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  2. Love it ...suggestion make the bird logo on the helmet a little larger and the socks a solid color
  3. Afc west imo is the best
  4. It has a stigma not to mention 2012 collapse... a refreshing rebrand would not hurt
  5. New AtlantaFalcons logo lol #justkidding
  6. One of the fresh looks then millen screwed it up by putting his raiders inspiration in it... I don't mind the black shoes....but the white with those were nice
  7. Los Angeles crying Jordan's lol
  8. I think this is the 1st time they wore the jersey pants combo since the redesign in 2004
  9. Or better yet just go back the classic look minus the grey facemask...everything of that uniform symbolises of what they are now...I don't care if they say I don't mind these. The change was a mistake then and it is now
  10. Northwood university michigan