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  1. Both of those pants were shown in the official style guide for those teams, so Madden included them thinking they would be used, but both ended up on the chopping block.
  3. The north star being in green makes me think of the original XBOX logo..
  4. Yeah I usually wouldn't post it, I just get tired of seeing people getting adamant about stuff when there is hard facts to the contrary. I took it down though.
  5. No
  6. They are the same....
  7. I just saw an updated logosheet with it updated for LA, no uniform changes or color changes, looks like they just switched out San Diego for Los Angeles in the wordmark, just like the Rams did.
  8. The whole thing is the player coached the team he's playing for in the picture, they're not connected in anyway, i think thats just how he grouped them.
  9. Also Latrell Sprewell in a blue and yellow jersey, always think of him in the navy/orange/yellow set.
  10. Looks grey to me
  11. On top of that, when I think of Jamal Lewis, I think of the Super Bowl when he had to go 2 letters due to Jermaine Lewis And when it comes to full names, automatically think of Darrent Williams
  12. In this situation, them being SVG is very good, probably the best option. All you have to do is download Inkscape which will open them and then you can resave them as PNG or whatever floats your boat/skillset.
  13. Actually it was Week 3 in 2004 when they played the Falcons, they debuted the new look in 2005...
  14. I think on the Ross part, the blue could be thicker, and the grey outline smaller. I don't like how the tagline overlaps but that's just me. On a random side note, does it bother anyone else when someone says the tagline as part of the name? Like "I went down to the Ross Dress For Less the other day, and got a great deal". I just look at them with disappointment.
  15. I think thats an exception since the actual name of the species is the Florida panther, kind of like the Texas Rangers