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  1. NFL Changes - 2016

    With the lions announcement. ..doesthis mean the reversing of stripes from now to the return ofthe Barry sanders Era and eliminating everything black on the uniform except the dominant shoe color ,logo stays and new font. If so...... I am on board
  2. The stripes on the helmet would help make the Uniformlook standout
  3. 8-bit CFB helmets (sigs as well, REQUESTS APPRECIATED)

    Northwood university appreciate it
  4. NFL Changes - 2016

    get ready for the kool-aid unis
  5. NFL Changes - 2016

    even though this is half off topic.... they need to go back to these maybe darken the blue a bit, blue facemask ,eliminate anything black except the dominant cleat color and go with the current font on the jerseys
  6. NFL Changes - 2016

    as long as a Ford is scratching a check...things will never change even the colors
  7. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    I agree its mostly logo like moves...maybe some alterations to the uni like the new logo placement and white trimming on the jerseys and the stripes on the waistline of the shorts....the alt I hope its either the red alts or the bad boys hardwood classics...Or I would not be shocked the teals return for a throwback
  8. I wonder if CBS will stick with Green for their golf coverage ..the serif NCAA Logo for their college sports coverage and the SEC logo?
  9. Broncos Real Life Helmet Concept - A Mix of Eras

    navy is my choice
  10. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    they had to do it early because of the fear of inclimate weather during the bye week and game week but it turned out well so there is no threat of the elements
  11. can you do one with the dueling helmets like the car/den concept
  12. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    losing by 17 to dallas back in jan. 1978 is a moral victory in comparision the last three times they got lexington steele'd wearing the orange jerseys
  13. Great uni set I would like to see white pants and a alt white helmet
  14. where do you get the field template? is there a link?

    1. scraw28


      do you mean the football field template? ...............I google search and there is a lot of links...I think SFcom1 or pittpack has....those two ( sfcom1 and pittpack) are the better options in my opinion.



      hoped it helped

    2. gl49er


      thanks i spoke to pittpack but he dont have them anymore 

      sfcom1? does he or she have templates?