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  1. Silver pants for eagles as alt
  2. This could be a one year thing as an ode to the 1986 team
  3. New sharks logo
  4. I wish the get rid of black in their uni scheme except dominant shoe color
  5. It's not as bad as james jones hoodie
  6. I like that , bring back the george allen era jerseys maybe with the maroon facemask with the current helmet, and change the stripe pattern with the red and white pants
  7. If they can add the 70s stripes to the jerseys it would look better same as the road
  8. Hopefully he goes white gold vs Dallas at home
  9. Can you do an pro bowl afc nfc set?
  10. I would like to see a concept of the Current detroit pistons floor with the little caesars arena logo replacing the palace logo the main logo one one concept and the horizontal script logo with it straightened out unlike the ice design shown
  11. One with Aaron donald and deacon jones
  12. Joseph Randle last wore it an put it all up in smoke no pun intended
  13. With the lions announcement. ..does this mean the reversing of stripes from now to the return of the Barry sanders Era and eliminating everything black on the uniform except the dominant shoe color ,logo stays and new font. If so...... I am on board
  14. The stripes on the helmet would help make the Uniform look standout
  15. Northwood university appreciate it