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  1. I like the top right one best...and I like how this sounds!
  2. OK, here are my speculations...   WEST Calgary Cavalry (ties in to the Stampede, alliterates well too) Edmonton Barons (obvious oil baron connection) Vancouver Kermodes (named after the "spirit bear and BC's animal) Winnipeg Express (ties into its state as a transportation hub) EAST Halifax Beacons (Sambro Island Lighthouse, North America's oldest) Montreal Metros ("Quebec's Metropolis" and Canada's largest city at the time) Ottawa Monuments (ties in to the capital, plus the plural is spelled the same in English and French) Toronto Dukes (its old name was York, ties into the famous Duke of York)
  3.     This is gonna be AWESOME!  Question-are the team names already set or are you taking suggestions?
  4. MY WOLVES ARE BACK!!!!!! 
  5. This will be AWESOME!  The seven "gimme" markets are:   Calgary Edmonton Montreal Ottawa Toronto Vancouver Winnipeg   The eighth is still a tossup...Hamilton, Halifax, Saskatoon or Quebec City I could all see having a team.
  6. The Imperials won four of the first five Victory Bowls, and they play in America's largest city...NOPE. As for the Guardians, if our universe's Browns can stick around with all they've been through, I trust the Guardians can.
  7. NICE...but only one thing. You said both Fabbro and Tintori are going to the Stallions, but I know that's a typo...which one's going to ATL?
  8. Hand Drawn Stadiums (Taking requests)

    1. Sport(s): Hockey, Basketball, Indoor Football 2. Location: Kenosha, WI 3. Team Name(s): Kenosha Beacons (hockey), Kenosha Bucks (basketball), Kenosha Blitz (indoor football) 4. Favorite word: What will that mean? 5. Team Colors (optional): Blue and green (Beacons), green, blue and cream (Bucks), black and green (Blitz) 6.  Architectural Style (optional): Similar to the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, make sure it's a good 8,000-10,000 seat arena. 7. Anything else (optional): Not really that I can think of.
  9. And now...the Buffalo 716ers!   Buffalo 716ers Venue: Burt Flickinger Center, SUNY Erie Community College My primary inspiration for this was the old Buffalo Braves' court...that's why the 716ers logo is inside a white circle, the court is this simply colored, and the fonts around it are old-school.  The 716ers are one of the better-promoted teams in the PBL, and while they might not reach the Bills or Sabres in terms of popularity, they are getting on par with the Bisons and Beauts in that regard. C&C is ALWAYS appreciated...next up, the New England Shamrocks!
  10. Neither...it's all Paint and Paint.NET.
  11. Thank you SO much!  Here's the template I use (originally made by lightning25).  Enjoy:
  12. Now with possibly the most-anticipated set on here...the Rochester Razorsharks!   Rochester Razorsharks Venue: Blue Cross Arena Like Racine and Danville's courts which I did earlier, that floor is home to a LOT more than just the Razorsharks.  As such, I kept its character as close to the original as I could, while making improvements in specifically Razorsharks colors.  I feel the "R-fin" is strong enough to carry the center court, but wanted to have a "shark-in-the-water" effect somewhere, so I put the primary in both black keys.  Finally, the court's already known as the Les Harrison Court, after the founder of that arena's first basketball tenant, the NBA's Rochester Royals (later moved to Cincinnati and Kansas City and now the Sacramento Kings, and whose 1951 NBA title is still the franchise's most recent).  I know it might be too cluttered to some, but the court's about that cluttered IRL too right now.   C&C appreciated once more...next up will probably be the Buffalo 716ers.
  13. And here it is...sooner than anybody expected!   Grand Rapids Cyclones Venue: Unknown Originally calling the DeltaPlex Arena home, the Cyclones found themselves looking for a new venue (and going through several) thanks to the arrival of the D-League's Grand Rapids Drive.  Some questioned their status for the season, but under new ownership, the 'Clones have tipped off (though still yet to announce their home venue for the season).  This is by far the simplest design I've put together, because they just have that one logo...and wear just that on the front of their jerseys (not even a player numeral on front).  I might update this when they make the venue announcement. C&C is still appreciated...the Midwest Division is complete, and next up is the Razorsharks!
  14. Thank you for all the positive feedback...here is the next one! Lake Michigan Admirals Venue: Various (most often at Michigan Lutheran High School) The Admirals have proven to be everything a basketball team should be; closely connected to their community (St. Joseph and its twin city of Benton Harbor), perennial contenders, and constantly taking pride in getting their players to play pro ball overseas!  Because of their various venues (and owner's desire to one day build a monolithic domed arena for the team), I left off any court markings, greatly enlarged the logo, and put "Admirals" at both ends (because the name alone is internationally recognized).  In addition, I made it mainly gold, because I really see this one day being the court at their new arena. As I keep saying, C&C is ALWAYS appreciated...next up is the Grand Rapids Cyclones, and then the Midwest Division will be complete and I can move on to the Northeast Division!
  15. They'll be the first one up in the Northeast Division...but first I'll finish up the Midwest Division.