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  1. If the Los Angeles Angels and San Diego Padres names could transition well to MLB, then I don't see why another PCL "glory days" team can't.
  2. I don't think so...from what I could tell, the Hillsboro Hops had briefly considered being the next Portland Beavers before deciding to represent their own lil' suburb.
  3. They deleted the picture soon after I commented asking about Brandon and Dickinson's teams...
  4. New Jersey Concordes does have a good ring to it...
  5. I'm guessing not so big...remember, their look is fairly recent (And quite a hit with the fans, both virtually and IRL on this board)
  6. Sad to see Ottawa got snubbed...but I got a feeling that a team's gonna relocate there in the next few years.
  7. WWE Hell in a Cell/Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

    OK...so suppose that the IWC is wrong and Nakamura isn't buried...where do you suppose he goes from here? (And will he ever be champ?)
  8. Frankly, I don't see a full-fledged merger happening...however, this WILL be a sort of litmus test for markets (The more successful ones will get AFA teams at some point-like in the real world how there'd be no Jacksonville Jaguars were it not for the Jacksonville Bulls' success). But honestly, I predict the California Atoms will be the league's biggest success story...major market, Disney ownership, and how much the Comets have stunk for the last several years now sounds like a recipe for success.
  9. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I remember when "Wells Fargo Center' was in tiny, all-white... Why can't the Pistons have "Platinum Equity" on one side and "Little Caesars Arena" on the other, I wonder?
  10. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Sorry if this was addressed earlier...but I notice the Pistons' new court has no "Little Caesars Arena" logos or markings on it...I thought the NBA had a rule which said that all courts had to have the arena's name on it at some point (the Sixers creatively got around this rule, while the Pistons seem to be ignoring it entirely). Could someone please clarify whether or not it even is a rule?
  11. Little Caesars new logo

    When I saw progress on the Little Caesars Arena roof (a name which I LOVE-of course, given how I work for that company, I'm biased) I had noticed that Caesar looked a bit different from before, and had speculated that this was a new logo which would be launched after the arena opened. Turns out, I was correct in my assumptions, as they made Caesar's new look official: Old logo: New logo (No official announcement, so I can only find little cropped out bits, but here goes): As you can see, Caesar has gone for more of a simple, "classic" look, getting some rhinoplasty to make his nose a bit smaller and more round, shaving his chest hairs, and opting for a more simple laurel crown and toga print...I really like it, and will be happy to wear this new brand at work going forward. What say ye folks?
  12. LOVE 'em...ALL of 'em! In fact, I would not be at all surprised to see the Racers' navy alternate become their new primary in the future...
  13. Houston Texans (WFL 1974, NFL 2002-present) Jacksonville Sharks (WFL 1974, AFL/NAL 2010-present) Portland Thunder (WFL 1975, AFL 2014-2015)
  14. Kinda makes me wonder why the NBA team couldn't keep the "Royals" nickname when it moved to Kansas City...you could have had the "Kansas City Baseball Royals" and the "Kansas City Basketball Royals."