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  1. Longhorns still have the best orange jersey
  2. All I can think of is getting those "Adobe Classroom in a Book" or "Learning by Example" books, forgot what the exact name was. But I do know that it's published by Adobe Press. When I was first learning Illustrator, I used that book to get the fundamentals down. hth
  3. ^ Good explanation Usually, you'll want vector versions for flat art (like logos or uniform templates). You would use Illustrator, Freehand or other vector based programs to manipulate them. The benefit of this file type is that you can shrink or expand these images without affecting image loss or file size. The accepted file format is EPS. Photos are raster images, which is an entirely different beast altogether...
  4. the logo's been around for some time now. OT but I thought that it was weird seeing the Nike << grey orlando jersey. i was expecting hardaway on the back!
  5. i agree. either lighting or improper color correction. use the balloons as a reference, they seem off too.
  6. I voted for Wonder Woman: The silver trim, if executed correctly, may look nice on the unis
  7. Better than the concept posted a while back, but still pretty plain and conservative. They could have incorporated the homerun train or Union Station or something. Sorry if repost
  8. here are some fan mockups: looks much better when used in context
  9. here is a fantasy 3rd logo Rox cap from the mid 90's (before the shark rocket) I like the new logo btw. It grows on you... Co...stanza!
  10. i'm personally excited about the red and silver. has a great fanforum where rumors abound as to the status of the new unis. could this coincide with rumors that coca-cola is interested in the naming rights to the stadium? it's gonna be interesting in a couple of months in houston...