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  1. Marquette, Milwaukee, Green Bay & Parkside, please!
  2. OK, what the hell, Cincinnati? An AWESOME Cruiserweight match between TJ Perkins and Tony Niese... and you chant (I you not) "CM Punk!" The guy is NEEEEVERRRRR COOOOOOMIIIIIIIING BAAAAAAAAAACK...so SHADDUP already.
  3. OAN: Wouldn't surprise me if whatever uniform tribute to Fred the Shamrocks do for '83-'84...ends up becoming a permanent fixture on these unis. (Much like the Bears' "GSH")
  4. I know...but the Club is supposed to be RAW's top heel team (unless the Shining Stars get a surprise push)...
  5. So, Bayley beat the local girl Anna Fields...but I FINALLY get to make use of my Hipster Nia Jax meme.
  6. I don't like to say anyone's "buried"...but WHAT DO YOU CALL WHAT THEY'RE DOING TO ANDERSON & GALLOWS RIGHT NOW?!
  7. SHAMROCKS BABY!!!!!!!!!! I can imagine there's some SWEET celebratin' goin' down at all the Metzger's restaurants tonight...rest well, Fred!
  8. If they can give THIS beauty some usage, then we'll all be ecstatic.
  9. 13 points for Arnold Palmer: http://www.golfdigest.com/story/arnold-palmer-golfs-unquestioned-king-dies-at-age-87
  10. Let's pour out some half lemonade and half iced tea...
  11. If they wanna be THIS dickish about their logo usage, they should just join the NCAA already...
  12. I admit, I REALLY like the Wood Ducks possibilities...this sounds like something right up Brandiose's alley.
  13. The Padres BETTER bring back the Swingin' Friar!
  14. As much as I want to be happy for Becky finally winning a title...if there was any other show where the one who put on the best performance and got the biggest pops of the night was the second one eliminated, there'd be nonstop "bull " chants all over the place...
  15. Staten Island Yankees release five Name-the-Team Finalists. Bridge Trolls - Why not just the "Trolls"? The marketing campaign could write itself. Heroes - Perhaps the best "quality" of the names...I'd wanted a team to call themselves the New York Heroes ever since the aftermath of 9/11. Killer Bees - So they did get a Wu-Tang name after all (I had submitted Shaolin Warriors)...problem is, there's already two MiLB teams called "Bees." Pizza Rats - The best of the "silly" names, there WILL be lots of merch sold from that brand! Rock Pigeons - Again, why not just the "Pigeons"? It can also be a popular brand...