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  1. How were you active yesterday!?

  2. Congrats on moving up the all time profile views list.

  3. LA Clippers Logo

    So like this? What J Squared? I know your post is from 2006 so you won't respond. Does anyone know what he is trying to say? I am confused.
  4. Templates Requests

    Again: The SVG Movement And Brandon's templates have socks if none of those do; but I'm quite sure the full Uniform template does. Alright thank you, I never found this the first time.
  5. Templates Requests

    Anyone know of good .svg helmet and socks for football? The template I use does not have those. Thanks.
  6. Happy Birthday to a fellow Minnesotan!

  7. Templates Requests

    Does anyone have a baseball template that would work good for InkScape? I just downloaded it today and I am pretty much clueless on where to start. Thanks!
  8. South Bend Concept

    Sorry but I had to laugh because you gave some really good C&C on a 3 year old concept. Mr. Beastly, please don't.
  9. I rated you five stars on your great team chemistry alone.

  10. Templates Requests

  11. Templates Requests

    i'd just like to say thanks to you for starting this snowcap.