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  1. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    I know Fenway was already posted but that looked like the AFL days in the 60s. Here's a more recent one And then some Thanksgiving games were played after the ND game
  2. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

  3. Fun With Flags!!!!

    Old: New: I really like this update. Doesn't change the original intent of the flag but also recognizes the Indigenous Population as well. Very smooth update IMO
  4. 2017 NFL Season

    I can definitely say that the loss puts a downer on the overall #BannerNight that was being promoted, in the end that's what it was. I do find it interesting on THIS side of the fight that the sentiment has gone from the Patriots being perennial losers with slight shimmers of greatness here and there (85, 96) but there was that expectation that they would never rise above the Niners or the Cowboys or the Steelers. I remember as a kid people all about Montana as the superstar to talk about and ignore the local team because they just...sucked. There are always cocky entitled douchewads that will be the loudest and most annoying of winning franchises. They, as in any fandom, are always the brashest, and feel they represent the entirety of a fandom. It's annoying to deal with, and even more annoying to have to defend the rest of the fandom because of a select few. Doesn't this happen with soccer ultras and such too? The dejected faces? yes a somewhat overreaction to how the game was going. Unfortunately the aura of Gillette has become......elitist i suppose. I went to a game years ago and heard stories about people in the crowd telling others to sit down and that they were being too loud and such. It's ridiculous. Just like with Fenway, it's about showing that you're there rather than enjoying being there for a game. Also keep in mind the broadcast isn't going to show the diehards screaming at the team and trying to keep faith and hope for the 1-point rally. The ones screaming and trying to incite the section to get loud and yell and show support. That's not good television. It's better to show the few people with pouty faces because the team was down with 7 minutes left. It's stupid but a small snippet of the crowd is supposed to represent how the entire crowd there is. Can almost guarantee that most fans were thinking along the lines of "yeah, this sucks. oh well. Onto next week." That's my feeling about it. Oh well, we lost. Next game. Yes there are loud, obnoxious Boston fans. We in Boston have to deal with them too. We just ignore them. Just like you ignore the loud, obnoxious (insert market with successful team at some point) fans are too. The obvious fill-in is New York and yes that's a default but remember too that New York has always seemed to have consistent success compared to this run in Boston of the past 16 years. It's still insane to consider. As of now? keep going with the "yay the badguys lost" mentality. We did it too. Enjoy it. At some point the black mark may pass to your team and it'd be nice if it does as everyone should feel this type of successful sportsteams. Been a hell of a run and I don't want it to end anytime soon. Enjoy Opening Weekend everyone!
  5. New Seattle Seahawks alternate logo

    I apologize sincerely for the quality......... apparently I made this about 12 years ago
  6. I have a friend who has a concept for a unique world that he wishes to tell a story about a society where robotics advanced to sentient AI rather rapidly, and robots are initially treated as servants with no rights, which leads to an eventual uprising led by the first model that was given this individual AI. in any case, he is trying to come up with a new logo for his overall story and needs some help. The intent is one overall logo to encompass the entire world that is to be created. It takes place in the year of 2525. any feedback would be welcomed for reference, this is the original concept for the logo and the title of the series. Alpha refers to the robot that leads the rebellion
  7. New Seattle Seahawks alternate logo

    that was me. I have to actively search to try and find it again but I will update this post if I happen to come across it. But when I did it sloppily in paint, I tried to make it look like what it would look like had you looked at the Elvis from the front. This....this misses the mark. The seahawk has a rise on its beak where it meets the eye, that's completely ignored here. I just can't help but see a warped Seahawk logo mirrored
  8. THE Video Game Thread

    Dusting this one off because today, a great follow up of a long-hurting franchise just got released. Sonic Mania. I downloaded it at midnight and played the first few stages. if you loved Classic Sonic on the Genesis (Sonic 1, 2, 3, Knuckles) and even Sonic CD, this is a must have for you. So far, a great game. Fun and unique takes on the overall franchise. Just a load of fun so far.
  9. Los Angeles Clippers New Uniforms

    their current overall identity is still a crapshow but at least they're a better looking crapshow. Once they fully embrace the obvious nautical theme for the team they'll finally be on the right track. For now though, this is a much needed overhaul for a very damaged identity. Well done for them
  10. Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    I just can't get past how "DENVER" looks so fuzzy on the blue uniforms. the Yellow/white/powder blue combination just blurs everything together. It's really bad visually. Disappointing from any standpoint from what they could've and probably should've done.
  11. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The best thing if this winds up getting forced (it won't but let's play with this) is that USL becomes the relegation league and NASL is left out in the open or loses its Division 2 status, so Miami FC is still tossed aside from getting into MLS
  12. Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    Has no one assumed that FedEx may randomly be the sponsor for the Nuggets?
  13. Coke Zero to become Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

    this looks like an absolute mess. All this will do is confuse people since it's too close to the already recognizable Red bottle for regular coke. That being said............ this old news? In any case, Coke hit a homerun with their 4 Bottle marketing which included the Coke Life or whatever trash the green bottle is. (tastes horrible IMO) You have the traditional red coke, the black Zero, the holdover Diet, and the new Life in green. (should be a purple 5th for Cherry Coke but whatever) Now they're all going to look alike with just...the top showing the difference? Bad marketing decision if final
  14. NBA Changes 2017-18

    "Made out of recycled poly. 18 bottles were used to create the uniform." so does this mean that if we think some of these new uniforms look like trash it's an accurate statement and not just subjective?
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    You know, seeing the Flagstar Bank logo thing listed there next to the Pistons and Nike logos....just brought one of those thoughts back into my head. do businesses really believe that spending this kind of marketing actually does anything to increase customers? I know I'm one individual but seeing Baseball parks filled with ads that are nothing more than corporate shill to put their name somewhere, or having a logo on the front of a jersey be it basketball or honestly doesn't do a thing for me. using the Celtics as an example, now that the GE logo is on their jersey, I'm not suddenly going to be subconsciously drawn to GE products because they happened to purchase ad space. The more deeper thought into that is "if these companies can afford to rent ad space from a professional sports time, why should I be giving them more money?" and with the Pistons, seeing their new ad isn't making me go "oh damn, better go change banks now because a team has put a different bank's logo on their jersey". Whole concept is asinine overall and it's a damn shame it has come to that all because of the almighty dollar. I know it's not anything new, especially with ballparks but just....ugh (sorry, rant over) All that being said, I agree the DP would fit more on the belt...but my word do they need a better Secondary to fit the name. that DP is so clunky and most DPs can be