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  1. Season 2 Summary (Reality: JULY 2009-APR 2010, AT: JAN 2010-MAR 2010) · Season Play: First off let me explain the reality of this season. Our fantasy league got greedy and tried simming a second season in the summer/fall instead of waiting until January. It was the league at its worst as we had owners constantly bickering and had numerous time constraints involving our simulations. Ultimately we plowed through and decided to end the season in a tournament after 6 “weeks” of games were played. Alternate Timeline Season: In the fictional reality. The story of the 2010 season goes like this. Games were kicked off in January 2010 and the league played for 5 weeks before a pending strike began to cloud the season’s future. Week 6 was played but coaches and players went on strike after the week ended which led to games being stalled for a week. The resolution saw the league resolving cap room and contract situations as well as resulting in the Minor League Football’s Coaches and Players Association. This would lead to a season ending tournament which was seeded based on the 6 season games played before. The league had taken on two expansion teams before the season started, one in the West known as the Albuquerque 47’s and one in the East known as the Connecticut Navy. The South Carolina Redhawks also changed ownership before the season and elected to relocate to Quebec City where they became the Quebec Polaires giving Minor League Footall it’s first Canadian team. The 47’s were the regular season’s worst team going winless while the Gladiators and Tropics seemed to be on a collision course for the championship with only one loss by the end of the season. The season ending tournament which served as the playoffs saw the 47’s go on an improbable winning streak winning out the West and making it all the way to the Championship. The East would see .500 team Quebec lead a charge all the way to the championship as well delivering a crushing 24-7 blow over the season favorite Gladiators. Albuquerque’s Cinderella tournament results came to a crashing end when the Quebec Polaires proved to be the superior team winning the MLF Championship 20-0 behind the arm of QB Jake Plummer. · Playoffs: The playoffs featured the Boise vs Las Vegas and Louisville vs Alabama. Alabama and Las Vegas were the favorites as they won their conferences and they would wind up in the Championship game just as expected. The Championship was every bit as exciting as you could expect it to be coming down to the wire. Ryan Leaf led the Aces to a 14-12 lead late in the game and the Gladiators led by David Carr drove down the field putting Mike Vanderjagt in a spot to kick a game-winning field goal. Vanderjagt hooked the kick however and the Aces won the Championship. · Standings: EAST: AL 5-1, CON 3-3, LOU 3-3, MEM 3-3, QUE 3-3 WEST: ALB 0-6, BOI 4-2, HAW 5-1, LV 3-3, SA 2-4 ASG: NONE PLAYOFF RESULTS: Round 1 ALB 24-7 SA MEM 20-27 QUE Round 2 LV 27-24 HAW ALB 20-14 BOI LOU 24-45 CON QUE 24-7 AL Conf. Championships ALB 35-27 LV QUE 38-23 CON MLFC2: QUE 20-0 ALB · Notable Players LEAGUE MVP: Connecticut HB Rudi Johnson Offensive POY: Las Vegas QB John Parker Wilson Defensive POY: Alabama LB Takeo Spikes Comeback POY: Alabama QB Michael Vick PLAYOFF MVP: Quebec Jake Plummer Former University of Alabama QB John Parker Wilson had a breakout year relieving season 1 MVP Ryan Leaf who was suspended for the entire season. Louisville’s QB Aaron Brooks led the league in Passing Touchdowns while their HB Najeh Davenport led the league in Rushing Touchdowns (Davenport became a superstar in season 3). MVP Rudi Johnson led the league in rushing yards for the Connecticut Navy expansion team. Johnson was originally drafted by Boise in season 1 before being dealt to Alabama at that season’s trade deadline. He was then traded to Connecticut in exchange for the #1 overall pick in the MLF draft. Boise’s WR Patrick Crayton led the league in receiving yards and the league saw a 3 way tie for receiving touchdowns between former college standout DJ Hall and former NFL stars Joey Galloway and Joe Horn. I don't know that I will have any jerseys up soon. I've got a pretty busy week with class and work but I am going to try and get started on them in the next couple of days when I have some down time.
