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  1. I apologize....spell check is owning me now
  2. I would like to see uniform concepts with this logo
  3. If youre going to do this you will have to add blur into the uni scheme and hange the stripes up a bit
  4. Major upgrade for the university of california berkley
  5. Its the same....the only flaw is i wished is that they put the captains letter back on the right side
  6. Off topic by year..but maybe a sneak peek for 2018
  7. This is their 1st year back on a new engine give them some time plus a lot of the previous staff is part of the 2k staff
  8. Does that mean the flaming horse alternate will not be Considered?
  9. I like the idea of that
  10. Are the sleeved jerseys transitioning to nike or is that just a adidas thing?
  11. Also they are going to a new graphics engine so well see them a little bit better once they are released
  12. Madden is switching to a new graphics we will get to the see the new templates a little more clearer once the release them
  13. Iowa is no problem
  14. The placing of the patch needs to be lowered a bit