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  1. Nice concept, the only nitpick I have would be to keep consistency between the pattern used on the shoulders and helmet/pants stripe. I just think it would look better sublimated into the striping on the pants and helmet as it would stay consistent with the shoulder yoke. I think I would like the shoulder numbers to have an white outline too although that is a really minor nitpick. The new font and throwback uniforms are a really nice touch!
  2. HAWAI'I TROPICS (San Francisco 49ers/San Diego Chargers Affiliate): Logo Sheet Team Info coming soon... Primary Uniforms: For the Tropics primary uniforms, I took inspiration from a few of their past sets. The Tropics were known for having a modern uniform set and were the closest thing to the Oregon Ducks in the original MLF. In season 1, the Tropics had somewhat of a mixed identity using multiple logos and uniform sets, for their alternate sets they used a tribal inspired pattern on their uniforms. @HarperK designed a great logo and uniform set for the Tropics in season 2. The logos have stuck ever since, however with the league's switch to Nike from Under Armor in Season 3, they again decided to change uniforms. I have to say season 2's look is by far my favorite so I took more inspiration from it than anything else using the same number font. The uniform design is similar but also takes some inspiration from the NFL's pro bowl uniforms from last season. Like they did in season 1 with the alternates I mention, Hawai'i also decided to implement a pattern into their design for the new MFL uniforms by using a palm leaf patter on the shoulders and gear. Alternate Uniforms: The alternate uniforms for the 2016 Tropics follow the same template as the primary uniforms but instead use orange as it's base color as it uses an orange alternate helmet which was introduced in Season 3 and orange gear instead of the traditional teal color. Some Extra Notes: As I stated in my last post, I am going to hold off from posting roster information and things like that until I complete them all. I am getting very close to being done with it but it will probably take me another week or two. I wanted to get this posted over the weekend but worked on the rosters in my free time and had other things to do so I had to wait until today. Las Vegas will be up next and will be posted over the next couple of days. I noticed that I have messed up some of the team's establishment years as well, since the league was technically created in 2008 but did not kickoff a game until 2009 I get some of those teams mixed up sometimes but I will be making some edits to fix that as well. Also it should be noted that the Chargers have indeed relocated to Los Angeles. Since this project is currently covering the 2016 season, I am keeping the San Diego Chargers as the affiliate for the Tropics as they would have been for the entire 2016 season. Once we move forward from this season, the relocation will come in to play and San Diego will likely be used as an expansion location for the 2017 MFL season. This also means that I will be posting a new updated concept for the Chargers sometime soon. I may just post it as it's own separate thread and link it to my NFL concepts instead of digging up a thread that hasn't been posted in for the last 5 or 6 months, but it is something that I will be working on as well!
  3. Thanks for the kind words! I will admit, it is a little discouraging that there haven't been more comments or criticism but at the same time I understand that it is a slow moving topic at the moment. I am trying to get it moving forward as quickly as I can now. I am almost done with all of the team's rosters and because of that I will be changing some of the descriptions for the teams I have posted. I will probably save the explanation for the remaining teams as I finish the rosters up. I have the next 6 teams ready to post but I may try and hold off until I finish the rosters and post the draft formulas that I used to fill out each team's roster first as well as each team's roster. If I get that out of the way, I can fly through the remaining teams as I only have 3 more uniform sets to complete. Plus that way each post doesn't have to be so long. I like to think that everyone is enjoying the descriptions as the comments have highlighted the depth into the league but it can all be explained in a more organized way than me just trying to write it up for each team as I go. So hope everyone else hangs in there with me! Expect some more post this weekend, I should have the roster done by then as this has actually been a easy week for me regarding classes and work but if I can't get that done, I will at least post Hawai'i and Las Vegas!