  2. Louisville Shockers: Another logo set created by raysox. I actually created the uniforms and originally the piping went onto the sleeve but I tweaked it to go around the sleeve cap instead. It makes more sense with the similar template used for each team. The pants are different than the rest of the leagues. I wanted to keep the piping from the others but just make it straight down like it originally was, makes the stripe look too clunky but I could have seen Under Armor doing something like this back in the day. Thankfully, the Shockers would update their look all around after this season and went from being one of the weakest looks in the league to being one of the strongest and most unique looks in the league. Some notable players include QB Aaron Brooks, HB Najeh Davenport, WR Bryant Johnson and LB Andra Davis. I just realized that the Shockers technically had one more loss and Boise technically had one more win because they played each other in the "Bronze Bowl" which was a 3rd place game for the league but I'm not going to count that game in the records for now. Memphis Kings: These logos and uniforms were created by raysox originally as well. They also featured a logo of Elvis' head as their team name and colors are a homage to the King of Rock and Roll himself. While this look is pretty clean and the jerseys are not bad IMO, I think the helmet and pants made this a weak set, their uniforms would improve over the next couple of seasons though. Somehow we let Chad Pennington in the league while he was actually starting in the NFL. Given his injury history, I like to think that he decided to have this one season stint with the Kings as a way to rehabilitate. Their other notable players included HB Michael Bush, the late WR Chris Henry as well as WR David Boston and LB Al Wilson. San Antonio Nightmare: One of the more controversial looks in our league. Honestly, looking back at it, it really isn't that bad. I gave a lot of grief to @ChuckDownfieldover his logo and color scheme but it wasn't a terrible look. I do think their new logos and color schemes which would be debuted after this season were a much stronger look as this logo became weaker just because of all the upgraded packages around the league. The uniforms are some of my favorite though, really good modern Under Armor design and it is was a little bit more unique than some of the other looks in the league. They were originally set to play in Portland but relocated to San Antonio before the first season. Notable players included QB Chris Leak, HB Shaun Alexander, CB Antonie Cason and LB Demorrio Williams. South Carolina RedHawks: @Firefly created these logos as well as the helmet. I believe that I created the uniforms as well. The uniforms are a little generic but I think the colors were all balanced pretty well with this set for the most part. The RedHawks were one of the worst teams in the league, they would relocate to Quebec after this season. Some of their notable players included QB Koy Detmer, HB Travis Henry (who was traded to Pearl City in Week 5), HB Kevin Faulk and LB Bradie James. So that completes the Season 1 recap. The thread is a little dead right now but I am hoping it will liven up the more I progress with this. I'll post the Season 2 recap soon, I have to recreate all of the uniforms for it as well. Some of the stadiums for the 2016 season are completed already but I will wait to post those until I get to this season. Let me know your thoughts on the first season as well as your favorite teams and things like that.
  3. Thanks! Glad to see there is still someone following along haha. Yeah the Troy similarities will jump out even more as I show all of the uniforms progression over the previous seasons up unto what I have made for them in the present time. In fact, the present uniforms I have created are very similar to Troy, the "sword" stripe that the Gladiators use are completely inspired from Troy. I have Louisville, South Carolina and San Antonio's season 1 uniforms done. I'm going to work on Memphis tomorrow sometime and see if I can post all four when I'm done. Did anyone checkout the full summary for season 1? If so, what did you think about it? Is it too much writing or is fun to follow along with. I'll be doing a uniform recap through season 3 and after that the season 4-7 uniforms will be the same for each team for all four of those seasons. After that we can finally get into this season and the uniforms I have made for the present time. I wanted to ask too if you guys have ideas on how I should present this throughout the season? I'd like to have a base roster for every team created by the time I am ready to "simulate" present games. I may just post some quick fictional recaps throughout the season and some photo realistic images of players who will be in the league that NFL teams may be taking a look at. Just some ideas I have for how this thread will be progressing and evolving over the course of the season.
