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  1. Thoughts on the transactions: 1. Sucks to see Bakersfield and High Desert flat-out lose their teams...hopefully the summer-collegiate Great West League can find good ownership to fill both these ballparks for next season. 2. Anybody know how well J. P. Riddle Stadium would rank nowadays even as a temporary stadium? It's done a good job hosting the SwampDogs (summer collegiate Coastal Plain League), so I imagine it would be servicable for now. 3. Surprised Kinston didn't pursue a CPL team in the years Grainger Stadium was vacant...unfortunately, I can't vote in their name-the-team contest, but my choice would be Kinston Chefs (Kinston is home to Vivian Howard and her restaurant "Chef and the Farmer" from the PBS show "Chef's Life." Just as that Chef does in her restaurant, on the field, these Chefs would be cookin' up good baseball and solid entertainment on a nightly basis! Not to mention, the floppy hats and related merchandise would SELL LIKE HOTCAKES!)
  2. 1980

    You know I'm ready for the Council! (Wish I could find some Canadian census info)
  3. I entered Hot Pots...in honor of the Fondue Fest. For all the Wisconsin teams in the NWL, there aren't any which honor the cheesemaking industry, and almost everybody who's tried fondue LOVES it! (PS: I know hot pot is a different dish, but it can be made in fondue pots)
  4. "This video is private. Sorry about that."
  5. Why they had to change it still confuses me...they could just be the Kansas City "basketball" Royals (St. Louis had the "football" Cardinals at the time, after all)
  6. I still think NMSU should join C-USA...opens up the West and the rivalry with UTEP would be a conference one!
  7. Looking like Paige's injury might be the beginning of the end for her.
  8. If BYU is denied, why don't they kick out Baylor or TCU as well? Both are also Christian colleges whose sponsoring faiths have similar stances on LGBT issues...
  9. WNY Thundersnow (joining for 2016-2017)
  10. No can do...that name's being used by the Division II University of Indianapolis' team, the Greyhounds:
  11. Story here...logo updated accordingly: Personally, I like it...a far more memorable brand. Question is, what would IUPUI rebrand as?
  12. Newest team announcement: St. Pete Tide (beginning play for 2016-17)
  13. O Oklahoma City Ballhawgs (2004) (Played one game, then folded) (Were actually the first basketball team to call the then-Ford Center home, one year before the Hornets made their temporary home there and four years before the Thunder settled in) Oklahoma Stallions (2010-2013) Ontario Warriors (2004-2005) Initial logo: Second logo: Orange County Gladiators (2007-2008) (Moved to WCPBL) Orlando Kings (2010-2011)
  14. What a THRILLER of a finish...pumped to see the Destroyers are CHAMPS! Bring on the Crows and Bobcats!
  15. A couple new expansion/return announcements: Springfield Sting (to begin play in 2016-17) Texas Cagers (2014-2015, 2016-present) 2016-present logo: 2014-15 logo: