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  1. As nice as this logo is, it doesn't really match the iconic Whalers logo aesthetically. The HW logo, while proven timeless, still carries something of a ’70s vibe, whereas this is something super-slick from the 2000s, and also introduces a second shade of blue. Both logos are nice on their own, but together they wouldn't form a cohesive set or identity.
  2. I dig this for the most part. The half-tree stripe on the shorts is awesome! But I really don't like the eyes as the secondary logo. I don't know -- I just don't think I've ever seen eyes by themselves, disembodied, translate into a solid logo. But maybe that's just me. Plus it introduces yellow into the uniforms where it doesn't exist anywhere else. I'd ditch the eyes altogether and bring a little bit of grey trim into the uniforms, maybe as a thin extra outline on the striping or the wordmarks.
  3. They both appear to be the same: From what I can tell, it is not on a domain.
  4. Sorry to dig this up, but I thought someone here might be able to help. I'm trying to set up a wireless network in my office. Currently the ethernet cable runs from the wall directly into the back of my PC tower, which runs Windows 10. This gives me access to the Internet, but also to a server where our files are kept. I brought in a wireless router from home that we weren't using and plugged the ethernet cable from the wall into that, then ran another ethernet cable from a LAN port on the router to the computer. This gave me a wifi signal and Internet on the computer, but I could not access the server. Is there any way to set up the wifi network while still keeping access to the server from my PC?
  5. *ahem*
  6. Per Wikipedia, only male mallards who have the green head, while female mallards "have mainly brown-speckled plumage". So to say the name is Lady Mallards and depict a male duck is incongruous. The callback to the RoboPenguin logo is clever. But your triangle doesn't look quite symmetrical; the bottom point doesn't look to be equidistant from the top left and right points. And you could take the sides in a bit so that the empty space is cut down. Also, why Lady Mallards? Is there a Mallards team to which this is the female counterpart?
  7. Either they'll never be enforced, or the refs will go overboard and give out red cards just for glancing in their direction and we'll be playing 8v8 for the first four weeks of the season (and then they'll never be enforced again).
  8. Zebras, actually. One of the club's nicknames is Le Zebre, due to the black-and-white colour scheme.
  9. Per the BBC, the Premier League announced today new player behaviour rules.
  10. They're both words in a square. Beyond that, I don't think there are a lot of similarities.
  11. Well, for one, it'll be in pounds, not euros. But I've ordered from UK websites to Canada plenty of times. The charge will appear on your credit card statement in U.S. dollars, and the conversion will be calculated at the going rate when the charge is put through. Currently 40 GBP = 53 USD. But also be aware that shipping costs may be exorbitantly high, and you may wind up having to pay extra duty and/or customs charges when you pick up the item. I'd advise you to shop around a bit and look at U.S.-based sites like World Soccer Shop. The initial price maybe higher, but once you factor in shipping and customs, you might get it for the same price or cheaper and get it shipped to you quicker.
  12. Yup, that's United Serif Condensed (probably Bold or Heavy) from House Industries.
  13. Three stripes on the shoulders don't seem so bad now, eh?
  14. Very nice! I think your sleeve numbers should be a bit bigger and you need to make the kerning more consistent in the lettering in the roundel, but those are really the only nitpicks I have. EDIT: And I agree most, if not all, of the jerseys could use shoulder patches. The pistons are very nicely rendered, although be careful about the shadows/highlights and be sure they're suggesting a consistent light source. If the light causing the shadow on one piston were coming from, say, above and to the right, make sure that's reflected on the other piston as well. (I don't know if I'm explaining that very well. Let me know if you need clarification.)
  15. You know, your work is nicely done and always well-rendered, but to just pop it up on the boards without any context does it a disservice. Tell us a little more about your work. Why this sponsor? Why this driver? Why the technique or the colour scheme or the font for the number?