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  1. Arizona Coyotes wordmark from their latest rebrand isn't on the site.
  2. Didn't see this posted, but recoloured Oilers logo from their website Also, saw a tweet that showed grey helmets for the Knights
  3. Source image:
  4. That's not the team Twitter. @BingDevils is the real one, and they haven't unveiled the official letter-modified version yet.
  5. Why is everyone hating on KD, but not on Luc Robitaille? He basically did the same thing in 2002 with the Red Wings.
  6. Nothing new from LA Aside from Vegas and Minnesota, have we seen a single change?
  7. Your first point still has a chance. Stripe is still there, we'll see what they do with it.
  8. Less weight?
  9. At this point I think they're screwing with us. New Jersey Vegas
  10. Anaheim Buffalo Carolina Edmonton confirms the orange
  11. Sens fan on FB posted this saying he was excited for a new logo. That's the same one as before.
  12. I'm with him, though. Neither is particularly likeable. Lebron moreso, but Crosby just the same. Give me Steph Curry and Connor McDavid any day.
  13. Team schedule graphic: First round pick commits in front of yellow jersey Robertson Cup Champs graphic
  14. Erie has been trending away from the current Otter design and has really been embracing the alternate script mark. Watch for it to become the primary with a new jersey set. They also wore the alternates a ton during the playoffs, including the game they won the Robertson Cup.