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  1. You have Seattle loosing to Chicago in the first but they are playing Milwaukee in the second round still
  2. The best of the bunch! Good stuff here!
  3. I hated the winged helmets when I was originally showed them last week. But the half green, half purple shell is excellent!
  4. Wayne Brewce is a philanthropist, socialite, playboy, and chairman of the American diversified multinational conglomerate known as Brewce Enterprises. He is credited with becoming the youngest billionaire in the world after his parents were murdered, when he was just eight. He's had little hand in the 'family' business, with decisions being made by a trusted advisor on his behalf, but his net worth has grown to several billion dollars even though is wareabouts were unknown. Just recently he has been spotted around the Brewce Tower, appearing to show an interest in the company. Especially the "applied sciences", "energy", and "defense" sectors. The Brewce Foundation, the holding company for the Thomas Brewce and Martha Brewce Foundations, is the largest transparently operated private foundation in the United States. He has been named 'Most Eligible Bachelor" by several major magazine publications and he once considered putting together an expansion bid for a PHL franchise. Ultimately, he decided against the bid as he simply did not have the time nor energy to dedicate to running a hockey team, given the ventures he is currently focused on. But he did joke that if he did own a team their uniforms would be "all-black". His votes are: 1. Houston, TX 2. Cleveland, OH 3. Portland, OR
  5. 1981

    They will begin play in '82 as originally planned.
  6. 1981

    After speaking with @Veras this weekend, it was decided that it would be in the best interest of the narrative for the NFA to run the 1981 season. Since I am behind right now, I will be simulating the 1981 season but the narrative will be very abbreviated than the last couple of seasons. I am working out the kinks that led to me throwing in the towel a couple weeks ago to keep the work load as light as possible while still providing me the ability to have complete control over the league. Stay tuned!
  7. 1981

    I've been disappointed with my decision to leave the universe almost immediately after making it. So after a week or so of consideration, plus the addition of this new subforum, I've decided to retract my statement of the NFA ceasing operations. Instead, I'd like to put the league on a creative hiatus, per say, while I work with @Veras to determine what options I have for rebooting. Not sure if that means restarting or creating a new league in my own universe or skipping a couple seasons then rejoining Veras in the AFA universe. That's something we will have to talk thru together. We will keep you posted!
  8. Glad to see the moderator team do the right thing here and give you a subforum opposed to shutting you down completely after 3-years! Makes me wish the NFA was in here too, probably would've garnered more of a following. Damn I'm wishing I couldve kept it going now!
  9. Great update, huge improvement. That was exactly not what I had in mind when I critiqued it last time. You got a winner!
  10. While I like several pieces of the concept for the Sounders. Especially the wave pattern! I don't think the gradient really works. When I think of the Sounders primary I think of heavy rave green with the cascade blue accents. Personally their inaugural MLS jerseys were my favorite. Concept is very well rendered! Look forward to seeing more.
  11. 1981

    Vincent Irving was modeled after Trump so I'm sure I could've killed it off with some good backstory involving him!
  12. 1981

    Important Announcement I am greatly saddened to announce that the NFA will cease operations prior to the 1981 season. This was such a large undertaking, with a workload I just couldn't manage in a timeframe that matches the speed at which Veras has ran the AFA. So, instead of holding him back, I am electing to step away indefinitely. May the NFA legacy continue on thru Reggie Hart! I want to personally thank everyone for making this a great project to work on over the last year! At a later date I might come back to a similar project in a different universe, but I'll likely stick to just uniform and logo concepts from here on out!
  13. 1981

    Yeah that font was inspired by Chicago. Glad you've enjoyed the league thus far
  14. 1981

    Holiday bump so everyone can see the new uniforms -- 1981 off-season will be up shortly!
  15. 1981

    Ho Ho Ho! Here is a little Christmas treat for all you NFA fans! Hope everyone has a great holiday! Ottawa will debut a new look for the 1981 season. A new focus on black, as the Capitals will wear a black home jersey. The striping elements are simplier but remain inspired by historical Ottawa uniforms (including last years), as well as some yoke striping taken from traditional hockey sweaters. A streamlined maple leaf and new number font ties together the new set. Thoughts? 1981- 1978-1980