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  1. Nah, we were just guessing that it could happen so that the draft pick would be pictured with the new uniform, but I guess we were wrong! Maybe Nike has some kind of issue that we don't know about so that they can't have anything public for the NBA...I don't even know.
  2. Maybe he was talking about the detail of the material, like was seen in the crest's embroidery? I think that's unique to the Knights from what I can tell.
  3. There's a black stripe on the hem as well. With that and the gray / black collar (and the real number / name font), that's the money.
  4. On the actual new home uniform: - the collar is solid black - the white sleeve stripes don't go all the way around the arm. Just half way. - there's no hem striping at all - there's a side panel of white that follows the positioning of the sleeve's white stripe.
  5. ^ just home uniforms tonight. each team has discretion on when they unveil their road uniforms.
  6. (was confirming that the Blue Jackets blog did indeed have the correct mockup for the actual uniform)
  7. Nah, I think they'll have numbers. They have numbers in the promo photos that I've seen so far. Not sure about the uniforms that will actually be on display at the event, though.
  8. Can confirm that it follows the design I've seen, except it's missing the numbers on the upper part of the sleeves.
  9. Yeah, it's only going to be the home uniforms tomorrow, sadly. The road uniforms will be released at each team's discretion from what I understand.
  10. The collar is grey, with black where the red is right now. There's no white in the arm stripes, just a large gold band and thinner red band below the gold band. There's no white in the hem stripes, just a large band of black and a thinner gold band above the black band. Also, the font looks closer to a traditional block font.
  11. The grey part of the collar is blue on the real one.
  12. @hendocfc you got yourself into this, mate. want me to help shoulder the load?
  13. I had the same thought. Would have liked the stars to me smaller, more of them and sublimated at like 33% opacity or less. Hopefully the World Cup kits share the same use of navy, red and white only and don't add anything unnecessary. Plus, let's get those Waldos back, thank you very much.