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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Feel free to put as little stock in this as you want to, but we’re already having articles calling the Nike template image “the leak.” This website runs the semi-ubiquitous (3M followers) NFL Memes Facebook page. http://dailysnark.com/leaked-images-jacksonville-jaguars-new-uniforms-leak-online/
  2. The Orlando Magic Facebook page says that the Solar Bears will wear these when they play at Amway Arena tomorrow night. The page is also doing a jersey giveaway, which I think ends pretty soon.
  3. NFL 2018 changes

    I know this probably isn't a popular opinion, but all the Jags need to do is make the helmet all black and make the numbers on the teal jersey white w/ black outlines (and make it the primary), and it'd be great.
  4. NHL 2018-19

    Went to the Lightning game last night, and the Tampa Bay Sports Store at Amalie Arena is selling CCM jerseys of the original design but with current players’ names and numbers, available in your choice of either the 1992 or 2004 font kit. They also offered customization services on black jerseys using the 2004 kit. They said they’re only doing it for the 25th Anniversary season, but I’d imagine that if either of those things are big sellers then maybe they’ll consider making it an alt for next year?
  5. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

  6. Posted on the Bucs Facebook page about 10 minutes ago.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    I took the survey. I picked a preferred silver jersey with a new number style. I also emphasized the return of victory stripes in the free response section at the end. I forgot whether I preferred a minimalist design or an accented design. It'd be cool to see something the Lightning have never done before, but nothing crazy. I already had to suffer that being a Bucs fan. oh, and no to BOLTS
  8. NFL 2017 changes?

    I unfortunately don't know enough about templates to tell whether the Bucs are switching, but if those who are able to tell, here's a photo of O.J. Howard and his draft jersey FWIW.
  9. 2016 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    Bucs just posted that they're going white/white/pewter this week
  10. 2016 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    Bucs reported on their social media a few days ago that they're going white jersey, pewter pants, and pewter socks.
  11. 2016 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    I think the Bucs revealed a few days ago that they're going all-white with pewter socks.
  12. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Breaking out the helmets for the first time this season.
  13. 2016 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos

    I don't know if it's been brought up yet, but Giants are wearing their white pants against New Orleans (in black pants), and it is a beautiful game.
  14. Your dream uniform match-ups (that never happened)

    Creamsicle Bucs vs. Modern-day Cardinals Only because this was supposed to be the Bucs' throwback game for 2013, which I had tickets for, but the NFL announced the one-helmet rule in the week leading up to it. But in all seriousness, I think modern Vikings vs. 1998-2003 Jags would look pretty nice.
  15. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    Anyone else peeved that Jacksonville isn't going all teal? Was last year's all-gold set well received, and I'm missing something?