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  1. officeglenn

    Quad City Storm SPHL logo

    I thought this might be a concept that was getting passed around as the genuine article. Nope:
  2. officeglenn

    USA-Mexico-Canada Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

    After building Rogers Place, there is zero appetite here to build another new stadium. Especially since Commonwealth successfully hosted Women's World Cup games in 2015 and it actually scored quite high in the FIFA bid evaluation for stadiums (transportation and accommodations are where the city was lacking).
  3. officeglenn

    USA-Mexico-Canada Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

    The entire bid evaluation report is available to read here.
  4. officeglenn

    USA-Mexico-Canada Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

    Sorry to burst any bubbles, but Minneapolis is not getting any games in 2026. Minneapolis pulled out of the running back in March and was not one of the 23 potential host cities that were part of the final bid (a list that still has to be whittled down to 16).
  5. officeglenn

    USA-Mexico-Canada Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

    Don't know yet. They haven't ironed out that wrinkle yet. Probably won't until the next FIFA Congress in June 2019.
  6. I believe it's missing some commas and is meant to flow into the first post. How can, after Pepsi uses the retro packaging, / Can they go back to the bad smiley Pepsi globe?
  7. officeglenn

    Circular Brackets

    Completed 2018 NBA Playoffs: I've also been futzing around with the format for a bracket for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Here's what I have so far. The logistics are tricky since it's a pretty drastic reshuffle between the group and knockout stages. What I've done in this hypothetical (again, not to be taken as any sort of prediction) is grayed out teams eliminated in the group stage in the outermost ring, while teams advancing from the group stage get a background colour from their flag, and then their flag as a faded background image from the knockout stage on (e.g. Egypt). Let me know if this makes sense or if there are any improvements you think I could make.
  8. officeglenn

    Canadian Premier League

  9. From TSN's BarDown, a number of firsts with the 2017-18 Washington Capitals: First team with a Russian captain to win the Stanley Cup Jay Beagle becomes the first player ever to win a Kelly Cup (ECHL), Calder Cup (AHL) and Stanley Cup (NHL) in his career Lars Eller becomes the first Danish player to win a Stanley Cup Nathan Walker becomes the first Australian player to win a Stanley Cup Meanwhile, the Stanley Cup had quite the journey last night in Las Vegas.
  10. officeglenn

    Circular Brackets

    Here's the completed 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs bracket:
  11. officeglenn

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Opening match (RUS v KSA) is Thursday, June 14 at 7 a.m. ET. Full group stage schedule here.
  12. officeglenn

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Yeah, Puma really seems to be pushing this "pulse" motif with Arsenal this year.