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  1. Are the Dragons still gonna be contenders? (I hope they win a VB before this series is over).
  2. WWE No Mercy: 24 September 2017

    Sami Zayn was in that spot last year, everybody said "He's gonna get his chance, just be patient"...fast-forward to now, and he's still never held any title and just lost two weeks in a row to Aiden English. So yes, Jordan's obviously just there to be "filler" at this point...one way they could've salvaged it is if they had kept Enzo backstage and had Jordan challenge Miz for the IC title at No Mercy...winning it there WOULD be the start of a bright future.
  3. WWE No Mercy: 24 September 2017

    I don't care if it's to Stone Cold and The Rock...losing two weeks in a row is a pretty strange way to supposedly push the one who's supposed to be one of the next top guys. (As for who Jordan would beat, I'm sure Curt Hawkins and Apollo Crews would just be happy to have a televised match for once...hell, I think Rhyno would be happy to put him over).
  4. WWE No Mercy: 24 September 2017

    Have they dropped the storyline about Jordan being Angle's son? If not, why have him job two weeks in a row?
  5. And in that universe, does that "someone" have absolutely no filter to his mouth at all but gets elected President anyway?
  6. SOOOO close Twisters...you'll get it by the turn of the millennium, I'm sure!
  7. After seeing this news, all I can say is WOW... 1. If the Railers do move, does Philly become a "leverage city" for future relocation (like LA was for the NFL from '95 until last year) or is the name, logo and colors left behind for a future expansion team (like the Whales earlier in this timeline?) 2. I am SUPER excited for the USFA! Question: will the teams only be in non-AFA cities or will there be some in AFA cities too? (Perhaps one which could actually become more popular than the AFA team, ala the Tampa Bay Bandits of the USFL)
  8. *sighs* Yup, my Chops are in for some pretty hard times going forth... So for the playoffs, it's LET'S GO COSMOS!
  9. AWESOME rebrand...and I, for one, LOVE the wordmark! As I've been saying again and again on this thread, PLEASE don't be afraid to innovate because it may look "too modern"...in this timeline, maybe these things became trends earlier? If that wordmark gets scrapped, please promise me that we're gonna see something like it by the 2010s...
  10. They'll probably go back to it sometime in the 90's/early 2000s.
  11. St. Bona Rebrand

    As a practicing Catholic...this is BEAUTIFUL! LOVE how you play into the fact that St. Bona is the only Franciscan college in Division 1...I would buy that merch in a HEARTBEAT!
  12. WWE SummerSlam: 20 August 2017

    To be fair, I was pretty angry about a specific match result or two when I posted it...but now I change my grade: Now, it's he fourth letter of the alphabet.
  13. WWE SummerSlam: 20 August 2017

    The sixth letter of the alphabet.
  14. WWE SummerSlam: 20 August 2017

    The worst thing about this weekend? WWE had the chance to have all three of their Women's Champions be black this weekend...they may never get that opportunity again...and they missed out on it. It would've been historic (especially the "#BlackExcellence Part 2" selfie...)