  4. HARTFORD ADMIRALS (Philadelphia Eagles/New England Patriots Affiliate): Logo Sheet The Admirals are the official affiliate of the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. They will feature all of the Eagles and Patriots practice squad members for the 2016 season. The Hartford Admirals are going under a name change for the 2016 season but are keeping close ties to their original name, the "Connecticut Navy." The Navy were always very prideful on having a classic uniform set. In their final season being known as the Navy, the team finally won their first Championship as they are currently the reigning champs of the Minor Football League. The Admirals boast a strong defense full of playmakers such as DT Aleric Mullins, former UCONN star DE Lindsey Whitten, LB Tray Blackmon and S Michael Boulware who have been All-Stars for numerous years in the original MLF. The team also features playmakers on offense such as former Eagle and Heisman winning QB Vince Young and WR Quan Cosby. The team features a strong running attack with a strong offensive line, the Admirals selected another former Texas QB in Garret Gilbert in the regional draft to provide the veteran Young with some competition. The team also boast two former NFL running backs who had some success during their time in the league in HB Peyton Hillis who is the reigning Championship MVP as well as new regional draft pick and hometown star from UCONN Donald Brown. Primary Uniforms: The Admirals take some inspiration from their former look as the Navy. However, this season they have decided to go with a more unique look somewhat inspired by their former retro uniform set as well as real Navy striping and insignias. The star makes a big appearance on the shoulder featuring the number inside it as well as the helmet. Each uniform features a navy shoulder yoke with the new design implemented which blends in with the normal home uniform. Because of the Admirals classic uniform history, they are the only team in the MFL not to feature a wordmark on the jersey. While the pants remain gray, the Admirals chose to feature a new navy helmet this season. Alternate Uniforms: The Alternate follows the same trend as the primary uniforms featuring the navy shoulder yoke, navy helmet and gray pants but features a yellow-gold jersey just like their former alternates. The Hawai'i Tropics are up next!
  5. I got it updated, I posted them late last night before I went to bed and was too tired to realize I hadn't changed it, thanks for the head's up though! What do you think about the team?
  6. BRONX PINSTRIPES (New York Giants/New York Jets Affiliate): Logo Sheet The Pinstripes are the official affiliate of the New York Giants and the New York Jets. They will feature all of the Jets and Giants practice squad members for the 2016 season. A brand new expansion team created for the 2016 season, the Pinstripes are located in the Bronx and will play their Home games in Yankee Stadium. The team uses major influence from their home field counterpart and incorporates the name "Pinstripes" into their logos and uniforms. All logos were originally created by myself as this was one of the earliest ideas I had for an expansion team! The team made some big moves in the regional drafts selecting former Central Michigan star QB Dan LeFevour and Ohio State RB Dan Herron. The team also features former Syracuse star QB Ryan Nassib who is apart of the Giants practice squad and will battle LeFevour for playing time this season. The roster is full of former MLF stars who were looking for a new home this offseason. Primary Uniforms: The Pinstripes have a classic styled uniform set. Taking some influence from the Drew Bledsoe era Patriots uniforms, these jerseys sublimate pinstripes onto the jersey. The uniform features a tuscan inspired number set as well. The undershirt and gloves utilize a more traditional pinstripe look as well as the cleats. Alternate Uniforms: The Pinstripes go with a more modern out of the box look for their only alternate uniform option. The gray/navy pinstripe pattern is used on the helmet stripe, collar, sleeves, pants stripe and socks. The helmet uses a chrome facemask and also utilizes an arched "Bronx" logo on the helmet as it is primarily viewed as an city pride uniform. That marks 4 teams down, the team formerly known as the Connecticut Navy will be making their rebrand debut as the Hartford Admirals next!
  7. Hate to hear about the hard drive crash, I had a similar thing happen to me last year. I'm late to the party but I love this series and hope you can continue it! You have done a really great job so far and I would like to see what you came up with for my Bravos. Regardless, this is one of the better MLB series I have seen on here so great work once again!