  4. Pearl City Tropics: The Pearl City Tropics had the loudest color scheme in the league by far and while they have kept it around it isn't quite as flashy as it was in season 1. The team has always been located in Honolulu, Hawaii but @crashcarson15 who was the owner of this franchise decided to name them the Pearl City Tropics in season 1. I believe he designed these uniforms as well although I could be wrong. I know I created the PC logo as well as a Palm tree logo which too a lot of inspiration from the Flint Tropics. Raysox also made a logo set which had a more "tribal" theme and was used with an alternate black out uniform. I'll post that at some point later down the line. Some of the Tropics notable players in their first season included QB Jason White who started off strong but did not finish out the year playing well, WR Peerless Price, WR Mario Manningham, LB Jarod Mayo and HB Travis Henry who they acquired from South Carolina at the deadline looking for a playoff push, Henry was the highest rated running back on paper in the league but did not play up to his rating and would later be suspended indefinitely after being arrested. Las Vegas Aces: Season 1 Champions behind the comeback story of Las Vegas Quarterback Ryan Leaf. The Aces logos and uniforms were designed by raysox, obviously the season 1 uniforms are inspired by the current Atlanta Falcons uniforms. I tried making the pattern of the sleeve stripes and such a little bit different since this is an Under Armor uniform. The Aces would switch to a more traditional styled uniform after this season and they are the only team to use the same logos that they used in Season 1. Notable players include League MVP QB Ryan Leaf, HB Kevin Jones, WR D.J. Hall, RT Fred Miller, LB Ian Gold and CB Bryant McFadden.
  5. Alabama Gladiators: As explained in the other logo sheet. I created this logos inspired by the Cologne Centurions, I actually used Elliot's touched up version of the logo just because it looks much better. These were the main sets worn by the team, although the red uniform was worn with the black helmet once and the white uniform was worn with the red helmet/pants once as well. The all-red alternate was marketed as the "Bear-Blood" alternates when the Gladiators played the Boise Grizzlies in the season. This alternate would become a popular option in upcoming years as well. Some of Alabama's notable players in the 2009 season included QB David Carr, HB Darren Sproles, HB Rudi Johnson (Acquired from Boise before Week 6), LB Takeo Spikes and K Mike Vanderjagt. Boise Grizzlies: These logos and uniforms were originally created by raysox. One thing I noticed while recreating a lot of the uniforms worn from this season was that most of them are actually made on similar cuts which I think was intentional by raysox and myself but there are also a few teams who really went against the grain in that regard. I like the idea of Under Armor creating one specific cut for each team but customizing some of the piping and design for each team. I took some creative license in the recreation though and tweaked a few things for some of the teams, however Boise is recreated to be exactly like they were in season 1. Boise made a late season playoff push after receiving notable players QB Shaun King and HB Kenny Irons, they started the season with HB Rudi Johnson who was traded to Alabama midway through the season. Some of their other notable players included FB Lorenzo Neal, WR Patrick Crayton, LB Karlos Dansby and LB Rosevelt Colvin.
  6. History of the Minor Football League (Formally known as Minor League Football). Season 1 Summary (Reality: JAN 2009-APR 2009, AT: JAN 2009-MAR 2009) · Season Play: Minor League Football kicked off as an unofficial developmental league to the NFL in 2009. The first 8 teams were announced in 2008 with the season kicking off on New Year’s Day in 2009 and was arguably the most successful season in Minor League Football history. The season started out with a powerhouse team in Alabama as well as an early divison lead from Pearl City as their former Heisman winning QB Jason White tore up the stat sheet in two wins. Las Vegas struggled to find a win early in the season behind QB Quincy Carter and benched him in favor of former NFL bust Ryan Leaf. The switch paid off as the Aces would go on to have a 6-1 record the rest of the season. The east featured a huge race for second place between the Shockers and