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  1. Leave it to Reddit to come up with the best thing I've seen all year.
  2. C'mon, there's really only one way to show Sakic wearing 91 at the Olympics...
  3. Western Michigan Whitecaps 3930 for $6 in near mint condition. The local minor baseball association (Little League) is the Whitecaps, and it was on the rack right next to one of their caps. I'm thinking that a coach or parent needed a cap and they didn't have one of the team-issued ones, so they went online and got one. This one is an official MiLB one with the Tigers' D on the back, and is the most comfortable hat I've ever worn.
  4. My scorekeeper at baseball on Saturday asked if I'd heard of Frank the Tank. He's gone mainstream. *whelp*
  5. I almost peed myself at "stretcher...err
  6. GTOV Sleeper Pick for 2018
  7. It's already been a month?
  8. It's been out for more than a month and only has 3.5 million views. It's not going anywhere.
  9. I was gonna say Can't Stop the Feeling was up there, but then realized that Closer has a BILLION (seriously, go check it out) more views on Youtube, in less time.
  10. Looks like a Roman god helmet, similar to this one on Mercury
  11. I survived 47 seconds... do I get a t-shirt?
  12. Cap is this one. 59Fifty size 7 ⅛. Trying to get it up to a 7 ⅝ UPDATE: My neighbour runs a sewing shop, and I've given it to her to see what she can do with it.
  13. Half an inch of hair?? I couldn't even get that much if I shaved it all off!
  14. Ken Dryden wearing a cage in practice.