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  1. 1980

    **dusts off thread** Real life has really gotten in the way of the NFA progressing over the last couple of months -- but I am here to let everyone know I am still dedicated to seeing this thing thru! The thread isn't dead, the expansion council is still coming!
  2. Yeah, I only was going to participate if I could run BMS. Truth be told, I was going to create my own logo so the content would've still been original. But I understand your reasoning. Have fun with this gents!
  3. If its okay with everyone, I would actually like to participate with BMS. Marty Daniels has already signed a contract extension, and we have brought back former players Radon Randle, Alex Moran, and Thad Castle to be Assistant Coaches.
  4. Name of University: Blue Mountain State University Nicknames: Mountain Goats Location: Pendleton, Oregon, US Colors: Blue, Orange, White
  5. 1980

    Seeing as it hasn't even started, I really don't know. Wish I could give you guys an idea of when I'll have this up but I really haven't made any progress.
  6. 1980

    If you could refrain from posting things like this that would be appreciated. It not only clutters things up but confuses people as to what is going on in the league. If you wish to make predictions, feel free to do so. Just make sure it is relatively easy to see that it's just a prediction. As for progress on the NFA, I hate to say this but I haven't even opened a file pertaining to this league in over a week if not more, a lot of my free time on the computer has been spent helping keep the NCFA-FCS league running. Id like to hope I can have the expansion council up in the next couple of days, but I don't want to make any promises.
  7. 1980

    Yes, the characters should be a Canadian citizens. If you want to use someone who is not a Canadian shoot me a PM with the idea and I will determine that on a case by case basis
  8. 1980

    Getting ready to roll out the Expansion Council here shortly, but have a question for everyone. Can anyone find access to Canadian Census data? I have found some very crude-numbers but nothing to the extent that @Veras has been able to provide in the AFA Expansions! I've scoured google extensively trying to find data for Metro Population, Median Household Income, and Television Market size and have found very little. If anyone can help feel free to shoot over a PM! Also, to those who may be interested in participating in this council, now would be the perfect time to start developing a bio for your council member character! I will be following the same rules as outlined in previous AFA Councils, and hold the right to make suggestions/edits to your character when posting to make sure it gels with the storyline properly! Don't post bios just yet, this was just a friendly reminder to start thinking about them!
  9. Yeah wkthout the black bumpers though the black on the uniform will look even more out of place! At least they will look good on the road going G-W-P!
  10. These definetly don't seem to have the HGI finish that the gold ones from last year had -- curious to see if this is a practice thing or if this is actually a return to the more "traditional" gold lid.
  11. 1980

    Just an alternate logo!
  12. 1980

    Yes the two seasons overlap, but just barely. The AFA (correct me if I'm wrong @Veras) starts in September and runs until February, the NFA starts in June and runs until October. This is why we saw players like QB Donnie 'Sunshine' Trout, QB Dave Bennett, and RB Larry Priest have their rights picked up from NFA teams after being training camp casualties with AFA franchises. I'm not totally sure how things worked between the AFA and the former SFL, but know there was a few players being transferred between the two leagues. I don't recall exactly how that process actually worked (IIRC -- it was similar to how the NFL Europe worked!), but @Veras would have to clarify that for you. So to answer your question, I don't know if we would see that happen in this story -- theoretically I could see it being possible but there really isn't a precedent set for a trade between teams in different leagues in American Football, If anyone knows of a trade involving a player from the NFL to the CFL please share? I also don't know if this after happened with the USFL & NFL, the WFL & NFL, and the UFL & NFL, so if anyone has any knowledge to prove that a precedent has been set please share. As of right now @Veras and I have not discussed a 'trade' between teams in each of the leagues.
  13. 1980