the Kings but the Redhawks were out of the race early losing most of their games and only picking up 2 wins the entire season with one notable upset in Week 6 against the undefeated Gladiators. The Tropics would trade for HB Travis Henry receiving him from the Redhawks at the midway point through the season in an effort to strengthen their team for the second half. This move backfired however as the Boise Grizzlies traded their start HB Rudi Johnson to Alabama in exchange for the Gladiators backup QB Shaun Kind and backup HB Kenny Irons who would both lead a turn around for the Grizzlies and help win a tiebreaker game at the end of the season against the Tropics for a birth in the playoffs. Although, the Kings finished with a 5-5 record they would be left out of the playoffs as the Shockers edged them out for the final East spot with a 6-4 record behind QB Aaron Brooks. · Playoffs: The playoffs featured the Boise vs Las Vegas and Louisville vs Alabama. Alabama and Las Vegas were the favorites as they won their conferences and they would wind up in the Championship game just as expected. The Championship was every bit as exciting as you could expect it to be coming down to the wire. Ryan Leaf led the Aces to a 14-12 lead late in the game and the Gladiators led by David Carr drove down the field putting Mike Vanderjagt in a spot to kick a game-winning field goal. Vanderjagt hooked the kick however and the Aces won the Championship. · Standings: EAST: AL 9-3 (1-1), LOU 6-5 (0-1), MEM 5-5, SC 3-7 WEST: LV 8-4 (2-0) BOI 5-6 (0-1), PC 4-6, SA 3-7 ASG (HAWAII): EAST 9-WEST 7 PLAYOFF RESULTS: WCC: LV 21-13 BOI ECC: AL 21-7 LOU MLFBB: BOI 17-7 LOU MLFC: LV 14-12 AL · Notable Players LEAGUE MVP/PLAYOFF MVP: Las Vegas Aces QB Ryan Leaf Offensive POY: Alabama Gladiators HB Darren Sproles Defensive POY: Las Vegas DB Bryant McFadden Comeback POY: Boise QB Shaun King The results of this season were simulated through Madden 08 I believe. I will start posting the uniforms right after this. I am going to do it in a little bit of a different format than the logo sheets and the 2016 uniform guides. I am going to try and make it look a little bit more like the gridiron database's layout although I am still using the same template. I have 6 of the 8 teams season 1 uniforms done. I'm going to start out just posting their main sets; home, away, alternate (optional). I will post some of the retro inspired or throwback inspired uniforms worn in season 1 later and I will also post the individual playoff match-ups as well.
  7. Looking forward to it @29texan! I am going to give this a bump because I would like to hear some more comments on the logos I made (Orlando, Portland, OKC, Bronx, Albuquerque, St. Louis). So far I have 4 seasons done from the previous 7 years of "Minor League Football's" history (this was the name before this season). The first 3 years were actually simulated for our old fantasy league. I just "simulated" the 4th season by using a ratings/coin flip season. I had a schedule already made out for this season so I went ahead and used this system for each and every individual game. I will probably simplify it a lot more for the next 3 years just because they are pretty irrelevant and I would like to get to this season since it is coming up quickly but I will go back to the same system for this years games. I have some pretty lengthy write-ups for the first 4 seasons so I will post the results from them over the next week or so. I will post the quick parts of the standings and playoff results and use spoilers to present the summary of the season play and playoffs. My question for you guys would be this. Would you rather go ahead and see each team's uniform sets for the 2016 season now? Or would you rather me post the previous year's history's with a simplified presentation of the historic uniforms first?
  8. I saw the movie tonight, in all honesty I really liked it, almost loved it but I did have some problems with it. It was not a perfect movie by any means and it isn't up to par with Nolan's trilogy but it was still a whole lot of fun and had a lot of really great pieces in it that did not make me too disappointed. It was a lot better than BvS to me too even the extended cut. I'll get into some spoiler stuff that I liked and didn't like. I will say that I disagree with some of the post regarding The Enchantress, she did nothing for me but I'll get into that a little more in the spoilers.
