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  1. Looks like I was on the right track with the Raps new unis. Here's the official photos:
  2. ^ here's a close-up of that patch:
  3. i would hope not, because the red CNY alt uni is part of their set of unis for next season. i'm hoping for the new white alt to be somehow inspired by the DC flag, but that's likely asking for too much creativity from Adidas. :|
  4. ^ yea, he wore #13 in the friendly games leading up to the Olympics a couple weeks ago.
  5. Yea, posting concepts here is fine (don't credit's probably better that way). Obviously, don't use those concepts to make an actual product or use the fonts to make a logo / concept that someone pays you for.
  6. ^ please don't respond to that request anyone. the less people have the files, the better.
  7. Sorry all, I've removed everything to avoid future problems, in lieu of some knowledge I recently learned. May I reiterate again to anyone who has acquired any of the fonts, to PLEASE never use them for anything other than your own personal, non-commercial projects. Thanks.
  8. i'd say it only confirms that they flubbed this one royally. it seems as if they've handed the "new logo" to various companies with NBA licenses in prep for making 16-17 merch / products. then, it seems they've changed course on their rebranding AFTER handing all those companies the "new logo". astounding stuff.
  9. ^ what he said. well put, sir.
  10. Nope, those were pulled from production.
  11. In the official doc for next season, the wine uni is still listed as the away uni and the navy is listed as the alt.