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  1. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    I feared that this set was gonna get comments about it being too busy. I had two different ideas for them and wanted to see if they could cohesively go together well but it is a little bit of a stretch. I'm gonna do a 2nd version that stays the same but gets rid of the pattern "piping" that shows up around the two-toned stripes. Alternate will stay, I'm not surprised that someone may night like it but it's a Seahawk color and it's unique, I don't see that as a problem like I do the actual busy-ness of the design.
  2. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS Primary/Alternate Uniforms: Seattle has one of the best modern looks in the NFL IMO. I decided to use that but I just tweaked some things to my own personal preferences. First of all, I got rid of their lighter blue-ish silver color, it isn't bad but I don't think they use the neon green enough and it makes their look a little drab. So green just replaces it all together here. Secondly, I took their "Seahawks" pattern and ran with it. Changes: Pattern is used on collar, pants and to outline the sleeve. Green replaces blueish silver color. No more collarbone striping. Sleeve stripe influenced by current set. No more pattern on numbers. Now for the combos, I show monochrome combos for each set. I think the Seahawks are a team that can pull of the monochrome look really well. With that being said, a green alternate is introduced and I show green pants with it but I don't think that personally I'd have them wear all green every time they wore this set, maybe once just because I think they could pull it off but it is basically just shown this way to show that green jerseys and pants are an option. Home Uniform Away Uniform Alternate Uniform Throwback Set: So I made this set with a blue jersey before realizing they are on the road vs. the Buccaneers, I was going to change it to white but then I thought you know what Blue vs. Orange is a good contrast and that would be a fun Color vs. Color match-up. This is a fauxback that takes it's main inspiration from the late 80's-90's look. The blue color is kind of a neutral color between that set and the blue they used for their early 2000's look. The sleeve striping mimics the inspiration set but the collar and pants stripe are streamlined to match the sleeve striping. The helmet is similar but the logo has an outline and it wraps around the back instead of cutting off at the middle. To address some of the things about the 49ers. I don't see a big problem with the undershirt. If I do anything with it I might just remove the wordmark. The font is an interesting complaint, it is different from a block but I felt it wasn't too much and it fits really well with the logos and wordmark, with that being said I may try out a block font for it. I don't plan on changing the throwback, I had originally planned on going for the Super Bowl 19 match-up but I wanted the Dolphins to stay in their Aqua jerseys and I wanted to separate the Niners from their primary look by going with silver. The point about the script on the jersey is a good one, my thinking was that it is such a small detail it is more so of a cool thing to view when actually wearing the jersey or buying it. Thanks for all of the input though!
  3. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS Primary/Alternate Uniforms: The 49ers have somewhat of a classic look. The reason I say somewhat is because of their goofy looking tapered sleeve stripes. That is the only real problem I have with their current uniforms. With that being said, I basically just gave the Niners some tweaks. Striping style is moved up onto the sleeve and to become completely visible. Gold is added to the middle layer of the stripes to add some color into the jerseys. The 49ers wordmark is recolored to have a gold 49 and underline. No more BFBS alternate (that thing is trash), it gets replaced with a gold jersey and white pants. Number and name fonts are updated to match the logo and wordmark font as well. Home Uniform Away Uniform Alternate Uniform Throwback Set: The Niners get a fun classical match-up with the Dolphins for throwback week. A couple of different influences for this set here. Silver helmets and pants are used as a nod to the 1950's/60's look. Striping for the jersey moves down to the undershirt and it along with the pants stripe are mainly influenced by their 70's look. Drop shadow numbers used to provide more pop and something different, it is also a nod to their late 90's uniforms as well as their 55-56 look. Thanks again for all of the comments, the Rams seem to be a big hit which is something I was hoping for. I'll try to get Seattle up sometime tomorrow and provide the necessary tweaks for the division after that.
