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  1. There probably were better choices but I don't hate the name since a group of deer is a 'herd' and it ties in with the Bucks that way. At the very least, it's better than Raptors 905 or Oklahoma City Blue. I can imagine the announcers saying something like, "This player was just brought up from the Herd yesterday" or "He was just sent down to the Herd", which has a nice ring to it. Wisconsin already has the Pack. the Crew, and now the Herd.
  2. Immediately one of the best D-League logos and team names. That Iowa state alt log is also really nice. Although, isn't the star meant to be the north star? so placing it under the W confuses the meaning behind it. Anyway, now that most D/G-League teams are operated by justone NBA team, I hope we see more logos/names directly linked to their NBA club like the Grand Rapids Drive, Greensboro Swarm, and now Iowa Wolves. After 15+ years of being a work in progress, the D/G League finally seems to be taking shape the way it was meant to. Now I'm curious to see what the Bucks new Oshkosh team will look like. I hope they come up with something on the same level as the Wolves succeeded in doing here.
  3. I'm just glad they got rid of that boxy rhombus logo which was awkwardly tall and a poor solution to incorporating the team name. The rhombus version was a pseudo primary anyway because the pinwheel by itself was always a stronger mark and more commonly used. On this update, I like how the lines now connect in the center, and the width between the inner black lines is more consistent. Overall a nice update to the NBA's most unique logo, but I'm not so sure I like the word mark with just the P and T having sharp points on them. I wish they kept oblique lettering of some kind.
  4. I prefer the composition of the top versions because the bend in the horseshoe is less covered so you can see more of its overall shape. As far as colors, the top right is my favorite with the black mane and tan horse/outline, as well as the pupil in the eye. There's a lot going on but it all fits together nicely. My favorite aspect is the way the mane swoops around.
  5. You're off to a great start. I like the subtle W in the brow. One suggestion: in the primary, if you added the impression of shoulders within the red home plate area, it could make the warthog appear more imposing.
  6. The north star in the basketball is reminiscent of the Wizards logo which also has a star placed there. My only complaints are that 1) it's yet another roundel, (to me the Sixers are the only team that pull off the roundel perfectly) and 2) that the basketball and wolf both share roughly 50/50 composition where I'd prefer the wolf to cover at least 70% of that area. Maybe it'll grow on me when I see it in application. The wolf itself looks great and I like the night sky vibe.
  7. Really well thought out as usual. Design-wise, my only nitpick would be that the S and K in the Basketball Tournament are a little too snug compared to the rest of the letters, but overall so much better than the Las Vegas version on the left.
  8. I wouldn't put the Warriors and Nets quite as low as the other three I mentioned, but I still find them underwhelming. On the Nets, it's the lettering. I couldn't pick it out of a line up of 10 other thin sans serif fonts, as well as the way the word BROOKLYN just sits under the shield as if it was a forced afterthought. The Knicks logo on the other hand, which has a similar composition, is a good example in my mind of how to pull off a basketball logo stripped down to the basic basketball elements. For the Warriors, I like the idea behind the similarities to THE CITY logo, but the execution is lacking to me. It's not just the Copperplate (I have nothing against Copperplate but seems awfully generic for an NBA team), it's the overly intricate bridge on the left half of the logo situated next to a blue void on the right half. Just my thoughts. I know we all have different criteria for why we like things. Oops. I've gotten off topic. Quick, someone say something about the Timberwolves..
  9. I agree with you here. At first I wasn't overly excited to hear the TWolves were updating since NBA logos seem to be complete hit or miss over the last 5-10 years. But after reading this project is done by the same guys (RARE Designs I think) who did the Hornets, Pelicans, Hawks, Kings, and I think Grizzlies as well, some of the better NBA looks in my opinion (although I still dislike volt in the Hawks case), I'm confident we won't end up with an OKC, Clippers, Raptors, Nets, or Warriors disappointment.
  10. Normally I look at concepts as if they exist in a vacuum since concepts are more about creative fun than real-life practicality, but in this case with Nebraska being in the B1G with Wisconsin, two schools that already have similar colors and jerseys, I don't think the raccoon would go over well. It remind me of Bucky Badger. (BTW I prefer the left version with the sparkle in the eye). The raccoon could work for some school/team, but probably not for Nebraska. I could see the scarecrow working if Nebraska adopted the scarecrow identity as an unofficial logo for merchandise occasionally.
  11. Although awkward in some places, the top logo doesn't look all that bad to me, especially for high school. It is full of motion and the hawk appears to be swiftly turning its head at a slight 3/4 angle, which I like. It's not just another stagnant profile bird head logo. The issue is the placement of eye and mouth. If they raised the eye a little and got rid of the awkward black line forming the mouth, it'd fix the "chicken" look. Your sketch looks like it has a lot of potential as well. It's hard to compare the two, until you make it a vector.
  12. Good progress so far, but I actually think the outer shape of your original sketch had more motion and more uniqueness. I also agree with Hettinger's comments that it doesn't look like a falcon or any bird of prey. If you're going for accuracy, the beak should angle downwards to a point like the photo. EDIT: The last update stretched horizontally is a step in the right direction if you just fix that beak.
  13. Stylistically this is a big upgrade, but getting the anatomy right is important. I pretty much agree with what Whitefoot said above. Your version comes across as a cat, because the forehead runs straight down into the nose, and it is lacking a dog-like snout. I'd bring the nose forward more and add a horizontal ruffle/shadow where the forehead meets the snout between the eyes to give the impression of a brow. How does it look if you try adding a little white to the far eye? As far as the sash draped over the back, right now you have it bending to the right, but try flipping it and having it bend to the left. That should look better based on the perspective. And you're going to have to arch the W a little to match the contours of the sash. You're getting a lot of feedback on this because it has a lot of potential. If you make the necessary adjustments to the anatomy, it'd be a really nice addition to your portfolio.
  14. This is just wishful thinking, but I'd be happy to see the Bucks discontinue the circular primary logo (clunky letters and empty cream space) and stick with just the stand-alone animal head version. And at least the J├Ągermeister logo looks like a deer and not a kangaroo with antlers. But really, no one's confusing the two, other than, yes, they both have antlers.
  15. Great job rendering a fun mascot like Seahorses. This is so well done. On the secondary, the way you made the curvy angle of the California coast reinforce the same angles on the seahorse's spine is a really smart way to make the whole logo have the same feel. The water bubbles give the impression that California has already fallen into the Pacific Ocean, but this definitely one of my favorites by you. Seeing this makes me wish the Golden State Warrior would make more use of their alternate logo with California, which they rarely seem to use.