  8. BOISE GRIZZLIES (Cincinnati Bengals/Minnesota Vikings Affiliate): Logo Sheet The Grizzlies are the official affiliate of the Minnesota Vikings and the Cincinnati Bengals. They will feature all of the Bengals and Vikings practice squad members for the 2016 season. The team has a rich history in the Minor Football League, as they are one of seven teams to win the Championship at some point. They accomplished their Championship run during the 5th season which took place in 2013. The Grizzlies still feature some of the veterans who have been with the team since it's early days and helped them make the playoffs every season except one. The Grizzlies have been in the Championship game once and finished 2nd in their conference multiple times. One of the most notable players on their roster is former Auburn standout running back Kenny Irons. Another veteran returning is the minor league journeyman and former Oklahoma heisman winner Jason White. Both players will be retiring after the season but chose to come back for one more season, other standouts from the Vikings and Bengals practice squads include RB Bishop Sankey, RB Tra Carson, DE Ryan Brown, LB P.J. Dawson and TE Kyle Carter. The Grizzlies are loaded at RB as they were also able to draft former Baylor star Lache Seastrunk who became available during the later rounds of the regional draft, however they were unable to address their need at finding a solid QB without any Bengals or Vikings practice squad members available at the position, the Grizzlies drafted former Wisconsin-Whitewater QB Matt Blanchard who was one of the lowest rated QB's available in the regional drafts. The rest of the roster will be filled out and posted at a later time. Also should mention, they will feature a new stadium but they will currently use Boise State's smurf turf which is quite the color clash. Primary Uniforms: The Grizzlies have a modernized look that was inspired from the uniform set they began wearing in season 2 which was designed by elliot who also designed the logos. A few changes include: no more white stripe on the helmet, striping pattern moved to the chest combining their former primary and alternate looks, new number font to match wordmark, paw print logo moves to the primary helmet. Alternate Uniforms: Green is the main focus of the alternate uniforms with green gear and green helmets featuring the bear logo. Bronx will be up in the next couple of days!
  9. Okay guys, time to pick this back up again! First of all I want to say thanks to the guys who have continued to show some interest, I don't believe I have ever had a project go with this long of a hiatus and continue to work on it or complete it and it definitely motivates me to want to continue the work on it since some people have continued showing interest even when it looked like it was dead in the water. With that being said, I have come pretty close to completing the rosters for each team. I am going to update the first post and turn it a table of contents at some point. My biggest goal is creating a blog to archive things like the history's backstory. I'll finish out showing you guys the uniforms and posting results from the past seasons with a much smaller summarized story of those seasons and than I will post some weekly uniform match-ups between each game as I "simulate" the season. I'm going to do some things like "NFL Pride Week" which would be like this league's version of color rush, each team will likely feature a very colorized set that feature's their parent team's colors and logos. I'll also post stadiums/fields for each team after I get through with the uniforms. I want to give a shoutout to @Uglybus for sketching out OKC's stadium, I have it completed as a 2D graphic through GIMP. @29texan and @StaatsBrett helped me out with a couple others as well, we never all got the finished projects completely ready but I'll post what they were able to get done and see if I can come up with a graphic similar to what I did with OKC for some of the other stadiums. Boise will be posted in the next couple of days, I will try to get around to posting the Bronx as well as an update to Albuquerque's sleeves. I will probably pretend like the league has run along side the NFL all year long although I may just decide to have the season start in January similar to how the old league was run. Since this is all fictional, it really doesn't matter much but it could be cool to come up with the stories and such for everyone to follow along with throughout the months of January and February. If you have any input on this let me know and you can help me decide. Stay tuned!
  10. I actually have planned for him to be on San Antonio although I will say he probably did not end up playing much this season given the fact that he has had plenty of reasons to be suspended. Once I get started on this again, we will see who else they have on the roster and if the Nightmare can get through the season with their troublesome QB!
  11. Thanks for the comments guys, I completely understand @29texan this entire fall semester has really kicked my ass as well and I just haven't had the time I had this past spring and summer to work on stuff like this. I am going to pick this back up over Christmas time though because I will have a break from school and work. I have too much done for the project not to finish it but I may have to figure out a way to streamline everything a little bit better, I may also try using some system to create rosters for each team off of Madden 17 similar to how the original Minor Football League was run. @GFB Good question, I played around with the gradients in those two areas so much that it kind of just led to a design flaw on my part. When I come back to this I'll just flip the red and orange to match the helmet!
  12. That is a good point! If this were the case, certain players would not have a patch at all (like Trent Richardson on Alabama). Makes sense though, I like it, I'll probably just go with a patch of the logo on the jersey and keep the small helmet decals, the patch would look just like the primary logos in showing at the bottom of the presentation.