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  1. Did they ever do that with the Undertaker?
  2. Just when I thought that entrance couldn't even be more awesome....
  3. Wow. This is most remarkable eight-year run for any sprinter ... hard to believe that it was somewhat uneventful when he first broke the world record.
  4. Grand champion? Sounds like a good name for the winner of a sumo tournament.
  5. While we're at it ... let's see what Monica Bisordi is up to these days...
  6. What will he have to say? "Look, compared myself to Trump... I ONLY bankrupted ONE business"
  7. Hold on ... what year is this?
  8. I'm going to guess it's some federal government vehicle
  9. Universal Title? That would have been a great title for WCW Worldwide.
  10. I can't tell if that's Matt Hardy or Cruella de Vil ...
  11. Well, Super Rugby now has teams in Japan and Argentina... imagine THAT trip. If the KHL can somehow make it's way to Tokyo and/or Seoul, the road trips to Vladivostok won't be so bad ...
  12. Wait... Pepsi and Coca-Cola? Imagine had only one of them withdrawn money and donated that money to the DNC, then you would have a choice between Pepsi or Coke?
  13. Even the Padres in the road grey uniforms at their stadium just looks wrong