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    2018-2019 NFL Potential Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    Remember too that the Away socks are a holdover from when Adidas was the uniform provider for the Patriots before the massive league-wide deal with Reebok in 2002. We also forget this interesting uniform combo Obviously the more recent Color Rush uniforms are better designed. Would look amazing with the home pants tbh
  2. Pharos04

    First Look: Super Bowl LIV Logo

    That beveling is interesting. At least it has a bit more flair too it than those early ones. Be interesting to see what the local logo system (secondary one that isn't fully templated) looks like
  3. Pharos04

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    I've always thought them just playing a full 5th Quarter would help solve a lot of issues as far as "Fairness" and whatnot. Even if a team scores, you still gotta finish out the Quarter. Sudden Death is exciting to an extent but you don't have a Sudden Death 4th Quarter. Just play a full Quarter. During the Regular season, if after the 15 minutes it's still tied, it's a tie. During the playoffs obviously an extension of that needs to happen to help determine a legit winner. I dislike the college OT because it's not evocative of all-facet football. You put the offense almost in the Red Zone and see if the defense can stop them with that pressure already on them. People say it's fair but it's just as advantageous to the offense as is the coinflip.
  4. Pharos04

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Official Reviews should be done by the booth. Remove the concept of Challenges. Every play should be watched in real time and if something is so questionable like a catch or even a no-call like the DPI or brushing-the-facemask as a Roughing the Passer, it should be overturned by the booth. The refs should be there to watch the ball and make the decisions on the field, but it's clear that the quality of calls have declined significantly in recent years. Maybe because we're more aware of how flawed the human eye is sometimes. If it's questionable - it should be reviewed if it is borderline - it should be reviewed if it's obvious and missed by the ground crew - it should be reviewed if it could have a major impact on the game - it should be reviewed Their goal should be to ensure the call is correct on the field. Too many mistakes, too many no-calls, and WAY too many trigger-happy calls are happening now. It shouldn't be this hard to ensure a game is called correctly
  5. Pharos04

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    So to derail the Pats weariness for a little bit, this Super Bowl matchup is interesting It'll be played on the exact day as Super Bowl XXXVI, when the Patriots beat the Rams to start this insane run On the same token, I feel that if the Patriots win, Brady will finally retire out on top. (I'm probably wrong cause he's freaken bionic at this point). But IF it were to happen, that means that defeating the Rams again would bookend this entire era. It starts with the Rams, and it could end with the Rams. Oh and the World Series was LA vs Boston. Super Bowl is now LA vs Boston. Place your bets for Lakers/Clippers vs Celtics and Kings vs Bruins!
  6. Pharos04

    North American Pro Soccer 2019

    Feels like people don't grasp how large Texas really is. Especially between the 3 cities. For example, I had to take a bus from San Antonio to Wichita Falls and it took over 6 hours! AND WE NEVER LEFT THE STATE!!! It's not like Austin borders Houston or Dallas. There is significant distance between the cities that is enough to warrant the potential for a distinct fanbase that doesn't overlap with FC Dallas or the Dynamo. It would be like people arguing that the Kings up in Sacramento takes away from the Clippers fanbase. There's enough distance that there isn't any overlap or dilution of the fanbases.
  7. Pharos04

    Maine Mariners to take the ice as Wild Blueberries

    That's a very angry blueberry!
  8. Pharos04

    MLS Kits 2019

    Very interesting that for the backdrop they have the Green Tree-on-Black Shield logo which seems to be the primary, but on their scarfs (scarves?) it's a Black Tree-on-Green Shield. In the end, glad he's not with the charter member with the threat of moving them and destroying that legacy. Good luck in Austin. Now who will be #28 or will they revive the Central Conference for even distribution among the teams (and create a new Texas Triangle for MLS)
  9. Pharos04

    Braves to Show Off “Refreshed” Uniforms This Weekend

    and already it's taking away from the actual discussion and becoming about a non-issue that doesn't have anything to do with potential tweaks. If they simplify the design on the jerseys as mentioned, such as going to a single color piping and maybe off-color tomahawk that could work.
  10. Pharos04

    Super Bowl LIII logo

    I hope this is just a fan mock-up or a placeholder... (if fake I can update the thread when the real one comes out)
  11. Pharos04

    Super Bowl LIII logo

    Sorry to resurrect this after *checks date* 10 months of inactivity, but poking around they're starting to filter out some of the secondary markings that are going to be more "localized" that isn't the template-y stuff and actually fits in more with the past Super Bowl logos. There's a Red/black variant as well with "Super Bowl" above it that I saw on but can't seem to uncover it at the moment. Why does the NFL continue to do this? I don't mind it but it seems like a waste of resources to put the templated logo as the primary...and then cover all the events in the secondary logo and colors. They've been doing this since XLVI in Indy and it just makes no sense! Edit: few others I've stumbled across with this year's secondary scheme
  12. Pharos04

