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  1. I think you're missing what information this image is portraying. By your logic half the team will wear white helmets and the other half will were maroon to correspond with the Upper/Lower decks. Obviously we know thats not true so a striped helmet is out of the question. The striped helmet is implying fans should wear a certain color depending on what seating section they are in to create a striped pattern.
  2. IIRC, Paul Lukas hates the color purple in sports.
  3. Some really nice looks here @mattb6, if you're looking for more requests I would suggest the Seattle Sounders?
  4. You knocked this one out of the park @MrWonka, really nice modernization of a 'classic' logo!
  5. Nope, @Veras is waiting on me to post the NFA update first -- which I admittedly have been dragging my feet on. 1980 is ready to post, I've just been out of town without my computer for a couple days and forgot to post it. I promised that I would get it up Monday so look for the AFA season on Tuesday!
  6. I feel like women's dodgeball, to be profitable, would have to be played in bikinis
  7. Yes it is still active. The 1980 season is all typed up, just need to proofread it before I post it!
  8. Adding to the argument is that the Montreal Maroons are a NFA team, in the AFA Universe, sharing the name of the NHL franchise from our universe.
  9. Where did you pull these images from?
  10. The USA (MLS) is looking for a new owner to take over the FC Baltimore Comets franchise, you would be able to relocate the franchise at the end of the year. Please apply HERE!
  11. Id go for a Jake Browning (Washington Huskies) or Kyle Seager (Seattle Mariners).
  12. I prefer the sleeved jerseys from the previous PDC, then the more basketball style jerseys you have now! Nice stuff overall though!
  13. The two stripes are different widths, seeing as your marketed this as the Cornhuskers, I assume it wasn't intentional.
  14. Really nice to see you back around here @missouri tigers, great stuff as always AW!
  15. Yeah but just because the team folds doesn't mean their history is erased, so while the Stamps' aren't in the league anymore, their history is still there. Thats like an NFL team adopting a name like the Roughnecks, Drillers, or Oil Men and not be from Houston. Make sense? Just a personal opinion.