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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Oops, yeah thats true.
  2. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Teams are now wearing non-school colors in the spring game, sweet (yes, i know some teams have their QB in red despite not having red in their palette but thats different).
  3. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    The way the schedule is set up every team plays two games against each division opponents (6), two games against two non-division opponents (4), and one game against the remaining two non-divisional opponents (2). Toronto and Vancouver played each other twice this season, splitting the series.Toronto beat Calgary twice, whereas Vancouver beat Ottawa twice. I would have to say Vancouver has the edge in the Championship Game.
  4. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    Manitoba is in a tough situation, they are ‘rebuilding’ in a division with three teams that already have extremely talented rosters. They are also very early in their rebuilding process, so it will be a few years until they can truly compete in the division. The team has three players it will attempt to build their offense around in RB Buddy Spagnola (23, Stanford), WR Timothy Yates (22, Penn State), and TE Keith Buchanan (28, Arizona State). For these skill players to reach their potential, however, they will need to find a serviceable quarterback and shore up the offensive line. The Stags had one of the older defensive units in league this year. The starting lineup is chalked full of talented players, but they unfortunately are on the downside of their careers. CB Tommy Nolan (24, Arkansas State) is the most talented played on the defensive unit. He nearly propelled the Stags to the upset of the year with an interception, late in the 4th quarter, that forced overtime against the Seawolves. In Nolan the Stags have a leader that they can build their defense around. Yeah, I purposely made the reports more offensive-centric, thinking it would capture the interest of a larger spectrum of ‘fans’. Look for the rest of the posts to be a good combination between the two. But you guessed correctly, Toronto had the best defense this year. Which should come at no surprise with Shay Lockwood at the helm. The most impressive thing regarding their defensive dominance was that 9 of their 11 starters had 3 years, or less, of professional football experience. The defenses of the NFA fall into these groupings: League Best: Toronto Dukes Above Average: Vancouver Seawolves, Calgary Wranglers Average: Montreal Maroons, Ottawa Capitals Below Average: Manitoba Stags,Edmonton Drillers League Worst: Saskatoon Yellowheads
  5. What's up with the matte trend?

    Yeah what he said. Minnesota has the same finish Seattle has on their helmets, it is satin not matte.
  6. What's up with the matte trend?

    Neither Minnesota or Texas A&M wear matte for the primary helmet,they are both considered satinfinish.
  7. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    Ever since the departure of the Toronto Bruins, the Canadian Football Association lacked the allure that made it so successful the past 30 years. The Canadian audience was rapidly beginning to favor the AFA, andyounger Canadian generations wanted to play American-football. By this point, the CFA was barely making enough of a profit to stay afloat. So when the CFA announced that it would be folding in September 1977, it hardly came as a surprise to the handful of fans that were even still interested in the league. However, with the television ratings for the AFA reaching all-time highs in Canada during the 1977 season, it was obvious a thriving professional American-football league could exist in the Great White North. When Thomas van der Linden announced the formation of the Northern Football Association and the league began to take shape, interest spread like wildfire. The intrigue reached a fever pitch when temperatures began to rise throughout the provinces, signalthe football is just around the corner. The buzz surroundingthe NFA, prior to opening weekend, was unlike anything seen during the previous 5-years of the CFA. The inaugural season of the Northern Football Association began on June 11th, with a matchup, in Toronto, between the Dukes and the Calgary Wranglers. Linden’s Dukes went on to prevail in a 6-point victory over the Wranglers, thanks in large part to a last minute goal-line stand by the Dukes defense. WESTERN DIVISION Those observing the NFA’s formation believed the Vancouver Seawolves, with Babe Stewart at the helm, would bethe dominant force in the new league. Despite having a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Russ Cosentino,the team went ahead andselectedReggie Hart, ablack quarterback from USC.Despite a considerably weaker arm than Cosentino, Hart showed excellent poise in running the team’s West Coast scheme. Hart’s athleticism was too much for the suprisingly out of shape Cosentino to contend with. Stewart shocked the world when he announced that therookie,Reggie Hart,won the starting job out of training camp. When the games began to count, Hart continued to impress. He developed a very solid rapport with WR Gino Wesson, who is electric after the catch. Wesson, a highly-toutedAFA prospect suffereda serious knee injury his senior year at Washington State, whichcaused him to fall completely off AFA draft boards. He fell into a perfect situation when Vancouver selected him in the first round of the draft last year. Theteam ultimately went on toboycottthe CFA, which gave Wesson the proper amount of time to rehab. While the team did not finish 12-0, they posted a league best 10-2 and ran away with the Western Division title. The Calgary Wranglers, who finished three games back, were the only other team with a winning record in the division. A season series split with the Seawolves and two close losses to Ottawa has fans optimistic about the future of the franchise. The Wranglers have a pair of brothers on theircoaching staffin Sam Abburzzi (HC) and Nick Abburzzi (OC). The two developed a unique offensive scheme, dubbed the ‘Abburzzi System’, which had beenvery effective in the US at the collegiate level. The brothers are famous for their motto “throw to score, run to win.” Despite only winning 3 games, fans routinely packed the 17,000-seat Griffiths Stadium to capacity. Although they did not have much root for, with their offensive line talent,the run-first scheme will pay dividends sooner rather than later. The Canadian-born RB Paul Chaffey, finally looked like the physicalback he was in college. The Edmonton Drillers nearly went winless this year if it wasn't for a victory in the final weekend to finish1-11. Thought by manyto be the best running back in the NFA, Joe Nixon, looked overwhelmed on the field. There was an obviousstruggleinadjusting to ‘American’ offensive concepts, and at times one might question if he even knew the playbook. It also didn't help that Nixon has no supporting cast behind him, which allowed defenses tostack thebox to constantly bottled him up. EASTERN DIVISION With three experienced owners in Gordon Clermont, Thomas van der Linden, and Mathieu Marleau the Eastern Division was guaranteed to be a slugfest. As expected the three teams were back-and-forth all year, with the division champion not being crowned until the final whistle. Manitobadid not play into the picture whatsoever, completely outmatched by the other three teams.The Stags littlehope for the future was wiped outafter a blowout home loss,in the season finale,against the winless Edmonton Drillers. The CFA legendary head coach, Vincent Giroux, employed a modified Canadian Spread Offensein Montreal this season. The Maroons were undefeatedthru the first 6 games before their progresswas brought to a halt after a season ending injury to QB Jerome Gagne. With backup QB, Winston Hummel, a rookie out of the University of Toronto, running the offense the Maroons dropped five of theirlast six contests.With Montreal sputtering at the end, the race for the Eastern Division crown would ultimately come down to a final weekend, rivalry matchup, between Ottawa and Toronto. The Capitals QB Jason O’Shea, continued to improve in his sophomore campaign, despite having to adapt to the American game. It appeared to be a forgone conclusion that he would be playing in the inaugural Dominion Cup against Vancouver. Just a couple weeks prior the Capitalsbeat the Dukes handily in O'Shea'sreturn to Toronto, and O'Shea has yet to lose at home during his professional career. But the blistery weather conditions crippledO’Sheaand the rest of 'Air-Barrett' offense to remained grounded. The severe wind was knocking down thedeep ball, which forcedO’Shea to make accurate throws into tight windows. ButToronto’s stout defense, which was torched by O’Shea previously, ultimately prevailed. The Dukes, and their relentless pass rush,held himto his worse performance as professional. DOMINON CUP I #1 Vancouver Seawolves v. #2 Toronto Dukes Montreal, Quebec – Olympic Stadium
  8. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    Yes this is very much the case. There are threereasonswhy some of the rookies are rankedso high this year. The first is that many of the "small market"CFArosters were pretty bare in terms of talent. That's why the CFA was typically won by Vancouver, Toronto (Bruins), or Montreal. This is also why Gordon Clermont was able to have an expansion franchise that would've probably won the Windsor Cup last season. The second reason is the league is moving to "American" rules, so the American rookies will have the slight advantage over their Canadian counterparts because many played in the CFA andCIS have never played under these rules. The final reason is that the Intial rankings are just projections, as teams do better one player might get a boost just like when a team does bad the player might decline. Whatalsohurts some Canadian players, is that they are playing a new position or being asked to do more than in than they did in theCFA. The offenses schemes between the CFA and NFA are going to be extremelydifferent (for most teams). An example is Saskatoon and their Run-First offense. Most teamsin theCFA rarely ran the football, but Saskatoon was able to pick up players from Regina who had one of the best offensive lines in the CFA. Their offensive choice will give them a chance to compete this year, even though their offense is not as talented as let's say Vancouver.
  9. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    The 1978 season has been simulated and @Veras is the only other individualthat knows the results of the first season! A full writeup will be posted in the morning!
  10. 1990's CART/ Indycar Fauxbacks

