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  1. Rays Internship Graphics

    Please don't bump dormant threads. No one had responded to this thread in nine months prior to your post.
  2. Unofficial Logolympaid Forums

    First off, board policy is one individual, one account. If you want to discontinue one account and start another, let a mod know or both accounts may get shut down. Second, I don't know what you're trying to accomplish with this thread. As mentioned, there is a Logolympiad subforum in Concepts. And there's really nothing to talk about since this year's competition wrapped up months ago. Hence, this is getting locked.
  3. Name That Font!

    My guess would be Gotham Condensed Bold.
  4. Name That Font!

    Not sure on the name don't, but pretty sure the number is Matrix.
  5. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    Here's a blast from the past: Former MLB pitcher Esteban Loiaza has been arrested in San Diego County allegedly in possession of 20 kilograms of drugs (heroin or cocaine, unclear which from police reports).
  6. International Football 2017-2018

    I don't suppose I could persuade anyone in this thread to join our little Premier League-based fantasy league here on the boards? We have a club that's looking for a new owner. Don't worry, it has been well taken care of since the previous owner dropped out. The usual CCSLC fantasy requirements apply: 6 months on the boards or 500 posts. You also cannot already be in a PL-based fantasy league on the boards. Check out the application thread here.
  7. The two conditions: Fair enough, I think.
  8. 2018 MLS Kits

    You can't upload images directly to the boards anymore. You'll have to upload to a third-party hosting site like Imgur and then copy the URL for the image and paste it in the reply box (it should automatically embed the image).
  9. the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    Make sure the file you're linking to has a raster file extension on the end of it. i.e. .PNG, .JPG, etc.
  10. the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    You'll have to upload them to a third-party hosting site like Imgur and then copy and paste the URLs here on the boards. Do so soon -- this is a graphic design message board first and foremost, after all. If your thread is all text and no designs, it will be shut down.
  11. Tonga League Premiership

    Stop bumping dormant threads.
  12. Sports League Branding Hypothetical

    I almost think you have to start by renaming the sport. Most of the hypothetical problems you're running into stem from fistball and football both starting with an F. Plus "fistball" doesn't conjure up the best mental images. I would rename the sport to something that doesn't start with a B, an H or an S (or maybe an L), and then the possibilities for the league name are blown wide open.
  13. International Football 2017-2018

    The striker merry-go-round finally stops with Aubameyang at Arsenal, Giroud at Chelsea and Batshuayi at Dortmund.
  14. Super Bowl LIII Logo (Non-commercial use)

    You have to upload photos to a third-party hosting site (like Imgur) and then copy over the URL.
  15. This thread has veered off-course. We've gone well beyond discussing the Cleveland Indians' decision to drop their Chief Wahoo logo and ventured into other territory. Therefore I'm locking this up. A reminder about an item from the boards' official guidelines: