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  1. Oh man, that is a nightmare. I was working on my USC profile, and slightly darker PAC-12 logos (as in the logo more transparent, less color. More green) , but spot on everything else!
  2. I saw that "Train Wreck". I have the USC profile, if you need it pitt6pac. ;-D
  3. I really like the Lions new endzone. Very unique compared to what they have been sporting the past few years. And SF needs to keep this endzone. Only thing better is the endzone in red.
  4. SFCOM1

    AAF Field Concepts

    For Arizona, it might be a toss up between the standard ASU number font for the field or the standard number font used by the Fiesta/Cheez-itz/Cardinals (as the games are being played at the newly renovated ASU Sun Devil Stadium, and the crew employed to paint the fields for the bowl games and the Cards are the same).
  5. Yea, the word mark and "Bubbles" looked a lot fainter than previous years. Almost as if they used a thinner style of field paint. It looked almost transparent in places.
  6. Outside of the previously docmented changes. Arizona: now using bolder number font. Striping is still on the 20 yard line. Minnesota: Numbers bordered in Purple, striping moved from 20 to 25 yard line. New Orleans: Field looks new, all standard lines (Yard lines, Enzone, field numbers, and the 2 yard border) extremely bright white. With Logos, hash marks and yard marks fainter. Detroit: Possibly using field "Patch" for Lions logo ("Bubbles") in the center of the field.
  7. Small Update to the skins Packers field. The helmets where a bit narrower towards the center of the endzones. And the Face mask bars where a singlebar style (Much like Theisman's own helmet) for both sides. Both Green Bay and washington where of the same design. Green Bay's was much like the "Skin's" but with their full logo and bordered in white. The middle of the field had a very small "G" in gold only.
  8. OK I was doing some research. So for only one team has the contrasting team colors on the 25's (Vikings). I have seen them on the 20's at Indy and KC. Nothing so far from other fields yet, as most either do not use them or only have minimal striping (like Arizona) for the pre-season.
  9. Are you interested in USFL Fields?


    Or how about WLAF/NFL Europe fields?


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    2. SFCOM1


      I will need to scower for some of the WLAF/NFL Euorpe fields. I believe I have a couple of Frankfurt Galaxy pics somewhere, ;-D

    3. neo_prankster


      Here's a stripped down version of the Amsterdam Admirals' wordmark.


      On and off the endzones would have "Amsterdam" in the Democratica italic font with the capital A being the same as you see above. For week 8 of 1996, the "Amsterdam" text was orange with a navy stroke against the plain green grass. For week 10 of 1996, the end zone was colored in a blue lighter than what the Admirals used. The Admiral logo at the 50 yard line appears to have a Columbia blue stroke around the logo.


    4. neo_prankster


      Even though this clip is really highlights for the Galaxy, I wanted to point out the Barcelona Dragons' endzones consisted most of the time of the city name in the same Charlemagne font as the Dragons' wordmark. Note the red and blue accents on the 50 yard line of the Dragons' field. On the Galaxy's field, notice how the colors of the "FRANKFURT" text on the endzones change with each home game. And one more thing about Frankfurt's field, the grounds crew at Waldstadion seemed to have painted the Galaxy logo with a smoother gradient technique instead of trying to do all those little square dots and stuff.


  10. And from the 25 yard line
  11. 2018 Arizona Cardinals I was talking with the Head groundskeeper at University of Phoenix Stadium only difference in the field layout will be going to a bold font on the field numbers and possibly moving the field color accent from the 20 to the 25 yard line.
  12. Yea, those are the locations for the Numbers on an NFL Field. The practice is common for NFL stadiums with little, too no turnover time from an NFL contest to a college bowl game (Ex The University of Phoenix Stadium. Cardnials game to Fiesta Bowl layout. This was an an exampke of the reverse!)
  13. Texas Stadium 1984, 25th Silver Anniversary Season
  14. Ok, since Carolina Just announced they want to put the Panther logo on the 50 instead of the NFL shield. I came up with what I think it would look like.
  15. SFCOM1

    Updated College Football Fields

    New Updates USC Their cross-town Rival UCLA And the team with a million different uniform combinations. The Oregon Ducks