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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    Isn't the curve on the numbers meant to symbolize sails? In any case, there's no reason they couldn't keep the stripes flat like the front half. It's an unnecessary design element for the sake of drawing attention to where Nike's logo is located. No amount of Nike-speak or marketing jargon can justify not having a traditional stripe.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    Looking at this again after a day, I will give these minimal jerseys one positive: There's no stupid unnecessary design choice to highlight the Nike Swoosh!! Seattle has that stupid design element that draws the eye to the swoosh Minnesota has that weird curve on the white stripe to accentuate the swoosh Tennessee has the swoosh in red which is the ONLY PLACE RED APPEARS ON THE JERSEYS Tampa Bay is the Orange on Pewter so that's kind of a hard nitpick as it's a contrasting color, but considering how minimal the orange is on the jerseys aside from the weird triangles on the front, it can be part of this. (Jacksonville has kinda fallen into this due to the teal swoosh on the black jersey) So a minor blessing on that part. On a tangent of that, People blame Nike or blame the ownership. I feel there's a dual blame on a lot of these. Some of the overdesigns like the Titans and such may be Nike creating concepts that they've come up with and proposing them to ownership. yes ownership has the final say but Nike still has their own brand and agenda behind a lot of these designs too. This new one feels like they kept presenting more outlandish designs with Coughlin (or whomever) shooting them all down until they got fed up and just presented the blandest, boringest concept they could come up with and they just went with it. There has to be blame on all sides involved when these not-up-to-expectations designs are presented. There just isn't enough with these jerseys or pants. Gold highlights, Jaguar head on the pants. SOME FREAKEN STRIPES SOMEWHERE!!! Traditional shouldn't mean bland.
  3. Volkswagen redesigning its logo This one is being less vague and just stating that they're going to "update the logo again for the electric era, polishing it up in time for the introduction of its I.D. Crozz hatchback" This could be anything but it doesn't necessarily mean the VW is going anywhere. Also included is another timeline that doesn't include the Nazi propeller blades/swastika, but has a logo from 1939 that retains the gear motif and has an interesting gap between the V and W
  4. Amazing how such a minor change can have such a drastic improvement! Well done Dolphins. You look more like how you should at this point!
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    Helmets look way better now. The jerseys are just bland. And Shad really needs to stop focusing on the black. It's a Teal Team. Emphasize it!
  6. NBA G League Changes 2018-19

    I too prefer a link between the minor league team and it's owner or at least a unique identity. Looking at the current teams: 11 teams have the same name as their owner (Nets, Bulls, Warriors, Clippers, Lakers, Knicks, Magic, Suns, Kings, Spurs, Raptors) 7/8 have some sort of derivative name or common theme (BayHawks, Swarm, Charge, Legends, Drive, Herd, Wolves, [Blue Coats*]) 5/6 have a local name with no direct ties to their parent club (Red Claws, Vipers, Mad Ants, Hustle, GoGo, [Blue Coats*]) 3 are just whatever (Skyforce, Blue, Stars) *(Blue Coats can be seen as both related to the 76ers and as its own piece of Delaware imagery. Haven't heard word from the team yet) I don't like that it's become the norm to just reuse the same name. I commend the Iowa Wolves for just being the nickname for the Timberwolves. Similar but still different. South Bay Lakers is miles ahead of the old Los Angeles D-Fenders but they couldn't make it a bit more local flavored with the area? (The old "LA Doesn't Have Lakes" argument). Even the old name of the Blue Coats was similar to, but different from the 76ers. 87ers was a jumble of a name but it worked because it had meaning. I get there's "brand recognition" and uniformity among all aspects of the developmental program which creates a cohesive and direct line, moving from just being a Westchester Knick and coming into your own and being a New York Knick, but it lacks the overall growth that can be seen as well. Going from being an Iowa Wolf and growing to become a Minnesota Timberwolf shows that development needed and earned from the system. There are ways to be minor league without becoming minor league-ish, if that makes sense. I personally feel names like Mad Ants, Red Claws, and Hustle are still insanely better than the forced nicknames that make people scratch their heads at like Baby Cakes or Rumble Ponies, but yet Biscuits is seen as wacky fun rather than tacky dumb. I'm ranting now... Boo Stockton Kings
  7. NBA G League Changes 2018-19

