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  1. NBA Rebrand :: Thunder Added! - 22/31

    This looks much better with the sharper flames. The under-arched lettering works well here. Nice update.
  2. NBA Rebrand :: Thunder Added! - 22/31

      I also thought it looked like melting candle wax, and the outermost flames on each side give me the feeling of octopus tentacles. To me it's not just that the flames are upside down that's confusing, it's also that flames are usually depicted as sharp and pointy flares, while these flames are rounded.
  3. Elmira Jackals logo concept

    At first glance it looks good, but then after a second it becomes clear that the line work is very rigid, and the red on the snout seems to be randomly splashed around with no rhyme or reason. If you smoothen up the lines and cleaned up the red, this would make a very nice logo. 
  4. NBA Rebrand :: Thunder Added! - 22/31

    On all of these, are the logos and wordmarks intended to be used together in this vertical arrangement that you have each time, or are they two completely separate logos? For some of these, they'd work together, but for the Clippers, the way the script sinks to the right throws of the balance, because the logo is straight-on frontal. They don't seem to compliment each other when situated vertically like that. But I do like that you've brought back a script for the Clippers.
  5. The Stallions is my favorite so far. These all have a nice clean style. I think the logo could be bigger on the Stallions helmet and the spacing between the letters in BIRMINGHAM could be spread out more, but you've pretty much nailed the facial features of a horse.

    Overall, nice job redesigning all 30 teams. It isn't an easy task I'm sure. It'd be too much to give feedback on each and everyone. The conference logos are an upgrade. The Celtics would look solid on merchandise. The Nets is a step in the right direction. The one that stood out to me as the weakest link is OKC. The colors are not distributed very well, and the fur looks very, very raggedy. The Pelicans, Grizzlies, and Hornets here would also be downgrades in my opinion, but when redesigning a whole league, there's no way to improve upon those logos that are already nearly perfect. That being said, a number of NBA teams could definitely benefit from new logos, and a lot of these are quite clever and outside the box.
  7. UW-Oshkosh Titans Logo Redesign

    It's been a while since I posted any new concepts here, but I recently got the idea to redesign a logo for one of the universities in my home state of Wisconsin. Other than the Badgers, UW Stevens Point, and UW Platteville, there are plenty of schools in the UW system that could use an update.   I decided to go with the UW-Oshkosh Titans, because I feel their logo with a titan helmet and lightning would make a great identity if executed better. The details that make up their current logo, which I think they've had since around 2004, have always been confusing to me (Is it just me or does that lightning bolt look more like the mane of an animal?) My goal was to mainly focus on the energy within the lightning and redistribute it through the whole helmet area.   I've recreated the logo focusing on the following changes: 1) The lightning bolt now also fills in for the plume above the helmet. 2) Gold, which isn't on most of their teams' jerseys anyway, has been eliminated to simplify the colors, 3) The S in TITANS seems jarring to me since it sharply angles away from the bottom arch, so I changed the lettering.   The only thing I'm not sure about in my redesign concept is if the UWO/lightning bolt on the very bottom below fits with the overall identity or not.  
  8. The NFL (possible) Movers

    I like the Raiders a lot. Nice. Simple. Clean. Although the Raider may never update, if they ever do, this would be a great way to do it (sans Alamo). On the Chargers, it is a cool idea, but with the rhino just occupying that bottom left area, I feel that the rhino takes up much too little space and leaves a big empty blue area in the top right. The composition looks off-balanced. I think it'd look better if the the head occupied the center more and the horns extend beyond the shield. It is probably too detailed for a helmet logo, but I'm guessing this isn't be intended to replace the bolt on the helmet, and could be used in other ways.
  9. Florida Panthers 2016 Rebrand (Final touches)

    The panther itself looks very, very nice! I like the snarl on the snout and the whole jaw area. One of the better looking cat logos I've seen. But the panther looks disjoinced from the shield, as if it was just randomly slapped on top of it. I'd suggest having the panther and shield better integrated by: 1) getting rid of the white line around the panther. 2) having the neck get cut off at the border of the shield rather than how it's cut off now (it may require repositioning the shield a little so the neck doesn't get extended). How does the panther look with no shield? I could see that working.
  10. NCAA - Michigan State Spartans Logo Concept

    I remember seeing this on behance. I think this style of helmet is an improvement from the original. The vertical nose guard in your helmet and positioning of the eye give this a more aggressive look than the current logo. You've kept the same basic silhouette idea so it's still clearly Michigan State. The forward tilt doesn't bother me but could see people liking it if it were at a less extreme angle. Nice job!
  11. Cardinals Logo (Updated)

    For a first time logo attempt, I'd say you've done a nice job so far. But...Right now you have three shades of red, which I'm sure you used in an attempt to add depth, but it's too much. You could lose the darkest shade of red since it just seems randomly splashed on the bottom and doesn't follow the contours of the birds head in an way. One or two shades of red is enough to accomplish depth. I feel the shape of the head on your version here is actually more accurate to a real cardinal than the Arizona Cardinals logo, which has an oversized eye and a somewhat human-shaped head (two features I really like about their identity since it gives them a distinct logo compared with other Cardinals logos, but not necessarily accurate with real life cardinals). That being said, I think you could increase the size of the eye by 10-15% here. The subtle arch on the bottom of the word CARDINALS is so subtle that it's barely noticeable and just confuses my eyes as if my vision is tricking me. If you're trying to improve upon the Arizona Cardinals logo and word mark, it'll be a losing battle since their identity is just right in my opinion, but if you're trying to make a solid looking generic cardinal that could be used for any team or school, you're off to a great start.
  12. OKC Thunder Re-Brand

    And Rumble the Bison is already their mascot. A thundering bison just makes sense for OKC.
  13. Leicester City Crest Concept

    I just saw this on dribbble, and I like this updated version. The only issue with the first draft was the sad, whimpering look, which you've fixed. I like this latest facial expression. It's tough but it's nice that you didn't feel the need to make the fox overly/unnecessarily fierce.
  14. Minnesota Vikings Logo (Updated 12/9)

    Possibly adding one edge or hair-like angle in the mustache is the only nitpick I could find myself, but at this point this thing is already miles ahead of the actual logo. The updated braids are beautifully done. I also like the added purple line in the top of the "M" in the hair to really make the hair look like it's emerging from under the helmet. You've taken one of the worst NFL logos in my opinion and made it one of the best.