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  1. This is their 1st year back on a new engine give them some time plus a lot of the previous staff is part of the 2k staff
  2. Does that mean the flaming horse alternate will not be Considered?
  3. I like the idea of that
  4. Are the sleeved jerseys transitioning to nike or is that just a adidas thing?
  5. Also they are going to a new graphics engine so well see them a little bit better once they are released
  6. Madden is switching to a new graphics we will get to the see the new templates a little more clearer once the release them
  7. Iowa is no problem
  8. The placing of the patch needs to be lowered a bit
  9. That would be awkward
  10. I don't know...good point maybe not
  11. World series logo Leak?
  12. Love the phase on the field to give it a full evaluation.....Madden 18 with the mix and match to see the white on silver and monochrome look. just kidding on monochrome...but the Ford memorial is a buzzkill....if they wanted change, getting rid of the wcf memorial would have been a start
  14. Oh my heavens smh