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  1. NBA Concepts: Sonics (p. 4)

    Probably one of my favorite Sonics concepts I have seen on this forum, just fantastic.
  2. I would totally be a season ticket holder on that Monster, great work here!
  3. IIRC, the Seahawks didn't have "wrap around" helmet logos until the most recent Nike rebrand. The original '76 helmets just had the Seahawk head logo but it never wrapped around to the other side. That being said don't the Railers have a wrap around helmet logo already?
  4. Having seen the Portland logo develop over the last month or so, I must say I am very happy with the final decisions made from Veras. Great look and even better uniform!
  5. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Consider me a fan of the brushed chrome, really worked in their application. I'd say this is a slight downgrade in a sense that we get a jersey with a pattern on the sleeve cap, something Nike has been doing a lot of lately. I would've liked to see a rework of the brushed chrome set done a little differently. Might be time for a concept.
  6. NHL Adidas TechFit

    My lone issue with the 4th jersey is that Calagary isn't the only NHL team in Alberta. The rest of the set is great!
  7. Texas A&M Nike Redesign

    My thoughts exactly, I prefer this look for Miss State too. But that being said this is still a clean concept!
  8. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Dominon Cup

    Thanks a bunch, means a lot coming from a fellow 'fictional' league guy!
  9. May Madness - 31 days, 31 NBA concepts (Day 6: Cleveland Cavaliers)

    First off welcome to the forum! Always nice to see talented guys debut their stuff over here. It's a really clean concept and I like the decision to limit the pattern to the side panels. Looking forward to what's next!
  10. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Dominon Cup

    Hart had a fantastic season. Thanks In large part to HC Babe Stewart building his West Coast scheme around his mobility and accuracy. But AFA teams were quick to note the level of competition in the NFA, and still questioned his ability to lead an AFA offense.
  11. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Dominon Cup

    Yeah sure! I was thinking about doing a sig for all 8 teams actually.
  12. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1978 Dominon Cup

