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  1. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    I’ve always felt the Titans should do away with the flames and focus more on the T-sword, but after seeing this, you’ve definitely done a great job making the flames work.
  2. Lazy Googling in the Media

    I don't have images but one of the local news stations in Milwaukee continually uses the Charlotte Bobcats logo when they show Charlotte Hornets scores on the bottom line. It's made even more confusing by the fact that it just reads 'CHARLOTTE' with no mascot. But then again, they use a lot of older logos.
  3. I agree. No highlights needed. It looks nice and clean with no unnecessary highlights. I actually like the oversized eye in their real logo to give it a distinct quality when compared to other cardinal logos but yours is definitely more accurate to the look of cardinals in nature.
  4. NPHL Hockey Logos

    The Stags logo is great and the way you stylized the letters is very effective. It Almost looks like a Minnesota Wild affiliate, which is what I’m guessing you were going for. The league logo needs work as I had to read your description to know what I was looking at. The negative space is very confusing with the state split in half like that. I like the idea of using the state outline if you can make it clearer.
  5. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    For the Chiefs I’d say reduced the number of jagged angles by half or even more, and you will have successfully given them the modern update they badly need.
  6. Sharks logo WIP - help needed!!

    It's stylized very well. I'd suggest simplifying the color palette by getting rid of that darker shade of gray which only appear in the tail, and make those two areas black since you are already using black in other areas to create depth. Right now you have 5 colors (6 if you count white). You could also consider using more black in the tail to create that depth and to better illustrate the anatomy of a shark.
  7. Detroit Lions Logo Concept

    This is a nice update. I really have no issues with the Lions current logo (except where the paw touches the lower jaw, which you've fixed here), but you've managed to simplify the angles while adding nice highlights and detail elsewhere. The only thing I could see using some tweaking is the mouth and nose area. It looks sort of like a mouse in that area, like Bear said above.
  8. Lady Patriots Concept Logo

    I just saw this on dribble. No complaints at all. It's very well done. Hope you sell a tons of shirts to New England fans.
  9. Binghamton Devils New Look

    I'm okay with the fun idea of the devil wearing a helmet. The helmet is very well-illustrated, although too much for a logo. It's the visor and inversed eyebrows that ruin this for me. They are stylized so different than the helmet, and their light source is not consistent with the light source on the helmet. On the helmet, the left and right side are mirror images of each other, but then for some reason the lighting on the left and right side of the visor are inverses of each other. It's not a terrible logo, but it has flaws, and even the lettering already looks dated 15-20 years.
  10. Advice on a Logo

    I'd say your first post looks the most like the Empire State Building, and the two updates aren't necessarily an improvement. Particularly the update with the extra boxy base doesn't clearly come across as the Empire State Building to me because it's way too compressed. Two thoughts to get rid of the phallic look: - Add a spire on the top that protrudes from the circle - Add one or two thin blue vertical lines within the white area since the Empire State Building has similar looking shadows on two of its sides.
  11. NHL Preds, Sens & Ducks

    Good work, Sparky! I just noticed this thread for the first time and had to click on it since your work and presentation is also top-notch. My only thoughts are: -the Senators look much better in your update without the white 'Batman' eye -The fangs/mouth region on the Predators was confusing at first with the near tooth being white and the far tooth being blue. It comes across much better in your most recent update now that the far tooth has that gray highlight. I'm guessing you may have tried a white highlight but decided against it?
  12. UNLV new logo

    I was confused as well at first glance. I still think it's cleverly put together, but the confusion for me is that darker colors automatically fall to the background where lighter colors come to the foreground, but here, the mountains, which are supposed to be in the background are lighter than the Rebel making it somewhat inversed like a photo negative.
  13. G-League Updates 2017: New Uniforms!

    There probably were better choices but I don't hate the name since a group of deer is a 'herd' and it ties in with the Bucks that way. At the very least, it's better than Raptors 905 or Oklahoma City Blue. I can imagine the announcers saying something like, "This player was just brought up from the Herd yesterday" or "He was just sent down to the Herd", which has a nice ring to it. Wisconsin already has the Pack. the Crew, and now the Herd.
  14. Iowa Energy to be rebranded?

    Immediately one of the best D-League logos and team names. That Iowa state alt log is also really nice. Although, isn't the star meant to be the north star? so placing it under the W confuses the meaning behind it. Anyway, now that most D/G-League teams are operated by justone NBA team, I hope we see more logos/names directly linked to their NBA club like the Grand Rapids Drive, Greensboro Swarm, and now Iowa Wolves. After 15+ years of being a work in progress, the D/G League finally seems to be taking shape the way it was meant to. Now I'm curious to see what the Bucks new Oshkosh team will look like. I hope they come up with something on the same level as the Wolves succeeded in doing here.
  15. Portland Trail Blazers new logo

    I'm just glad they got rid of that boxy rhombus logo which was awkwardly tall and a poor solution to incorporating the team name. The rhombus version was a pseudo primary anyway because the pinwheel by itself was always a stronger mark and more commonly used. On this update, I like how the lines now connect in the center, and the width between the inner black lines is more consistent. Overall a nice update to the NBA's most unique logo, but I'm not so sure I like the word mark with just the P and T having sharp points on them. I wish they kept oblique lettering of some kind.