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    Re: Photobucket

    We've had a few complaints recently about the continued use of Photobucket on the forums. Many members are still attempting to link images directly from Photobucket; however, a few months ago, Photobucket made third-party hosting a feature available only to premium, paid accounts. This has resulted in images from free accounts, which seem to be the majority here on the forums, being replaced by placeholder images that are often much larger than the original intended file encouraging the user to upgrade his/her Photobucket account. What we as a moderating team would ask every member to do is review the content he/she has posted to the boards -- especially (but not limited to) signatures -- and, if it is affected by this issue, move it to another image-hosting site. Imgur is the one I would personally recommend, but I'm certain there are others out there. And if you could refrain from using Photobucket as your hosting site in the future, it would save a lot of headaches for everyone involved. Any questions, please feel free to ask them here.
  2. It appears that the site the OP of that thread was using to host images is either not working properly or no longer exists. There's nothing we can do about from the boards side of things. OP would have to move those images to a new site and relink them.
  3. That's fair. As a moderator, I can tell you these posts have been received and the concerns passed on to @CC97. He is in constant contact with the ad servers trying to get these issues resolved.
  4. Got a redirect while browsing on Chrome on a Macbook Pro: 10.12 Sierra&
  5. officeglenn

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    Guys, let's keep this thread focused on the Nuggets' uniforms, and not on the team's on-court performance or fanbase. That stuff can go in an NBA thread in Sports in General.
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    International Football 2018-2019

  7. officeglenn

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    Merged another thread into this one and renamed it, just to try and keep things organized and uncluttered.
  8. officeglenn

    Blue Jackets Bring Back the Cannon Uniform

    What? So which is it? Are the name and number fonts the same as the old cannon jersey? Or are they going to match the homes and roads?
  9. officeglenn

    Name That Font!

    I'm seeing this paintbrush font everywhere lately ("Hearts Best Loud" and "West Coast Dark Roast"). Anyone know the name of it?
  10. officeglenn

    Winnipeg Jets Unveil New Alternate Uniform

    Kinda hard to judge without numbers or pants or the rest of the ensemble. I have the feeling that the entire set as a whole may wind up being greater than this one part. Still, a shoulder patch or a little bit of red or grey in the striping would have been nice.
  11. Nah, you should thank @LMU on that one.
  12. Could you post a screenshot that includes the URL bar?
  13. officeglenn

    Arsenal Adidas Concepts

    With the news (although not officially confirmed yet) that Arsenal FC are changing kit suppliers next season and going with Adidas, I've had a few thoughts bouncing around in my head about how the kits could look next season. Here are a few that I managed to get down into pixels: 1. Home: The traditional red shirt with white sleeves. Arsenal does have two tones of red in their crest, though, so I thought I'd try to work both into one kit. Where the lighter tone separates from the darker tone on the right side of the shirt lines up with where the tones separate in the crest. Also used both tones in the Adidas three-stripes to mimic the front of the shirt. 2. Away: Since the news broke, Arsenal fans have been clamoring for a reproduction of the famed "bruised banana" away kits, which the club wore from 1991 to 1993. 3. Third: The pattern on the shirt is one I came up with for my fantasy PL team here on the boards this season, but I thought it looked quite a bit like what Adidas was doing for several clubs this season and for several countries at this past summer's World Cup. Arsenal wore a purple-and-black third kit in 2012-2013 that was quite well-received, I think. Anyway, let me know what you think of these. Hopefully more of the ideas bouncing around in my head will get posted in due course.
  14. officeglenn

    Liga Suprema de Futebol Americano

    As this is clearly not original artwork, this thread is being locked.
  15. officeglenn

    Pelicans 10 Year Anniversary Court

    Things are WAY too busy inside the 3-point arc. You've got the NO logo on top of the pelican's face and all of that running into the fleurs-de-lis in the key. Keep it simple. The lamp post at centre court looks good. But I think you could do something more creative for the 10th anniversary logo rather than slapping a '10' and a ribbon on the Crescent City logo. You could turn that logo into the zero in a 10 (maybe sans the roundel) and make it all more cohesive.
  16. officeglenn

    Austin FC

    I initially read yours as "Violent Clown," which would even more amazing.
  17. officeglenn

    Austin FC

    As this thread is in the Sports Logos section of the forum, please keep the discussion focused on the design of the Austin FC crest. Any discussion of the situation surrounding the team and its relocation should be in the Sports in General forum.
  18. officeglenn

    Football and CTE

    It's not that this is an issue that's not worth discussing. But, for at least the last six pages of this thread, there have been no new studies or articles regarding football and CTE posted, only circuitous arguments based on anecdotal evidence that are getting more and more ridiculous. Therefore, this thread is getting locked.
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    Name That Font!

  20. Moving this to the technical issues thread.
  21. officeglenn

    International Football 2018-2019

    Looks like Thibaut Courtois has succeeded in forcing a move from Chelsea to Real Madrid, with a season-long loan for Mateo Kovacic as part of the package going the other way. This likely means the world record fee for a goalkeeper will be broken again this summer, as Chelsea panic-buy Kepa from Athletic Bilbao for 80 million euros as a replacement.
  22. Nice work so far! Calgary looks solid; no complaints there. I like the angle of the separation between medium and dark blue extended out to the rest of the FCE kit. I would like to see a bit more of the medium blue on the home shorts and socks, as well as on the entire away kit, but it wouldn't need to be much more, just a stripe or two. Very clever with the rabbit tracks!
  23. officeglenn

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Yeah, it's pretty terrible, but they're only using that particular font with the pattern for their games in Singapore.