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  1. I fully expect Maury Povich to appear on Raw at some point this year.
  2. ... and with that... the Hartford Whalers are officially dead
  3. Hey, they realized it beats spending money on Dwight Howard.
  4. Does that mean they're in the level as their reserve team?
  5. It was never anything special. It's basically one of those 80's style glass buildings that could be in any suburban town, which I'm sure they have been there since the 80s. I was more intrigued by what surrounds it.
  6. This surprised me a lot. I has always envisioned the WWE headquarters among a bunch of similar office buildings... then, for some reason I looked it up on Google maps, and found it's more in among a bunch of typical suburban homes... no wonder we usually see the building only from a certain angle.,-73.5099136,383m/data=!3m1!1e3
  7. THAT is a beauty!
  8. I say the worst of Memorial Day uniforms is Texas ... if only because they had to recolour the Texas state flag.
  9. You know what could help with Tnak's posture? Sitting on an actual barstool.
  10. Well, David Moyes has "resigned" from Sunderland.
  11. You might as well have the "Team Canada" WCW gimmick where they name the titles to be more Canadian-centric? "Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title",
  12. This reminds me of the final logo of the old Canadian department store Eaton's
  13. Just wait for his response when Jennifer Lawrence rejects his request for a date ...
  14. Better yet, it should be Kane on one show and Isaac Yankem on the other.
  15. Aaron Hernandez : TE (The End)