  4. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    LOS ANGELES RAMS Primary/Alternate Uniforms: So my roommate @ThePastor is a huge Ram's fan. We have always agreed that the Rams throwback look is their best look as does most people. With that being said, there is still ways to modernize that classic look and that is exactly what I did. The Rams need exciting uniforms for their move to LA but they don't have to do that by rebranding one of the best logo sets in the NFL. Everything gets recolored, a lighter shade of blue replaces the Navy and yellow replaces their gold color. The horns are stylized on the helmet and uniforms to match the logo better. I also added a "horn" like stripe to the pants. All of the fonts are updated to match the wordmark better, and by doing this I also created a secondary LA logo which can be seen on the undershirt and the pants. I'm a little skeptical about where it is placed it on the pants, it may just need to be recolored there. The collar is also heavily stylized. I think the Rams actually pull of the Nike collar now but thought I'd try to make it flow a little bit better with the rest of the uniform. Other than that, everything else is pretty much self explanatory. Home Uniform Away Uniform Alternate Uniform Throwback Set: The Rams get a bit of a fauxback. I put the Saints in all-white for this game so the Rams decide to counter with a monochrome look as well. The jersey style actually comes from their current throwback set but uses the "Fearsome Four" navy and white color scheme. I also decided to go with an inverted helmet making it white with blue horns as a way to counter the Saints gold helmet with white uniforms. This would be the first time the Rams have ever worn a white helmet. @Broncoboy7 Good point, I'll go back and adjust the undershirt's logo!
  5. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    ARIZONA CARDINALS Primary/Alternate Uniforms: Everybody that does a concept for the Cardinals uses the Arizona state flag in some shape or form these days. Most of the time it is sublimated in some area of the jersey (sleeves, back of jersey, pants, etc.) and there have been a lot of really great concepts out there that use this in the past. I knew that I would likely use it but I didn't want it to be the main focus of the uniform because I wanted to try something different. What I came up with was a way to reintroduce an older look and combine it with modern elements. I took influence from the combined striping/flag pattern that was used starting in 1989 and throughout the 90's. So what are the differences? The striping becomes smaller to fit the modern Nike template, the state flag actually features the Cardinal logo in the center as opposed to the star. The flag uses sublimated colors on the home uniform as a nod to the plain red uniforms from the 90's and the flag reverts to it's normal colors on the away just as it was used on the old uniforms as well. Copper is introduced as a new color replacing yellow (which was only used on the logo), this is implemented more so on the Alternate "State Pride" uniform. Copper helmet used as an alternate, it replaces all of the stripe colors and is used for the pants as well. The undershirt and gloves become more unique for this set by featuring the state flag colors as opposed to the sublimated version. All fonts used match the wordmarks as well. Home Uniform Away Uniform Alternate Uniform Throwback Set: This throwback set was a little bit tougher due to the fact that I had already re-introduced a "retro" look for the primary set. The striping pattern on the jersey is borrowed from their late 90's/early 2000's look. I feel like it works well because it is much thinner and gives off more of a retro feel than the actual primary set does. The red pants are used from that set as well. Old Cardinal logo is brought back on the helmets. the numbers used on the uniform are actually from a look the St. Louis cardinals had in the 70's. Here are a couple of different looks at that set: picture 1, picture 2. I used a very dark maroon as the drop shadow color, I'm honestly not sure if it was maroon or black used in the 70's for this but I liked the maroon look so I went with it.
  6. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    NFC WEST Arizona Cardinals (Posted 5/23/16): Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback Los Angeles Rams (Posted 5/23/16): Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback San Francisco 49ers (Posted 5/25/16): Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback Seattle Seahawks (Coming Soon): Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback THROWBACK WEEK MATCH-UPS (Jersey/Pants Colors): Arizona Cardinals (White/Red) @ Falcons Los Angeles Rams (Navy/Navy) @ Saints *Saints in All-White San Francisco 49ers (White/Silver) @ Dolphins Seattle Seahawks (Coming Soon) @ Buccaneers *Color vs Color Match-up
  7. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    I was waiting for someone to say that when I posted it. Despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan of Newton, the main reason I didn't use him was because 1 isn't a great number to model the uniform in but then again I used Julio Jones for the Falcons so that isn't the best excuse. I have no problems making one just so you can see what it looks like though! At some point when this series is coming to a close, I may make some avatars or signatures just for fun and I am planning on using photo realistic jersey swaps so Cam will definitely be one of the guys I do for the Panthers as well. Thanks for the kind words! I'll try to get the helmets for the NFC West up in just a little bit and the Cardinals tonight as well.
