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  1. ^ please don't respond to that request anyone. the less people have the files, the better.
  2. Sorry all, I've removed everything to avoid future problems, in lieu of some knowledge I recently learned. May I reiterate again to anyone who has acquired any of the fonts, to PLEASE never use them for anything other than your own personal, non-commercial projects. Thanks.
  3. i'd say it only confirms that they flubbed this one royally. it seems as if they've handed the "new logo" to various companies with NBA licenses in prep for making 16-17 merch / products. then, it seems they've changed course on their rebranding AFTER handing all those companies the "new logo". astounding stuff.
  4. ^ what he said. well put, sir.
  5. Nope, those were pulled from production.
  6. In the official doc for next season, the wine uni is still listed as the away uni and the navy is listed as the alt.
  7. here we go, @the admiral
  8. yea, that's well crafted, but def not an "NBA logo" to me. seems more of an illustration than anything.
  9. that is indeed the scheme, Ian. i got a second confirmation today from someone who's seen the logos. purple, silver and white is all she wrote. that being said, we know the NBA loves to put colors where they aren't so I would not be surprised at all by a black or sky alternate uni down the road (or maybe a hardwood classics uni?). i've got no info on that. just speculation based on what the NBA's done in the past couple of years.
  10. ^ it's just an illustration, along with the other "spray paint" style logos that were on the Game 1 shirts: It's just part of the marketing package for this season's playoffs. Nothing official.
  11. ^ via NBA 2K, this is where they'll appear:
  12. ^ agreed on the bad decision of my Pistons dropping the red uni. terrible mistake. i loved the Sheed-era one as well as the GHill rookie one. they need one of those back as an alt or throwback. get that navy crap outta here.
  13. yea, i can almost 100% confirm they're keepin Red, White and Blue next season.
  14. ^ Booooo! Needs to go to Portland, imo. Or maybe OKC?