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  1. BUMMER of a finish for my Chops...really hope that this wasn't our best shot for years to come (and that someday we WILL make it to the Finals)
  2. *typing this as I wear a black and orange "Cliff Lyle is My Homeboy" T-shirt* I LOVE MY CHOPS!!!!! I got a good feeling that they're gonna pull a '95-'96 Avs (win the Cup in their first year in the new city after having never even made it to the finals in their previous one).
  3. ^I think it's safe to say that we have our "Worst Logo of the Year" favorite for the 2017 Creamer Awards (that is, if it's added to the mothership and the team ever tips off)
  4. Back again for the first time in a while...with two new 2017 expansion teams: Hawaii Swish (2017-present logo): West Virginia Coalminerz (2017- logo)
  5. LOVE it!!! Fits the team and is distinct enough from the Calgary Wranglers...if it were a real jersey, I'd buy it! #LetsGoChops
  6. Red Turtles? Would certainly not be one of the worse rebrandings of this offseason...
  7. Gotta admit, I must admire how Smackdown gave segments to every one of their women tonight...well, except one. (Who herself is a born-and-raised Floridian, mind you, so her being left off tonight's show adds even more insult to injury).
  8. *Rod Serling voice* Imagine, if you will, a wrestling creative team that builds a certain woman up as the "underdog" even though she's one of the more popular women on the roster, one that uses another so-called "heroine" to cheat on her behalf to get her the victory, all to claim they're furthering a "revolution" only to reinforce the stance of only white skinny girls being in the title picture, burying one who does not fit these parameters in the process.
  9. All I know is that between this and Gary Andersen's lack of success at Oregon State, Barry Alvarez is laughing his head off as we speak!
  10. That would be the af2's Stockton Lightning (their brand is frequently ripped off these days). Anyway, the Pecos League is planning a fourth California League team-the California City Whiptails (named after the lizard). Here's their logo:
  11. Yes they would...for a team everyone is gonna love.
  12. The Tennessee Oilers years would still be counted under the Titans history (just as the New Orleans Hornets years are counted under Pelicans' history)
  13. That or Kingfishers...either way, the team should have a bit of a pompous feel to them.
  14. Well...somehow, the Idaho Vandals always find a way to play their very best football in the Potato Bowl! Seriously, it was a FUN game to watch...not often that you find the losing team (Colorado State) scoring 50 points and setting bowl records for offense! The best part of it, though, was Idaho QB (and game MVP) Matt Linehan saying the following on radio postgame: "We belong in FBS, period. That's what I believe, that's what everyone believes. We know we can compete, we belong here. No matter what anyone thinks, even our tone-deaf president. Maybe he doesn't think we belong here, but I think we belong here." Time will tell whether this has any effect...but I can see truth in both sides. While Idaho has certainly been playing FBS-caliber football this season, I could see them winning something in FCS which is next-to-impossible for them in FBS...a National Championship.
  15. You know I will I think that he's saving the Metros name, logo and colors for whenever the PHL returns to Dallas.