    Vancouver's offense has been pretty much unstoppable the past three years. In Hart's 33 career starts (39, including three Dominion Cup appearances, the team went 28-5. With his departure they are left with two unpolished options in Jake Dekker (Calgary) and Rudy Foust (Boise State). Dekker (24) has excellent mobility and is terrific on short-to-intermediate throws, but is undersized and inconsistent on the deep pass. Foust (23), on the other hand, possesses the size, arm strength, and functional athleticism to be successful in the NFA. Dekker has a advantage heading into training camp next season being the more polished player, with an extra year in Babe Stewart's system, but Foust has definitely more raw potential. There really isn't a bonafide-stud at quarterback in next years draft, but the Seawolves will likely target one of the raw quarterback prospects in the late rounds. Regardless who is under center, the Seawolves still have a seemingly endless supply of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. On top of that, Vancouver still boasts one of the best defenses in the league -- its not like the offense really needed to be that prolific for the Seawolves to win all those games. But I would agree, things should change in the league especially out West. Vancouver will probably regress closer to the pack next season, leaving the door open for both Calgary and Edmonton. I think the league will actually see bigger changes to the parity in the league with the addition of the four expansion teams in 1982. About two-thirds of the teams in the AFA put in a bid to acquire Hart's rights from Vancouver. With about a dozen of those bids being respectable enough to be reasonably considered by the team.
  14. 1980

    Dominion Cup III Steele Stadium -- Toronto, ON October 4th, 1980 -- 6:30 PM EST The 1980 Dominion Cup took place on typical dreary Toronto fall evening, with temperatures in the mid-teens and a constant drizzle as the teams took the field. The game would be QB Reggie Hart’s last in the NFA, as the Seawolves announced they were selling his rights to an AFA club in the offseason. Vancouver received the opening kick, and less than two minutes later they took the lead on a 16-yard touchdown pass from Reggie Hart to WR Bruce Triggs. The Seawolves would extend their lead, after a three-and-out from Manitoba, when Reggie Hart found RB Dean Ackley out of the backfield for a 12-yard score. QB Russ Cosentino continued to be stifled by the Vancouver defense, failing to pick up a first-down on his first three possessions. Hart would continue his dominance with this third touchdown pass of the quarter, an 8-yard completion to TE Ed Carr to put the team up 21-0 at the end of the first. Manitoba found themselves threatening inside the red-zone on their next possession, but a big hit from DT Abe Driskel forced RB Buddy Spagnola to lose a handle on the football which was recovered by the Seawolves at their own 16. A 55-yard touchdown reception from WR Gino Wesson, who somehow got behind NFA All-Pro CB Kevin Nolan, pushed the lead to 28. The Stags would finally get on the scoreboard with a 46-yard field goal from K Perry Quinn, in the final couple minutes of the half. Vancouver would run out the clock, heading into the locker room with a commanding 28-3 lead. The Stags looked like a completely different team to start the third quarter, as Larry Priest drug two Vancouver players across the goal line from 6-yards out to cap off the scoring drive. A comeback would not fully materialize however, as rookie S Charles Wharton intercepted an errant pass from Cosentino and returned it 36-yards for a touchdown. On the ensuing Stags possession, DE Don Warrick came off the edge hurrying Cosentino to forcing a pass into double coverage that would be intercepted by CB Tyrone Madison. A 15-yard touchdown run by rookie RB Kyle Jansen put the game out of reach, with Vancouver out front 42-10. With 8 minutes left in the game, Reggie Hart would show exactly why he is ready for the AFA with his last series in the game. He would connect on all five of his pass attempts, amassing 56-yards, and finished off the drive with a brilliant 8-yard scamper for a score. The touchdown would be his 6th of the game, a Dominion Cup record. Neither team really did much over the last few minutes of the game, as both had mostly backups on the field. Backup QB Jake Dekker took a pair of kneel downs to run out the clock, as Vancouver would bring home their 2nd Dominion Cup with a 49-10 victory.
  15. 1980

    Yeah I agree, I don't see a resemblance either. I mean Toronto was one win away from their third straight Dominion Cup (won one last year) and have plenty coming back next year to be in the mix for another East Division title.