    New Arena League logo for 2019

    Why is that rock eating that A?
  13. Pharos04

    G-League Suns Become Rodeo Clowns For a Night

    oh god it's spreading. Regarding the logo, the clown is alright and the NAZ logo on the hat is good. But that font is bad. I keep reading RUBEO due to the points on the letters and the bowtie blobbing over onto the text. The stars on the tie are so sublimated why even bother. Make them the same color as the NAZ logo. Not a good identity even for a one-off
  14. Pharos04

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Seattle Metros - Your 2021-22 Western Conference Champs
  15. Pharos04

    Soda/Pop/Branding Discussion & News Thread

    Not going to like, Moxie is very hit-or-miss for people. you either like it, or are absolutely disgusted by it. "Acquired taste" is an understatement. When I was in the Air Force and stationed all around the US I had family ship me bottles and I would share with everyone to see how they reacted. Some enjoyed it and wanted more, some were repulsed by it. Personally I've been around it all my life and grew up with it, so I love it. especially good in the summer with some French Vanilla ice cream to make a Moxie float. I've been tempted to go to Lisbon, ME at some point and join in the Moxie Festival where they have a Moxie chugging contest. I think one of the more recent winners drank it warm.
  16. Pharos04

    2019 MLB Changes

    The cap logo is a great throwback and works as a Spring Training hat but that jersey needs to be the primary home NOW!!!
  17. Pharos04

    FC Cincinnati

    Everyone craps on this all the time and while it is absolutely in need for a touchup, I love that the Revs have about as non-traditional crest as it can be. It's not a roundel, or a shield, it's a blob of a shape that conveys what it needs to. I'll agree the paintstroke look needs to be gone, but for a team named the "Revolution", you almost have to expect them to be different for the sake of being different. Again, it needs to be refined more. Cannot stress this enough that I agree it is grossly outdated. But if they were update I want them to keep the ball/flag shape thing they've had going for over 20 years now. But at least you know who they are at a quick glance and isn't Template Roundel FC or Generic Shield FC where you can literally change the name on the shield and lose nothing. (Looking at you Austin FC) Circling back on topic so we don't derail too far, I like FCC's crest overall. I do get a Beer Label vibe from it which isn't necessarily bad. It can definitely work for the team overall.
  18. Pharos04

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    I love the M! I love how simple it is and especially how it's ontop of the helmet rather than on the side. It's a great feature that will give the helmet a much more distinctiveness among the others. Almost like Michigan/Princeton's stripes or the Rams' horns. Different in a good way is good! The nod to the past on the back of the helmet is a great way to acknowledge the history but not force it. I agree there needs to be some white in there. But maybe once we see them in featured in more natural light rather than through filters upon filters we can see if the colors work well together.
  19. Pharos04

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    It's possible to be traditional while also being new and fun. Brooklyn Cyclones, Lansing Lugnuts, and Montgomery Biscuits (probably one of the best goofy but not-insane names out there) all come to mind. They're not TOO outlandish and digging into obscure...excuse me, VERY obscure local ties to try and make a sell to the community. Things like Rumble Ponies, Baby Cakes, Jumbo Shrimp, Fire Frogs...with very similar logo sets and naming schemes has become gimmicky for the sake of being a gimmick, rather than trying to establish a long lasting name that doesn't make people question "what the hell is a ____________?" It worries me about the new Colorado Springs team that we'll likely get another dumb name that is so disconnected that it's another headscratcher/facepalm. Who doesn't to cheer on the Happy Campers, or the Lamp Chops, or the Punchy Pikas? Throttle Jockeys will likely come out but I could easily see Punchy Pikas """""win""""" the contest. or if it's a legit vote we'll get the Rocky Mountain Oysters and the idea of a buffalo testicle swinging a bat will hopefully cap off the Brandiose-induced redesign fad of these Minor League teams.
  20. Pharos04

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    Once again, all terrible. The only salvageable one is Long Haulers but wind-bent trees? Boot Scooters apparently has to do with a welcoming attitude...yet Bronc Busters has to do with their independent spirit. Beef Capital of the World is apparently Hereford....48 miles southwest of Amarillo. Jerky itself is just bad Sod Poodles? Just......what? I googled it and guess what all the search results were? all about the new Amarillo baseball team!!! nothing about Prairie Dogs. I call bullcrap on that name choice. MiLB continues to be full of head-shaking decisions about branding.
  21. Pharos04

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Do the blue shorts not have the DC logo?
  22. #BanBudLight #dillydillydone but for reals the parade was fun. First one I’ve been to since the ‘01 Pats rally. Son had a blast. Great bookend for this year for him.
  23. Pharos04

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Why aren't these the primaries again?
  24. As I said before, it’s incredible that I got to take my son to his first game the same year they won the World Series! I think that’s an amazing memory. great job by the Dodgers (except Machado. What a scumbag). I saw some incredible talent on their team. Walker Buehler was insane to watch him shut down the Boston bats. Hell of a Series overall. exctied to celebrate in the city the next few days. Yeah Sox!