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  1. CCSLC Loveline

    Update on this one... I spent two years in the friendzone, and made it out! We've been dating for two weeks now, and we're both the happiest we've ever been.
  2. CCSLC Loveline

    Dropping back in here with a couple updates. Spent a long time not talking to this girl, but reconnected in Sept 2015. We became inseperable, Established from the get-go that there is no chance of ever getting together, so there's no pressure or misunderstandings. Started a fitness challenge together in January, and I'm down 50lbs and she's now a gym rat. Happy ending after all. Things will slow down now that I'm dating someone else (see post below), but we both understand that that's necessary.
  3. Turns out the early predictions were right. Despacito will end up taking the crown.
  4. NHL 2017-18

    This is an updated version of the Lady Liberty logo. Can anyone mock it up?
  5. Brooklynettes is the only option here.
  6. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    I think BC would look fantastic with an orange helmet full-time.
  7. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    Just because the team is named the RedBlacks, doesn't mean that they exclusively have to use red and black. They already wear a white helmet, why not split the difference?
  8. Thank you for one of the greatest concept series of all time.
  9. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    Those helmets ruin everything. Just change the freaking mask already. Really, how hard is it? I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The CFL is set up in a way that there should be no helmet crossover between teams. BC: Orange Calgary: Red Edmonton: Yellow Hamilton: Black Montreal: White Ottawa: Silver Saskatchewan: Green Toronto: Blue Winnipeg: Gold
  10. missing logo thread

    Markham (formerly Brampton) Thunder of the CWHL. The team is currently holding a colours poll, so the outline is subject to change.
  11. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    The Hamilton Bulldogs have this trademarked, but have never used it. Reminds me a bit of the BuffaSlug