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  1. Yeah that font was inspired by Chicago. Glad you've enjoyed the league thus far
  2. Holiday bump so everyone can see the new uniforms -- 1981 off-season will be up shortly!
  3. Ho Ho Ho! Here is a little Christmas treat for all you NFA fans! Hope everyone has a great holiday! Ottawa will debut a new look for the 1981 season. A new focus on black, as the Capitals will wear a black home jersey. The striping elements are simplier but remain inspired by historical Ottawa uniforms (including last years), as well as some yoke striping taken from traditional hockey sweaters. A streamlined maple leaf and new number font ties together the new set. Thoughts? 1981- 1978-1980
  4. Yeah this is the issue I'm having -- I really love the Narwhals name its unique and really fits the area. But it just doesn't fit the owner. I can tell you right now that there will be future plans to expand back into Atlantic Canada, so maybe Narwhals might be a better fit for that team?
  5. Black and Orange with metallic silver (which would probably be the proper name for the time frame).
  6. Agreed, honestly I was pulling for him to go to Portland. Or at the very least stay on the west coast so Seawolves fans could still go see him.
  7. Same jersey cut as the infamous Oregon State sports bras.
  8. You could probably work the state into the monks hood?
  9. This is where my inspiration for the name came from
  10. Thanks for all the feedback and ideas gents. Here is where I stand with my trimmed down fluid list. Halifax: Narwhals, Kingfishers, Serpents 95% positive they will end up being the Narwhals. Which probably will be a popular given that most of you seem to be in favor of it. My only concern is that it doesn't really fit with the owner Vincent Irving, but if nobody else thinks it an issue I will press on. The Kingfishers and Serpents are backup plans if I struggle with ideas for the Narwhals. For those of you who aren't familiar the Kingfisher is on the Halifax flag; whereas Serpents is a nod to the owners Scottish heritage with a play off the Loch Ness Monster. I ultimately decided to pass on using the Scots, Highlanders, Marauders, and Pilots as I want to add more animal monikers. Hamilton: Steelheads, Steelcats, Steelhawks, Huskies, & Gryphons Honestly I don't feel too strongly about any of these names -- not really sure what direction I will end up going here. Might have to start sketching out ideas for each before deciding on two or three to pursue further. Regina: Buffaloes, Cyclones, Reapers This one is a toss up, I feel like I have strong ideas for all three identities. I will likely pursue all further and decide at the end. Quebec City Voyageurs The identity I have planned for the Voyageurs was just too good to pass up. Going to just make it official. But for those who were supporting the Harfangs/Owls, I can promise you that it will be used by a future expansion team!
  11. I've actually regretting using the Drillers moniker for awhile now, so much in fact I actually thought of several ways I could try and scrap it. But for now it will stay. This is the kind of precedence I was nervous about making with the Maroons moniker, so I think I am actually going to remove the Highlanders from the main list.
  12. That helmet template is slick -- but that concept is ever slicker! Killer stuff here
  13. Great feedback thus far gents, I'll reply to everyone individually tonight. I would like to have my team names narrowed down to 2-3 for each city by this weekend so I can start developing identities. So anyone who has an idea please share before it's too late.
  14. Here is the fluid list of team names, I'd like to narrow it down to 2-3 monikers. From there I would developing identities for each, before deciding on what one I prefer. Halifax: Seals, Seagulls, Seakings, Scots, Highlanders, Armada, Beacons, Marauders, Narwhals, Spadefeet, Majestics? Hamilton: Steelcats, Steelheads, Bearcats, Gryphons, Falcons, Bobcats, ? Quebec City: Voyageurs, Rivermen, Patriotes, Harfangs, Owls, ? Regina: Buffaloes, Lynx, Big Horns, Reapers, Threshers, Barnstormers, Bison, ? Definetly want to keep this discussion going throughout the simulation of 1981, I am completely open to any suggestions! Feedback is important to keep this thing going.
  15. Perhaps I set a bad precedence with the Maroons and the Drillers, but I really want to avoid using names of teams from these cities in our universe. Granted, I understand how hard that is since when I think of Quebec and Hamilton I automatically think of the Bulldogs and Tigers respectively. The owner is Belgian, but his family just sold luxury jewelry items to the royal British family. I think the Steelcats could be interesting, but its so similar to Tiger-Cats that I don't think I would use it. If I was to use steel, I'd be more inclined to call them the Steelheads. I am going to hold off on Beavers moniker for the time being, there are two potential expansion franchise that will pop up in the future that I am reserving the Beavers for. However, I think I'll add Seals to the short list of team names for Halifax. Leviathans is really interesting, but I think it might be too 'out-there' for a 1980s team. I think a logical route for Halifax is a sea animal. I really like Sea Kings, especially with a seahorse logo, but I fear it might be too similar to the Seawolves. As for the Badgers it is a no-go for Hamilton since the Neidrauer's don't hold the rights to the name. I do really love the Regina Buffaloes though, consider that added to the short list. Golden Eagles is similar to the Golden Hawks another name I am reserving for a potential expansion franchise down the road. But I really do like where this is going with the Scottish theme, since Vincent Irving is a scotsmen. Halifax Highlanders or the Halifax Scots were two names I initially thought of. I think unicorns would be a really interesting branding but it really wouldn't fit with the owners demeanor. I prefer the Cyclones to both the Storm and the Blizzard (especially since the failed Toronto Blizzards from the CFA). Playing off the owners invention of the snowmobile does seem genius though, might need to explore that further. Yup, @MBurmy got to it faster than I could but that would be the only reason why I couldn't use the Rams. Regina Big Horns is a potential alternative, but I'm not really sold on that. I really would love to use Wheat Kings, there isn't a Regina Wheat Kings as far as I know (they are from Brandon, MB), so I could use it? I am tentative to use a wheat/farming theme for Regina until I decide how I want to handle the situation in Saskatoon. If Graham is forced to sell/move the team, I would like to leave the door open for a wheat theme moniker in Saskatoon (Wheat Kings, Shockers, Reapers, Threshers, etc.) -- but if not it might make sense to make the Regina team moniker related to farming, Barnstormers anyone? Even if Graham keeps the team, I've quickly grown tired of the Yellowheads so maybe I just do a rebranding there? Some fluidity with that situation. See the comment above, Reapers is definitely something I've considered. Probably would come down to the Threshers and Reapers if I went the wheat/farming route. Now this is something I REALLY like, but I'm not really sure if it jives with the owner or the time period. I'll keep it on the short list for now. If it doesn't get used by Halifax it will eventually be used by Saint Johns, Moncton, or another Atlantic Canada city that gets a future expansion franchise.