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    Is there a reason why you couldn't have posted the image directly to this thread?
  2. *sighs* Hope this isn't the end of the Wolves' resurgence...
  3. You know, given their histories, a Wolves-Bobcats Victory Bowl would make for a pretty cool story...
  4. New Nike WNBA jerseys

    Honestly, I thought that with the new uniform deal, the sponsors would be relegated to the upper right and the team name take precedence again...guess not.
  5. I can feel my Chops on the brink...soon it'll be our time again. But for now, go Racers!
  6. SIC 'EM WOLVES!!!! I imagine Tommy Danson is an EXTREMELY happy man right now...
  7. And Gonzaga's staying put in the WCC. I imagine some of the teams which don't stand a chance long as the Zags are in there are gonna head to the Big West...
  8. So, I take it that Atlanta in the PHL universe (hockey fortunes-wise) is the opposite of Atlanta in our real-life one? And I am absolutely DROOLING over my Chops playing the Shamrocks in the first round...
  9. The Tommy Danson era is FINALLY payin' off in Mil-Town...I am JAZZED (pun intended? You decide) at what's gone on and what's to come.
  10. 87’ers now the Delaware Blue Coats

    They're gonna move into the new 76ers Fieldhouse court being built in Wilmington.
  11. So, does the WCC now become "Saint Mary's and seven other guys," or do the Gaels look to join a bigger conference too? And what schools do you see them targeting in expansion? (I know Seattle's probably #1 on the list) EDIT: New Mexico State should be in the top of the Mountain West's targets too...after all, the Aggies are just as dominant in the WAC as the Zags are in the WCC.
  12. I propose the Big East looks to make a trade to get Loyola...in return, DePaul would go to the Missouri Valley.
  13. WOW...believe the hype, ladies and gentlemen-this will continue to be talked about for YEARS to come. My only question is, when conference expansion time rolls around again, will it be the A-10 or the CAA who picks up UMBC?
  14. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL the Chicago set is! As a matter of fact...check your DMs.
  15. Two new looks...two HOME RUNS! They would be top-sellers in the league, I imagine. Only suggestion I had was seeing if you could design the Mastodons' alternate cap after Black Ranger helmet from the series (facial feature caps sell well in this world, after all, and I imagine that's not gonna change even 510 years from now)