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  1. Today's Bournemouth-Liverpool game proves the Goal Decision System works.
  2. Gold: 8 Silver: 9 Bronze: 4
  3. Gold: 7 Silver: 1 Bronze: 4
  4. Because the Cubs just ended a 108-year championship doubt and put to bed one of the most famous and storied "curses" in sports history. Because the Cubs were branded as "lovable losers" for so long, and now they've finally won.
  5. Gold: 1 Silver: 2 Bronze: 8
  6. There is such a thing as too simple, and I think these might be it. The forms are all a bit blobby; they're like Rorschach tests. Clean, crisp lines will only help your work look more professional. I'm not crazy about seeing the font in every concept so far. But even the few times you switch it up, you've opted for fonts that are hard to read. Your Bulls scripts reads like BVLLS and, with the black letter font you used, the T in the Timberwolves concept reads more like a lowercase R.
  7. It's the Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) alternate/3rd jersey logo.
  8. Closest I can figure is Haettenschweiler, though the G is a bit off Definitely United Condensed, probably Medium or Bold.
  9. This was more funny than gear-grinding, but this seems like the best place to put this. I recently ordered four long-sleeved T-shirts, size XLT (extra large tall), off Amazon, because apparently that's the only place you can buy T-shirts with extra length these days. They arrived today, but instead of 4 XLT shirts, they sent 4 4XLT shirts. I'm sending them back for a refund, but my wife and I each had to try one on just to see how hilariously large they are.
  10. Gold: 4 Silver: 12 Bronze: 1
  11. Gold: 11 Silver: 8 Bronze: 2
  12. Personally, I've always thought the Flames need black. Their shades of red and yellow don't quite contrast enough for my liking, and the black trim really sets them off. As for this concept, I'm not a fan of the red jersey with the white C, but I am a fan of the red jersey with the black C. Very reminiscent of the 2004 Stanley Cup run set, which is the best they've ever looked. Plus I'm just not a huge fan of big swaths of white (yokes, cuffs, hem stripes) on color jerseys. Even the latest update of the red jersey with the black C could use a different colour of collar than white (probably black).
  13. Gold: 9 Silver: 10 Bronze: 16
  14. ^^ Neat video on how the Penguins' Stanley Cup videos were made.
  15. Man, Arsenal are playing some really pretty football these days. 2-0 win over Basel today, but if they were finishing some of the pretty passing plays they put together, it could have easily been 5-0 or 6-0.