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  1. NBA's New Jersey Swamp Dragons/Fire Dragons

    Anyone willing to clean-up that logo and keep it true to it's original look? I'd love to put this in NBA 2K16.
  2. Searching for your 'whale'

    My whale is the Indiana University men's basketball warm-up top with the IU logo on the chest and the script Indiana on the back: They used to sell them on campus, but now I cannot find them anywhere. I would pay good money for one.
  3. US Airways Arizona Cardinals Airbus

    Saw the Cardinals plane when I landed at Sky Harbor in PHX yesterday. Looked really nice.
  4. Cougar Logo

    Yep excellent work. I would love to see one of the 16 local Phoenix schools named cougars or mountain lions use that.
  5. Cleveland State rolling out new logos

    Those aren't the new marks, they are his old icarnations for each sport. I kind of always liked the logo.
  6. The white unis save the set. I am still on the fence with the red unis but the white are fantastic.
  7. I just heard "red and blue" and went with that. Darker blue eh? I am excited for tomorrow. The Bruins logo and uni change has eleviated a lot of fears. Here's hoping
  8. Did anyone post a recolored version to reflect the true colors. I did this real quick.
  9. Adidas, get outta here you!

    The NBA, for years, had manufacturer's logos on their uniforms. The Champion Logo was plastered all over them. Lets look at clothing in general, what clothing item doesn't have the manufacturer'd mark on it? Somewhere the logo is on there. From Abercrombie to Perry Ellis to Ralph Lauren Polo to Nike to adidas to Fossil to Puma to Hanes and beyond. Who cares if the log is on the item I think this si the most ridiculous argument that this community has latched onto. Just because Paul Lukas says it's bad doesn't mean it's the Word. Log creep has been going on for a long time.
  10. Favorite Hat that you own?

    Favorite: Second:
  11. San Diego Charger Uni changes?

    No I did understand. Your saying they wanted two helmets. Like Seattle, but your statement was that one would still be a throwback, not an updated alt. Throwbacks are allowed. I'm not calling 5...4...3...2...1's statement BS, that writer is BS. If he really is a sportswriter in SD he should know why this happened because the team releases a PR message weeks in advance of the unveiling. This is just crazy speculation and discredits true journalism. He needs to get his facts straight.
  12. San Diego Charger Uni changes?

    That is BS... Cleveland, Buffalo, SD, Detroit, Denver, SF, Washington and Dallas have all worn multiple helmets in the past year or tow. This had nothing to do with that. White is just the team's way of giving a nod to the past
  13. Cleveland Paper uses wrong logo

    Infact this isn't even the Buffalo logo anymore.
  14. Jersey Authentication: Manning SB 41

    who cares... that looks great.