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  1. There's a small poll at the bottom of the page. I almost missed it myself. And it's awfully tough for the average person to vote against a hand-drawn concept clearly done by a kid. Tugs at the heartstrings and all that.
  2. officeglenn

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Let's keep any speculation about the team's branding in the thread that's in the Sports Logos forum, please and thank you. Discussion about the logistics of the team itself and it's effect on the city of Seattle and the rest of the NHL should remain here.
  3. officeglenn

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Any discussion of the Seattle expansion franchise should be directed to this thread, please and thank you.
  4. officeglenn

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Going to split the Seattle talk into another thread for ease of finding.
  5. officeglenn

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    Looks like St. Louis is set to be announced as the first XFL city.
  6. After some discussion among the moderating team, the No Politics section of the CCSLC Code of Conduct has been amended to read as follows: 3. No Politics Posts and topics of a political nature or referring to politics, whether explicitly or implicitly, that are not relevant to the topics of sports or graphic design are expressly prohibited on the CCSLC. This includes but is not limited to: jokes; links to news stories; concepts depicting current or recent political figures or using partisan political symbols; or any other content the moderating team deems to be of a politically incendiary nature. Such content also may not be used in members' signatures, user titles, avatars or profiles. Posts and topics referring to politics that are relevant to sports or graphic design must not be overly partisan or incendiary.
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    Update to No Politics rule

    Haha! Yes, it is. Good catch.
  8. officeglenn

    Update to No Politics rule

    This is in response to some of the feedback we heard in this thread. Hopefully this will allow for discussion of debates around civic governments and stadium funding, as well as around campaign logos.
  9. Y'all were already warned by a mod to DROP THE SUBJECT. So here's another mod telling you again to DROP IT. And drop the combative attitudes when posting. You are allowed to disagree, but do so in a civil manner. Some of you are crossing that line of civility. Any more bickering will result in warnings and possible suspensions.
  10. @TargetToad: There is a Driveball Redux thread elsewhere in the section where your comment may be more relevant.
  11. officeglenn

    New Era to close its Derby, NY plant

    Re-opening this thread with political references removed. It's an important enough topic to a forum dedicated to sports logos and uniforms. A warning to all to not bring politics back into this discussion, whether explicit or implicit. Anyone who does so will be issued warning points and possible suspensions. EDIT: And seriously, if stuff like this comes up, report it or tag a mod to get our attention.
  12. officeglenn

    Seattle Emeralds NHL Concept

    Split into its own thread. Please don't threadjack.
  13. As I can see that at least one of your logos is not original artwork, and no credit has not been given, this thread is being locked.
  14. officeglenn

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    Had to go with a Calgary Flames uniform, and even though they didn't win the Stanley Cup in this set, it's the one that comes to mind above all others ...
  15. officeglenn

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    A screenshot of @P.I.L.L.'s last post as it appeared on my computer: You may have a stored version of the image in your browser's cache, which is why it might still be showing up for you. But if it's gone from your flickr account, it's not showing up for anyone else.
  16. officeglenn

    DC Baseball - Nationals alt concept

    No, the boards do not save images. If you've deleted it from your third-party hosting site, it doesn't show up on the boards anymore.
  17. officeglenn

    NFL Unveils Logo for 100th Anniversary Season

    Here's a flat rendering:
  18. officeglenn

    Washington Warbirds: A New Era for the Wizards Franchise

    Loving A and the way the basketball lines in the tail flow up into the wings. I would make those lines the same weight so it flows together even better.
  19. officeglenn

    Washington Warbirds: A New Era for the Wizards Franchise

    I realize it would make it less specific to Washington DC basketball, but I think the basketball lines/star from the current Wizards logo needs to go. It's really cluttering thing up in the middle there. If you took that out and made the bottom angles of the W line up with the bottom points of the star, I think this would be cleaner and more cohesive. Addition by subtraction, I guess.
  20. officeglenn

    Arsenal Adidas Concepts

    With the news (although not officially confirmed yet) that Arsenal FC are changing kit suppliers next season and going with Adidas, I've had a few thoughts bouncing around in my head about how the kits could look next season. Here are a few that I managed to get down into pixels: 1. Home: The traditional red shirt with white sleeves. Arsenal does have two tones of red in their crest, though, so I thought I'd try to work both into one kit. Where the lighter tone separates from the darker tone on the right side of the shirt lines up with where the tones separate in the crest. Also used both tones in the Adidas three-stripes to mimic the front of the shirt. 2. Away: Since the news broke, Arsenal fans have been clamoring for a reproduction of the famed "bruised banana" away kits, which the club wore from 1991 to 1993. 3. Third: The pattern on the shirt is one I came up with for my fantasy PL team here on the boards this season, but I thought it looked quite a bit like what Adidas was doing for several clubs this season and for several countries at this past summer's World Cup. Arsenal wore a purple-and-black third kit in 2012-2013 that was quite well-received, I think. Anyway, let me know what you think of these. Hopefully more of the ideas bouncing around in my head will get posted in due course.
  21. officeglenn

    Arsenal Adidas Concepts

    Back with more of these ... Home: A more traditional, classic take on the traditional, classic Arsenal home look. Tried to incorporate more gold alongside just one shade of red this time. Away: Another variation on the bruised banana. Different pattern, white sponsor logos outlined in red. The back was too busy with the pattern to make out any names or numbers, so I switched up to solid blue. Third: A riff on a third kit Puma made a couple of years ago that was pretty popular among the fans, but with some tonal stripes for funzies.
  22. officeglenn

    Re: Photobucket

    We've had a few complaints recently about the continued use of Photobucket on the forums. Many members are still attempting to link images directly from Photobucket; however, a few months ago, Photobucket made third-party hosting a feature available only to premium, paid accounts. This has resulted in images from free accounts, which seem to be the majority here on the forums, being replaced by placeholder images that are often much larger than the original intended file encouraging the user to upgrade his/her Photobucket account. What we as a moderating team would ask every member to do is review the content he/she has posted to the boards -- especially (but not limited to) signatures -- and, if it is affected by this issue, move it to another image-hosting site. Imgur is the one I would personally recommend, but I'm certain there are others out there. And if you could refrain from using Photobucket as your hosting site in the future, it would save a lot of headaches for everyone involved. Any questions, please feel free to ask them here.
  23. It appears that the site the OP of that thread was using to host images is either not working properly or no longer exists. There's nothing we can do about from the boards side of things. OP would have to move those images to a new site and relink them.