    ugh, what a cop-out. At least call them the "Princes" or "Dukes" or something that has fun with growing into being Kings. I'm sure the logo will be the Sacramento Kings logo with "Stockton" replacing Sacramento. *yawn*
  8. I've gotta say it's been pretty crazy what's been happening with Vegas this year. Obviously a lot of it has to do with how generous of an expansion process that they had. Most likely due to the NHL needing the Vegas experiment to work in their favor. How often has it been that a first-year expansion team has had so much success?? Let's look at the most recent expansion teams across the 4 leagues: MLB: 1998 - Tampa Bay Devil Rays (63-99, Last in AL East); Arizona Diamondbacks (65-97, Last in NL West) NBA: 2004 - Charlotte Bobcats (18-64, 4th place in Southeast Division) NFL: 2002 - Houston Texans (4-12, Last in AFC South) NHL: 2000 - Minnesota Wild (25-39-13-5, Last in Northwest Division); Columbus Blue Jackets (28-39-9-6, Last in Central Division) One could argue that after gaining their footing, the expansion Jaguars and Panthers almost made history in only their second year of existence by both being in their respective conference finals. Imagine if Super Bowl XXXI were two second-year teams!! I always like to see expansion teams do well early on. It's fun to see new teams with new markets and new logos and new everything compete against the established norms. This run is insane. Imagine if an expansion side made it to the Stanley Cup Final. That hasn't happened since what, 1967 when it was literally guaranteed due to how stupid the conference alignment was after that 6-team expansion? It's a crazy run.
  9. NFL 2018 changes

    These are all pretty awful. Hard pass
  10. 2018 MLB Season I get it's the Rays but...really?
  11. NBA G-League Still Needs to Expand

    As of this moment, 3 (Nuggets, Pelicans, Trail Blazers) New Orleans was on pace for an expansion G-League team but things got rocky in Pensacola so that's up in the air now. The Wizards' new affiliate, the Capital City GoGo is supposed to start this year
  12. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I’m beginning to wonder that when random people describe new uniforms as #FIRE or anything like that, they actually mean they should be tossed into a fire. Definitely not a fan. I didn’t know a uniform could both be busy and bland at the same time. Nike really loves to take a theme and run it into the ground like a meteor. “You want swords? We got swords on your helmet, swords on your shoulders, swords for your swords!!!” I mentioned the clunky font earlier, that hasn’t changed. The Sword stripe on the helmet is bothersome. I always thought the reason the stripes on the old helmet were tapered was so the flame of the logo didn’t interfere with it. Guess that’s out the window. Theres just not much to really like about the set. Too bad...I feel like a current issue with Nike has been “so much potential, so much disappointment”
  13. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    If that’s the Jersey then it’s an extreme disappointment. The current unis has its flaws but it was tolerable, even if a holdover from the 90s design aspect. This just looks bad. The silver yoke is okay-ish at best, but the Columbia armpits feel forced. and that number. My lord. Jagged and unique for the sake of being jagged and unique. I don’t want to give Dan Parker any credit but he did mention Oregon and they did have some pretty fugly numbers. How does Nike continue to just be so....bad? The Bucs are a train wreck, the Browns are a clutter...Jax is (hopefully) reverting to something much better but their currents are just, not as good as they could be. I know Nike just presents the concepts and the teams have the final say but holy crap someone take a stand and tell Nike to F off at this point
  14. 87’ers now the Delaware Blue Coats

    Yeah that's pretty obvious. I suppose the argument will be made that it's Caesar Rodney and not Revere. But it's pretty damn obvious it was copied. Why not just take it from the Delaware Quarter?
  15. 87’ers now the Delaware Blue Coats

    There's a lot going on with the website, wow Definitely don't hate the rebrand as it's less clunky than "87ers" and isn't just a copy of the 76ers logo.