    1978 Dominon Cup Olympic Stadium - Montreal, QC Attendance: 68,288 FIRST QUARTER The Dukes offense started the game out strong and took their opening drive down to the Vancouver 16-yard line. But on third down, quarterback Martel Stanton threw the ball straight into the arms of cornerback Tyrone Madison, who returned the ball to the 23-yard line. The Seawolves, on their first possession, drove the ball to the Toronto 18-yard line. But they also came up empty, with kicker Cameron Steffen rattling a 35-yard field goal off the post. Defenses would dominate the rest of the quarter not allowing either team to cross the 50. Vancouver Seawolves - 0 Toronto Dukes - 0 SECOND QUARTER In a game dominated by defenses in the first quarter, it was the offenses that took over in the second. Two minutes into the quarter, Stanton fired a dart to receiver Gaylord Van Winkel streaking across the middle, for a 32-yard touchdown reception. Reggie Hart responded by leading the Seawolves on 80-yard drive, capped off by a 3-yard rushing touchdown from running back Dean Ackley. On their next possession Hart, who was flushed out of the pocket, found a wide-open Gino Wesson for a big first down deep in Dukes territory. A face mask penalty on safety Quincy Palmer compounded the gain, setting Vancouver up on the Toronto 10-yard line. From there Reggie Hart ran it in to put the Seawolves up 14-7. With time running out in the half, offensive coordinator Perry Whittaker called a flawless two-minute drill, executed brilliantly by the Dukes offense. The drive ended with another touchdown from Stanton to Van Winkel, tying the game up 14-14. Vancouver Seawolves - 14 Toronto Dukes - 14 THIRD QUARTER The defenses would take center stage once again to start the third quarter. But after punts on their first two possessions, the Dukes finally drove into Seawolves territory. It appeared liked the Dukes would take the lead, but Stanton's errant throw was intercepted, by linebacker Rudolph Cobb, killing the drive. On the ensuing possession, a long pass from Hart to rookie tight end Ed Carr set up Ackley for a 2-yard score. Toward the end of the quarter Steffen connected on 43-yard field goal, put Vancouver up 10 heading into the final quarter. Vancouver Seawolves - 24 Toronto Dukes - 14 FOURTH QUARTER On Toronto’s first possession of the quarter running back Fredrick Renaud, scamper around the outside and into the end zone for a 34-yard score. Vancouver looking to answer marched right down the field on the arm of Hart. But a big sack, on 3rd and 6, by defensive end Cornelius Newman pushed the Seawolves out of field goal territory. The ensuing drive for Toronto would finish with a 24-yard field goal to pull the teams even with 4 minutes remaining in the quarter. After taking a sack that pushed his team out of field goal range, Hart was looking to redeem himself on the next possession. At his own 33-yard line, Hart, trying to do to much, forced a throw into double coverage. The ball was intercepted by All-Pro defensive back Kevin Nolan, and returned to the Vancouver 6-yard line. Stanton found tight end Junior Sharpe in the back of the end zone for the go-ahead score. The ensuing kickoff went for a touchback, so Vancouver would have to drive 80-yards, with less than 2 minutes on the clock, to force overtime. On 1st and 10, Hart found Ackley down the sideline for a 42-yard gain. With the ball in enemy territory Hart took a shot to the end zone, the ball was tipped by safety Quincy Palmer, but fell harmlessly to the turf. With less than a minute remaining, Vancouver wasn’t about to quit slinging the rock. From the shotgun, Hart bootlegged out to the right and threw a tight spiral down the sideline intended for Wesson. It was Kevin Nolan who batted this ball in the air, but Wesson, while on his back was able to make a remarkable catch to keep the Seawolves hopes alive. Vancouver hustled to the line to spike the ball, stopping the clock with 26 seconds left. With the ball on the 8-yard line, Hart miraculously escaped a potential game ending sack, dumping the ball to Ackley on a swing route. There was a crease to the end zone on the outside, but the Dukes were closing quickly. Ackley reached for the pylon, but was knocked out of bounce at the 1-yard line. With no time outs, Vancouver had time for one final play to force overtime. Vancouver HC Babe Stewart was not about to let the ball out of his player makers hand, the game was on the rookies shoulders. Hart faked the handoff to Ackley on the left, tucked it under his arm and sprinted out to the right. Surprisingly the very disciplined Duke’s defense bite on the fake, allowing Hart to scamper in untouched to tie the game up and force overtime. Vancouver Seawolves - 31 Toronto Dukes - 31 OVERTIME 1 Vancouver won the toss and elected to posses the ball to start the overtime period. After a 13-yard run from Ackley on first down, Hart hit Ed Carr over the middle for a touchdown putting the Seawolves up. Toronto would answer right back, with a dominating possession of their own. Stanton connected on all 3 of his passes, capping it off with an 8-yard strike to wide receiver Theodore Sutton. Vancouver Seawolves - 38 Toronto Dukes - 38 OVERTIME 2 With the game still tied, Toronto took the first possession in the second overtime. The Vancouver defense looked lethargic, Stanton carved up their secondary on three straight plays to put the Dukes at the 4-yard line. On the ensuing play, however, Renaud took the handoff and was leveled behind the line of scrimmage by defensive tackle Abe Driskel jarring the ball loose. The referees pulled the players off the pile, and Rudolph Cobb, who has had a hell of a day, emerged with the football. On the first play from scrimmage, Hart rolled out to the left and found wide receiver Curtis Gibbons over the middle. Gibbons broke one tackle, caught a crucial block from Wesson, sealing his lane to the outside, and went untouched to the end zone. The 68,288 pro-Toronto crowd fell silent, Vancouver had won the 1978 Dominon Cup and were champions of the NFA! Vancouver Seawolves - 45 Toronto Dukes - 38
  13. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Oops, yeah thats true.
  14. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Teams are now wearing non-school colors in the spring game, sweet (yes, i know some teams have their QB in red despite not having red in their palette but thats different).