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  1. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    No Wild West, oil nor cattle themes, eh? Here are my two guesses then: Dallas Smoke (BBQ) Dallas Freeze (Frozen margaritas)
  2. The Warriors' set looks like what Walden III High School in my hometown would wear if they had a football team (Their colors are all those of the rainbow)
  3. I think the Claymores should be saved for the at-this-moment-small, but looking-for-a-miracle chance that the PHL ever comes back to Nova Scotia.
  4. MY CHOPS ARE BACK!!!! Here's hoping this becomes a trend for future seasons...also happy to see the Desperadoes finally in the playoffs, especially as it may save their future in Dallas. As much as I love the New Orleans Sound identity...I'm with everyone else in seeing the writing on the wall.
  5. Of course, if they were to stay, Portland would have to be in the name somewhere..."Cascadian Rapids of Portland" would be a nice mixture (though too wordy for a pro team)
  6. THIS. As much as I want the identity to be Cascadian-based, I think calling the team the "Cascadia ______" would cause great backlash by the PDX fans who think the team isn't committed to the city. Rapids would be a fast-paced, rushing brand suitable for professional hockey (and would lend to a solid uniform)
  7. 1. Sorry about the pluralization issue..."Platypuses" may have too many syllables to work as a full team name. 2. The reason many had avoided "Grizzlies" was because it's the name of Seattle's AFA team (not in the same universe, but still)...am I right in presuming that post counts as you granting permission to to use it should that be what @hawkfan89 decides to go with?
  8. Will list a Top 3 choices for each city (in no specific order): For Portland: Portland Platypi (reasons @Red Comet listed, also it's the grammatically correct plural of "patypus" and sounds much cooler) Portland Naturals or Portland Greens (tribute to the scenery, plus they could be the PHL's most ecologically friendly team in regards to lights, paper, plastic, etc.-of course, that depends on how "green" PacifiCo is) Portland Rapids (tie-in to the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, plus the PHL doesn't have a water-themed team yet. Also, this being the 90s, a cool logo and jersey pattern would ensue) For Atlanta: Atlanta Raptors or Atlanta Talons (the required "bird of prey" name submission for Atlanta submitted here) Atlanta Express (it first became a big deal thanks to the building of the Western and Atlantic Railroad-could also tie in to the arena sponsor of Coastal Airlines) Atlanta Phoenix (I know you may want to avoid what could be seen as a "cliche" name, but it's the most fitting to me-despite going through numerous catastrophes, ATL keeps on rebounding and rebounding...besides, I KNOW an amazing jersey/visual identity will result)
  9. F-A-N-TASTIC! Both will be VERY well-ran and supported. I trust you will have some FANTASTIC identities planned for them! (Would post my suggestions, but wanted to wait until at least somebody else had first)
  10. One which comes to mind is Salem University (Salem, WV)...the team's called the Tigers and their colors are green and white. Currently playing as a D2 Independent, would fit the Big South's footprint quite well.
  11. And the adventure continues...
  12. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    I think we have a clear consensus now...just waiting for your announcement.
  13. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    That kanji in the middle is the Japanese character for "samurai." And I like the subtlety in the logo and ribbon...I hope he doesn't change it.
  14. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Spartans still gets my vote for ATL...both logos are awesome, but the Spartans logo just looks more like a primary one.
  15. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Samurai still gets my vote...