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  1. At LOOOONG last, the Guardians are back in the playoffs! I think they're the team we'll all be rooting for to win the Victory Bowl at last...
  2. WE BACK-TO-BACK! MY MILWAUKEE CHOPPERS MADE IT BACK-TO BACK! WE BACK-TO-BACK! MY MILWAUKEE CHOPPERS MADE IT BACK-TO-BACK! Once again, I am absolutely ELATED...the first two seasons played during my lifetime (I was born June 6, 1987) are both Choppers Lewis Cup victories! Bring on MIA's logo/unis, the realignment...and my Chops' three-peat!
  3. Yeah, we goin' BACK-TO-BACK! My Milwaukee Choppers goin' BACK-TO-BACK!! Even though we're the "bad guys" this year...so be it. It's gonna be a GREAT Finals, and I know Philly will give it their EVERY BIT.
  4. Again...what's wrong with the Sharks being ahead of their time? (They play in a state-of-the-art dome, after all)
  5. If the Cowboys wore their blue jerseys at home, some might.
  6. I like how you think...orange shell, blue jersey, orange (or blue) pants...just like my HS alma mater!
  7. Silver and blue would look too much like the Guardians of Cincinnati:
  8. BLUE/CHARCOAL FTW!!! Sets them enough apart from the Imperials to give 'em a unique color scheme along the Coast. Also, they play in a state-of-the-art dome...let 'em be ahead of their time in the kits, too!
  9. ^I think so...but with both of them as iconic to Brooklyn culture as they are, can you blame them? A better look at the Biggie banner:
  10. Ready to see my Chops make it BACK-TO-BACK! Hope the Redshirts are our opponents though...
  11. LOVE the new Twisters unis...looks like a jersey I'd try to buy IRL! (PS: Please keep the numerals white too)
  12. LOVE the Sharks' design...they can taste that blood in the water! I know they're keeping it right now...but I was wondering if they'd be open to a color scheme switch in the future? (Orange and maroon seem unusual color choices for a team called the Sharks)
  13. Another swell WHC! Congrats to Canada again...the bidding war for Sergei Krayev will be intense! And now we begin anticipating 1992's designs...namely these: 1. With the Soviet Union breaking up, what will Russia's uniforms look like? 2. Which other former SSRs will join the mix? 3. With the split of Czechoslovakia, what will the Czech Republic and Slovakia's uniforms look like? (Assuming both remain part?) 4. Finally, will reunified Germany retain the uniforms that West Germany did in their 1988 run?
  14. Sorry to see my Panthers came up short...but I feel SO good for Norse Nation right now, making it to the Big Dance in their first year of eligibility...I know @fnz is simply ELATED!
  15. For this to be my Brew Crew's main logo again: