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  1. Philadelphia Eagles Nike redesign

    Nice idea, I'm currently working on an NFL series and had the same idea to use the wings from the back of the Eagle's head, it has a hidden E in the feathers when you look at it from the right angle. For a modern take, this isn't bad at all but I'm not sure I could see these uniforms translate to the NFL. Still good work!
  2. Draft Day Transformations

    I would suggest trying gimp out if photoshop isn't an option for you. These really aren't bad considering you are using paint but it's just not gonna look very realistic or good if you aren't using a photoshop-like program.
  3. Falcons 2017 design

    Glad to see you posting a concept elliot! You have always been one of my favorite artists around here. I'll give you some critique. I like the logo and word mark update! The number font looks pretty good too, I agree that I could see Nike doing something similar. The jerseys are really nice, I'm not crazy about the helmet stripe, I feel like it clashes a little bit with the rest of the set, that being said I'm not so sure a two toned stripe would work very well on the helmet with how it is laid out on the uniforms. I think I'd like the pants stripe better if the thicker stripe was cut off similar to the smaller stripe, maybe have them the same length going up until the point you put the logo on the hip. Just an idea. Everything else is great though. Great concept though, hope to see more from you!
  4. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    Yes I read that as well! Would have been much happier with Cranston in the role but I never expected it to happen just cause he was the fan favorite and Snyder clearly wants to do things his way. The entire Jimmy Olsen thing was freaking garbage. I mean the guy was in the film for 2 seconds? Some easter egg Snyder, there was no reason to make that character Olsen and there was no reason for him to be in the movie anyways, no one is gonna care if Olsen gets left out of a already overloaded Batman v Superman movie. I agree with you on the Snyder/Bay statement. I just wish they would put someone else in the driver seat of these movies. I feel like Snyder is contradicting himself with how he wants the tone of the movie to be vs how he doesn't care if it is a critically good film, he just wants it to be "fun" for the audience however he gives a boring Superman character and a Batman who is a Punisher ripoff.I really couldn't care less about the critics but the fact of the matter is nothing they have said about the movie is wrong really. I am giving it a lot of grief just cause I wanted it to be better, however I still enjoyed the movie, I just think they made a lot of mistakes that could be easily fixed. If Snyder is still in the driver's seat though, I don't have a lot of faith in these mistakes being fixed and it will likely bring a lot of bad rep to the superhero genre and could make the DC films a failure.
  5. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    I liked the film alright, but after waiting 3 years for this thing to finally come out, I was underwhelmed. Story was a mess, too many cuts and back and forth between characters. Honestly, it felt like there should have been a Batman stand alone film and a Superman stand alone film that led into the third act of the movie. However, since they mashed it together, we just get bits and pieces of them doing things that eventually end up leading to their confrontation. Not gonna lie, the reason they begin fighting is pretty stupid. I liked Affleck and how good of a fighter this Batman was but I didn't like the "Punisher" vibehe had to him either. Batman has killed before despite what people think but it is hardly ever intentional and Snyder's Batman just flat out did not give a . And that reason is one of the many reasons, I find their fight stupid. In the source material,Batman never wanted to kill Superman because he saw him as a threat, he's not a murderer in the comics, and you can't tell me the greatest detective of all time who prepared for an all out war vs Superman wouldn't have done some better research on him or confronted him in hopes of finding out if he can be trusted or not. The fight was cool, the outcome was the outcome I wanted but I didn't like what was gonna happen if the two had not realized they were on the same side. Lex was bleh. I didn't mind the twist they had with him but hejust feltforced. There wasn't enough explanation behind why he wanted to do the things he wanted to do. I'll be honest, I've never liked any of the live-action depictions of Lex. He is human and he basically hates Superman because he can't be Superman, so in the comics, animated world, etc., he wants to be Superman.He builds his body, he is extremely intellectually, Is he insane? Probably but he's not this strung out 25 year old who speaks in metaphor/riddle and has daddy issues. I like Eisenberg, but like some others have said he wasn't supposed to be the riddler. I honestly didn't mind the end of the movie, it didn't really wow me either although it made me feel like Superman finally did something Superman would do. The movie wasn't as bad as some people are making it out to be, its not Schumacher level bad, it's honestly probably just as good as Man of Steel, but it is nowhere a step above it and despite having a good look to batman (costume, fighting style) it doesn't portray Batman as well as Nolan/Bale did. Hopefully Suicide Squad is a lot better, if not than I may lose hope for the DC films. I hope Suicide Squad does do well and Affleck continues with the Batman solo film, if those can both do well enough, cut ties with Snyder and let Ayer and Affleck take reign. Hell, just cut ties with Snyder already, the guy is basically Michael Bay 2.0.
  6. Hypothetical UNC Tar Heels not with nike

    It most likely depends on the contract they have with Nike/Jordan and how long that lasts, whenever their contract runs out then Under Armor or Adidas could try to outbid Nike for a new contract but given UNC's ties to Nike/Jordan I don't see them being outbid by another company to do so.
  7. This thread is really awesome man!!! Just all the work and thought that has gone into this is amazing. Way better than any stadium building feature that has ever been in any sports game. I'd love to see your take on a UniformBuilder and all that kinda stuff too at some point, but keep up the good work!!!
  8. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    There is too much in the trailers, I'm a big batman fan and know most of the batman lore and I feel like I already know the entire plot of the movie. Hopefully I'm wrong because I felt the same way after all of the promotion for Amazing Spider-man 2 and we all know how that movie turned out. Still can't wait for the movie though, Batman looks extremely faithful to the way he should be portrayed so I'm still excited.
  9. Design Programs for Mac

    Hey guys, it has been a long time since I have posted any concept artwork here on the boards but I still surf the site quite a bit. My last computer which had almost all of my work on it crashed over Christmas break and I just purchased a MacBook for the first time. I've downloaded GIMP which was my main tool for concepts when I had my dell laptop. However, since I have none of my old files and I'm basically starting from scratch again, I thought I would ask what would be some good programs I could download and be user friendlyfor my mac? I'm tight on money so I doubt I'll be able to purchase anything like Illustrator or Photoshop anytime soon. I was just gonna ask if anyone here uses certain programs on MacBooks and if some are more user friendly than others. Thanks for any help, Mike.
  10. College Football Home Uniforms (HOUSTON ADDED)

    You're getting better with each concept. I think my favorite so far is USC, love the helmet stripe. Also a fan of the Clemson concept except for the outline around the logo and the number font, I'd stick with a traditional block font for the Tigers.
  11. College to Pro 2015: Techies

    I love your College to Pro concept series, one of my favorites on the boards. I actually really like VT in that template also, I actually where a similar alternate if I ever play with them on NCAA 14. I always use the Fighting Gobler helmets, the orange jerseys they wore before going to the LSU template and solid white or maroon pants. Looking forward to the rest.
  12. NFL Thursday Night Color Clash: Bills vs. Jets

    I really think the NFL needs to eliminate the one colored helmet rule. Also isn't there a rule about only having 2 pant colors? The Bills will have 3 now. I don't know, the whole helmet thing seems stupid to me if you're going to add in a 'color rush' game series. I agree with you especially if they are going to do something like this. Although I will say that I like having a limit on helmets in the NFL just because I don't want to see some NFL team turn into Oregon. Still, they could at least allow two colored helmets. But I agree with you completely, the fun thing about the concept world though is that you can choose to bend these rules sometimes if that is what you prefer!
  13. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    It's very well thought out but I don't believe it for a second. I also don't believe the whole Jared Leto's joker is Robin theory, Robin was killed by Joker which is more than enough explanation for his "Robin" tattoo. The Joker is crazy and loves to piss off Batman so I find it extremely believable that he'd get a Robin tattoo just because he killed him. Affleck is also supposed to be making the next Batman solo film, why bring him on for that if he isn't actually batman? Also I think the "You let your family die" is the Red Hood instead of the Joker. The next batman solo film is supposedly based on "Under the Hood" and "A death in the family" so it would make sense. I don't know if y'all have ever heard of Mr. Sunday Movies but his youtube channel is probably my favorite right now, he actually did a video talking about both of the fan theories surrounding BvS.
  14. NFL Thursday Night Color Clash: Bills vs. Jets

    I like both designs but I am not a fan of the blue pants with this jersey. The main reason for that is I just don't like seeing a light helmet with a colored jersey and colored pants that aren't the same as the jersey or helmet. I think its just my own personal preference but I rather see monochrome or the pants match the helmet, I've always been that way. Despite this, the Jets uniform actually works for me, maybe it's the shoulder yoke, but it doesn't clash with the rest of the uniform in my eyes like your Bills pants. Again just my personal preference, I love the overall concept though, two very good looking designs.
  15. TCU looks awesome. I'm in the minority here but I like the original Ohio State concept the best, always liked their rivalry uniforms.