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  1. It's probably about time to start this, so I'll open it up with this pic I was shown today. That Nike logo is MASSIVE. There's a possibility that this is a prototype uni, but either way, the Nike logos will be on the tops and shorts next season (along with ads on the opposite side of the top for some teams). Not a great start for Nike here. Hopefully the rebrands they plan on spear-heading will make up for some of the other issues. Can't wait to see it all unfold!
  2. Nah, the purple Suns uni is the Swingman version, so it'll have the wider cut. Thankfully it's not TOO wide. Let's hope the "Replica" version that Nike does is not as bad as Adidas's currently is.
  3. Looks like that purple Suns uni I found is legit, with the above SUNS wordmark being the counterpart for a white uni.
  4. Nicely done. Would you be able to make vector versions of those? Or do you not have the software to do so?
  5. ^ it's not. the NBA and Nike already made an official statement that there will be no sleeved jerseys at all next season. rejoice! also, here ya go, @Shadojoker
  6. Or maybe just the jersey sponsor?
  7. ^ agreed on all accounts. This is an encouraging tweet: So hopefully we can see some shake up with the Thunder identity for the 2018-19 season.
  8. Man...the sunset unis are my favorite of their current set. Would be cool to see a navy uni with predominantly-orange accents (and a little white thrown in as well). Let's hope there won't be a yellow alternate uni, lol.
  9. When I was at the Panama-US game this past week, I saw a Howard #1 white home kit on a guy, and I didn't enjoy it. Sorry.
  10. ^ it's just a throwback uni. they might use them next season (can't confirm it), but their usual home and road uniforms will be the "regular" unis next season.
  11. That "Rockets" jersey was a concept just made for an R. Kelly music video in 2003:
  12. Agreed. Could be similar to my estimation from a while back (with an ad logo being placed on the left collarbone, of course)...
  13. That also shows the new Spurs Global Logo as being official.
  14. Yea I can officially confirm that the "P + Pacers" logo is dead now. The roundel is the new Global Logo and the 'P' remains the Primary Icon.
  15. ^ other than the crest, though, that kit is QUITE nice. would love to see Barça do something similar with their stripes for the 2018-19 primary kit.
  16. talk about boring as hell, then, lol. sweet all-black jacket, Nike. don't worry about adding some contrast color details.
  17. I wouldn't be so sure about us not playing in the GC kits tonight....
  18. ^ yea, they pretty much fixed what was wrong with the deer illustration from before. if I had the time, I'd piece together an updated Bucks logo using SME's rendering of the deer. would be a nice improvement. even @Sterling84 (and @Sterling84v2.0?) might agree.
  19. ^ When they unveiled, SME "accidentally" tweeted out a photo of the Herd logo that didn't get used. It's better than what the team used. Here's a comparison:
  20. ^ i'd say that font is more likely the actual uni font than a placeholder. that '23' is pretty darn close to the same typeface as is used in the Wolves new primary logo. personally, I hope the real uniform font is more compressed than that one, but it should definitely be the same typeface. we shall see.
  21. Had this at the beginning of the month, mate.