's kits, but it's not terrible.
  5. I fixed my article to include definitions of all the denotation, but basically, the Global Logo is the logo that requires cityname and nickname. The Primary Icon is what companies are told to use when referring to teams in their marketing materials.
  6. The current Spurs global logo doesn't use a block typeface. It's a curved-edge typeface. And the text is curved differently in the old logo. And yea, you're right Jonah, the current ball with sword and text on top is gone from the branding. As for the look of this new logo in full color...meh, it's alright. I can't post that online yet, unfortunately. Will do once it's leaked somewhere other than from me, lol.
  7. that's my image from twitter, lol. someone ganked it to post on BrandNew.
  8. Oh, okay. That's just an ESPN-only logo for marketing. I've seen them do similar things with other teams in the Playoffs this season. I wouldn't mind that as an actual logo, though.
  9. ^ it wasn't this, was it (colors reversed, obviously)?
  10. #ShamelessPlug
  11. move the Pistons logo discussion over to that thread, please.
  12. I'm on board for this, Mark. I know it will be good if you're invested in it.
  13. That logoset is better than the LA Clippers one...geez.