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  1. LIVE - SheaElyse is broadcasting on YouNow https://t.co/LVku2KBJHw

  2. I liked a @YouTube video from @awesomenesstv https://t.co/CyvSVRm5y4 YOU DON'T OWN ME - Grace COVER BY MADISON BEER

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  7. @bigblueview Is it just me or is this about to be a repeat of last week's Michigan-Rutgers game?

  8. @NikkiRechtszaid Would you suggest changing your name to "Nikki Rexside?"

  9. I'll try to get some uniforms done, though I don't have as much experience in making uniforms unlike a few others here. I might even try hand-drawing them.
  10. RT @JSB_FOX: Loving @Rachel__Nichols on PTI! 😍

  11. @LizKatzOfficial So, will you be posting more YouTube videos anytime soon?

  12. @VictoriaJustice Yes, please!

  13. RT @rebeccagrants: #Thor throwing 100mph #fireballs in the #Wildcard #supermario told me never bet against a #superhero @mets #LGM #Postsea…