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  1. NHL 2011-2012: Possible Uniform Changes

    Speculation is that the Leafs are going with another big era in the team. I'm thinking a Updated 80's style or a Leafs version of the St.Pats jerseys.
  2. Chicago Blackhawks Logo has to go?

    Abandonment only happens 50 years after the Holder had passed away. Anyone can put a TM on anything and say they own it. I could do that with all the stuff on the board right. Does it mean if i go make a t-shirt of any logo you made and make money off it its abandoned by you?
  3. Chicago Blackhawks Logo has to go?

    Yeah this is my design. Stolen from i think my first post on Icethetics. But im the one holding the TM to this. But i live in Toronto i don't know how i would enforce my rights to Off the truck t-shirt sellers in Chi-town. But i would love to get my hands on them for sure. They cant even make a good copy of it. sheesh.
  4. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Hey Patchez? Do you really work for a company that makes patches for Jerseys. or do you just have the program? If so will it work in Wilcom. i would love to get the EMB file to make a few hats of some of my logos.
  5. Illustrator Help

    Hey Beatnik! do you play online PC games. and are you part of a Team called JUDGE?
  6. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    I love it! If you like doing them, please start a new thread and do 'em all.. and AHL too! You really think so? LOL i kinda do like it! lol
  7. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    OK i know this is going to be Funny. but i was wanted to just play with this for a bit to get everything down. So i took a hockey Logo and put it on the Football helmet. I know i'm going to get shot for this LOL buy the Football lovers. and maybe some hockey lovers HEHE. but i just wanted to see what you all think of the over all look of it, and the execution. Here goes nothing!!!!!!!
  8. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    What are you guys doing to get the Decal look on the logos are you just adding a thin white outline on your logo?
  9. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

  10. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    LOL sure! Considering you told me " The oranges don't match, that's a problem " I was not asking for advice on the image. To me you sounded rude not helpful. I was showing someone what i did after they had given me some advice. It was about the pixeling on the helmet had nothing to do with colors. I didn't get mad at you like i said i laughed it off. Anyhow I'm not not going to respond about this anymore. This is pointless. I understand how the internet works and don't need you to tell me. Thanks
  11. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Great Image. and thanks for putting together and hosting the PSD. If only i waited till now to get it lol. I was fighting with it all this morning. Oh well got to learn something new.
  12. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Thanks Chuck! lol What is the lol for, the color in the logo and the color of the helmet do not match. I was trying to help you, no need to be a about it. I know i have not been here for to long but I'm not looking for any Flaming. Your taking offense to me laughing. I'm laughing it off yea i see the difference in the color after you pointed it out. No need to get you panties in a bunch!
  13. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Well looks like i have a thing for Tigers today. I did this one for my girlfriend she likes the Ti-Cats. Let me share. Hope the Yellow's match! LOL
  14. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Thanks Chuck! lol
  15. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    OK so here is another i did. i changed the Hue on it and it looks better. but the cage still has the Pixels on the edges. I'm not worried about it anyhow. This is more then i had when i started.