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  1. you wanna gimme some credit for that? and the color comparison, lol:
  2. Dangit! I missed the giveaway! I was tailgating most of the days with all those guys in the front of that picture...
  3. Where did that number of 6 come from? Were team names tied to that '6'? I'm not criticizing...just curious. Also want to weigh it against some information I have.
  4. ^ correct. the jerseys you buy online (or in clothing stores) won't have the ads on them. hopefully that doesn't change after one season, though.
  5. ^ i've seen the new authentic Dynamo home kit. the real one looks like that TSC leak, but with the cuffs and TX flag of the "fake" kit.
  6. hendo, i got the image of the Impact kit from this very thread, a couple pages back, lol. and yea, it's bland as all hell. some are saying it could be a decoy since they did something similar before the 2016 home kit was released. let's hope.
  7. ^ i would have liked to see blue or navy shoulders as well.
  8. Probably around NBA Draft Lottery time, especially if the Wolves are in it There could be an issue with officially releasing Nike logos / unis before the season is over though, so it might not come until after the Finals are over and we're leading up to the 2017 NBA Draft. Could maybe catch some leaks before that, though.
  9. #ShamelessPlug
  10. The wordmark is a weight of FF Din. Not sure which weight though.
  11. That was my first thought when I saw the practice court too, unfortunately. The popularity of the Toronto Huskies throwbacks and the Toronto All-Star unis (all 3 just one color + white) might have led down the road to uber simplicity. Let's hope not, but I won't be shocked. :|
  12. You've got some nice ideas among those concepts. Good stuff.