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  1. Super Bowl LIII Logo Concept

    Another option would make that end of the L shapes like a football and add white laces to it
  2. Super Bowl LIII Logo Concept

    Logoroy and pitt4pack got some cool sb logos for this upcoming season....I would love to see some alternate and secondary logos for that design, one including the Lombardi trophy as the alternate
  3. Super Bowl LIII Logo

    Love them.... you should make secondary and alternate logos....with the Lombardi trophy, the date of the game and city abbreviation, and add a CBS eye logo underneath the logo like the networks do when they present their telecast
  4. I wish it was still in Hawaii but I digress....uniforms were an upgrade
  5. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LII

    Looks beautiful brother...thanks keep it up and also to logoroy
  6. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LII

    Thank you I appreciate your hard work
  7. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LII

    Panthers in electric blue background would be interesting also...I think Pitt did on a couple of years ago
  8. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LII

    Could you do a concept of this years super bowl with the helmets in the endzones, and the concept super bowl 52 logo , the eagles end zone with a green background.
  9. they're back in white
  10. Super Bowl LIII Logo

    The two stars you have make them blue on one end and red on the other end
  11. I agree with all ....the only way for monochrome would be color rush......I won't mind a orange alternate jersey. Black dominant color shoes even though players will do their own thing with footwear
  12. NFL 2017 changes?

    Hail to the throwbacks....
  13. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 12/7)

    Looking forward to the broncos look hopefully it is inspired from the color rush look