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  1. Iowa is no problem
  2. The placing of the patch needs to be lowered a bit
  3. That would be awkward
  4. I don't know...good point maybe not
  5. World series logo Leak?
  6. Love the phase on the field to give it a full evaluation.....Madden 18 with the mix and match to see the white on silver and monochrome look. just kidding on monochrome...but the Ford memorial is a buzzkill....if they wanted change, getting rid of the wcf memorial would have been a start
  8. Oh my heavens smh
  9. Even the official team twitter handle confirmed that rumor was garbage
  10. It's a joke.....imo that's make believe stuff
  11. When Micheal jordans jersey was either missing or not packed
  12. Or someone in the organization passed during that season
  14. Love it ...suggestion make the bird logo on the helmet a little larger and the socks a solid color
  15. Afc west imo is the best