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  1. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    ALL the new unis look AWESOME! Slightly OT, but with them losing the relocation committee...what are STL's best hopes for getting some sort of Driveball in town? (It just feels strange to see them not have a team at this point in time)
  2. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    NOW we're talkin'...that is perhaps my FAVORITE uni in all of Driveball.
  3. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    NICE logo...only problem is, I don't know whether or not it looks too modern for 1957...
  4. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    I nominate the Seattle Emeralds...and for STL to get an expansion team soon.
  5. OK, now I REALLY hope Superior plays Warroad in the Finals...it'll be fun to have "Lakers" be to the MAHL what "Rough Riders/Roughriders" was to the CFL, "Admirals" was to the AHL and "Thunder" is to the ECHL.
  6. Solid unis, they all are...like how Chisholm's the lone team not to have a white jersey. If the Lakers' jerseys existed in real life, I would LOVE to buy one...
  7. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    My vote is for STL. So, would the team keep the Titans name or would they rebrand?
  8. I could see the Twisters' and Northern Lights' third jersey logos eventually become the primary ones...
  9. Congrats to the Saints on their first Kellogg Cup...and against perhaps their chief rivals, no less! Ready to see what the next post-war seasons have in store...especially patiently waiting for more WI teams to join.
  10. After three years off, the Twin Cities league sends TWO teams to the Kellogg Cup Finals-nice! Given their contrasting nomenclatures, this should be fun...
  11. LOVELY inaugural season by Roseau...also says somethin' that after the split, the Hornets were still this dominant and the Voyageurs made the playoffs too! Rootin' for Superior to get an upset run and FINALLY win the Kellogg Cup...
  12. LOVE the new looks the league brings...of course, us getting the VICTORY makes every American's mood better, doesn't it? Bring on the first postwar season...
  13. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    LOVE the Flamingos' logo...this is gonna be a CLASSIC identity (I wish merch for them existed IRL) And count me as a third vote for San Diego.
  14. Congrats to the Racers...this will go down in history as one of THE most memorable series in PHL history. My Chops WILL win the Cup back soon, though...
  15. Seconded..also, I wonder what the post-war plans for Duluth are? Will they split again or stay united? (If they stay united, will they stay nameless for long?)