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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Am I the only one who liked the Cavaliers logos and uniforms just the way they were? I didn't like the black or navy uniforms, but I liked everything about the Cavs' identity, from the logos, to the color scheme, to the fonts, to the uniform design with the exception of those two uniforms.
  2. I'm shocked at how much less visually offensive the Clippers logo becomes just by eliminating black. It's still a piece of trash in its recolored state, but it looks so much better. Says something about how bad it is.
  3. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    I'd just like to note how pleased I am that the Celtics have worn nothing but their regular home and away uniforms through two playoff rounds.
  4. Tank in the news

    He appeared on Barstool's SiriusXM show today. Here's the interview:
  5. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    So the Chargers just quietly changed their Twitter avatar to this.
  6. NBA Black Friday

    The Celtics wore their black trimmed jerseys on Friday.
  7. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    IDK. They're an improvement over the prior uniforms, but that's not saying much. The color scheme is still terrible, IMO. There just isn't enough contrast between the shade of blue that the use and the shade of green they use. I really wish they would've rectified that as part of the refresh.
  8. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    My vote would be for a black and metallic copper or bronze color scheme. EDIT: Like using the type of material used on the gold striping and numbers of this jersey:
  9. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    The Cavaliers using this court design would just make WAYYY too much sense. It's perfect, and would be usable for decades. Maybe that's the problem. If they had the perfect court, it'd make it two hard for them to change the court every 2 or 3 years. And I think the Cavs like to change the floor every couple of seasons in order to make a splash.
  10. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    The Mississippi State Patriots-inspired uniforms look just as weird as expected. Especially with them being on the Gillette Stadium field with the Patriots logs on the field and everything, they look like severely washed out Patriots away uniforms.
  11. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Mississippi State will be wearing these Patriots-inspired uniforms when they play UMass at Gillette Stadium this Saturday. Kinda weird.
  12. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    That Seahawks uni looks SOOOO bad. I'm sure the joke's been made, but seriously who that's seen It's Always Sunny can not immediately see this: I mean, God! Come on! The jersey's not bad. It'd be a solid look with white or navy pants. But yeesh, the all green. Nah, man.
  13. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    So why can't teams like the Texans, Cardinals, and Falcons, who all have preexisting alts that would clash with their opponents' Color Rush uniforms, wear those, and thus still partake in the color on color aspect of the program? As far as I can imagine, The Texans wearing red would clash with the Patriots navy, the Cardinals in all red would clash with the 49ers wearing all black, and the Falcons in all black would clash with the Bucs in all red. Then they can wear their actual special Color Rush jerseys next year or whatever. I don't get it.
  14. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I would've liked to have seen the stars on the sides, too. However, I think all the D-League teams' uniforms have Adidas stripes going down the sides of the jerseys, thus unfortunately preventing that.
  15. MLB 2016 Changes

    I saw the Red Sox hats in my local lids without patches on them, just the league logo. So, they sell them like that for sure.