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  1. RT @AlysonStoner: #TBT to @TopFiveLive! So much fun with @huntermarch πŸΌπŸ¦„ https://t.co/V4EOT2GrAi

  2. I liked a @YouTube video from @alextrailers https://t.co/oKB7p6XG8K Star Wars Episode VIII Fan Trailer - Star Wars Celebration

  3. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/VFKDt7sxkJ Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2

  4. I liked a @YouTube video from @sssniperwolf https://t.co/zzRqWffW6P Ask Wolf #141 - Leaked Video, Cartwheel, Calling FaZe Rain!

  5. What?! The Jets get their second Super Bowl title in this universe, while the Giants still have zero? And as for the NFL Minor League idea, here's mine: Arizona Outlaws: Tucson, AZ Atlanta Falcons: Gwinnett County, GA Baltimore Stars: Harrisburg, PA Birmingham Stallions: Montgomery, AL Buffalo Bills: Rochester, NY or Syracuse, NY Charlotte/Carolina Panthers: Raleigh-Durham, NC Chicago Bears: South Bend, IN Cincinnati Bengals: Dayton, OH or Lexington, KY Cleveland Browns: Columbus, OH or Canton, OH Dallas Cowboys: Little Rock, AR Denver Broncos: Colorado Springs, CO Detroit Lions: Toledo, OH or Lansing, MI or Grand Rapids, MI (Jacksonville) Florida Cardinals: Tallahassee, FL or Savannah, GA Green Bay Packers: Milwaukee, WI Houston Oilers: Corpus Christi, TX Indianapolis Colts: Louisville, KY Kansas City Chiefs: Omaha, NE Las Vegas Gamblers: Reno, NV Los Angeles Express: Long Beach, CA Los Angeles Rams: Anaheim, CA Memphis Showboats: Nashville, TN Miami Dolphins: Fort Lauderdale, FL Minnesota Vikings: Fargo, ND New England Patriots: Hartford, CT New Orleans Saints: Baton Rouge, LA or Shreveport, LA New York Giants: Westchester County, NY or Bridgeport, CT New York Jets: Long Island, NY Oakland Raiders: Sacramento, CA Oklahoma City Bulls: Tulsa, OK Philadelphia Eagles: Allentown, PA Pittsburgh Steelers: Wheeling, WV Portland Breakers: Boise, ID St. Louis Explorers: Cedar Rapids, IA Salt Lake City/Utah Invaders: Provo, UT San Antonio Gunslingers: Austin, TX San Diego Chargers: San Bernardino, CA San Francisco 49ers: San Jose, CA or Fresno, CA Seattle Seahawks: Spokane, WA or Tacoma, WA Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Orlando, FL Washington Redskins: Norfolk, VA or Richmond, VA
  6. No updates in the past week?
  7. Here's what I think the 8 expansion cities should be: Charlotte (Carolina Panthers) Chicago (Cyclones) Columbus (Capitals) Houston (Oilers) Los Angeles (Express) Norfolk (Virginia Neptunes) Portland (Lumberjacks) Salt Lake City (Utah Pioneers)
  8. Why are my New York Giants keep getting screwed out of the Super Bowl in this timeline?
  9. I liked a @YouTube video from @maximotv https://t.co/9o8EPvzHkg Aria London | Backstreet Boys Show 'Em What You're Made Of Premiere

  10. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/RsKXDOKNeD Road to Victory Tournament: Semi Finals and Finals

  11. Tampa Bay Cougars Kansas City Pioneers 'Nuff said. And as for my idea of how the AFA should be aligned... NORTHEASTERN Boston Buffalo New York Philadelphia ATLANTIC Baltimore Cincinnati Pittsburgh Washington CENTRAL Chicago Cleveland Detroit Milwaukee SOUTHERN Atlanta Miami New Orleans Tampa Bay MIDWESTERN Houston Kansas City St. Louis Texas NORTHWESTERN Colorado Minnesota Portland Seattle PACIFIC Arizona California Los Angeles San Diego
  12. Whatever happened to the Scandinavian Football League?
  13. @Vevo @ArianaGrande I loved your a Cappella rendition of #DangerousWoman β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ #AskAriana