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  1. College Football Home Uniforms (HOUSTON ADDED)

    You're getting better with each concept. I think my favorite so far is USC, love the helmet stripe. Also a fan of the Clemson concept except for the outline around the logo and the number font, I'd stick with a traditional block font for the Tigers.
  2. College to Pro 2015: Techies

    I love your College to Pro concept series, one of my favorites on the boards. I actually really like VT in that template also, I actually where a similar alternate if I ever play with them on NCAA 14. I always use the Fighting Gobler helmets, the orange jerseys they wore before going to the LSU template and solid white or maroon pants. Looking forward to the rest.
  3. NFL Thursday Night Color Clash: Bills vs. Jets

    I agree with you especially if they are going to do something like this. Although I will say that I like having a limit on helmets in the NFL just because I don't want to see some NFL team turn into Oregon. Still, they could at least allow two colored helmets. But I agree with you completely, the fun thing about the concept world though is that you can choose to bend these rules sometimes if that is what you prefer!
  4. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    It's very well thought out but I don't believe it for a second. I also don't believe the whole Jared Leto's joker is Robin theory, Robin was killed by Joker which is more than enough explanation for his "Robin" tattoo. The Joker is crazy and loves to piss off Batman so I find it extremely believable that he'd get a Robin tattoo just because he killed him. Affleck is also supposed to be making the next Batman solo film, why bring him on for that if he isn't actually batman? Also I think the "You let your family die" is the Red Hood instead of the Joker. The next batman solo film is supposedly based on "Under the Hood" and "A death in the family" so it would make sense. I don't know if y'all have ever heard of Mr. Sunday Movies but his youtube channel is probably my favorite right now, he actually did a video talking about both of the fan theories surrounding BvS.
  5. NFL Thursday Night Color Clash: Bills vs. Jets

    I like both designs but I am not a fan of the blue pants with this jersey. The main reason for that is I just don't like seeing a light helmet with a colored jersey and colored pants that aren't the same as the jersey or helmet. I think its just my own personal preference but I rather see monochrome or the pants match the helmet, I've always been that way. Despite this, the Jets uniform actually works for me, maybe it's the shoulder yoke, but it doesn't clash with the rest of the uniform in my eyes like your Bills pants. Again just my personal preference, I love the overall concept though, two very good looking designs.
  6. TCU looks awesome. I'm in the minority here but I like the original Ohio State concept the best, always liked their rivalry uniforms.
  7. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    So out of curiosity I decided to do a rough mock-up of what the black nike "shir-seys" would look like for Alabama. I still find it extremely hard to believe that the teams will actually roll out these jerseys but I thought it would be fun just to see what it might look like on the field. Not really a fan of it, I wouldn't hate the idea of a black jersey maybe for one game for Alabama but I don't think I'd want it to look like that^ especially not the crimson numbers, if they were gonna do it I'd want them to just keep it simple and make it look like their QB jerseys, if they had to throw in a touch of crimson maybe give the players crimson undershirts or add some type of piping. Overall though, I'd probably rather just see Alabama stick to the Crimson jerseys even for some type of alternate.
  8. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    I'm not a fan of that theory and I've read that the DCCU wants to use the Red Hood so I don't really believe that theory either although it is a possibility. A little off subject here but since they are making Batman so old for this universe maybe we could get a Batman Beyond live action film down the road. I'm not talking anytime soon but when Affleck is presumably done with being "Batman", I think that would be a great way to continue the series without having to reboot the character. Also Batman Beyond has ties with the Justice League and Amanda Waller, I'd really love to see a live-action take on The Return of The Joker at some point.
  9. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    It is hard for me to imagine that Leto can top Heath Ledger but for the sake of this being a whole new universe, that really doesn't matter. He pulls it off nicely in the brief glimpse we get in the trailer so I'm excited to see his interpretation. I'm pumped, it is pretty obvious that DC wants to set their tone darker than Marvel but that may really work out in their favor. Although I do agree with others on Superman, I get that he is being made out as a "danger" in the eyes of the public for the new movie and that should work given what happened in the first film and the fact that Batman is going up against him but at the same time Superman isn't really the dark gritty character that Batman is, so I hope they'll lighten the tone for him after this film. As far as all the casting goes, I think Affleck is going to kill it. He really looks great as Batman and I was a huge fan of Christian Bale so that isn't easy for me to say either. Eisenberg was an interesting choice for Luther, I really wanted a portrayal similar to All-Star Superman, where Lex is basically trying to build himself into Superman and makes it known that the reason he hates him is because he wishes he had the power Superman has. I don't get that from Eisenberg but I'm still willing to give this interpretation a chance. Everyone else looks pretty good to me as well especially Margot Robbie as Harley, from the Suicide Squad trailer it looks like she is going to nail the role. I can't wait for next year, the superhero movie lineup is crazy and I can't wait to see all of them.
  10. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Love Tennessee's new uniforms! This is a great "modern" update to a classic uniform without going overboard (cough cough Louisville). Nike has hit it out of the park recently with Tennessee and UNC IMO, using unique elements for each school but not going overboard. This is exactly how uniform design should be. I'm also a big fan of the way Nike incorporated the checkerboard pattern for Tennessee but separated it from Kentucky's pattern.
  11. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Yes! It feels like the entire concept was created by an airbrush artist. There have been some really bad uniforms in College Football in recent years but I honestly believe this is the worst one I have ever seen. The helmet is an absolute joke. Again, did they just decide to go get airbrushed? I remember a couple of kids on my park & rec baseball team doing this with their helmets in the 4th grade. Jersey numbers are crap, the sleeve "wings" are a little more bearable than the other wings used across the uniform but that gives me another gripe. Why so much inconsistency? Chrome "Oregon" wings on the base layer, Red and Chrome wing stripe on the sleeves, and "realistic" Cardinal wings everywhere else. At least pick one and just go with it (all of them are bad though). Also, this does not look like a Cardinal, I know some other people already mentioned it but it looks like a zombie chicken hybrid. The entire uniform is just laughable. Hate to say it but I think I'm going to have to root for Auburn in the season opener.
  12. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Still looks gold to me
  13. LA Clippers New Logos & Uniforms?

    Oh no, that blue one is awful, the "LA" placed in front of Clippers is just terrible. I really like the Clippers but damn this rebrand is just getting worse by the second.
  14. LA Clippers New Logos & Uniforms?

    I loved the old set, don't get me wrong it could have been improved but the new set is absolute garbage.
  15. CCSLC Loveline

    Okay I have a very interesting situation for y'all. Around the middle of March I texted my ex to clear the air between us because we had a good connection The convo took a turn very quickly and she initiated it. It was about us hooking up again so we have started doing that since. We both said we'd try to keep it "no strings attached" but it's my ex and I'm not stupid. My problem is, she has loose ends with her last boyfriend who told her to promise him she would never date me again when they broke up. However, she is talking to another guy who graduated with me, they've been on one date, her ex and this guy don't know what me and her have going on right now so she doesn't want to be very public with me mainly because of her ex. So what do I do here? I know the longer I keep this going the more I'm gonna start having feelings for her and even though that's still not enough for me, it can be hard seeing her deal with these other guys because I don't particularly like it. Do I keep playing it out and see what happens or do I need to just cut my loses at some point?