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  1. "Great Balls of Fire." GREAT BALLS...OF FIRE. That is SERIOUSLY the name of the Raw PPV after this..."Great Balls of Fire."
  2. Seattle SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-personics! Mods, lock this thread, please.
  3. Cleveland Sound...suits any genre, and would also make for some rad unis (and groovy fauxbacks too)!
  4. Can you see how absolutely HYPED I am for the future? I think we know who's gonna win the next Expansion Council vote now (whenever it is)...
  5. That's my pick too...their upgrade I think will mirror the Bruins' upgrade in the early 90s.
  6. So, STL wins again...bring on next year and the shakeups to come! (In particular how the dissolution of the USSR will lead to more players from its nations coming on board here)
  7. Seriously, you need to give Jinder a chance...the heat he got, his FIERY promo, and the Bollywood Boyz likely being his henchmen...he is gonna surprise a LOT of the smarks!
  8. Former World Tag Team Champion & Roman Reigns' brother Matt "Rosey" Anoa'i dead at 47.
  9. Rooting for the Royale to go win this one...I imagine it could parallel the Habs' 1993 Cup win (still the last time a Canadian team has won it)?
  10. 4HW Edition: Before she was the Boss, she was New England indy star Mercedes KV: Even as Rebecca Knox, she was quite the Lass Kicker already: Even before she made the hug her trademark, Davina Rose's smile could light up the whole arena:
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, The Greek before he was The Freak:
  12. Not sure if it was posted before, but...
  13. By then, I hope the NCAA ends the practice of "vacating" titles and instead starts awarding them to the runner-up when the winner is stripped.
  14. Pelicans launching D-League team in Gulf South Judging from the listing of markets, I'm going to guess here: Louisiana (seven) Alexandria Baton Rouge Bossier City Lafayette Lake Charles Monroe Shreveport Mississippi (two) Biloxi Jackson Alabama (one) Mobile Florida (one) Pensacola