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  1. USC Trojans Logo

    I don't care for either of USC's Trojan logos so I like what you're doing here. It looks much better now that you got rid of the white outline. I think if you kept it as a pure silhouette it could be applied to different colored backgrounds easier simply by inverting the colors, but at the same time the subtle shading in the lower part of the plume adds a lot of nice character. The lighting on the helmet is a little confusing yet, but I see you've posted the final version. My favorite thing about this is how "wild" the plume is, especially in the updates with the tail wrapping forward. In that sense, it looks very different than Michigan State's simple smooth silhouette.
  2. Pittsburgh Baby Penguins Concept Logo

    Very cute penguin! I like it better than the Pittsburgh Grown Up Penguins logo. In Pittsburgh's real logo, it bothers me how off-centered the bird is placed over the triangle, but you've fixed that here. This idea of creating baby versions of other logos is a fun theme.
  3. Bulldogs Logo

    Yeah,that and most public high schools aren't that concerned with their brand image since they are just providing a public service to the community. But there are probably some private schools out there that do care more about their image and appeal.
  4. Bulldogs Logo

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree that I would have liked to put the name of the location along with BULLDOGS to make it more complete. BULLDOGS would likely be the smaller of the two names in that case. Since this just a generic concept, I decided to leave any specific location off for display purposes. On the isolated head version, the location/size of the wordmark could be rearranged if needed, or scrapped altogether. That may be the best solution. As far as the outer shape of the neck, I wanted the shape to be unique and not simply follow the circular contours of the collar as most bulldog logos do.
  5. Bulldogs Logo

    Thanks, Hettinger! If any school comes a knocking, I'd sell this. As I did a little research working on this, i got the impression that the Gonzaga logo may be the most widely used by high schools and other colleges but I don't know the true origin of who had it first. It probably won't be too long before the new Georgia Bulldog logo is everywhere as well. I think Fraser made that one.
  6. Bulldogs Logo

    Here's something I've been working on recently. After seeing that so many high schools and even some colleges use the same few cartoon bulldog images as their logos again and again, I decided to take a crack at it and create my own version. Of course there are some colleges with original and solid bulldogs, but overall I wanted to stray away from that cartoon Looney Toons bulldog look that is everywhere and make something original. I kept the cliche spiky collar because apparently a bulldog isn't a bulldog without one. The full project can be seen on behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/36390445/Bulldogs-Logo
  7. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    Your post pretty much sums up exactly what I think. I couldn't agree more. The 1994-2016 Kings logo was always confusing to me. Why does it have purple candy canes shooting out of what appear to be trumpets? I can't tell because the composition is so cluttered. Getting back to the crown...as a kid I always saw it as mountains too, but the more I see this new crown, the more I feel it is an improvement. The crown isn't as tall, so it looks less mountainous and more crown-like to me, even if it is a folded-paper crown. It's as if some NBA teams, such the Sixers (my favorite NBA logo), Hawks, and now Kings, had their fun exploring who they were with their 90's designs, and now their identity's have come full circle. Then there are new teams like the Hornets and Pelicans who appropriately have more colorful identities, which are also great. This may be unpopular, but I actually hope the Pistons go back to something similar to the 1980's Isiah Thomas/Bad Boys era logo.
  8. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    The Kings needed to do something considering that their soon-to-be past logo is a muddled collage of shapes anddark colors,and theiralt crownlogo is about as bland as they come.My only disappointment with the updateis the lettering is pretty conservative, but other than that, I think this a nice clean look. For a color combo, I'd like tosee a combo ofboth eras -black as the main color with red and baby blue accents.
  9. League logo: Western Washington Football Alliance

    It's a step in the right direction compared to the original, but the mountain looks flat because there are no shadows within the empty gray area. I'dalso enlarge the size of the football, as well as lose the thin outline around the WWFA lettering or thickenthat outlineup a lot because it's too thin now. When I think of league logos,they tendto be simple with thick shapesto lookclean when shrunk down.
  10. Portland Steel Identity Update

    Very nice. I like the way the shield follows the same contours as the jaw line.
  11. Designer Question - Background Research

    Yeah sometimes I wonder about the methods of others, since for the most part we usually just see the result and not the process. There aretimes where it probablybenefits to look up somereferences beforehand to get the creative juices flowing. I guess it depends on the project.
  12. Designer Question - Background Research

    I haven't been at this for years and years, so I've never encountered a situation yet where I've had to show thestep by step history to prove mydesign is authentically original, but of course it's good to keep original sketches or early vectors in case. Brandon already covered some of this, but any time I design a logo, whether it be for aclient or just for fun, Ido not reference any other logos at first, especially if it's an animal or human, I just reference actual photos. That way I can be sure that the design I createwasproduced by own creativity and wasn't overly influenced by existing logos. OnceI've got the majority of mydesign done, at that time I will then gather other existing logos of the same animal/imagery and compare to make sure that mine is different from what's been done. If by chance there are coincidental similarities in the eyes, mouth, nose,etc..., I will changemine to so that it isas original as possible. I don't think anyone can lay claim to a particular composition, but the details and techniques shouldbe original. These days on behance and even dribbble, I see a lot of people who take an existing logo, tweak it slightly, and pass it off as their own (I could make a list of the offenders. ha). It annoys me to no end. I like to think I have a keen eye for plagiarism andhave successfullyfiled a coupleplagiarism complaints against others, but unfortunately more often than not, people seem to get away with plagiarismif it's just a concept or something for a small high school.
  13. A new terrible buffalo logo

    For a school that seems to have identity issues, you'd think they'd want to finally get it right.The center of the logo is nothing more thanempty white space lacking any definition.
  14. High School Gymnasium Logo

    -The one goodthing I like about the original, which you kept, is the perspective because those lettersgives the impression of a dome towering above, but at the same timethe letters are too crammed and could use some more distance between them. -I'dget rid of the gradients. -Another issue is the outlines. I count 4-5 outlines on the dome itself and three on the words. I'd reduce themto make this cleaner, and I'd also make thewidths of the outlines consistent. -As far as bevels, I think it looks better without them. Sometimes bevels work but they alsooften lookgimmicky and overdone. -Lastly, the roofinthe logo doesn'tlook like the same structure in the photos. The photos show a roofthat looks like a half cylinder laid on its side whereas the logo looks more like a standard circular dome. This looks like a fun project if you can address some of those issues that the original logo has.
  15. It's a solid look compared to itspredecessor, and although it's nothing groundbreaking,it accomplishes what it's supposed to - the university no longer has an outdated logo.One small complaint would be that the lettering and cat are somewhat dis-joined in the vertical arrangement,butI think they did a nice job giving the fur on this wildcat a 'wild' feel and avoided a having a smooth coat.