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  1. On this one, at least the ball is different. The placement of everything is the similar to the School of Hoops logo and the shield is very very similar, but not quite on the same level of ripoff as the ACC Tournament which used the exact same ball and highlighting. Anyway, a few months back the ACC did agree to take the infringed logo off their website and other places online. It's a small consolation considering they got use out of it for the tournament, but at least it's resolved.
  2. Nice update. I'd say go with the version on the left side of your second post. It's a nice combination of the ruggedness of the Raiders name and just the right amount of glitz and glamour of Vegas. The dots/lights could possibly work if you used less of them and spaced them out more.
  3. As usual, I like everything you've done, except... 1- the lower right blocky serif on the A seems out of place since all the other serifs have this nice swooping motion. By taking it out, it would also allow you to slide the G in a little more snug if necessary. 2- in the version with the letters and bird together, the bird covers too much of the L. What if you moved the bird down or the green outline all the way to the back layer?
  4. I agree that the Mariners have one of the worst overall looks in baseball, especially the S/compass logo. Too much small detail crammed in that little compass, and their word marks have too many cluttered outlines. So I like the return of the trident/M here simply because anything is better than what they've been using for the last 20+ years, but these word marks need some cleaning up. Some of the small edges on the outlines could be smoother, and the tiny gaps between the white in lower 'S' in Seattle and the blue in the far right 'e' should be deleted.
  5. I'd say go with "very thick". It'll make the logo stand out better from afar. One last nitpick or tweak you could make is to the orange area on top of the nose.The orange shadow you have now is too much of a wrinkle in my opinion, making it look like a valley rather than a wrinkle. If you made it a highlight (white) rather than a lowlight, it would be more accurate to the high nose that cats have. Overall, great progress since page 1.
  6. Creative. It would make a nice baseball cap monogram. Is there any way to thicken up the inner part of the letters so that there isn't so much empty white space? Or possibly making the inner part of the letters an outline rather than solid white space?
  7. Yes, GFB did the Copenhagen one. I think it dates back to 2009 (according to his deviantart page).
  8. I first saw this on dribbble by Denis Davydov, and sure enough, this appears to be their replacement to the short-lived plagiarized one. For a league that isn't known for having good team logos, the KHL has had some pretty good logos by a few teams as of late. http://en.khl.ru/clubs/kunlun/
  9. Yeah, the composition here is more involved than most others I've done, but I do agree with you that although it has this unorthodox, torqued pose, it achieves a unified balance for the most part. I wanted to try something new to me, as opposed to another safer/easier composition (like the Viking I did earlier here). About the font: The word mark is custom made but some of the letters were inspired by a couple of existing fonts.
  10. Here's another logo concept I've been working on. A theme is beginning to develop in this thread - I take a common mascot (Bulldogs, Vikings, and now Knights) and try to achieve a look that is much more inspired than the name itself. I'm not sure how many more of these I'll do, but for now, here are the Knights. The full identity is up on behance as well: https://www.behance.net/gallery/40713463/Knights-Logo-Concept
  11. There are a few lines around the lower wing and neck that could be smoothened out more. It's subtle, but at the same time you're going to want this to be as clean as possible if you intend to use it to promote your work. The TK97 in the light bulb is not that legible. I thought it said T9C or something along those lines. I would also suggest having the albatross take up more space if possible, especially in the roundel where it occupies less than 10% of the total area.
  12. Great depth in this logo. I personally like the simpler color scheme without yellow since the color distribution is consistent throughout. The last version with yellow and icy blue together seems like palette overkill to me. The only thing that seems off is that the vertical leg on the right side of the L is rather high, but maybe you like it that way. Like always, very crisp and clean!
  13. On the primary, I'd move light blue outline around the head to the back layer since right now the head almost seems to be floating/detached from the body. I'd also lower the head quite a bit so the pose looks more crouched/aggressive and the shoulders look stronger. Other than that, there's a lot of good stuff going on here.
  14. The Hammerheads logo is so well done! It may be my favorite one yet in this thread, especially considering that a hammerhead shark is a challenge to render with all its odd features. Just the right amount of anthropomorphized fun here.
  15. I get what they're trying to do with this update, but the execution fails. The way the top of the beak and the letters flow along the same general path would look nice if the details within the bird weren't so thin. If they had to change anything about the now previous logo, they should've just fixed the letters leaving the bird mostly the same.