  9. Okay so here are the last 4 teams info sheets. Portland Platypi Possibly my favorite new set of the entire series, I think it would be a tie between the Platypi and the Neptunes. I thought this name rolled off of the tounge well and was a cool way to combine the Ducks and the Beavers. I decided to go with a cartoony look for the logo but I wanted it to look fierce as well, the wordmark is a round font with the P having the "tail" incorporated into it. The tail on a platypus doesn't really look like this, it is actually covered in fur but I wanted to make it look like the beaver tail for this concept and incorporate a plaid pattern that will pop up later as well. The retro logo is just a silhouette of a platypus inside a circle. San Antonio Nightmare The Nightmare are the last team in the original lineup to post. Their original identity was very looked down upon in our league after season 1. You can see the original "nosebleed" horse logo used for the retro logo. @Firefly created the new identity which was just a really great upgrade. JNutini made the script logos and Nole42 made their original uniforms which are going to be carried over into this season as well and I will get to that more when I post them. St. Louis Archers This is a new team for the league. I created these logos based on this picture of the Marvel character Hawkeye. I made a couple of different versions, one actually includes a football helmet on the archer but I left it off for now, I may post the other version if anyone would like to see it. I had some trouble coming up with the colors but I wanted to include purple since no team uses it have red as an alternate color along with black and silver. I wanted the "STL" monogram to be different than the Cardinals but I don't know I'm on the fence about it. The retro logo is just a arrow going through "STL." Virginia Beach Neptunes Here is the final expansion team. It is probably the logo I am most proud of. I used this picture as reference and created this logo in GIMP which is what I did for all of my logos although I sketched some of the other ones out first. Anyways, like I said this is my favorite logo of the entire series, I also created a "VB" secondary logo which will be seen later in the series. I made the retro logo based on the symbol used for Neptune in greek mythology. So there are all of the info sheets, I'll get into the previous season's results next before finalizing rosters and team grades and posting uniforms and "simulating" the 2016 season!
  10. I said I would post the season 1 write-up later but I'll just wait till I get all of the info sheets out of the way so I can keep this organized. Next up are Louisville, Montreal, Oklahoma City and Orlando. Louisville Shockers @BJBerthiaume owned and operated the Louisville Shockers in their early "MLF" days. He came up with a really unique design and I believe this was actually the first logo he ever created which IMO is great especially for a first time. The idea is to use the lightbulb because of Thomas Edison. Obviously, I could have changed the mascot's theme to a horse and it would make sense for Louisville but at the same time this idea works. It is more unique and separates them from the Chargers. I recolored the logo a little bit and created a new wordmark for them, TC also created this retro logo which is a lightning bolt with a hidden L and S. Montreal Polaires This was another logo set created by elliot I believe. Only thing that I've added was the Montreal part of the wordmark. They will also have a new M secondary logo that I created which will pop up later in the series. The Polaires were formally known as the South Carolina Redhawks before moving to Quebec. In our old league they actually played in Quebec City with a fictional stadium modeled after Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium but I decided to move them to Montreal for the 2016 season, it just makes a little bit more sense to me. Oklahoma City 89ers This is a team originally created by me, logos and all as they will be one of the new expansion teams this year. @Uglybus had the suggestion of this name back in my NFL thread as Oklahoma City once had a minor league baseball team with the same name. I really liked his idea because I was going to go with a Cowboy/Outlaw type of theme anyways and this works as a more unique name. The logo might need some more work but my idea was to have a cowboy/settler look to the mascot used in the logo with the wordmark laid on top of him. Originally I had a football laces replace where his tie/buttons would go on his shirt, it kind of gets covered up by the wordmark though. I went through numerous color schemes before coming to this one which turned out the best IMO. The uniforms will be traditional with some unique/modern elements added to it so stay tuned for those. @Uglybus is going to try to draw up a stadium for them so their stadium is a work in progress at the moment as they are a team who really needs a professional sized venue anyways. I based the retro logo a little bit more off of the former MiLB team's logo. Orlando Orchards Another expansion team that I created for this project. @Magic Dynasty had the suggestion for the name which probably works a lot better than "Juice" or "Juicers." I had this logo idea in my head before I even started the project. Just a simple clean O logo which looks like an orange. They have one of the more unique color schemes in the league using "Lime Green", "Citrus Orange" and "Sundance." The retro logo is supposed to have a 90's style to it using gradient and I wanted to mimic a vacation post card with it. Also, I planned to have the team draft Tim Tebow, seeing as it would be a great opportunity for him to further his pursuit of professional football in his home state, however with the announcement that he is going to take a shot at Major League Baseball, I may be replacing him before the season starts. So that leaves four teams info sheets left which will be the San Antonio Nightmare, Portland Platypi, St. Louis Archers and the Virginia Beach Neptunes. After I post them, I'll start posting the history of the league's previous 7 seasons.
