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  1. Why doesn't CCSL have English Premier League logos?

      You're correct there. It is easier now, than it was with the old mobile board layout.
  2. Why doesn't CCSL have English Premier League logos?

      Why should I google search something on my phone to post a link when he could do it himself just as fast? I gave him the necessary information to find the logos if he was interested in procuring them. 
  3. Why doesn't CCSL have English Premier League logos?

    If you want the crests from the EPL, just download their yearly style guide. Simple Google search should pull it up, would supply a link if I wasn't on mobile! 
  4. History of a Fictional Football League (1977 Offseason)

      I'm curious to see the outcome of the Toronto Lakers franchise. Clermont appears to be a more competent owner than Russell and the team should be more competitive.  Just don't know if the city will ever support a CFA franchise like they did Steele's Bruins. Given the smaller market times relying heavily on revenue sharing It will be interesting to how those teams fair now that Toronto is the only 'big-market' team. Almost looks like the success of the CFA relies on the Lakers being able to win games and turn a profit. Do we have any information of some the young Canadian talent the Lakers selected?
  5. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    Love that light blue McNeese State uniform! 
  6. History of a Fictional Football League (1977 Offseason)

    I'm gonna say Pitt in a blowout.
  7. Teams with Mascots that Don't Match Their Nicknames

    Sonics had a Sasquatch & Mariners have a moose.
  8. Buffalo Bills Update

    I'd have to agree that the logo looks weird in one color, would think it would be an improvement to have the Buffalo be blue with the streak red. Not really feeling the uniforms, that's more of a personal opinion.
  9. History of a Fictional Football League (1977 Offseason)

    Just because the Giants have it doesn't make it any less redundant Looks sweet with the update though, improvement over the SF Whales for sure!
  10. A little country-wide update

    Overall nice work here! Great presentation as well. I do prefer the '2nd' option for the helmet logos though!
  11. History of a Fictional Football League (1977 Offseason)

    I agree having numbers on both the front and back is a little redundant. I'd suggest enlarging the ones on the back to match the time frame and removing the front ones.
  12. Minimalist Football Helmet Signatures (Taking Requests)

    Second this request!
  13. Big XII Expansion Options

    I'd have to say any 2 of these 3 would be reasonable additions: Brigham Young, Houston, and Memphis.
  14. Best Possible Super Bowl 50 Uni Matchup

    Since AFC is home, I'd have to say Seahawks in Blue/White/Gray and Broncos Blue/Orange/White.
  15. World Hockey Association Working Thread

    Count me in for designing a couple teams, peraphs the Carribean teams?