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  1. When Bettman talks his head moves like he’s a wooden dummy in a bad comedy routine. It doesn’t stop moving
  2. I always felt the original version of the Throwback can was a great way to do this
  3. in the Boston area we have a few fun ones floating around Salem Witches Gloucester Fishermen Millbury Woolies Arlington Spy Ponders Maimonides M-Cats Bristol-Plymouth Craftsmen Braintree Wamps Sutton Sammies Holy Name Central Catholic Naps Ashland Clockers Sci-Tech CyberCats Agawam Brownies Bourne Canalmen Hingham Harbormen Northfield Mount Hermon Hoggers Greater Lawrence Tech Reggies Gann Academy Red Heifers Phillips Academy Big Blues (plural, not singular like my high school)
  4. Pharos04

    NFL 2018 changes

    So if every away game they're forced to wear dark, they will burn through those allotted 3 times very quickly. This isn't really any victory for the Rams, especially if their opponents want to force them to look ridiculous
  5. Pharos04

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    oh good, a reason to highlight how awful some state and city flags are. This is also remarkably inconsistent. Minnesota has its state flag, but Indiana has Indianapolis' flag? The Kings, Clippers, and Lakers all use California's flag? Toronto is using the Canadian flag? If you're gonna do fun theming like that, at least be consistent!!! if it's a city name, use the municipal flag. if it's the state, use the state. This irks me in too many ways Edit: So two hats are missing (MEM, DEN) so this isn't a complete listing of what's wrong, but 8 of the 28 teams with hats are using an incorrect flag - Indiana and Utah are both using the city flags instead of their state flags - Both Los Angeles teams, OKC, Phoenix, and Sacramento are using their state flags in lieu of the city flags - As mentioned, Toronto is using the Canadian flag. Some further research stumbled upon "City Flag" hats and the Nuggets do use Denver's flag, but Memphis uses Tennessee's flag. So likely that number is 9 of 30, or 30% of the hats are using a mismatched flag.
  6. Pharos04

    Another sci-fi/alien baseball team!

    and an entire topic of observing that the team exists for the sake of having a topic about the team existing is necessary because.........?
  7. Pharos04

    Another sci-fi/alien baseball team!

    Yup that's an alien-based team alright...for 10 years or so
  8. Pharos04

    New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

    Long Haulers is the best of the bunch. They're getting to wacky at this point that now it feels like they're trying to out-wacky each other.
  9. Pharos04

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    I'm so glad we have bright HD televisions with color so we can enjoy the uniforms of the teams in the finals in glorious living black and white.... I hate Alternates being used in the finals when they have very little to do with the primary colors.
  10. Pharos04

    Canadian Premier League

    Is no one going to point out that the C in Cavalry is a horseshoe?
  11. Pharos04

    Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    @whitedawg22 You should write for Nike. I've always understood the Piston's logo to be a Basketball viewed from the side and when they updated the logo, they just made it more accurate to modern basketballs It being the lower hole of a piston sounds like revisionist garbage to justify a circle logo with lines
  12. I'd love to see the Jets in the SCF just due to how screwed over that fanbase initially was due to the obsession with the South and how that failure ultimately got them a second chance at a team. It'd be the best F-You to Bettman that one of the failed experiment teams that retreated back to Canada wins the cup. the Boo's will be deafening. In the same breath, Vegas going all the way is the best OITGDNHL moment that could ever be conceived. An expansion team, in LAS FREAKEN VEGAS, wins the Stanley Cup. Especially with the clownshow that was the beginning of the franchise's existence, it's such a ridiculous notion of where things were a year ago. Then there's the Caps who I wouldn't mind seeing win just because it's been so damn long for that team that has always seemed to be really good but couldn't get past the Penguins for some odd reason. This could finally be their year as well! Lightning I could give or take. Go Jets?
  13. Pharos04

    Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Not sure of the accuracy of this site but... these do exist, as well as that shirt showing up on ebay, which doesn't mean anything at all but it's still interesting
  14. Pharos04

    New Best Buy logo

    and the minimalism trend continues
  15. Pharos04

    Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations This article has some interesting ones: Toronto Oilers and Edmonton Maple Leafs Blues to Saskatoon Devils to Nashville Oilers to Houston (bet some would have loved this) Penguins to Hamilton/Kitchener-Waterloo or Kansas City Predators to Hamilton (Balsillie really wanted a team in Hamilton) Coyotes to Hamilton (like...REALLY WANTS a team in Hamilton) Islanders to Kansas City