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  1. officeglenn

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    @mkg74 and @Bucfan56 — Knock it off. You can disagree with one another, but do so in a civil manner.
  2. officeglenn

    2019 CFL Uniforms

    Possible sighting of one of the new New Era jerseys yesterday as Mike Reilly was unveiled to the Vancouver media:
  3. officeglenn

    Full list of teams with neon colors?

    Agreed, especially since we've already seen this one move into historical teams. Merging the two together.
  4. officeglenn

    European Football (Soccer) Crest Redesigns: Blackpool FC

    Love the render of the goat and how the whole crest is much more cohesive than the original. The K didn't jump out at me at first, but it didn't take long to see it. The horns as the cathedral towers is maybe a bit of a stretch, but it could work. Overall, great job!
  5. No, no one would force you to stop. Just demonstrate a willingness to improve (EDIT: and ensure you're doing original work), and remember to keep the balance between graphic design and stories/simulations. A fan fiction thread is actually good for that because a team can rebrand as the league progresses over time. And there are several inexpensive-to-free software options out there, including GIMP and Inkscape.
  6. A post I often go back to when the topic of improving graphic design skills comes up:
  7. A reverse Google Image search shows that this logo has been taken from one of a number of royalty-free stock illustration sites and recolored. I will once again direct you to the Concepts Forum Guidelines, specifically the section that reads as follows: No proper credit has been given and I would argue that your edits constitute only limited alteration. Either come up with new, original artwork for the Lobos and the Great Whites before you move on to any simulations or expansions, or this thread will be locked.
  8. officeglenn

    NY Jets wordmark and numbers

    So I was thinking about the supposed leak of the NY Jets' new uniforms that was going around and was pretty much determined to be fake, thinking there were some elements of it I liked, particularly the geometric inlined numbers. I played around in Illustrator and came up with a wordmark and numbers that I think look pretty good: Both are based off variants of Agency FB, with the corners angled off and a few other alterations, mostly to make the inlining easier. Now this is where I'm stumped. I'm kind of lost as to what to do for a primary logo. For the uniforms, I can envision a double stripe motif throughout, like on the shoulders, the the pant legs and the helmet. But logo-wise, I'm just not quite sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?
  9. Re: the Tampa Great Whites logo -- I will direct you to the Concepts Forum Guidelines, which also govern the Sports Fan Fiction section: As it stands now, I'm not certain where you got the Great Whites logo from, but if you do not have the usage rights for it, you may not use it.
  10. officeglenn


    I'm personally trying to keep track of his claims to see what washes out when they are actually unveiled. We'll have to wait and see what happens there.
  11. officeglenn

    First Look: Super Bowl LIV Logo

    Merging this with a previous topic on the Super Bowl LIV logo.
  12. officeglenn

    2019 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Merged the SB54 prediction thread into this one.
  13. officeglenn

    2018-19 NBA Season - New and improved!

    n/m - you get the idea from the post above
  14. officeglenn

    MLB Changes 2020

    You're not a mod either. And he does have a point. One of the reasons we instituted a like button on the boards was to cut down on the number of posts that simply say "agreed" or something similar.