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  1. The Hyundais
  2. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Well, the Raptors won the right to get swept by the Cavs .... right?
  3. 2016 MLB Season

    I mean, usually, you see missed swings or punches that are like slaps. That one connected, it took Bautista's glasses off.
  4. 2016 MLB Season

    Totally predictable ... Toronto : Rangers ... such and such Dallas : Blue Jays ... such and such
  5. Atlanta Braves New Stadium

    So is this where we look to renovate Sun Trust Park into parking lot someday?
  6. Budweiser changes name to America

    I hear "Czech Republic" tastes better
  7. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    "The Creative"
  8. 2016 MLB Season

    Bartolo Colon his a home run ... *drinks*
  9. 16-17 Soccer Kits

  10. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    .... and they frequently play the beginning of Sloan's "Money City Maniacs"
  11. Happy Mexican Independence Day!

  12. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    That's not quite Cruz control...
  13. 2016 WWE Payback

    I like "The Roman Empire", so maybe he can be "The Emperor"