  11. Would love to have some extra help regarding stadiums, I'll send you both a pm about it. I do have Orlando in the Citrus Bowl, I actually like that stadium for them just because of the name and it is a good stadium but I'm open to looking at a new one too or seeing what a renovatation might look like. I think Aloha Stadium works okay for Hawaii but the previous owner actually wanted a fictional stadium for them as well in our former league so feel free to give that a shot. Some of the teams of the top of my head that really need new stadiums would be Boise, Las Vegas, possibly Lincoln, Louisville, OKC, Portland and Virginia Beach. I like the idea of these teams having their own stadium instead of sharing with a college team but teams like San Antonio and Montreal have some great stadiums that don't have a College/Pro team in them so I think those cases work out well.
  12. Hartford Admirals The Admirals joined the league in 2009 as the "Connecticut Navy." Their old logos can be seen here designed by their former owner @Throwback. The new anchor logo was created by TC who actually made that for their retro uniforms. I added some tweaks to it. There are now stars inside the top roundel of the anchor to allude to a Navy Admiral's insignia. That'll show up again once I post the uniforms. I also created a new wordmark for the team as well as a making the primary logo a roundel. I didn't want to change the logo because the Connecticut Navy were all about tradition when they joined our league so I thought it would be cool to carry that over even though the name changed. Their former logo is used for their retro logo. Hawai'i Tropics This set was created by @HarperK, he really knocked it out of the park with this one. The only logo not created by him was the retro logo which was created by TC again. The tropics have a very interesting logo/uniform history known for being very over the top and before using this identity they used numerous logos for their sets. Obviously the logos created by Harper were far superior to the old ones which were created by raysox and myself. They are known for having modern uniforms and changed designs each year they were in the league for it's first 4 seasons. I'll get more into that later. Las Vegas Aces The team that started it all. Created and ran by @raysox himself, he also created these logos which have stood the test of time very well IMO. The retro logo was once again created by TC. The Aces are known to be one of the more traditional teams in the league as well as they only touched up their original logos and have never gone through a full logo overhaul. Fun fact: The font they use is actually the same font used for the new Netflix show "Stranger Things" which has become one of my top 5 shows of all time. Lincoln Pioneers Another raysox creation. The Pioneers started off in the league as the Albuquerque 47's but relocated after their first season. Raysox took some obvious inspiration from the Oklahoma Sooners wagon logo but it is still a great logo for this team. They also have a secondary logo that he created which features a P inside the state of Nebraska that will pop up down the road. I created this retro logo based off of some wagon clipart I found since I used the 47's retro logo for the Green Chilies. I'm going to post the summary and results of what happened in the league's first season (2009) sometime later tonight so stay tuned! Thanks for all of the comments and compliments so far, I'm excited to get to the rest of the new expansion teams later like the Platypi, Orchards and Neptunes as they are all some of my best logo creations IMO.
