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  1. We picked flowers first -- my wife had eucalyptus and thistle in her bouquet to represent Australia and Scotland, respectively, which are countries of our heritage. From there, we did a few things in green and purple/navy blue, most notably my tie. But that's about it.
  2. I think the base font here clashes with the rest of the PL branding. To me, the fonts they currently use are more rounded and are almost equal in height and width; same goes for the lion's head logo. I think you've have better success starting with a number font like Gibson or Gotham. I realize those don't fit on the backs of jerseys very well, where you have more room vertically than horizontally, but maybe condensed versions of those fonts might be a good place to start.
  3. No kits unveiled yet, but FC Edmonton has announced they've signed a deal with Inaria , who IIRC did MNUFC's kits recently.
  4. You're putting too many elements into too small of a space, and it is resulting in large swaths of unused space and a visual hierarchy that's all out of whack. Start with the most important thing in the logo. In this case, that would be the name of the company, "Mark's Cars." This should be the largest, most dominant element of the logo. This is what you want people to remember. Then you can move into other graphic elements. The old car looks cool, but right now it's a big block of black that dominates everything else. I'd tone it down a bit; either use a car silhouette that isn't as big and blocky, or go with an outline. Think about what graphic elements you actually need. The crossed screwdrivers don't add a lot to it, for me, and they contribute to awkward unused spaces. As well, the "1975" text is a bit superfluous. The date established might be a bit more important in a mechanic's logo than in others, because you want to convey experience and trustworthiness, but there might be better ways to incorporate it. Don't constrain yourself to a circle, either. Start with the name and the car and make those look good first. Then, if you feel like it needs a circle around it, try it then. But maybe not everything is inside the circle; maybe some elements extrude beyond the edges. Just don't limit your creativity right off the top by saying that everything needs to fit within a circle. The black and grey colour scheme is pretty drab, too. Now, if that's what the client says he/she wants, then that's the general direction you should go. But don't be afraid to go outside the box.
  5. You gotta upload that bigger. We really can't comment on it unless we can see more of the detail.
  6. I'm allergic to cats, but it depends on the cat. I can't even be in the same room as some cats without feeling like crap for three days afterward, but the cat that my now-wife had before we started dating has never really set me off. However, when my in-laws' cat came to stay with us for a while, the few symptoms I had got worse, so I went to my doctor and got a prescription for the drug Singulair. It's often used for asthma patients but can also work on allergies. Things got better and I still take it to this day. But I always keep a stash of Reactine on hand in case I come into contact with another cat (or sometimes their owners) that I react badly to. I still sometimes get itchy, red eyes from our cat as well, but Reactine helps that also.
  7. Here's an interesting piece that reflects the global reach that some clubs have: Real Madrid to remove cross from club crest for Middle Eastern clothing deal
  8. Remember that sports are still a business, and putting sports on TV is still a business. TV networks want the most eyeballs possible tuning in so they can justify the prices they charge for ads. Therefore, they want to show games featuring teams that are either good or popular enough that it doesn't matter if they are good -- irritating as that may be when those wind up being the same teams over and over again.
  9. So my wife and I have been on a roll picking good movies lately. On Friday, we fired up Netflix and watched Pride (2014). It tells the story of a group of lesbian and gay people who basically adopted a mining town in Wales during the miners' strike in the United Kingdom in 1984, raising money to allow the townspeople to keep living and keep fighting, and finding acceptance and allies along the way in an unlikely place. I had a few issues with the pacing of the story, but it was beautifully acted and beautifully shot. It dealt tactfully with some of the violence directed toward gay people at that place and time. And you haven't lived until you've seen an elderly Welsh woman get out of a van at a gay pride parade and proclaim in her accent, "Where are my lesbians?!" Then yesterday, we went to the theatres — which is a rarity for us — to see Hidden Figures. Another movie based on true events, it's an inspiring story of African-American women working at NASA in the 1960s as the United States prepared to put John Glenn into orbit and was heavily engaged in the space race against the Soviet Union. It's a fascinating look at how space travel was achieved in a time before advanced computer technology and the racism and sexism that these women had to face and overcome both in their jobs and in society in general.
  10. Likely Oswald.
  11. We Canadians don't give nearly as much thought to Marty McSorley as you think we do.
  12. As soon as I saw this thread had been started, I was waiting for you to post this.
  13. Very nice! This is definitely a case of addition by subtraction. I think it works well as just one colour — it would translate well to grayscale or black-and-white applications, and more colours would just get in the way of the simplicity you worked hard to achieve. I would, however, like to see many a couple of folds in the ribbon to emphasize ESPANA and play down PLUS and ULTRA.