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  1. So that's what it's like to be at a Florida-Georgia Line concert...
  2. Ken Bone is going to play the lead role in the reboot of Mr. Belvedere.
  3. the replies to that tweet *smh*
  4. One month away from Votemageddon! ... or Sam Bradford's birthday
  5. The conspiracy theory in me thinks this is really all one big ruse by the GOP by putting out the most asinine candidate out there this year so we would think four years from now, the next candidate will look saner by comparison even though he, or she, may be worse than Trump policy wise.
  6. It was nice to see the Dolphins do their best early Buccaneers impersonation
  7. I can't really say it's like that, at least until we see the results of the investigation ... we shouldn't forget Tavares was DRUNK DRIVING when he died.
  8. Man ... this is more intense than any WWE PPV ad.
  9. Basically, it's just a reminder to football fans that there is still a NFL team in Jacksonville.
  10. or a baseball game at Target Field.
  11. The only thing worse than than the anthem before a sporting event is a prayer at a NASCAR event (then again, maybe you do need a prayer for driving over 200mph). I understand with how Kaepernick feels, but not necessarily agree how he decides to express his anger. I am not outraged about it. For crying out loud it wasn't too long ago that people going crazy over Gabby Douglas not putting her hand above her heart during the anthem.
  12. None of this would have happened had the Native Americans built a wall ... uh... ok never mind
  13. Did they ever do that with the Undertaker?
  14. Just when I thought that entrance couldn't even be more awesome....
  15. Wow. This is most remarkable eight-year run for any sprinter ... hard to believe that it was somewhat uneventful when he first broke the world record.