  13. I will post Information/Logo Sheets for 4 teams at a time going in alphabetical order. I am including a primary logo, wordmark, retro logo and stadium logo for each team as well as a small information write-up. The retro logo will be used for each team's retro week uniforms. Alabama Gladiators The Gladiators primary logo was created by @elliott. He did a really great job with this and he gave me a full set with a secondary G/sword logo as well as a wordmark. I decided to update the wordmark however going with a more stylized and unique font for this team. The original logo (which I made back in 2008) was actually based on the NFL Europa team Cologne Centurions. Elliot did a really great job of updating it and turning it into a 3D logo, you can see the two side by side here, the old logo will pop up again when I do the uniform history. @logoman actually created the stadium logo as well. As the owner of this team in our fantasy league, I wanted to create a new stadium since Legion Field is really run down and in serious need of renovation. I felt like Hoover was a better spot anyways because downtown Birmingham has got pretty rough over the years. @29texan is actually working on a mock-up of the fictional stadium right now. I actually created the retro logo although the helmet used in it was originally created by TC. Albuquerque Green Chilies This team was the team I had the most trouble with. I'm not really sure why, I felt like my idea for their logo would look really good but I am still on the fence with it right now. I like the colors and the I wanted to incorporate flames to add a unique element but I'm just not totally sure I nailed the execution on this logo in the way I wanted to. With that being said, this is what I have to work with at the moment. The retro "47's" logo was created by TC. Although Lincoln was the original Albuquerque franchise, they will have a retro logo based on their team's name which opened up the door for the Chilies to use the 47's as a throwback. Boise Grizzlies Another logo set created by elliot. He created the primary logo and the wordmark shown here. The retro logo was actually created by raysox. The Grizzlies went through 2 logo changes in the first season before unveiling the logos shown here in season 2. They went from one of the league's worst looks to one of the league's best. They currently play in Boise State's stadium although I would like to move them out of it into a fictional stadium, that will probably happen at some point during this project. Here are some looks at the Grizzlies old logos as well: Season 1 (weeks 1-5) created by chickenfish, (weeks 6-10) created by raysox. Bronx Pinstripes Another set that I created for this project. I like the idea of the Bronx having a football team play in Yankee stadium. The Pinstripe Bowl is one of my favorites in College Football. Pretty much a baseball themed set created for a football team. The logos borrow Yankee elements and have a baseball script font. The primary logo actually features sublimated stripes inside the logo, these are also seen on the word mark's tail. Everything else is pretty much self-explanatory. Next up will be Hartford, Hawaii, Las Vegas and Lincoln.
  14. In this post I am going to list each team and talk about the alignment with the NFL. The league was officially established in 2008 with it's kickoff beginning on New Year's Day in 2009. The original teams consisted of Alabama, Boise, Las Vegas, Louisville, Memphis, San Antonio, South Carolina and Pearl City (Hawaii). In the second season, South Carolina changed ownership and relocated to Quebec, there were also two expansion teams added in Connecticut and Albuquerque. TEAMS (NFC/AFC assignments) "The Originals" 1. Alabama Gladiators - Atlanta Falcons/Tennessee Titans 2. Boise Grizzlies - Minnesota Vikings/Cincinnati Bengals 3. Hartford Admirals (formally known as Connecticut Navy) - Philadelphia Eagles/New England Patriots 4. Hawaii Tropics (formally known as Pearl City Tropics) - San Francisco 49ers/San Diego Chargers 5. Las Vegas Aces - Los Angeles Rams/Oakland Raiders 6. Lincoln Pioneers (formally known as Albuquerque 47's) - Green Bay Packers/Cleveland Browns 7. Louisville Shockers - Carolina Panthers/Pittsburgh Steelers 8. Montreal Polaires (formally known as Quebec Polaires and South Carolina Redhawks) - Detroit Lions/Buffalo Bills 9. San Antonio Nightmare - Dallas Cowboys/Houston Texans Memphis Kings (Defunct) Expansion Teams for the 2016 season. 10. Albuquerque Green Chilies - Arizona Cardinals/Indianapolis Colts 11. Bronx Pinstripes - New York Giants/New York Jets 12. Oklahoma City 89ers - New Orleans Saints/Jacksonville Jaguars 13. Orlando Orchards - Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Miami Dolphins 14. Portland Platypi - Seattle Seahawks/Denver Broncos 15. St. Louis Archers - Chicago Bears/Kansas City Chiefs 16. Virginia Beach Neptunes - Washington Redskins/Baltimore Ravens My hope is that depending on how well this project turns out and how much time I will have in the future to work on something like this that I can expand to 32 total teams and have a minor league team for each NFL team but for now I am going to go with 16 so I don't overload myself with unnecessary work. Scheduling: This league will have "regions" instead of conferences/divisions. The basic split will be an East region and West region just like the old league. This leads to 7 games in each region and 4 out of region games for a total of 11 games each season. Games would be played on Tuesday/Wednesday nights so they do not compete with College/NFL games as much. Out of region games would rotate each season unless there are expansion teams added. Playoffs: I am a little bit unsure as to how the playoffs for this league would work, I'll give you my idea but if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. So with 11 games, each team plays from NFL's Week 2-Week 13. 