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  1. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Petr Cech in the Arsenal first-choice goalkeeper kit for 16-17:
  2. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    That Arsenal shirt looks much better on a human than it did hanging on a rack. And I think the socks and shorts really pull it all together into a solid look.
  3. 2015/16 International Football

    I was in attendance for that game this afternoon in London. Best stadium atmosphere I've ever seen. Especially when news started going around of the Spurs score and with the Villa fans just below us taking the piss out of their own club.
  4. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    The Eskimos have started an #eskslaunch hashtag leading up to May 12, with a big free event planned at Commonwealth Stadium. No teasers yet, though.
  5. CCSLC Positive Thoughts Thread

    Never thought I'd be posting in this thread, but here goes ... You many have seen on the news that a massive wildfire is burning in northern Alberta, and has already burned portions of the city of Fort McMurray. At least 80,000 people have had to be evacuated from their homes, picking up whatever they can on extremely short notice and leaving. Most have made it to safety in Edmonton or other communities, but some may still be stranded on the one highway in and out of Fort McMurray after running out of fuel. Others may have had to leave pets behind in the rush to get out. There are several organizations working around the clock to help these people get back on their feet. If you have any money you can spare to donate to relief efforts, please do so. Right now, probably the best thing is to direct donations to the Red Cross and its relief efforts. They're taking the lead and co-ordinating other groups. These are trying times for Alberta, and seeing such devastation so close to home is hard to fathom.
  6. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    From the Calgary Stampeders' Facebook page: Looks to me like: horse on the sleeve, black cuff and not much decoration on the shoulders. But I think you can also see a circus point on the number, like the numbers on their black showcase alt from the past couple of years. If so ...
  7. 2015/16 International Football

    You could also get the same 5,000-to-1 odds that Elvis Presley would be found alive (I think within the year).
  8. 2015/16 International Football

    Things that, according to bookmakers, were more likely to happen than Leicester City winning the Premier League title (5,000-to-1 odds) back in August: • Simon Cowell becoming the next British prime minister (500-to-1) • Hugh Hefner reveals he's a virgin (1,000-to-1) • David Moyes becoming a judge on The X Factor (2,500-to-1) • Arsenal firing Arsene Wenger and appointing Piers Morgan as manager (2,500-to-1) • Sir Alex Ferguson winning Strictly Come Dancing (1,000-to-1) • David Beckham becoming the next manager of Manchester City (750-to-1)
  9. Sharks Cleanup

    You're mixing up your yokes with your hem stripes. Yokes are the shoulder areas. Homes and aways look good, although I would add another orange stripe underneath the black ones. Maybe incorporate it into the numbers as well. Gradient looks good on the third. I think I'd stick with jumping shark they currently use, though. The one you're using feels a bit too horizontal for the front of a hockey jersey.
  10. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Footy Headlines reporting that this will be the Arsenal away kit for 2016-17:
  11. Name That Font!

    I believe that's SF Quartzite.
  12. Where can I download better fonts or wordmarks?

    DaFont andFontSquirrel are two of my go-to font sites.
  13. Blackwell Academy Otters

    I've never heard of the video game so I can't comment as to how well the concept fits into that. That said, I think you missed an opportunity to create an otter logo. I would understand the decision to go with the script and shield logos more if the team nickname was more of an abstract concept, but with Otters, there's some fun to be had there. I also don't get the significance of the striping pattern along the sleeves and the hem, and there are inconsistencies between the front logos and the numbers on the back — specifically the red outline between the white and the black —that could be rectified to bring everything together better.