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  1. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    That's so sweet, thank you again.
  2. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Would you be able to do you my rugby team's logo? Thanks.
  3. Calgary Floods

    As one of the yyc crew here, will let you as of now the death toll is non existent in the city. There were however 4 in some of the other communities that were hit. May not see much from us in Calgary as power is iffy in some places and with all the evacuations people are all over place or trying to help out whenever possible.
  4. American Rugby Union

    Miami has a very strong Stade Francais vibe which I think is a good thing in this case. Could even go more crazy like they tend to do.
  5. I trying to setup an online shop to help fundraise for a local team where we don't have to make our own clothing (Look for it soon in the concept section as it becomes reality). I know of My cafepress but was wondering if anyone has experience or another site that they recommend.
  6. International Football Musings

    Group D is a true "Champions league" pool, all 4 are their leagues reigning champs, no runners-up so that group is going to be amazing.
  7. International Football Musings

    Champions league was done today. Group A Porto Dynamo Kiev Paris Saint-Germain Dinamo Zagreb Group B Arsenal Schalke 04 Olympiacos Montpellier Group C AC Milan Zenit Anderlecht Malaga Group D Real Madrid Manchester City Ajax Dortmund Group E Chelsea Shakhtar Donetsk Juventus Nordsjaelland Group F Bayern Munich Valencia Lille BATE Borisov Group G Barcelona Benfica Spartak Moscow Celtic Group H Manchester United Braga Galatasaray Cluj
  8. Premier League

    I agree with the comment about all three being on the same template, it's so rare in soccer that it actually takes away from the idea of this being feasible. While I like how you did that with Yakball it would never fly in modern soccer. Having said that your work is great, always is, and I can't wait to see the rest of the teams.
  9. MLS by mcrosby and capitalcanuck

    While not "cutting edge" I've also thought Highway Gothic would make a great MLS font, it's on every roadsign so you get "brand recognition" all the time.
  10. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    Any news on these? I'm so excited for these.
  11. 2012-13 soccer kits

    Seems like Adidas is forcing that orange shade on a lot teams this year.
  12. 2011-12 European football thread

    Funny that's my Facebook status right now.
  13. 2012-13 soccer kits

    I looks like one of their training shirts from this year.
  14. 2011-12 European football thread

    Can't wait for Monday should be an absolute amazing game. Come on City.
  15. WRU seeking 1 replacement owner

    Bumping this up