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  1. Thank you! If people don't like it, you can always change it...
  2. So, one guy overrules the rest of us who liked the Hogs nickname?
  3. I am absolutely HYPED for the identities to come...
  4. Cinema Center Films, please! (Try to see if you can keep the "CCF-projector" logo, but modified a bit)
  5. Perhaps an Austin team could be branded as the "Texas ______" to reflect their more statewide appeal to contrast the Desperados' Metroplex-centered set.
  6. Under these parameters, my pick would be Austin, TX (Largest US city with no major-league sports teams, could draw fans from Houston & San Antonio as well)
  7. OK then...in that case, here are my own ones: Las Vegas Neon Milwaukee Hogs Quebec Diamants (Diamonds) Portland Reign Utah Swarm
  8. As long as we're using MG designs, my votes are for: Las Vegas Posse Milwaukee Machine Portland Storm Quebec Chevaliers (Knights) Utah Sting
  9. The STL one looks like the opening credits for Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.
  10. Similar to @RBronish's NFL Alternate Universe (what if the NFL and USFL had merged?) and @PackMan's CFL Alternate Universe (what if the CFL still had USA teams?), I've decided to start up an "MLB Alternate Universe" thread. Running it on OOTP, I am currently trying to decide between a few options regarding two proposed third major leagues: Option 1: I begin in 1957, and add the Pacific Coast League as our third major league. New teams would be the Hollywood Stars, Los Angeles Angels, Portland Beavers, Sacramento Solons, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Seals, Seattle Rainiers and Vancouver Mounties. Unlike the real-world MLB, the Dodgers would not move to Los Angeles nor the Giants to San Francisco (Not sure whether they'd stay in Brooklyn and Manhattan or move elsewhere) Option 2: I begin in 1961, and add the Continental League as our third major league. New teams would be the Atlanta Crackers, Buffalo Bisons, Dallas Rangers, Denver Bears, Houston Colt .45s, Minnesota Twins, New York Mets and Toronto (should they stay the Maple Leafs or be the Blue Jays just like their IRL MLB equivalent?) Unlike the real-world MLB, the Senators would stay in Washington. Option 3: I do both, with them happening one after the other. So, before we begin, which option do you think would work best?
  11. LOVE my Chops' new secondary logo-visual tweak! When it's our time for a third jersey, I want the skull-shield front-and-center! (Could even make for a good primary down the road) As for the others...I like the Concordes and Stingers' rebrands too, and you NAILED the third jerseys! (Wonder if in this universe the fans' reaction may be different?)
  12. Canadian: Quebec City, Quebec American: Columbus, Ohio Milwaukee, Wisconsin Portland, Oregon Salt Lake City, Utah
  13. You GOTTA feel for Anaheim right now...any hope that the NBA would come to the ol' Pond is pretty much dead now.
  14. I wish these Cosmos jerseys existed in real life...I'd click "Refresh" on the team store to wait for them going on sale...