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  1. 2013-14 Soccer kits

    For me it doesn't compare to their gorgeous kits of this year, but I like them. I'd love to see them with horizontal stripes one day, though I know the likelihood of that isn't high
  2. 2012-13 soccer kits

    Tottenham: Better sponsor logo than aurasma, but the giant numbers and letters make it worse than the EPL kit. I think their change kit is pretty nice looking too. I like how the black and grey work together. Celtic: I understand it's a throwback and it is a good throwback, but
  3. new candidate for worst uniform ever

    I kinda dig the look honestly while the players are running. I'm glad to see people pushing the envelope in new ways on high school uniforms. Kinda franken-jersey but still. The neon sock is overkill though. I do like the helmet too. Sue me
  4. Post Your Jersey Collections

    Newest additions bolded
  5. College Football 2012 Season

    Make the honeycomb pattern more subtle on the numbers and I think it would look like a pretty solid uniform for GT
  6. 2012 NCAA Football thread

    OUOhYeah OUOhYeah
  7. International Football Musings

    Remember how Rooney and RvP side by side were gonna tear up the league? Not this game. Rooney starts on the bench, Ouch. Edit: well RvP made that look smart. First United goal and it's 1-1 13 minutes in. Come on Fulham!
  8. 2012 MLB Season

    I didn't realize you could trade basically your entire team, but kudos to the Red Sox for admitting they suck and their signings were all busts
  9. Another Mass Shooting

    Depends on what the gun laws in NYC are. There might not have been a person in the area that that could legally carry or was carrying at the time. Serious question, boys. Do we really think that the typical citizen, who just happens to be carrying a gun, is qualified to act in a situation like these shootings? My guess is 99.9% of us here who are concealed carry advocates (myself included) would not be of any help at all in a "mass shooting" situation. I like my chances with my gun if someone is breaking into my house. It's essentially a "one on one" situation. In a situation like a mass shooting, odds are just as good that I end up shooting the wrong person/people as they are that I hit the actual shooter. We all like to talk like we'd just calmly pull out our sidearm and take out the shooter. The reality is more like we'd piss down our own leg, fumble around trying to get the gun out, and end up blowing off three of our own toes. But we can keep pretending that someone who's carrying would save us all if it makes us feel better. I'm not saying the "Bruce Willis stuff" doesn't happen, I'm just saying that we're all a little naive if we expect it to happen consistently. Exactly. Nobody who abides by gun control laws is going to just whip out his pistol or whatever in a calm manner during a mass shooting.
  10. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    87 at 50?! Must be the steroids he's on right?
  11. Another Mass Shooting

    IF THEY TAKE AWAY OUR GUNZ HOW CAN WE DEFEND OURSELVES!?!?!?! THE ANSWER IS MOAR GUNZ! How many more people need to die because of guns for someone to do something about it?
  12. UniWatch Power Rankings

    I dunno about the Blackhawks uniform being so amazing. The white is absolutely gorgeous, but I've never liked the red one. If I had my way, they'd be in black
  13. Things you don't see in sports anymore

  14. It's not like they'll raid his house for the trophies and yellow shirts.... I doubt he doped honestly just due to how strong he came on in his comeback after a few years off from the sport. I also still believe the law states "innocent until proven guilty" and they've yet to prove him guilty so there's that... Plus how can the ASADA strip something sanctioned by a French association?