  8. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    NEW YORK JETS (UPDATE) Primary/Alternate Uniforms: So here comes the first major updated post in the entire series so far. I think @KittSmith_95 had a good point about the number font, it was honestly one of the things I was most iffy about but thought it worked well enough, after going back to the drawing board I think I found a font that works better with the logo and wordmark. Changes: New slightly modified Invader font used across all sets. Home Uniform Away Uniform Alternate Uniform (Alternate Helmet included) Throwback Set: The throwback is updated as well. Same uniform but with the New York Titan's color scheme. To answer @Broncoboy7's question about the gold actually being darker he is right. The color scheme is actually used from the throwback uniforms the Jets have worn before as opposed to the actual lighter version the 1960 team wore during the season, if you click the link you will actually notice that the preseason uniforms used the darker color scheme. The reason I went with this one is because I like it more and it will also separate them from the Charger's throwback once that comes.
  9. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    It's fair to have that opinion. I'm not a fan of seeing a style like that all the time but I personally don't think it is tacky or a bad way to use a stripe for something like a alternate uniform (if it's pulled off the right way). I'm still a fan of those Hawaii uniforms but to each their own! In all honesty, the normal uniform's pants would probably work just as well with my alternate uniform but I thought I'd give the alternate pants a shot. So I may make that adjustment to it. I do agree with you on the numbers though, I think I can pick one out that fits the updated wordmark better and will flow with the uniform a little bit better. I agree with this, it is in fact why I originally was going to go with the Blue and Gold color scheme but I just didn't know if it fit as well as the green and white one. Regardless here is a look at it in the other color scheme. EDIT: See Jets updated post below
  10. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    Fair point... the idea for those pants were to go for something similar to what Under Armor is doing now or what nike has done with Hawaii before.
  11. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    I can agree on the font maybe not working as well as I'd have liked it too. I may go with another one. Don't think that I'd agree that the alt uniforms wouldn't look good on the field though, it is essentially just a shoulder yoke which is pretty common in football. That will probably be one of the sets I try out for a real jersey swap picture.
  12. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    NEW YORK JETS (ORIGINAL SET IN SPOILERS)......UPDATE CAN BE VIEWED HERE @StrongXStyle They are similar just because they use both use two tones and both use red and navy but I feel like they are different enough for it to work for both teams. The Patriots stripe is a little bit thinner and more of a shoulder stripe while the Texans striping style somewhat mimics the Ram's horn sleeve/shoulder stripe. I don't see it being a problem though given that they are both still unique to each team and their are a lot of teams who use the same or similar classic striping styles.
  13. Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 *Seahawks Posted (20/32)

    That is a really good point! I went ahead and updated the original Patriots post, Jets will come either late tonight or sometime tomorrow, thanks for all the comments guys!
  14. Atlanta Braves Logo-ATLANTA SCRIPT 5/23

    Script looks great as well, I'll second the idea to make a whole uniform set with it! I wish I could buy a hat with the logo on it now.
  15. NFL rebrand

    Pretty good stuff for your first try! I think you have some good ideas here, maybe just need a little more practice at execution which will come with time, no worries there. For the Cardinals, the sleeves look great, the pants stripe is a little interesting to me, not bad but I feel like if you are going to use two colors on the pants you may want to try to use the secondary color for the jerseys as well. Maybe outline the numbers and wordmarks? The wordmark could probably be a little smaller too, not many NFL teams have a larger wordmark than numbers on the front of their jerseys. Still I really like the idea behind this concept, the AZ Cardinal head logo is interesting too, not bad at all. I like the newer template, if you decide to make any updates for the Cardinals you should use the new template to do so since you can show the helmet on it better as well. I think the Patriots concept is very nice, very clean old school look that the Patriots could pull off very well. Only changes I would suggest for this are very minor nitpicks to help you out with your execution. The front number is off centered a little bit and the Nike logo should be reversed on the pants (which was already suggested). Also the back view of the pants on the away jersey are white while the other views are blue, you may have done this on purpose to show that could use either option but if you want one view that is just a heads up for you! Overall, good ideas here just needs a little bit of clean up, but like I said before this is pretty good for your first attempt, keep at it!