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  1. Moving this to the technical issues thread.
  2. officeglenn

    International Football 2018-2019

    Looks like Thibaut Courtois has succeeded in forcing a move from Chelsea to Real Madrid, with a season-long loan for Mateo Kovacic as part of the package going the other way. This likely means the world record fee for a goalkeeper will be broken again this summer, as Chelsea panic-buy Kepa from Athletic Bilbao for 80 million euros as a replacement.
  3. Nice work so far! Calgary looks solid; no complaints there. I like the angle of the separation between medium and dark blue extended out to the rest of the FCE kit. I would like to see a bit more of the medium blue on the home shorts and socks, as well as on the entire away kit, but it wouldn't need to be much more, just a stripe or two. Very clever with the rabbit tracks!
  4. officeglenn

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Yeah, it's pretty terrible, but they're only using that particular font with the pattern for their games in Singapore.
  5. officeglenn

    IPL | International Pool League

    Again, you seem to be putting more thought into your stories than into your artwork. Your logo is a big green rectangle. If it's meant to be a pool table, where are the pockets? There are many other shapes associated with billiards that could be combined to make for much more interesting logos: triangles, balls, cues, etc. Try combining some of those and see what inspiration hits. The lettering appears to not be centered -- the "IPL" seems to be a bit too far right, while the "2018" is too far left. And there's way too much unused space around the letters. Tighten it up by making the letters bigger or the table smaller. You might even try having the table in a landscape orientation rather than portrait; it might make everything more legible and visually pleasing, especially since the I is not the same width as the P or the L. There is some weird warping and pixelation going on with your lettering, especially with your P and 201. Why the red, white and blue letters? Keep your colour schemes simple; the letters could all be white and you wouldn't lose anything. In fact, there isn't enough contrast between the green table and the blue L, so it gets lost. Green, tan, black and white would work well together. The 8-ball in 201(8) is a fun little detail, but it's lost because it's so small and tucked in at the bottom. And then what happens in subsequent years? I guess 201(9) is easy, but what about 2020? There's no 20-ball, nor a 0-ball in billiards. From a moderation perspective, I don't see much more potential for logos beyond the league logo. Will each player have a logo (a la Premier League Darts)? Will each of the 10 events have its own logo? As with other threads, if it becomes too unbalanced toward story over artwork, it will get shut down.
  6. officeglenn

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Arsenal third kit officially unveiled today in Singapore: I don't think any of the mockups had included the chest detail. says: My first thought, however, was a Wonder Woman logo. Also from
  7. officeglenn

    the admiral

    Possibly. We'll have to see what tweaks to the policy come forward out of this. Trust me, we debated that. But in the end, the rules as they're written at the time have to apply the same to everybody.
  8. officeglenn

    Maple Leafs Alternate Concept/Prediction

    Looks really good. And a realistic guess as to where they might go. I dig the striping pattern being kind of a modern take on what they had before. With the Leafs having gone retro with their full-time sets, it's hard to come up with what they could do differently for an alternate. But this looks really god. The only other thing I could think of is maybe some kind of take on the Ballard-era sets.
  9. I think this is what you're looking for ... - Go to your profile drop down menu in the top right corner - Select "Account Settings" - On the right side of the page, under "Other Settings," click on "Notification Settings" - Under "Automatically follow content," uncheck both boxes
  10. officeglenn

    Ask A Moderator

    Didn't even see that was happening. Thanks for the heads up! We'll try to keep a closer eye on that in the future.
  11. Needs more Marty Jannetty.
  12. officeglenn

    Circular Brackets

    2018 FIFA World Cup, semifinals complete
  13. officeglenn

    Circular Brackets

    Oops ... fell behind. But here's the World Cup with the quarterfinals complete. Better late than never.
  14. officeglenn

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    This is a long shot, but has anyone heard if Puma is forcing the font they're using on their 2018 World Cup kits onto the clubs for whom they make kits this season? I've seen new Borussia Dortmund kits with that hideous font, but Arsenal put out a bunch of graphics on social media this morning regarding Mesut Ozil changing his number from 11 to 10 that featured the 2018-19 kit but the font from 2017-18.
  15. officeglenn

    Circular Brackets

    2018 FIFA World Cup, round of 16 complete: Note: There are spaces for scores in the knockout rounds; however, they are all on one layer, so they'll be added in at the end.