    That rainbow car brings back so many memories of my childhood. Probably my favorite livery yet!
  11. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    Thanks, I'm justglad someone isenjoying it! Players strengths,and as a result teams positional strengths, has been a combination of randomization and personal decision. After the Bruins left, teams like Montreal and Vancouver became the'powerhouses' of the CFA, so I knew I their veterans would have to be the cream-of-the-crop in the NFA. As for rookies, I have a chart, for each round of the the draft,numbered 1-500.Each number has a corresponding 'Talent Score', the higher draft rounds have proportionately highertalent scores; whereas the lower draft rounds have proportionately lower talent scores. That doesn't mean their isn't a potential for a 'Ryan Leaf' like character, just a chances are very very low. Coaching schemes also play a large part in the development of the team in the NFA. For example: Montreal will runa very traditional 'Canadian'Pass-First Vertical Offense. HC VincentGiroux (53) whohasbeen with theteam since the mid-60s, and since the game is heavily pass oriented he will continue to run a revised offense. He also doesn't have the roster to adopt a more balanced scheme, as Montreal has been built to be a passing machine.But for teams like Saskatoon andEdmonton, who weren't very good teams in the CFA, but have solid RBs (Nixon & Chaffey) they can adopt a more Run-First offense and find more success.So there is a lot of thought being put into each team, owner, coach,and player. While we are on the topic of coaches, I know I have mentioned it already but Arizona Firebirds DC,who was promoted toAssistant Head Coach last season,Shay Lockwood (54), has accepted the job asHC of the Toronto Dukes. Lockwood spent several seasons with the Steele'sBruins before moving to Arizona, and will bring is defensive genius North of the border once again.
  12. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    Tobe honest I haven't even thoughtthat far in advance yet.I'll have to look moresome demographics first, but I'm sure a Maritime city is a possibility.
  13. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    I believe I have already answered this questions for you. But nonetheless, both Regina and Quebec City will likely be on the ballot for an expansion franchise when that time comes, probably won't be until 1980.
  14. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Regular Season

    Vancouver is probably the best team in the NFA right now; even without Reggie Hart they still would've probably been the best. This happened becauseteam in the NFA was able to protect 26 players from the CFA franchise, this was doneto keep 'fan favorites' in the same city. Also Vancouver and Montreal probably would have not left the CFA for the NFA if they were unable to maintain theircore star players.