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  1. You've got some nice ideas among those concepts. Good stuff.
  2. I have a half-finished concept very similar to this. That being said, I'm getting a major Raptors primary logo vibe from this with the black circle, single outline and using the colors red / black / grey. Try to differentiate from that moreso, and you might be on to something.
  3. It's probably about time to start this, so I'll open it up with this pic I was shown today. That Nike logo is MASSIVE. There's a possibility that this is a prototype uni, but either way, the Nike logos will be on the tops and shorts next season (along with ads on the opposite side of the top for some teams). Not a great start for Nike here. Hopefully the rebrands they plan on spear-heading will make up for some of the other issues. Can't wait to see it all unfold!
  4. Not sure if this will help, but here's the hex and RGB values, via @ColorWerx:
  5. ^ it's $5m to the Kings for next season. unfortunately, it's pretty lucrative, which will lead to more and more teams adopting it.
  6. i have a feeling that the tank-cut will make it on to the 2017-18 NBA unis too. could be problematic. i especially don't like the back of the uni. looks to be uncomfortable.
  7. Looks like the rainbow Nuggs unis will indeed be worn. Nice! I'm glad to be wrong about that...
  8. ^ that's correct. i was mistaken there. no new court for the Hornets (thankfully).
  9. ^ agreed. hopefully they did add it. i've just seen numerous catalog docs that only list of those 7 HWC unis for next season.
  10. Nope, they aren't. That's just as option in the video game only. These are the only throwback unis to be worn this upcoming season:
  11. ^ Agreed. I suggest that they go with this as the primary, but alas, they stick to the non-patriotic mumbo-jumbo of yesteryear...
  12. That's correct. OKC's set of unis for this upcoming season are the home, away, "sunset" alt, and the white sleeved alt.
  13. as a UT alum, i wholeheartedly agree. the checkerboard is ours, Kentucky! get outta here!