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  1. Makes me wonder if the lack of inspiration at the end of the season uni wise is based on the poor performance on the field/really poor performance of merch this season. I don't have hard data but since the Webfoots uniforms, there haven't been any special merch items based on the uniforms. Everywhere I went here in Eugene had Webfoots stuff on steep discount, up to 75% off. No one wanted it.
  2. Duckies did it first Albeit with the team name and not soldiers names
  3. Now those I can get behind! Makes up for the incredibly boring top
  4. Make those wings about 25% smaller/add more and I think you'd have a winning look going forward for Oregon. Touches on the wings look of the last few seasons as well as moves forward with the glass shatter look that seems to be on everything else. I miss the days of a semi-consistent look for Oregon
  5. Those look so cheap
  6. Or random students which is probably who this guy is. My coworker does modeling for TDS and they just randomly picked him out but keep giving him call backs. He roped me into their commercials last year but they didn't want me for product modeling
  7. LOL, I was thinking the same thing. Doesn't look like I'll be adding this one to my collection, it just doesn't look comfortable to wear.
  8. Replica jerseys for Oregon, looks like we are switching to the new Nike template as well You guys think he shaves his back? lol
  9. New template pushes everything way too far down
  10. Can I just say I loathe you Oklahoma State. Your uniforms are damn near perfect. You got the "Nike treatment" and have come out in great looking sets almost every week. You stick to school colors yet have introduced patterns, alternate helmets, etc. That number set is a beauty. You guys know how to push the envelope without going overboard. I'm starting to wish my Ducks would focus on doing the same. A man can dream...
  11. We are surprisingly conservative when it comes to hoops uniforms, considering our football team. I love the cohesiveness of the current sets. Some of the alternates have been kind of out there, I'm not a fan of the light grey's or the anthracite's. I'd welcome some change though. I'd like to see the addition of the feather pattern somewhere, whether it's slightly subliminated on the shorts or worked into the stripes on the sides.
  12. Must be nice wearing school colors all season...
  13. Scoring some Marcus Mariota (W/O NOB) jerseys at Ross and Marshalls, seeing a ton lately. Range from $30-$40, many different colors. All with sewn numbers.
  14. Maybe no one will recognize us when we get blown out by the Fuskies Why do they have to drag the whole state of Oregon into this Saturday's beatdown
  15. Seeing more and more of these hilariously bad Oregon counterfeits at games now. I believe the first ones started popping up last season on Ebay