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  1. Let's go Lakers! Win this one for all us Wisconsinites, fighting for the world's freedom abroad and helping out at home!
  2. I don't know what's crazier, the fact that Northwestern just beat Nebraska, the fact that they came back from 14 points down with 2:30 left in regulation to do it...or the fact that it's not an upset.
  3. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    Glad to see the Voyagers are still a power...the Mug will be theirs again before you know it! Also happy to see the CDA make such major moves too...that Unicorns win over the Gaels in Miami is going to be seen in that universe the way Super Bowl III is seen in ours.
  4. MBurmy

    Alaska State Lights

    LOVE the concept! Only question I have is...why Big Ten? Wouldn't they be an (obvious) better fit in the Pac-12 or Mountain West?
  5. It was the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals between the Colorado Avalanche (in their first season since moving from QC) and the Florida Panthers (in their third season period). The Avs picked up the 4-0 sweep.
  6. MBurmy

    Mascot Redesigns

    In 1970, a 69-year old fan named Milt Mason, unhappy with the Brewers' low attendance so far, decided to sit atop the County Stadium scoreboard until the team would draw at least 40,000 before a home game. He was there for about 40 days, finally descending on August 16 to a cheering crowd of 44,387. To this day, he is recognized as the original Bernie Brewer. In 1973, Bernie Brewer was officially introduced as the team's mascot, depicted, in honor of Mason, as a cheerful man sporting a big mustache and wearing lederhosen and a Tyrolean hat (Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures of that era online). When his chalet was torn down in 1984 to make room for a new sound system, Bernie was sent into retirement as well, until, by popular demand, his chalet, slide and beer mug were rebuilt and he made his big return in 1993-this time as a full-body costume with a foam head. When the Brewers moved into Miller Park, Bernie got a makeover as he moved into Bernie's Dugout, keeping his new look to this very day.
  7. Disappointed that my Pack's not on their list...I would've bought SO many cases of cans with this logo:
  8. Well, Clemson pulled it off...and they're storming the field. Still think 'Cuse deserves to be ranked in the next poll...any previously-unbeaten team which can have the #3 team in the nation on the ropes for this long deserves to be in the Top 25.
  9. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    Don't know what to be more excited about...Driveball coming to Miami or the NDA (Gaels) vs. CDA (Unicorns) interleague game being played there.
  10. You know, I heard some reports that whenever a taxi driver was taking passengers to the theater, he had a foolproof way of making sure he always got a good tip. Whenever he got stiffed, he'd simply call out the passenger(s) and shout "IT WAS HIS SLED!" thereby ruining their day at the movies.
  11. With less than 10 minutes left in the game, 0-3 Old Dominion is leading 3-0 and #13 ranked Virginia Tech 35-28 right now. As someone whose dad went to graduate school at ODU, I'm REALLY pulling for the Monarchs to finish this one and get that program-defining moment!
  12. The name-the-team contest was won by yours truly...as I said, I am ready for EVERY fantastic possibility the name inspires to come to fruition!
  13. This season so far: Texas beat USC, and Maryland beat Texas, and Temple beat Maryland, and Villanova beat Temple, and Towson beat Villanova. You heard it here first...Towson's crashing the "New Year's Six" party this year.
  14. Nice! Two teams were too many for Eveleth at this point (and one was too few for Minneapolis)
  15. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    I'm just ready for the CDA's inaugural season to finally begin!
  16. However this game's final turns out...I predict Samford will be who the Sun Belt tries to pick up for their next team.
  17. Meanwhile, on some ship in the galaxy: Rocket: "Quill, who do these Earthlings think they are profiting off my likeness? Granted, I am a very handsome sort, but they're called the name I HATE!" Star-Lord: "It's a hip trend they hop on to make the extra money...it's a gravy train!" Drax: "With my appetite, I'd probably USE the whole train of gravy for one meal." Gamora: "Just as long as I'm not the one who has to swab the ship bathroom that night..." Rocket: "Whatever...this is worthy of my newest, MOST upgraded baby yet!" Star-Lord: "That wouldn't be necessary...you could just sue them, and either get them to change the name, or get some of the profits." Rocket: "You got a good point, Quill...always wanted to collect a bounty of Earth dollars!" Groot: "I am Groot?" Rocket: "You probably wouldn't want any...they'd be like a graveyard to you."
  18. That is the question...I'd say both teams should conditionally reschedule it for December 1 (that condition being that the game only gets played if neither school makes their conference title game).
  19. I DESPISE cancelled "no contest" games...basically tells the students of both schools "Hey everyone, you all wasted your time!" Anytime a team refuses to reschedule, the NCAA should consider that a FORFEIT.
  20. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    LOVELY unis & branding...I can tell the CDA brands are gonna SHINE on all fronts, both as CDA teams and whenever the inevitable merger happens.
  21. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    Two more stylish CLASSICS!
  22. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    Nice, simple Wild West badge...complements the Texan attitude this team will bring.
  23. MBurmy

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    I can help with name ideas if you'd like (Via DM, of course)...
  24. Actually, the home team won every game (In his graphic, the home team was listed first).