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  1. The Guardian has a much better rundown of the possible 4th-place playoff scenarios than I could provide.
  2. I like everything about that Sydney FC crest except for the font. I mean, I love that Premier League font and I wish the PL wasn't switching away from it next year, but it just seems shoehorned into other applications and organizations like this.
  3. So, we could wind up with a playoff for fourth place and the last Champions League spot. Liverpool has 73 points and a +33 goal differential, while Arsenal have 72 points and a +31 GD. If my math is right, if Arsenal draw with Everton and Liverpool lose by two goals to Middlesbrough, then they've have the same number of points and the same goal differential, and a playoff at a neutral ground would be necessary.
  4. So we've got Juventus and Real Madrid in the Champions League final ... thoughts?
  5. I have a sinking feeling that Barstool Sports and its readers are laughing at him, not laughing with him.
  6. Replaced the RAM cards in my MacBook Pro, going from 4GB total (2x2GB) to 8GB (2x4GB). It was pretty simple and I can already see a marked improvement in performance. I haven't tried running my Creative Suite software yet, but hopefully it holds up. If not, the next step may be replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive.
  7. A propos for a sports logos/graphic design forum ...
  8. So I posted last week about the company I work for circling the drain. Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore because I've got a new job! New field that I've been trying to get into for a while now, nice raise, better actual benefits, three weeks vacation to start. I'm thrilled!
  9. The company I work for was unable to make payroll today. There have been a few times this year when it has only been partial payroll, and I was one of the lucky ones who did get paid, but nobody got paid today as scheduled. This ship is sinking. But I have been looking and I have a couple of interviews for new positions this week, so hopefully something pans out.
  10. First, this should go in Concepts, not General Design. But don't post it again; a mod will move it. I don't understand why the arm stripes don't continue on the other half of the sleeve on the home and away. The Colorado and U.S. flags are going to be too low to be seen; they'd be covered up by the player's gloves. I think you need some kind of striping around the hem on the white jersey. And on the navy jersey, I think your maroon elements need to be outlined in white because there's not enough contrast between the navy and the maroon. Not a huge fan of "AVS" on the alternate; it looks like some kind of acronym. Actually, longer words seem to work better on diagonal text jerseys like this because it looks more like an actual sash.
  11. SC with Jay & Dan starts in September, running nightly at midnight ET and repeating through until morning. Just like the good ol' days.
  12. We picked flowers first -- my wife had eucalyptus and thistle in her bouquet to represent Australia and Scotland, respectively, which are countries of our heritage. From there, we did a few things in green and purple/navy blue, most notably my tie. But that's about it.
  13. I think the base font here clashes with the rest of the PL branding. To me, the fonts they currently use are more rounded and are almost equal in height and width; same goes for the lion's head logo. I think you've have better success starting with a number font like Gibson or Gotham. I realize those don't fit on the backs of jerseys very well, where you have more room vertically than horizontally, but maybe condensed versions of those fonts might be a good place to start.