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  1. New Premier League logo

      "Make it work as an app icon, and worry about everything else after," says DesignStudio ECD Stuart Watson in that article. That kind of thinking gives me a little shiver down my spine.   EDIT: Just realized what the font in the logo reminds me of ...  
  2. The Celebrate Yourself Here Thread *merged*

      Don't go chasing the POTD, man. When the time is right, it will find you.
  3. New Premier League logo

      That's my biggest worry, too. They could have kept the current font for another 50 years if they wanted to. But if they change to something near what's in the logo — something that's too rounded and too wide to fit neatly on the back of a shirt, and (shudder to think) has stick 1s with no serifs that could just as easily look like uppercase Is or lowercase Ls — then they'll be changing it again in 3-5 years, tops.
  4. KC Scouts Concepts

    A hockey player wearing a jersey that features a Native American wearing a hockey jersey that features a Native American ... I feel like I'm in Inception.   Honestly, though, I would get rid of the logo on the Native American's jersey, and maybe replace it with the KC logo.   Speaking of the KC logo, they're upside down on the shoulders. The way they are now, when the jersey is worn, they'd be upside down.    I think you should go full yoke on the white set, rather than just the phantom yoke. Fill in the yoke with a colour — not sure whether red or navy would work best.   The names and numbers on the back of the red set should be either yellow or white. Navy on red wouldn't be very legible, even with a yellow outline.   Also, work on getting your striping consistent across all your elements — in the number of stripes, the pattern of colours, the thickness and the spacing. On the red set, you've got three navy stripes on a yellow field on the hems and the socks, but they're spaced out further on the socks. Then only two navy stripes on a yellow field on the field. Things like that should be more consistent.   Make a set of socks with a white base colour for the white set.   And don't forget about the numbers on the sleeves!
  5. Nordiques 2017 Concepts

    Logo size is better on the revised one. But you need to recolour the main logo on the chest so that it's not mainly the same colour as the jersey and doesn't blend in.   Your sleeve stripes are up too high. Remember that you have to have numbers on the sleeves, too. I would move the stripes down the sleeves, in between the next couple of seams, and put numbers where the sleeves currently are.   The socks should have the same base colour as the jersey, and the striping on them should mimic the sleeve stripes.    I would also go for more white striping rather than grey. More contrast that way.
  6. The Celebrate Yourself Here Thread *merged*

    Found out this morning I'm a finalist for an Alberta Magazine Publishers Association award for an interview I did with our premier in December! It's in with some tough competition, but fingers crossed. That was one of 15 nominations total that Avenue Edmonton pulled in. We won Magazine of the Year last year, and I'm hoping we'll repeat this year.
  7. 2015/16 International Football

    First Jackson Martinez, now Alex Teixeira — Chinese Super League teams are going HARD after big stars this transfer window.
  8. Florida Panthers Logo

      Agreed -- red pupils could bring back that intensity, and the eyes could be a little bit larger.   I also think it needs just a few more gold highlights on the left side to balance out the navy shadowing and the thick navy outline.
  9. Why doesn't CCSL have English Premier League logos?

    IIRC, they were up there a while back, but then Chris received a cease-and-desist letter. So he ceased and desisted.
  10. What Grinds Your Gears...

      You're allowed to criticize. But others are allowed to disagree with you.
  11. 2015/16 UEFA Champions League (PSG-Chelsea)

    I always envision Roma in my head with a darker maroon. That's not to say the maroon you used is bad, just unexpected. Love the white Roma kits, though. And the orange on the back of the black kit adds just enough zing to keep things interesting.   Very nice stuff for the white and black Real kits, but I'm not a big fan of the two-tone blue kits. The design over the shoulders just seems clunky and doesn't really fit in with the rest of the aesthetic. Since the shorts are a side view, what would you envision happening in the front? Would the dark blue come to a peak on each leg? Or would it keep sloping upward on each leg, forming just one peak in the middle somewhere?
  12. 2015/16 UEFA Champions League (PSG-Chelsea)

    I like what you've got going on so far. The tonal stripes on Gent's kits are nice. And you've managed to keep Wolfsburg interesting without going overboard. Very interested to see where this goes from here.
  13. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    A closer look at the LAFC branding process.
  14. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

      Not seeing anything there. Is that just me?