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  1. After hearing what important donors thought about them, I don't think we will be seeing those ever again. Orange is a losing color, just ask Oregon St.
  2. Didn't really get the honeycomb for honeycomb's sake on most of those unis
  3. ESPN just posted this horrible "article" about what would happen if Oregon was in charge of some CFB uniforms: I really hope the day never comes where this is what uniforms look like
  4. Remember when the Ducks wore volt and everyone was jumping on them for wearing a Nike "corporate color" even though Nike's corpo colors are orange and white. WELL LOOK AT THEM NOW lol I can't seem to like these either. We have officially jumped ship in terms of uniform awesomeness. The lack of cohesion is very hard to watch. One week we nail it, the next three we look like clowns. It just doesn't seem that hard to me to please the fans, the players, and people who like good design. The Rose Bowl uniforms 2 years ago were gorgeous, those need to be the base home set. Make a white version, a yellow reverse version, and pants to match. Maybe throw in a black version for the 'cruits and call it a day.
  5. Saw the youth version of this at a Scheels in SLC this last week, first time I've seen it in a store since it got leaked. Did not have the stitching around the collar but I think it was just because it was the lowest level replica.
  6. It seems the Autzen Stadium walls predicted the glass shattering wing pattern in 2014. Pretty cool to see some cohesion between wing patterns. I'm praying to the Nike gods that the rest of this set follows suit.
  7. Well I thought about leading off with female multi sport legend but who doesn't love a little mystery . I'm good friends with her so I fully believe what she's hinted at. Oregon has been good about keeping everything under wraps though so only time will tell
  8. The anthracite/dark grey/charcoal/whatever uniforms were worn by players at fan day this last Saturday, continuing them being the go to uniforms for preseason appearances. The kelly green jerseys that were leaked were confirmed to me by former UO star athlete who has a brother on the team, but I'll still take that with a grain of salt. She also mentioned that "we haven't seen anything yet" with a smirky grin so this should be an interesting year for Oregon uniforms.
  9. Underwhelmed given the posters recently, lots of white space (presumably for autographs but still)
  10. I just can't get behind the Duck on the shoulders. Terrible execution IMO. This would be a top 5 look if those were shoulder numbers instead or if the stripes were ditched and the Duck was moved to the caps.
  11. I may need that Oregon jersey...
  12. But it's a throwback..
  13. Most likely a play on all of the steel bridges in Portland. Interesting they went with the imagery of a knight.
  14. The Alaska Timbers
  15. Holy balls, that's a thing of beauty! Especially compared to the garbage we've trotted out in the last few seasons. I might have to get me one of those