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  1. This maybe the worst matchup in the last decade.......the browns just need to go back to their original look once the grace period is expired..... my god that was bad
  2. Yes...when they are the white pants a part of the primary home uni...this was a no brainer....the black would not look right....I would prefer they go back to the grey pants with the brb stripes like they last used in 2011
  3. The brazzers bowl lol
  4. Hmmm...interesting
  5. Or just go with a revised throwback set from the george allen era with some tinkering like solid burgundy socks and either keep the yellow facemask or go burgundy
  6. Even if though love the gold pants.....I like to see the red and white used on occasions
  7. I think it won uni matchup of the week
  8. Hopefully they do the same as Arizona state and get rid of that damn fork over the helmets.
  9. The black cleats are a marc richt thing but Georgia wore the black jerseys on occasion when richt was at Georgia I would not be surprised
  10. Did michigan go with the black helmet inside padding along with the blue chinstrap? I wish southern California went with a matter helmet and regular grey facemask instead of chrome
  11. New rams field
  12. Rams are eventually gonna cave in...just a matter of time
  13. Only 3 more years and they no longer have that uniform change grace period