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  1. Creamsicle Bucs vs. Modern-day Cardinals Only because this was supposed to be the Bucs' throwback game for 2013, which I had tickets for, but the NFL announced the one-helmet rule in the week leading up to it. But in all seriousness, I think modern Vikings vs. 1998-2003 Jags would look pretty nice.
  2. Anyone else peeved that Jacksonville isn't going all teal? Was last year's all-gold set well received, and I'm missing something?
  3. I kind of feel like this shade of gold is too much of a "classic" color (if there is such a thing) to be used in an otherwise modern uniform set. I don't know, since it's so close to the Saints' throwback gold, I'm getting that feeling. But no matter the reason, the biggest problem with these pants is that they seem out of place with the rest of the uniform.
  4. What the Gators are wearing tonight against FSU:
  5. Gators Twitter posted a video of pregame warmups. Wearing the regular helmet. Maybe they'll reveal something new when they run out of the tunnel, but so far, this is disappointing
  6. Gators' Twitter says they're wearing orange jerseys with white pants. All comments ask about whether there's a new helmet, but so far, they haven't replied.
  7. It's blue vs. red again for Florida/Georgia.
  8. The number font looks so much better without the alarm clock dashes inside the digits. (that's not saying much, though)
  9. The Bucs had a 30th anniversary patch in 2005, so it stands to reason that they may be using a 40th anniversary patch this year. Any word on that?
  10. In no particular order U2 The Smiths Depeche Mode The Cure Talking Heads Midnight Oil Shiny Toy Guns CHVRCHES R.E.M. The Killers The Police
  11. Most of my favorites have already been mentioned: Swedish Fish, Dots, Skittles. But those Sour Patch Watermelons, though...
  12. Judging by the shoulder yoke, looks like it's not a recoloring of their BOLTS jersey after all, but it might be really similar thoughWhen are the uniforms going to be unveiled? 27th I believeYeah, they just confirmed it on Facebook. There's a Fanfest and they'll unveil it there.
  13. Compared to No Line on the Horizon, and yes, even How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, this album is pretty great. I've been listening to it repeatedly since it's been out. I understand people not wanting the album forced in their libraries, but I'm a U2 fan and was probably gonna buy it anyway. Glad I saved $10. Btw, for what it's worth, here's my top 3 albums: 1) War 2) Achtung Baby 3) The Unforgettable Fire
  14. Lightning just posted the same Stamkos pic with "Blackout the date...September 27"
  15. Lightning Facebook just posted this with a caption "...are you ready?" Some of the comments are talking about it possibly referring to the new alt jersey. I know the pic is in black and white, but the shoulder stripes definitely make you wonder. I just went on their main website, and there's still nothing about the new alts, but there are photos of them practicing, and I'm almost 100% certain that Stamkos isn't wearing a practice jersey in this pic.