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  1. I can confirm that they're NOT getting new uniforms next season, so the news is quite surprising about the sunset alts (they're my fav uniforms that OKC currently have). I don't have any "official" news about new alternate uniforms that Nike will be adding next season, though, so I suppose that's a possibility.
  2. Ballin', son. Accumulating quite the catalog. Keep on rockin'.
  3. ^ Here that is, larger and color-corrected:
  4. ^ agreed. i'm planning on buying a Pulisic version of it, too, unless it's drastically different than that mockup.
  5. You (or a mod) should probably delete this post...the NBA doesn't like that info being regularly available.
  6. ^ you might get your wish soon...
  7. ^ is that a hand holding cooked spaghetti? yeeesh.
  8. Yeah, I think they just shelved the idea in favor the MLK unis. And yea, I agree, I too prefer the MLK unis. I don't think Nike will pick the idea back up, so it's likely dead.
  9. Indeed. I can almost 100% guarantee that the Magic aren't getting redesigned logos / unis next season.
  10. ^ yeah, I like the horse-ball logo. with a little simplification (there's too many small details, which screams "90s"), it could work nicely as an alternate logo. there never should be a horse in the primary logo, though. it's a nice, creative alternate idea, but a little too off-the-wall for a primary visualization.
  11. ^ let's live in the hope that they're dead. yeesh.
  12. Someone pointed this Wolves prototype jersey out to me. Was on ebay, but the link isn't there anymore, unfortunately. Not sure what season this prototype was made for. Maybe when they made their recent change to remove green from the unis?