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  1. Well ... I was looking for a Hugh Morris clip ... and found this:
  2. Unlike many Canadians, I had never thought about going to Cuba because I had viewed Cuba like North Korea (but less obstructive) in many respects. Perhaps when Raul is gone, I may reconsider. We are all conflicted one way or another. Yeah, sure Americans are celebrating Castro's death and aim to look virtuous, but yet, we don't get a similar reaction to say China or Saudi Arabia? I'm pretty sure Trump would jump at the opportunity at business opportunities when Cuba decides to relax some rules, while still not being a true democracy like China and Saudi Arabia. The US backed prior regimes of Iran and Cuba and also backed the regimes of the Philippines and Indonesia for example. So, while I don't take any issue with people celebrating Castro's death, let's not pretend to be so virtuous when we have our own skeletons in the closet.
  3. Elvis DID NOT SING ... Viva Vegas
  4. LOL ... it's so bad Bettman makes a return appearance
  5. The best thing was the the clock was counting UP.
  6. ... it's like watching paint day ... (again)
  7. Undertaker v Goldberg for the AARP world heavyweight title...
  8. Wow.... this lineup looks longer than any amusement park ride I've been on...
  9. So that's what it's like to be at a Florida-Georgia Line concert...
  10. Ken Bone is going to play the lead role in the reboot of Mr. Belvedere.
  11. the replies to that tweet *smh*
  12. One month away from Votemageddon! ... or Sam Bradford's birthday
  13. The conspiracy theory in me thinks this is really all one big ruse by the GOP by putting out the most asinine candidate out there this year so we would think four years from now, the next candidate will look saner by comparison even though he, or she, may be worse than Trump policy wise.
  14. It was nice to see the Dolphins do their best early Buccaneers impersonation
  15. I can't really say it's like that, at least until we see the results of the investigation ... we shouldn't forget Tavares was DRUNK DRIVING when he died.