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  1. more assets to view here: http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/newish_logo_for_the_nba_by_ocd_the_original_champions_of_design.php
  2. Wolves' rookie Justin Patton was introduced yesterday, of course no images of posing with new uniforms, but he did take photos decked out in random non-nike, non-adidas Wolves gear including an awesome varsity jacket. I also think its kinda cool that the fitbit logo almost comes across as a snowflake given the team is from Minnesota. Jimmy Butler is being introduced on Thursday in the Mall of America rotunda.
  3. This is basically what happened when the VIkings teased their unveiling in multiple photos over days; the yellow appeared to be a metallic gold and the purple a darker shade. People started freaking out, and getting exciting or disappointed, but when the uniforms were actually unveiled the colors were normal, it was just a result of how the photos were presented/filtered,.
  4. new Wolves and Pistons logos and wordmarks on display at draft lottery.
  5. The timberwoves finalized their purchase of the Iowa Energy, given that the Wolves are in the middle of their brand refresh i would assume Iowa would follow suit soon after.
  6. Wolves and Knicks tiebreaker drawing to see which would end up with 6th best chance to win draft lottery. skip to the 12 min mark to see the logo in action on lottery balls. http://www.nba.com/video/2017/04/18/2017-nba-draft-lottery-tiebreaker
  7. actually..... most of the time the nose does appear shiny, similar to a satin helmet finish... http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/photos/3563535/?source=gallery http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/wolf/lazy-load-test/
  8. I really like the redesign, the wolf feels more agile and grown up and less stylized than the abstracted pine tree jaggedness of old. The more I see the more I like. The wolves were smart to unveil the logo when they did. The ability to create interest in at a meaningless game to a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 13 years, is prettay prettay good. But the reality is they unveiled the primary logo for the entire brand, but thats it! Im sure the complications of Nike taking over probably played a large part in timing relative to selling merchandise with the swoosh on it. But now they are in this weird half old era half new era situation. In Thibs end of the year press conference his polo has one of the secondaries and the banner behind him still had to old front facing wolf. It sounded like they are taking a piecemeal approach to the unveiling of other logos, courts, work marks, etc. So hopefully when it comes time to reveal the uniforms they will have a more wholistic approach to the unveiling and re-present the logos. Also, the connection to the northern lights has the potential to be a unique video graphic package for the way content is displayed for this team. Really excited to see more.
  9. PLENTY of goodies to look at. https://timberwolvesteamstore.com/
  10. here is some of gear the wolves dance team was wearing. it gives you an idea of a possible size of the minnesota wordmark the blue and gray varsity jacket is nice.
  11. color accurate representations of the logo look WAY better than rgb with aurora green background Colorwerx posted also for those interested in downloading the an .eps with the cmyk color which seems to be the most accurate display you can find it here http://timberwolvesmediacenter.com
  12. the video graphic and the shirts they gave out look have a darker blue and look great
  13. Apparently there were sneak peaks at a portion of the logo for wolves season ticket holders and one confirmed there will be a 4 pointed green north star in the logo. Also in the latest video there is an interesting mention of the northern lights as color inspiration. as well as a possible work mark and what looks like to be a head of of a front facing wolf. . a while back someone did a minnesota wild naming runner up logo post and one of the runner up names was Minnesota northern lights. http://www.hockeywilderness.com/2016/11/24/13741032/ever-wonder-what-the-logo-would-be-if-it-wasnt-minnesota-wild this logo was a mockup someone did for that post I wouldn't be surprised if Wolves did something like this wild concept logo but with a howling wolf in the foreground and the background sky as fill in the basketball ala the original logo or current secondary logo. only 1 day left!