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  1. F Florida Makos (2010-2012) Florida Thundercats (2009) Fresno Griffins (2013-2014) Also, one I missed in the "C" section. California Heatwave (2013-2014) Sacramento Heatwave (2006-2013) (Moved to Madera, CA, changed locale name to California) Fresno Heat Wave (2003-2006) (Moved to Sacramento)
  2. E: East Bay Pit Bulls (2010-2012, moved to IBL, where they're on the mothership) East Kentucky Energy (2010-2011)
  3. Actually it stands for the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia region...whatever happened to calling it "Delmarva" though?
  4. D: Delta Storm (2011-2014) (Moved to EBL in 2014) Denton Destroyers (2013-2014) Detroit Hoops (2008-2015)
  5. Compton Cobras (2009-2010) 2009-10 logo: Initially proposed logo: Connecticut Topballerz (2011-2013) Primary logo: Wordmark logo: Corning Bulldogs (2007) (moved to EBA as Elmira Bulldogs) Conway Cyclones (2011-2014) Primary logo: (Are there even any skyscrapers in Conway?) Partial logo: Wordmark: Cypress Pegasus (2010) Honolulu Pegasus (2009-2010) (Moved to Cypress, TX)
  6. Charlotte Crossovers (2009-2010) Charlotte Krunk (2005) (The creme de la creme of cheesy ABA logos) Primary logo: Partial logo: Cincinnati Blaze (2004-2005) Cleveland Hotcards (2010) Cleveland Rockers (2005-2010) College Park Spyders (been in the planning stages since 2009, owner still insists they'll begin play someday) Colorado Cougars (2012-2014) Primary logo: Partial logo: Colorado Kings (2010-2015) Colorado Springs Crusaders (2011-2012) Columbus Crush (2009-2010) Columbus Riverballers (2011-2013) Columbus Life (2010-2011) (Name changed to Riverballers)
  7. C: Calgary Drillers (2004-2005) 2004-05 logo Proposed logo California Eagles (Proposed 2005-06 expansion, never played) California Sea Kings (2009-2011) ABA Canada Revolution (2011-2012) Carolina Cheetahs (2011-2012) Carolina Cougars (2011-2012) Carolina Jaguars (2011-2012) Carolina Thunder (2004-2005) Part 2 of C coming up!
  8. Boston Blizzard (2007-08) Brooklyn Blackout (Proposed 2013-14 expansion team, never played) Buffalo Blue Hawks (2015-present) Buffalo Sharks (2008) (Previously the Buffalo Silverbacks and Rapids, but the new owner decided to merge them with the PBL's Buffalo Dragons to form the Buffalo Stampede) Buffalo Silverbacks (2006-2008) (Changed name to the Sharks in 2008) 2006-2008 logo: Unused 2006 logo (Changed after complaints that it might be racially insensitive) Buffalo Rapids (2005-06 logo) (Changed name to the Silverbacks in 2006) Buffalo 716ers (2015) (Moved from PBL and back to PBL in same year)
  9. B: Bahama All-Pro Show (2007-2013) Ball World Peace (failed 2013-14 expansion team) Baltimore Bay Lions (2007-08, previously the Baltimore Pearls) Bay Area Matrix (2009-2015) Baytown Bandits (2014-2015) Primary logo: Partial logo: Beijing Olympians (2005-2009) Bellingham Slam (2005-2007) (Moved to IBL, where their logo is up on the mothership) Big Valley Shockwave (2006-2007) Bluegrass Stallions (2009-2010, moved to PBL for 2011) Bluff City Reign (2011-2014) Primary logo; Partial logo: Part 2 of the "B" section in the next post.
  10. And now I'm gonna do 'em by each letter of the alphabet... A: Alaska 49ers (2012-2013) Second logo First logo: Alaska Dream (2008) Alaska Quake (2011-2013) 2012-13 logo: 2011-12 logo: Albany Shockwave (2012-2013) Primary logo: Secondary logo: Anderson Champions (2006-2007) Appalachian Rapids (2010-2013) Arkansas Fantastics (proposed 2007-08 expansion team, never played) Atlanta Experience (2011-2012) Atlanta Vision (2004-2009) Primary logo Secondary logo
  11. And now we go WAY back in their history, when they were actually a somewhat solid league: Anaheim Roadrunners (proposed 2000-2001 team, never played) Chicago Skyliners (2000-2001) Detroit Dogs (2000-2002) Indiana Legends (2000-2002) Kansas City Knights (2000-2005) Kentucky ProCats (2001-2002) Las Vegas Slam (2001-2002) Los Angeles Stars (2000-2001)
  12. HISTORIC TEAMS: Rochester RazorSharks (2005-2007, left to start Premier Basketball League, which the mothership should also cover) '' Texas Tycoons (2005-2008) (played as the Fort Worth Tycoons for 2004-05) Birmingham Magicians (2005-2006) Baltimore Pearls (2005-2006) Cape Cod Frenzy (2006-2007) Boston Frenzy (2004-2006) (Changed name to Cape Cod in 2006)
  13. The Kebs were only in the ABA from 2006-2008, IIRC, joining the PBL in 2009 and the NBL Canada for its inaugural season. Previously, they had been proposed as the (I you not) Quebec Jumping Frogs...for obvious reasons, that was canned.
  14. 2016 WWE Battleground

    Honestly, I think they're setting up Shane-HHH at Summerslam to be the official end to the Authority angle...
  15. Oceanside A-Team (2014-present) Elmira Eagles (beginning play for 2016-17) ATX Warriors (beginning play for 2016-17) Virginia Storm (beginning play for 2016-17) LA Palms (beginning play for 2016-17) Greensboro Cougars (beginning play for 2016-17) Carolina Cougarz (beginning play for 2016-17) (Because that wouldn't be at all confusing</sarcasm>)