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  1. Wasnt this why I wasn't allowed to use BMS?
  2. Bump
  3. Do you like FCS football? Applications are now open for one new athletic director in the NCFA-FCS. Apply HERE!
  4. Here's to hoping Reggie Hart wins himself a victory bowl after winning two Dominion Cups in the NFA!
  5. I think the white outline and the red stripes down the middle could use a little thickening.
  6. I'd buy a Sirens jersey in a heart beat, great stuff as always Mike!
  7. It is small, so why even include it at all? Doesn't add anything to the uniform, and in some cases, it's logo overkill.
  8. Hoping Hart can lead the Guardians to a win!
  9. Fantasy stuff as always!! Really like Rhode Island and Baylor!
  10. How about them uniforms....
  11. Personally, I think the blue and black looks the best out of that grouping. Not too sure if it's too early for that combo either, the Edmonton Drillers use it in the NFA so there is a presidence in this universe for it.
  12. Yeah you definetly capture the look perfectly!
  13. Thats awesome -- like others have said you've added elements that add to the illustration without taking away from integrity of the object. Great stuff!
  14. Something so simple makes this mark exponentially better! Great stuff!
  15. These are awesome! Can I get a Jake Browning UW one?