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  1. Let us all take this moment to reflect on the sharp sense of humor the football gods have this year; specifically, the last New Year's Six bowl game berth being up for grabs between a team whose slogan is #RowTheBoat...and the US Naval Academy.
  2. So it's come to this...an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against the head coach could be the turning point in this game.
  3. LOVE that new 'Canes logo...a much-needed update to the design! Three teams, three winning designs...bring on the '81 season!
  4. Oh, how we wish your concept had been the one they chose, @sparky chewbarky!
  5. Maybe it could've gotten Patrick Lalime to come out of retirement?
  6. That is, if Quebecor doesn't just buy the Hurricanes...
  7. After SO many lame, cliched logo unveilings this offseason...Brandiose finally puts out a good, solid, not-too-gimmicky set, reminding us why Plan B Branding was our favorite design team. Can't wait to see the Spiders play my Kingfish this season!
  8. The color scheme tells me that they'll be the Desert Knights...but shorten it to "Knights" on most of their merch.
  9. Re-upped a few dead links for folks to add to the mothership. Anyway, two 2017 expansion teams: Athens Predators La Crosse Showtime
  10. Also, the Richmond Elite (featured on the mothership) have a new logo for the 2016-17 season (MUCH better than the original): Moving on now... Georgia Thunder (2016-present) (Yes, somebody actually swiped the already-terrible OKC Thunder logo and slapped on the ABA one) Detroit Fast Forward (2016-present) Las Vegas Jokers (2015-present) Fredericksburg Grizzlies (2016-present) Primary logo: Partial logo: Wordmark:
  11. Roc City Ravens (2014-present) 2014-present logo: Gainesville Heat (2012-present) 2015-present logo: 2013-2015 logo: 2012-2013 logo: PG Valor (2016-present) 2016-present logo:
  12. Supposedly because the OHL's London Knights own the Canadian rights to any major hockey team having that name...also because the Vegas ownership is too lazy to actually talk to them and work out a deal.
  13. My guess is still Silver Knights...they're gonna have Nevada visually represented throughout the identity, so with it being the "Silver State"...
  14. About as "played out" as black and gold is for Pittsburgh.
  15. If you want to diminish it to a mention, recap and unis, that'd be fine...though I think interest will grow once we get into the '90s and the countries that join following the USSR's breakup.