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  1. Boo selective enforcement of the 30-day rule...
  2. Bonifaz Arzt is a 29-year-old schoolteacher from Racine, Wisconsin. As a teacher of English literature and history at Racine High School, Arzt has been a baseball fan since the days when the words had a space in between them. Sometimes he will take his students on all-day field trips to Milwaukee to see the Kings games (of course they are his favorite team). He is already well underway on establishing his Rams baseball program, and is already underway on planning a new stadium for the team which would house a potential farm team for the Kings.
  3. Call me crazy, but I kinda like the new clown logo. Goes with the team's vibe (if you're not from NOLA, you'll be creeped out-that's the idea). As for the helmet, I would go with a mixture of options 2 and 3...any ways you can make the "winged" look more like the jester's hat would be great. (Or have one side of the helmet be purple, one side green with a gold stripe in the middle)
  4. Until then...I expect there to be PLENTY of anger at the front office from people...and Miami's team to get loudly booed at every Northern arena they play at ("North Now, North Forever" would be a popular slogan and chant). Just not so much where it'll sour the Cleveland market for the future...
  5. What if...Miami turns out to flop so hard they end up being the team that moves to Cleveland?
  6. Question: Does each place get "weighted" vote points (3 for first choice, 2 for second choice, 1 for third choice), or does each city listed on a ballot get exactly one point?
  7. Just following this...I must say, I really like where this series is going (With some metro areas having THREE teams right now, that makes it even more interesting). When you're able, could I perhaps get a Milwaukee Kings sig, please?
  8. Bert Metzger is a restaurateur from Racine, Wisconsin, and the son of recently-deceased Expansion Committee member Fred Metzger. The elder Metzger's history with the Metzgers Haus of Gutessen restaurants has been published in the prior two posts...but as he was on his deathbed, he gave his son his blessing to take the family business national and make it a franchise of family restaurants so that the world can enjoy the same good German eats that those in southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois had for so long. As such, the Metzger's chain recently opened their first restaurants in Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan. still proving to be the best atmosphere for fans who can't make it to the arena on game night, only now not only for Rocks and Chops fans, but also for Jacks and Stangs fans as well. Bert anticipates the chain will be in all 50 states by the time these two new expansion teams begin play. In his first go on the Expansion Council, Bert is honored to vote for these cities: 1. Kansas City, Missouri (As close to a perfect bid as it gets...strong fan support, good population base, new arena already built, gateway for further teams in the Heartland. As for the one weakness, business is all about delegation and advisors...I trust Ken will surround himself with some good ones to make KC's team a success.) 2. Cincinnati, Ohio (Cincy gets Bert's vote for a few simple reasons...the arena has already been approved and is ready to be built, plus the lack of other sports teams in Cincy is an advantage. But what cinched Bert's vote is the simple fact that, on the banks of the Ohio River with Kentucky right below it, it serves as an ideal lynchpin should the league decide to expand further in the Southeast.) 3. Portland, Oregon (Portland has strong support for the hockey game, with it being highly likely that the proposal will be approved-not to mention a team would complete the trifecta with the Bighorns and the Grey Wolves...the only reason it isn't higher is because there's no suitable temporary venue in the meantime. Them gettng a team is not a matter of "if," but "when.")
  9. And here is where I enter (because I was born in the RL period we're in right now) STOKED for that Expansion Council especially...
  10. Oh, you have NO idea...
  11. Or the designated hitter of the Lake County Fielders...
  12. Thankfully, the West Virginia team has ditched the "Coalminerz" logo... West Virginia Warlocks (2017-future) Pottstown Flames (2017-future) Southeast Pro Elite Flyers (Shelby County, Alabama) (2017-future) Charlotte Rams (Yes, that cluster is their logo) (2017-future)
  13. Spirits win...again...*yawn* But the Claymores showed some FIRE! Hopefully they fulfill Buchanan's promise next year...
  14. With Oshkosh announced today, that only leaves the Nuggets, Clippers, Pelicans, Blazers and Wizards without D-League affiliates. I know the Wizards are deadset on putting their team in that new practice facility...any word on the other four, though?
  15. ECHL's IceMen to Jacksonville official, but they take the lazy route and keep the name. I still wanted them to bring back the Lizard Kings...