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  1. Rhein River Hogs Also, Rome for Expansion B and XFL team in Albuquerque
  2. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Well, in that case..... OLYMPIQUE DETROIT
  3. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Sacramento Detroit
  4. Pay me back using my https://t.co/24VBQg6X2s link: https://t.co/RnVEQlvrxN

  5. Pay Daley Holder using https://t.co/24VBQg6X2s https://t.co/2VFI9bVxp4

  6. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Commonwealth Racing Charlotte Sacramento Deportivo Miami East Harlem Lincoln Venice Beach Brooklyn Wanderers
  7. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Group E (Group of Death): Sacramento Republic (Runner-Up: Royal Baltimore) Group F: Venice Beach SC (Runner-Up: Dallas Sporting) Group G: Brooklyn Wanderers (Runner-Up: Pittsburgh Ironworks) Group H: Olympique Detroit (Runner-Up: Deportivo Miami)
  8. 🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Brattie:Post Confession 🙏🏼 https://t.co/jGzTQ3ZoZD https://t.co/MuA4LSwVza

  9. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/rrcxoJVsH9 [HD] Demi Rose Mawby (2018) [LL$ EDIT]

  10. Why not a hybrid of American and Canadian Rules? 4 Downs, 12-on-12, 100x65-Yard Field?
  11. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Group M: Racing Charlotte (Winner), KCSC (Runner-Up) Group N: Dallas Rangers SC (Winner), Venice Beach SC (Runner-Up) Group O: Sacramento Republic (Winner), Willis United (Runner-Up) Group P: Deportivo Miami (Winner), Manhattan Calcio (Runner-Up) (Side note: The NOBs of the jersey are celebrities, aren't they?)
  12. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Group I: Dallas Sporting (Winner), Princeton ASC (Runner-Up) Group J: Olympique Detroit (Winner), Islanders SC (Runner-Up) Group K: East Harlem (Winner), Hartford City (Runner-Up) Group L: Austin Repulbic (Winner), Crescent City SC (Runner-Up)
  13. RT @CrayZeePS4: Is anyone getting a random error on youtube that doesnt let you look at certain channels?