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  1. nash61

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    If it wasn't for the Canucks, I would say just use this for the Sockeyes on Kelowna Rockets jerseys and be done with it. If the Canucks would just lose the stupid orca, this would be doable.
  2. nash61

    Las Vegas Aviators officially announced as new name of MiLB team

    I get it, but yikes...
  3. Is Traverse City Cherry Pickers that hard?
  4. I wish they had used the stripe arrows from the original Thrashers jerseys rather than the one-arm word mark. I forgot how sexy those jerseys were
  5. nash61

    Best Logo Refreshes

    Those college refreshes reminded me of this one.
  6. nash61

    Adidas NHL Throwback Jerseys

    The crest looks too flat. I'm not convinced it's embroidered. Look at the difference
  7. nash61

    2018-19 NHL Season

    WILL NY THE SIGN-ED GUY! WILL! WILL! WILL! WILL! 6 years, 6.9 per. The Leafs just got even scarier.
  8. nash61

    Adidas NHL Throwback Jerseys

  9. nash61

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    LA over San Diego? St. Louis makes sense, but I feel like not picking San Diego is a missed opportunity to challenge the Fleet (AAF) straight on and make their mark.
  10. In football, the CFL is awful for this Also surprised no one has mentioned the Steelers Or the Pats yet. ... and then there's the Bills
  11. Team Canada, Nagano Team Canada 1987 Columbus Blue Jackets prospects in the Traverse City tournament North Bay Battalion, OHL Czech Republic
  12. And let's not forget that Charlottetown is actually an improvement over what they had.
  13. That's not what Erie is wearing now. The Otter logo is dead.