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  1. Reminds me of Oregons old numbers, not as drastic difference between the left and right but still.
  2. nfl

    They last wore orange over black with black socks in 2005, the second year of these unis, and wore orange over black with orange socks in 2004.
  3. Looking at the full size version of that image, looks like both end zones are in United Sans or something very similar.
  4. Technically it's probably an option, but they haven't worn that combo since '04, so I would lean towards no.
  5. Since the WLAF turned into NFL Europe, wouldn't the NFL have rights over that? Granted I dont think they would use it anyways, but just curious.
  6. They also sell half-n-half jerseys, I wouldn't trust them just for that
  7. Seeing the U Sam helmet, reminds me of UMass' helmet...
  8. I think they went from the old block font for the nameplate, to the current Futura nameplate.
  9. This one seems so obvious but just cant place it....
  10. I do admit that I like the "slanted" one more as it makes the dolphin actually look like its jumping/diving where as the official one always looked kinda derpy, like it was just hanging there.
  11. Wow, those '97 Dolphins unis had the worst number spacing ever
  12. Probably due to the new rule of touchbacks coming out to the 25 instead of the 20
  13. With his affinity for the military, I'm surprised Desert Storm wasn't thrown out there, which would be even worse than Desert Knights
  14. Page 22 of this PDF has the vector template for that jersey cut...
  15. Why does Adidas always end up jacking Nike's fonts?