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  1. VERY embarrassing...my Wolves just have the WORST luck. First offseason update I check for is how long Bachman's suspended for and how much he's fined...
  2. Everybody sing along: "I was gonna be Top 5, but then I got high... My people were all gettin' live, but then I got high... Now I might not get drafted tonight, and I know why, Because I got high, Because I got high, BECAUSE I GOT HIIIIIIIGH!"
  3. Like it...but no rhyme for the Generals?
  4. We're BACK baby! Only one thing left to do now... #BeatDC.
  5. OK...if this stadium DOES end up getting built, is UNLV gonna try and join the Pac-12? Because that looks FAR too grandiose to be a Mountain West stadium.
  6. OK Wolves...one down, two to go...#PutOutTheFIRE
  7. See 'em all here. Personally, my faves are the Outkast Hawks, Wale Wizards and Rhymesayers Timberwolves...I legit LOL'd at the Kanye Bulls one too.
  8. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    Everything a good inaugural season should be...good races for the division titles, a few surprises (Montreal finishing at .500 was one after the season preview)...and Canada's equivalents of New York and LA facing off in the title game!
  9. Could it be? Could it be? COULD IT FINALLY BE THE YEAR WE DO IT?! #GoWolvesGo
  10. So, LA has ZERO prime-time home games? (and the Week One Monday Nightgame vs. the 49ers which had EVERY reason to be the big grandiose home opener is on the road) You had one job, NFL...ONE JOB.
  11. I personally think #3 should be retired leaguewide in his honor (similar to how Gretzky's #99 is retired leaguewide IRL)
  12. YES! Edmonton gets a team at LAST...can't wait to see whatever they'll be known as. (Same for Long Island)
  13. 2016 WWE Payback

    OAN: REALLY hope Kalisto's injury's a work...
  14. 2016 WWE Payback

    So, we got a Tag Team Tournament goin' now, and our first matchup is between the two teams everybody expects to get split up momentarily. (Lucha Dragons because Kalisto's bigger than that, and Dudleyz because everybody's wondering how the Bully Ray character will do in WWE)
  15. 2016 WWE Payback

    If you're gonna give Cesaro the James Bond gimmick, you might as well give him the Malenko theme back.