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  1. NFA 1977 – League Formation (Part I)   Thomas van der Linden, nephew of former Toronto Bruins owner Louis Steele, has been around professional football for most of his adult life. His first job out of college was working for the Steele’s legal team that unsuccessfully sued the Canadian Football Association (CFA) for its 1968 Revenue-Sharing Agreement. Prior to the filing of the Canadian Football Protection Act (CFPA), he spent two years researching the financial viability of American football in Canada, for his uncle’s AFA expansion bid. When the CFPA caused that venture to fail, Linden approached the CFA regarding the potential consequences of alienating Steele. The league on the other hand, was not phased by his concerns, stating he was too close to the situation for his insights to be taken seriously. They continued to underestimate the value of the Bruins and the financial stability they brought to the league. The CFA ultimately forced Steele into a position where he had to sell his franchise. However, Steele feeling betrayed by the league he financially supported for so long, electing to fold the team instead. It was at this moment, Linden knew the collapse of the CFA was imminent.   Without the Bruins, ticket sales surprising rose for the first season before plummeting to all-time lows over the next three. Television ratings were dreadful, with more Canadian households tuning into AFA regular season games over the Windsor Cup Playoffs. It was obvious the CFA was failing to reach the younger demographic. Canadian youths were rapidly becoming further interested with American football and the AFA. In 1974, rumors began surfacing that the Canadian Amateur Football Federation (CAFF) was contemplating abandoning Canadian-rules for American-rules. The events were happening just as Linden warned. By forcing Steele out the CFA, the league left itself vulnerable to the inevitable rise in popularity of American football and the AFA throughout the provinces.   In 1975, Linden contracted yet another survey on the viability of a professional American-football league in Canada. Commissioned by a third party organization, the results showed that there was substantial support to the prospects of a professional American-football league in Canada – both at the gate and delivering television viewers to advertisers. Armed with this data, Linden patiently waited for the right time to execute a plan that would bring a new league to Canada and change football in the Great North forever.   When news broke that Vancouver and Montreal were both boycotting the 1977 CFA Season, Linden knew his window of opportunity had finally opened. David Sutter (Vancouver) and Mathieu Marleau (Montreal) have owned and operated two very fiscally successful CFA franchises for the last decade. Sutter and Marleau were perfect candidates to head up franchises, and the turmoil with the CFA put them in a perfect spot to be persuaded by Linden. It took several meetings, over the course of two months, but by Valentines Day both Sutter and Marleau tentatively agreed to owning an inaugural franchise in the new league. With these two well-respected men on board, the league instantly gained credibility within football circles.   With two owners tentatively on board, Linden directed his energy to acquiring the financial and technical support of the AFA. Surprising this was quite easy, and getting AFA on board took minimal persuasion. With Steele vouching for Linden, the AFA was more than willing to offer all the technical and financial support to the league. The AFA believed that this new league would not only provide the AFA with a place to develop their own American players; but would expand the AFA player pool by giving Canadian players the chance to develop into AFA caliber talent.    The pieces to this new league, led by Linden, were quickly aligning. The timing of the announcement that the CFA would not complete its 1977 season an would be folding could have not come at a more perfect time. The window of opportunity for Linden, and his new league, flew right open. In a matter of days, Sutter and Marleau went from tentative to confirmed owners that hoped to kick off for the 1978 season.     *Disclaimer: The next couple of posts will contain mostly (if not entirely) narrative. I have broke it down into three parts so it will be easier to digest. I really want to start introducing the teams, trust me. But this backstory is vital to the whole storyline so it needs to be presented first!  
  2. What If My Beer League Was a Professional League?

    Some great stuff here! Will be following this topic closely.   I know what thread your talking about regarding the tree rings, pretty sure it was talked about in Portland Timbers concept. 
  3.   Thanks for the feedback. Funny that the Red/Black combo is the favorite of mostly everyone but is my least favorite.   These would just be for the 70s-80s-90s logo. While I like the thicker logo better, these two are more time appropriate. 
  4. I did one final mockup of the league logo, want to get this finalized by tomorrow so I can release the backstory of the league.        Thank you to everyone who has responded so far, I am very impressed by the interest this league has already generated. Really excited about where things can go from here!
  5.   Veras had similar comments when I showed him the logo a couple nights ago, overall the logo might be a bit too thick for the 70s. Maybe this would be better? I think I am going to stick with the Green/Red color combo, even though the leaf may resemble a pot leaf  
  6. Super Bowl Shuffle

    This title immediately made me start singing the Shiva Bowl Shuffle, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Thanks for putting this together! 
  7.   The resemblance to the NFL logo is intentional, I originally wanted to call the league "Northern Football League" but to avoid potential confusion that was ruled out.    I also did try using the "Est." and "1978", but thought the 8 smaller leafs filled the blank space more appropriately. 
  8.   Some very good speculations here! I will just say that the Barons, Metros, and Dukes were all finalists for those respective cities. Also, Kermodes is not the name of the Vancouver franchise but the team will use Native American art for their logo.
  9.   They are pretty much set, been working on the identities for a couple months now. I wouldn't be opposed to having members make suggestions and speculations though!  
  10.   Roughly six months ago I approached Veras and FFWally regarding the possibility of adding another fictional football league to the AFA Universe.  They both welcomed the idea and we have collectively been creating the backstory for this new league ever since. This initial post will be used as the league homepage, containing the most up to date information of the league. Links to the ‘League Blog’ with will include logo, uniform, field and championship histories will also be housed in this post. I will be adding an explanation of how the league is ran and how games are simulated at a later date. The way in which I assign player/coach/team ratings will be slightly more involved than at the AFA/SFL level.    League Blog: TBA Team Logo History: TBA Team Uniform History: TBA Stadium/Field History: TBA Championship History: TBA   NFA League Rules: TBA NFA Simulation: TBA   With the announcement that Canadian Football Association (CFA) will be ceasing operations, I have finally been given the green light to introduce my new Canadian based league which will kickoff in the Spring of 1978! So without further ado, welcome to the Northern Football Association CCSLCers!   
  11.   I don't want to get into to much detail yet, but of the eight inaugural NFA teams only two teams will be continuting identities from the CFA. I will tell you however that the Toronto Lakers identity will not be used in the NFA. 
  12.   Veras misinterpreted out league acronym, I just want to forum to know the league will be known as the Northern Football Association, NOT Alliance.    Can't believe it's finally here! Over 6 months ago I approached Veras with the idea for the Northern Football Association. Now finally, I have the chance to share it with all of you! Look for my thread to pop up in the next few days which will provide more details on the leagues backstory.    Thanks for Veras for allowing me to join his AFA Universe! 
  13. Why doesn't CCSL have English Premier League logos?

      You're correct there. It is easier now, than it was with the old mobile board layout.
  14. Why doesn't CCSL have English Premier League logos?

      Why should I google search something on my phone to post a link when he could do it himself just as fast? I gave him the necessary information to find the logos if he was interested in procuring them. 
  15. Why doesn't CCSL have English Premier League logos?

    If you want the crests from the EPL, just download their yearly style guide. Simple Google search should pull it up, would supply a link if I wasn't on mobile!