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  1. Duck_Duck

    Possible Miami MLS Logo Leaked

    It is really good. That's all I've got to say. Hope the kits are equally fetch.
  2. Duck_Duck

    Ranking Leagues By Color Scheme

    1. Oregon 2. UCLA 3. Colorado 4. Stanford 5. Cal 6. WSU 7. Utah 8. USC 9. ASU 10. OSU 11. Zona 12. Washington
  3. Duck_Duck

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    Why not just put the plane by itself on the helmets and the complete roundel at the center of the field?
  4. Duck_Duck

    Austin Bold FC

    Bad logo, bad name, bad everything. Really interesting roster construction. A 15 year old local phenom, plus three mid-30's foreign (ex-)stars, plus potentially Usain Bolt . . . all for a USL team in a city that will be getting an MLS team in no time. Very strange.
  5. Tha'ts what I'm talking about. The purple jersey has the black side panel that carries down to the shorts. The yellow and white don't, but they still have shorts stripes. They should have picked one design or the other. The presence of the side panel on the purple jersey annoys me more than the color of the side panel.
  6. I like that the black stripe carries into the shorts. I don't like that the yellow (and presumably white) shorts will have a stripe that isn't carried up to the jersey. The inconsistency is maddening. TBH, I'd be fine with the black on the purple jersey if the white and yellow jerseys had a similar contrasting stripe. Yellow w/ purple stripe White w/ yellow stripe Purple w/ black stripe Not my first choice, but it strikes the balance of modern and classic, while remaining coherent and consistent.
  7. Duck_Duck

    On the subject of the Lakers’ Giraffe

    I could see a Giraffe mascot, with a giraffe logo, but no real direct connection to the basketball team branding beyond that.
  8. Seriously.... That ugly ass jersey would much better on Jayson Tatum.
  9. Duck_Duck

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Good catch. I guess I'd never really seen that shoulder pattern with such contrast. Rumors are of all new designs, so I doubt these are any indication of anything.
  10. Duck_Duck

    Newfoundland Growlers Unveil Uniforms for Inaugural Season

    Great logo. Wish that the article mentioned the designer or firm who worked on it, but alas, they almost never do.
  11. My theory is they added the black side panel so sneakerheads and hype beasts can better match it to their kicks.
  12. Duck_Duck

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Has this been talked about yet? Nike posting "Gridiron Grey 2.0" jersey for Oregon. Different shoulder and back graphics than the previous editions. Could be a teaser to the upcoming new Oregon unis? USC is the only other team with one of these GG2.0 jerseys, and it matches their typical template.
  13. Duck_Duck

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    1. Remove Black side panels
  14. Duck_Duck

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    - Remove gray stripe - Red/White collar and arm holes to match sash - Remove outline around number - Round the top of the 'A' in PORTLAND. (see below) Perfection.
  15. LeBron should have "LeBron" on the back of his jersey instead of James. He goes by his first name everywhere anyway. He's like Neymar or Ichiro.