4 teams are selected into the playoffs based on records (regions do not matter here). 2 rounds of playoffs, first round held same week as NFL's Week 14, Championship Round held during NFL's Week 15. Rosters: Each team will be filled with players who were apart of the MFL once before but have no current affiliation with an NFL team. There are 15 roster spots for said players on each team. Assuming each NFL team has 10 practice squad members, that would fill out 20 more spots for each MFL team as the practice squad is now absorbed by the Minor League system. These players would have a contract which allows them to be "called up" to the NFL at certain times. That gives each team 35 players and I will fill out about 15-17 more spots for players (without an NFL team) in a geography-based draft (each team will be split into regions allowing them to draft players eligible to each region (Example: Tim Tebow qualifies for Southeast region which has Orlando Orchards). Players who are not signed by an NFL team in a "practice squad minor league contract" are eligible to be signed by any NFL team, however, if they are signed by an NFL team other than their MFL team's parent team they are not eligible to play in the MFL again until the next season unless their former team is compensated. (Example: Tim Tebow has no current NFL affiliation. If the Falcons decided to sign Tebow to their NFL roster, he would leave Orlando for Atlanta but would not be allowed to be sent down to the Gladiators. However, if the Falcons did want to send Tebow down to the Gladiators, they could trade a player to Orlando for compensation if they agreed. That would be the only way for Tebow to be eligible again for a different team in that season). I'll start posting Information/Logo Sheets over the next couple of days as well as a fictional history of what happened during the league's previous 7 years of existence.
  15. Bigmike's Minor Football League Hey guys, after completing my NFL concept series, I had inspiration strike to recreate a former “Fantasy Football” league that @raysox created back in 2008. From here on out, I'm going to list a few different things that I will put in spoilers. I want this project to be very in-depth but in order to explain all of the stuff that went behind it requires a lot of writing. At some point I am going to make a website that will explain this stuff but for now I am just going to keep here as a directory. There are a lot of different factors going into this so if you wanna read up on all of the history and such I will put here for you to check out but if you aren't interested in reading it all just don't worry about it. After seeing what @Veras was able to do with his fictional football league, I wanted to do something similar with this league and really give the entire backstory and create this as a fictional universe of football. I have created logos for 7 of the teams used while the other 9 logos I have carried over from our previous league. I will do my best to give the people who created them credit when I get to each team. I know that @elliott, @Firefly, @HarperK, @BJBerthiaume, raysox and Neil Lommel (formally known on here as TC, I'm pretty sure he was banned though) all created these logos and possibly some uniforms as well. Concept Backstory/Summary Concept Information…how this thing will work. Before I dive into the spoiler tag, let me just start off by saying this. For this project, I am turning the old fantasy league into a alternate reality league. So the more we get into it, it will basically serve as a league that would be (in my mind) going along side the NFL each year as the NFL's own farm system development league. League's Fictional Timeline The timeline will go like this...see in spoilers. So there are a couple of ways I could present this. At the moment, I am just planning on releasing Information Sheets for each of the 16 teams that would be playing in the 2016 season. There are probably some logos that could use some work but I am just going to go with what I have for now. I have uniforms completed for 12 out of 16 teams so far but I would like to give the original teams info sheets out and then talk about the league's previous history by each season in which I will also show the former uniforms of each team. I will have to figure out a way to put together a full roster for each team for the 2016 season although I'm not sure I am going to go super in depth with it. My plan would be to show you guys the big name players for each team which will lead to a overall grade for each team which I will use to "simulate" games that they would play in the Fall instead of running an actual video game simulation. Depending on how well this takes off though, I may go more in depth or do some type of video game simulation for Championship games, etc. So that is about it. I will get into uniform guidelines, the alignment with the NFL and all that stuff when I get there but for now here is a presentation slide I made with the new logo and all of the old photoshops I did for our league in the background.