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  1. This one seems so obvious but just cant place it....
  2. I do admit that I like the "slanted" one more as it makes the dolphin actually look like its jumping/diving where as the official one always looked kinda derpy, like it was just hanging there.
  3. Wow, those '97 Dolphins unis had the worst number spacing ever
  4. Probably due to the new rule of touchbacks coming out to the 25 instead of the 20
  5. With his affinity for the military, I'm surprised Desert Storm wasn't thrown out there, which would be even worse than Desert Knights
  6. Page 22 of this PDF has the vector template for that jersey cut...
  7. Why does Adidas always end up jacking Nike's fonts?
  8. At the end of the day, the only value you really should be looking at is the Pantone, basically everything after that is them trying to replicate that in other mediums, and like Colorwerx used to point out, they take some liberties sometimes with their RGB and CMYK values. But in the latest slick they did change the RGB values to better reflect the Pantone color as opposed to the ones posted above. And I threw together a little comparison to show the differences...
  9. We already saw their new unis back in May...
  10. Also with Victor Cruz on the Giants, I remember he was #3 in the preseason, then went to #80 when they kept him around.
  11. So you use logos that have been out of circulation for a while (Jags, Panthers), yet you point out the Rams......
  12. Interesting, never knew that.
  13. What was the story of the coded telephone numbers?
  14. You say periwinkle and I automatically think late 90's Angels...
  15. Kinda looks like a skinnier version of Tennessee's former numbers (credit to Conrad):