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  1. Seems like. Used to be rare to see teams score 3, 4, 5 goals a game, but there have been multiple weeks where multiple teams have done that already this season.
  2. So about a month ago, after a battery of tests and doctor visits, I was diagnosed with a benign 2-cm tumor on my pituitary gland. It wasn't life-threatening, but it was causing my pituitary gland to produce an excess of the hormone prolactin, which in turn was suppressing testosterone production and making me feel pretty crappy. My prolactin level around the time of the diagnosis was about 940 (I forget the units), but now after four weeks of drug treatment, it's down to 310. There's still a long way to go — normal for someone my age and gender is less than 21 — but it was such a relief to both me and my wife to find out that the drugs are working and things are going in the right direction.
  3. Gotham, probably Bold or Black
  4. Name is Handel Gothic BT Years are Futura, probably Bold
  5. In typically Canadian fashion, I apologize for starting this thread — I thought there might be another thread into which this might fit, or perhaps someone else had started one, but alas neither is the case. Perhaps, therefore, I should apologize for not starting it sooner. Tonight, pretty much the entire nation of Canada has paused to sit in front of the television to watch the final concert of The Tragically Hip. Even the prime minister is in the band's hometown of Kingston, Ont., to witness the concert in person, along with thousands of the band's closest friends. It is truly a national celebration given that The Hip are a national treasure, whose songs reverberate across Canadian radio waves and hearts. As much as we would liked to see them get a big break in the United States and become a global supergroup (they did even appear on Saturday Night Live once), they are a band we can truly call our own. It's a celebration tinged with sadness, though, given that the reason this is their final concert is the fact that lead singer Gord Downie — the man who penned the lyrics that so unabashedly referenced such Canadiana as David Milgaard, Bill Barilko and Bobcaygeon — has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The tour that wraps up tonight has been a long farewell, an emotional goodbye that has stretched from coast to coast to coast. So, Canadian CCSLCers, what are your favourite memories of The Tragically Hip and their music? For me, I purchased a Walkman in junior high school, and one of the tapes I got to go with it was Trouble at the Henhouse. I think that was the album that cemented them as one of my favourite band. Yet, when I went to college and discovered this new-fangled thing called "downloading music," I was flabbergasted how many of their songs I knew and liked and could now burn onto mix CDs. I think the first few CDs I burned each had three or four Hip songs. Also, while living in Fernie, B.C., my roommate and I made the three-hour drive to Calgary on what I believe was a Thursday afternoon to see The Hip in a downtown bar. This was in 2004 or so, at a time when they could easily have filled hockey arenas, so seeing them in such an intimate setting was such a treat. We had nothing else to do in Calgary that day, so we went to the bar early and claimed spots right up against the stage. I have seen them live a few other times, including one of their farewell tour shows here in Edmonton last month, but all in all I have to say that Calgary show was my favourite. (The drive home was quintessentially Canadian as well; we decided to come back that same night, driving through the Rocky Mountains in the dead of night, high-beams glowing and both of us keeping an eye for the reflected eyes of elk, bears or god forbid moose along the side of the highway.)
  6. Awesome! Thanks!
  7. Anyone know what "Jeans & Jersey" is here? Been seeing it used a lot lately but haven't been able to identify it.
  8. No one has mentioned it here yet, but Paul Pogba's transfer to Manchester United has officially gone through for what's believed to be £89 million, which would be a new world record.
  9. The brows need to be angled to suggest some kind of expression. Right now the bear just looks kind of neutral. I'd also move the small white circles closer to the centre of each iris to avoid it looking walleyed.
  10. I think he's referring to "Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots.
  11. Per Wikipedia:
  12. Yeah, all the signs advertise prices per pound but have prices per kg in small print, and the prices at the till ring in per kg. I think we're just used to price per lb, and it looks better on a sign or ad.
  13. As nice as this logo is, it doesn't really match the iconic Whalers logo aesthetically. The HW logo, while proven timeless, still carries something of a ’70s vibe, whereas this is something super-slick from the 2000s, and also introduces a second shade of blue. Both logos are nice on their own, but together they wouldn't form a cohesive set or identity.
  14. I dig this for the most part. The half-tree stripe on the shorts is awesome! But I really don't like the eyes as the secondary logo. I don't know -- I just don't think I've ever seen eyes by themselves, disembodied, translate into a solid logo. But maybe that's just me. Plus it introduces yellow into the uniforms where it doesn't exist anywhere else. I'd ditch the eyes altogether and bring a little bit of grey trim into the uniforms, maybe as a thin extra outline on the striping or the wordmarks.
  15. They both appear to be the same: From what I can tell, it is not on a domain.