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  1. Pharos04

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    is there some sort of ironic twist of fate that the owners of the BROWNS are the ones that are preventing the Crew from moving out of state?
  2. Pharos04

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Looks like an official announcement will be at 4:15
  3. Pharos04

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Great news for Columbus and the Crew! Hope it all works out
  4. They never took "New Orleans" of the uniform for the year. At home they wore the white "Hornets" with an OKC patch, and on the road they continued to wear "New Orleans" The Oklahoma City uniforms, both the red Valentine's day one, and the white variant (which was worn in their final home game in Oklahoma city) were done as a way to "Thank" their temporary home and the fans who supported the team there after the events of Katrina. You can see that the OKC patch was then swapped for a NOLA patch As a note, those Red jerseys were auctioned off and raised $22,000 for the American Heart Association and Hornets Charities
  5. Pharos04

    2018 NFL Season

    Quick, while the family is distracted, move the team back to San Diego!
  6. Pharos04

    USL New Mexico is... New Mexico United

    Here’s our templated explainer for all the details that don’t immediately make sense
  7. Pharos04

    The USL Restructures & Rebrands

    Wow this thing has taken a complete sidetrack and wound up in an entirely different town. Regarding the rebrand, I like that they're going back to a unified theme throughout the levels like they did back in the early Oughts The one thing that bothers me overall is the Primary Branding for the umbrella USL organization. The soccer ball with motion lines looks extremely amateur. Like some rinky dink baseball league or team that phoned it in for the graphics and used "moving ball" as a justification for the design. This looks really bad honestly. Not even the standard hexagons and pentagons to denote that it's a soccer ball? it's very basic. Along with the horizontal versions of the new branding, there appears to be a "stacked" variant that will likely be used on the uniforms due to being easier to apply to arms I don't think it's a bad rebrand and restructuring, but is very soulless in the designs. having just USL, (whatever the D3 was intended to be called), and PDL gave them some insight as to where they stood. Obviously this dips into the whole Pro/Rel aspect which i'm actively trying to avoid in the LOGO DISCUSSION THREAD. It's unified yes, but it's bland at the same time. The stenciled font that USL has been using for a few years now never grew on me and looked out of place, and now it's even more prominent.
  8. Pharos04

    Train Themed Team Names

    FC Lokomotiv Moscow Montpelier (OH) Locomotives Bloomington Thunder (SPHL) (2011-2014) Fullerton Flyers Macon Trax (SPHL) (2002-2005) Bethesda Big Train (CRCBL) Reading Express (AIFL/IFL) (2006-2012) Coquitlam Express (BCHL) Jacksonville Express (WFL) Evansville Express (NWFA) Southern Minnesota Express Owatonna Express Jersey Express (ABA) Jersey Express (PDL/USL League 2) Eau Claire Express I have to EXPRESS that there seems to certainly be some common naming theme with some teams
  9. Why couldn't the Titans adopt more of a Greek motif again?
  10. Pharos04

    NHL 2018-19

    Could almost make the argument that what happened to the WHL Canucks during the offseason of 1970 (where the team was no longer with the WHL and there was a new NHL expansion with the same roster) is similar to the "promotion" aspect of USL teams moving up to MLS. Looks like it happened with the Seals from the WHL as well in 1967 during that initial expansion. But it's not some wackiness like the Senators being on a six decade hiatus. There's no direct lineage there as compared to the Seals (WHL)->Seals (NHL)->Barons->North Stars->Sharks where there are documented mergers and splits in ownerships and such.
  11. Pharos04

    NFL 2018 changes

    A lot of these look like someone just selected a layer and clicked "Delete" I also feel the "alternative" logos from the 90s were far superior to these. The only one I can easily find is the Patriots NE. Some day we should try to compile all of them from that era
  12. Pharos04

    Fun With Flags!!!!

    the 24 stars represent all of the cities, towns, and incorporated villages (unincorporated villages are not represented) that were amalgamated into the City of Greater New York in 1898 The inner circle of three stars represents the cities: New York City, then already including what is today the Bronx. The City of Brooklyn, which had by then absorbed the whole of Kings County. Long Island City in Queens County. The middle circle of nine stars represents the towns: In Queens County, Newtown, Flushing, Jamaica, and the Rockaway Peninsula of the Town of Hempstead. In Richmond County, Castleton, Northfield, Southfield, Westfield, and Middletown. The outer circle of twelve stars represents the incorporated villages: In Queens County: In Flushing, the Village of Flushing, College Point, and Whitestone. In Jamaica, the Village of Jamaica and Richmond Hill. In the Rockaway Peninsula of the Town of Hempstead, Far Rockaway, Rockaway Beach, and Averne-by-the-Sea. In Richmond County: Coterminous with Castleton, New Brighton. In Northfield, Port Richmond. In Middletown, Edgewater. In Westfield, Tottenville.
  13. Pharos04

    Fun With Flags!!!!

    NYC Police Department
  14. Your suggestion truly was the cream of the crop.