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  1. Duck_Duck

    Old Beaver Logo Update

    You’re really headed in the right direction. The tail pattern is great. The feet are tough. I’d say the overall perspective is improved by having the back foot show. Where you are now is pretty good. The feet are unobtrusive enough that they aren’t overpowering or distracting. All the focus is on the face, tail, and sweater (as it should be). If there is still something that is bugging you, you could always go the sneakers route.
  2. Duck_Duck

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Only two players in the league still playing that were drafted in the 90's. Same draft class as former Cavs coach Tyronn Lue.
  3. Duck_Duck

    Austin SC logo

    However, you do get “El Tree”... which is cool
  4. Duck_Duck

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    You're probably right, but I'm still confused as to why those groups didn't use a color scheme that was already associated with sports fans in that area. Navy / Blue / Green / Lime / Silver in Seattle and Green / Gold / Black / Red in Portland.... I don't get it, but I'm not in the sports marketing biz so I'm clearly missing something
  5. Duck_Duck

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    Hey, thanks for the feedback. I'm fully aware these concepts aren't all going to please everyone, especially since I'm be taking some risks. Even so, I appreciate anyone taking the time to give a thoughtful review! I considered using that exact 90's fiesta warmup script for the Statement jersey, but decided against it for fear of coming across as an attempt at a "faux-back". I'm trying to take the Spurs identity forward a couple decades, because (as you note), many of their current design elements have been around since the 90's - and frankly I don't think they're all that good. The Bank Gothic-y font and the chunky numbers and the way the logo is awkwardly shoehorned into the wordmark . . . none of it works all that well, imo. It's almost too bad that Duncan & Co. made the 90's-00's look so recognizable, because it's now hard for the franchise to move on. I chose the inline font because it has some of the beef and strength that I identify with the Spurs, and as a design element it also allowed me to seamlessly work in the spur under the U and tie into the striping. I was focused on creating the cohesiveness that I see the Spurs lacking currently. In the Statement uniform, the narrow font is actually an adaptation of just the inline from the other two uniforms. It's beefed up a bit and stretched vertically to take up more real estate, but it's the same font family. Again, trying to keep a cohesive identity. Sounds like I missed the mark in your book, but still, thanks for the feedback. There will be City uniforms coming eventually, so look for some Fiesta flair in that set. For now I'm doing some tweaking on the next two teams and I hope to get those posted this week.
  6. Duck_Duck

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    Haha, thank you? I expected this response from at least a few people and coming from a basketball coach it makes sense. When I played, my school didn't have matching tops and bottoms until you made varsity. One pair of green shorts, and then a green or yellow top depending on if we were home or away. There was something that felt "big time" about getting that matching set of uniforms, and an opposite "practice squad" feeling about wearing the mismatched set. So I understand the feeling. However. . . I don't think that is a failure of the concept or design in general. That's just tradition speaking - and a fairly new tradition at that, because mismatched sets used to be common back in the day. Soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse, hockey . . . every other sport wears contrasting tops and bottoms at times. Why not basketball? So that's where I'm headed with this series. Not every team will get the mismatched treatment, but a handful will. Maybe by the end I'll make a convert out of you! As far as fiesta, or the all silver, those are both great ideas. I considered the fiesta set, and think I may incorporate those colors into the City uni. For the all silver, I'll try that out and see what I think. A three uniform rotation of silver, black, and silver/black would be pretty nice and definitely unique. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Duck_Duck

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    Yes, there was thought behind it yet. Glad you asked! Full disclosure, I'm an architect by profession and I tend to overthink these things . . . The Icon and Association sets were easy. Jersey base color, and then thick/thin/thick striping in contrasting color. See below: The Statement jersey was harder because of the mismatched tops and bottoms. The waistband of the shorts is where it transitions from gray to black and if the waistband goes with simple, “even” triple striping, the top of it would be against the gray jersey and the pattern wouldn't read right. You'd have a super thick gray block, thin black stripe, thick gray stripe, black shorts. So with that in mind I laid out the whole thing as a striping pattern and leaned into the uneven-ness. See below: This striping pattern accounts for the transition from gray jersey to black shorts, and could theoretically go on forever. I'm just taking a slice of the pattern for this uniform, but if you were to continue it, below the hem of the shorts would be another large gray block and above the collar of the jersey would be the transition to the next large black block. Because the mismatched jersey and shorts is such a strange look, I'm trying hard to look at the uniform as a whole and treat the entire thing as a cohesive composition. This was my attempt at doing that. Hope that makes sense!
  8. Duck_Duck

