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  1. Oh me oh my...my two favorite teams are playing in the first round of the playoffs... Regardless, you know what it is: REV 'EM CHOPS!
  2. MBurmy

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    I submitted the Wichita Channel Cats. The channel catfish is the bread and butter of Kansas' fishing industry and about to be named the state fish...also, the team's the Marlins' affiliate, so it makes sense to keep the fish theme. Of course, if Brandiose designs the logos, we could end up with a regular housecat swinging a universal TV remote control...
  3. MBurmy

    Mastercard Unveils New Wordless Logo

    Logo design: $10,000 Ad campaign promoting said logo: $120,000 Being living proof of how bland worldwide brand logo redesign has gotten in this day and age: Priceless.
  4. My vote goes to Oakland Squirrels...after all, if we got powers called the Unicorns and the Flamingos, why not the Squirrels?
  5. Keep in mind, the Granite League's territory has NUMEROUS cities which look to be ready for an expansion team...in fact, there are eight Minnesota municipalities of 10,000 or more per 1950 census still waiting for teams as of 1953 (two of which would be in the Granite's region, three of which would be in the Twin Cities' region, three in the Valley's region) So just give 'em a few years...
  6. As you can see in his last three posts, yes it is.,
  7. A Denver-BYU rivalry could be the one we never realized we needed until it begins. As for Seattle, it'll be years (maybe decades) before they get as competitive as the Zags, but once they do, it may be to basketball what the Apple Cup is to football...
  8. I just wish UW-Whitewater would move up to at LEAST D2...
  9. You got this Millers! Bring it back to Minny...
  10. MBurmy

    North American Pro Soccer 2019

    And they're not ruling out joining the CPL once it proves that it's here to stay...
  11. At this rate, I'm just hoping for anything which can get UAB, Buffalo & NIU to the American, Louisiana & Georgia State to Conference USA, and New Mexico State to any conference which is actually competitive.
  12. Yes they were still the Indians back then...they changed their name to the Big Green in 1974. Either way, LOVELY designs across the board!
  13. I'm guessing they'll change their nickname to the "Redbirds" at some point (to match their logo).
  14. It's your time, St. Cloud! And as for trophies, I have a few suggestions The Water Wheel (Minneapolis Millers vs. Minneapolis Bruins) (Named after Minneapolis' etymology - the "Water City") The Peace Pipe (South St. Paul Mavericks vs. West St. Paul Waves) (The MAHL's two Dakota County teams...I know it'll be replaced in the 2000s, but that name was acceptable back then) The Rainy Waders (International Falls Ice vs. Fort Frances Trappers) (On either side of the Rainy River, the American Ice and Canadian Trappers enjoy quite a rivalry) US-169 Trophy (or some other name) (Chisholm Flames vs. Hibbing Greyhounds) Rebellion Trophy (or some other name) (Eveleth Reds vs. Virginia Royals) (Red is the color of rebellion, and royalty is rebellion's natural enemy)