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  1. You know what could help with Tnak's posture? Sitting on an actual barstool.
  2. Well, David Moyes has "resigned" from Sunderland.
  3. You might as well have the "Team Canada" WCW gimmick where they name the titles to be more Canadian-centric? "Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title",
  4. This reminds me of the final logo of the old Canadian department store Eaton's
  5. Just wait for his response when Jennifer Lawrence rejects his request for a date ...
  6. Better yet, it should be Kane on one show and Isaac Yankem on the other.
  7. Aaron Hernandez : TE (The End)
  8. I want Tnak to rant about the Metro.
  9. It should have been the Lakers
  10. So they really put the "stool" in Barstool
  11. I'm too mild manner of a guy to go on a rant in front a news crew like that. Also, I still think he should still be "banned" if given the choice. It's great that he's become a pseudo-celebrity, but I'm sure there are reasons he no longer here and I don't think he will change if he were to come back. He would just gloat about his "fame"
  12. wow. I mean, I'm really just at a loss for words to describe he 15 minutes of fame...
  13. I briefly look at the news about some Mets fan going on a rant and didn't think much about it .. and then I went into these boards ... ok ... maybe, I'll pretend I didn't know the guy ...
  14. I can just see Angle saying to Bryan, "Well, I won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin' neck"
  15. This marriage will end up like Macho Man/Elizabeth