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  1. Cardinals and Saints are both major parts of the Catholic faith.
  2. Kronke won't. Only ones I might see voting against it are the Rooneys, McCaskey and Mara.
  3. With as much money as casinos here "rob" people, the pirate theme seems quite fitting for Las Vegas. Nothing will change. The Raider brand is pretty close to iconic.
  4. With how the NFL has brought back older names in their last bit of expansion/rebrandings, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Chargers rebrand to the LA Bulldogs name.
  5. I really like that second one
  6. These were the best Hawks jerseys by far
  7. Foley's comments to ESPN.com about this issue. "Our development and use of the name Vegas Golden Knights was based upon Nevada being the largest gold producing state in the country and the golden tones of the Las Vegas strip," Rigggggghhhhhhtttttt Bill.. And I have a casino in Pahrump I'd like to sell you. Your story would be far more believable if you didn't make it clear and obvious from the get go that you had a raging hard on to name the team something Army-esque. People aren't stupid. The name Golden Knights was selected because it allowed you to stroke your Army itch. That bit about gold mining in Nevada and the Vegas skyline are all secondary bs.
  8. I don't know if this is unpopular persay, but I really want to see the Raptors ditch the claw ball logo and bring back the dinosaur
  9. And Jets was a name that almost everyone in Winnipeg wanted. This is a name most in Las Vegas DIDN'T.
  10. As a Nevada native who spent most of my formative years in Las Vegas, I have spent most of those years hoping for the city to get a major league sports franchise of our own, and the last handful of months arguing the merits of the city getting an NHL team over the hordes of "should have gone to Canada or Seattle instead." Yet tonight, which for many of us who waited a long time for this moment, we get treated to an absolute embarrassment of a presentation, a moniker a large number of us didn't want AND get our city name shortened because, God forbid, Bill Foley's erection for West Point doesn't get stroked... proper city naming be damned. I could eventually stomach the Golden Knights moniker. I also really like the logo and colors. However, the Vegas part? Nope. But hey.. get your merchandise and season tickets now! Oh well. The Raiders are coming soon. At least Mark Davis will have enough respect for the city he will be calling home to name it by its proper billing.
  11. http://news3lv.com/live/event
  12. LOL at least it was admirable.
  13. He is entitled to run it however he wants. Yet when you are a company that hinges a level of success off ticket and merchandise sales, disregarding fan input isn't how to approach a new market of fans.
  14. If it DOES wind up being Golden Knights, which looks more and more likely by viewing that logo, it will be the ultimate middle finger to many of the fans of the team, and will set precident that their opinion absolutely does not matter. Golden Knights was far and away the least popular of the three options offered. After proceeding with the name Knights (or any variation of Knights) despite it being generally frowned upon, the least he could have done is gone with the alternative the majority of the fans seemed to be willing to at least accept as the lesser of three evils. Picking the least popular shows it was never about the people he wants to buy tickets or merchandise.. it was all about him and whatever West Point connection (which means jack :censored: to noone in Vegas but him) he could squeeze in there. That is a horrid precident to set. Also if it is Vegas Golden Knights.. Team better win and win quick because that is one more huge FU to them. The logo is cool though. And if it is Spartans, Gladiators or something else, well.. I rescind that above statement.