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    Yeah, I didn't explain that very well. The concept from the beginning was to place the Pacers back in time a bit with a very simple navy/white scheme where the gold was strictly an accent. Then the Statement edition really stands out. Like a guy who wears jeans and a black t-shirt everyday, then throws on a tux once and a while and everyone says "wow"... However you're right, once I set up the parameters for the design concept I needed to go back and look at the final outcome to make sure I had what I wanted. I had boxed myself in a bit, and adding more yellow is a good way for the Icon set to look more like the Pacers without blowing up the concept.
  9. Duck_Duck

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    Thank you! I am still kind of with you on the Blazers white collar. As a flat design, it is the one that appeals to me the most. However, in live action I'm not quite sure. I have always liked this look, and this look kind of irks me in a weird way. Phase 2 of this prioject (once I've beat all the designs to death) will be to put together some player renderings and get some portfolio pages together. I'll mock-up both versions of the Blazers then and that may be where I make my final decision. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Duck_Duck

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    The feedback is much appreciated. You guys are right; the striping has to really hit the mark in order for the Statement uni to read as one uniform and not two separate pieces thrown together. I've made a few tweaks that I think help tighten up the design a bit. Let me know what you think! Also, I added the Texas logo to the belt buckle location on the Icon and Association unis as just another little detail to tie the three sets back together even more.
  11. Duck_Duck

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    With the Spurs, I wanted to really push the black and silver color scheme. For that reason, the only white you'll see in this set is the Association uniforms. The wordmark is simplified, but has a modern twist on a classic aesthetic. The side stripes on the Association and Icon edition uniforms form a 'spur' on the shorts and the inline stripes echo the wordmark and the numbers. The statement uniform is a bit more wild. It incorporates the first custom logo I've added to a set so far with the state of Texas on the shorts. The different color shorts and jersey are something that people see as a "throwback", but its a look that I wish was more common in the modern game. I know it feels a bit bizarre, but it is a design element I"m planning on bringing back for a few different teams in this series. The stripes at the hem and waistband are supposed to call back to the inline design of the wordmark and numbers on the Icon and Association uniforms. I'd love some feedback on this set in particular! Thanks y'all.
  12. Duck_Duck

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    If I removed the lines, it wouldn't resemble a center court! I do love the idea of matching courts though . . . maybe I'll follow up this series with some court designs. Thank you much, that means a lot coming from you! I struggled with adding more color to the Pacers navy set, because I wanted the navy/white color scheme to be strong so that the gold statement set would really pop, but I hear you about not "looking like the Pacers." Here's a version with a bit more yellow and I think you're right, it is a better look. Thank you all for the kind words! I hope y'all like the next ones as much as the past two! And with that, let me post the next team . . . the San Antonio Spurs!
  13. Duck_Duck

    MLS Kits 2019

    Damn. Yeah, that is worse than Toronto forgetting to design their new red kit. That "Nachos Grande" bit reads like a weird combination of a Cinco de Mayo Trump tweet and a 90's SNL sketch.
  14. Duck_Duck

    MLS Kits 2019

    I don't know if I can remember a more boring kit than Toronto's new one. All red, no design at all? Not even contrasting stripes or piping or cuffs or a collar anything? Head-to-toe plain red? Wow.
  15. Duck_Duck

    stadium series 2020 logo concept - jersey update 1/6

    Be proud of this one. I think you nailed it here. The shape is unique, locally relevant, and unmistakable. Bravo.