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  1. They're my tweaks. Small details matter to me. My apologies for not letting all of you know earlier.
  2. My takes on the adidas jerseys...please click (Still waiting on the other road jerseys)
  3. The Knicks tweaked their 2001-2010 uniforms in time for the launch of the adidas Rev 30. HOME 2001 vs. 2010 AWAY 2001 vs. 2010
  4. Yes @eibram, the road jersey of the Bucks from 1986 to 1993 did not feature any red accents. Check the image above. I posted it last Sunday. Also, I would like to add missing uniforms: 1. The Blazers wore their home uniforms with black text during the first half of 1991-1992 season. 2. The Washington Bullets wore white numbers during the of the 1996-97 preseason 3. The Jazz also wore white numbers during the 1994-95 pre-season. By the way, last question, what are your plans with the project, are you planning to create a database website for the NBA uniforms you have worked on or upload them in Imgur/Photobucket?
  5. Vin Baker during the 1993-94 pre-season
  6. Washington Wizards Jersey History 1997-2008 2008-2010 (Lighter shades of gold & blue, + new text color for the away jersey surnames) 2010-2011 (V-neck and text color for away jersey reverted back to white)
  7. This is what the Denver Nuggets wore from 2008 to 2010. The current navy blue Cavs alt was launched during the 2014-15 season. However, the Cavs also wore a similar navy uniform during the 2011-12 NBA season. The shoulder cut.
  8. Sleeveless variation of the Bulls' current black alternate occurred in 2014/15. Two versions - The first pic which was worn in Jan. 19, 2015 vs. Cavaliers. The second pic finally had the shorts matched colouring format of the jerse. The pic was from February 2015 and they wore that uniform for the remainder of the regular season. And the Magic STILL wear the Black alternates from 2010. Not as much though since they had to promote those awful soccer-inspired unis.
  9. On-Topic ^ Right Uniform, Wrong Cut ^
  10. What's the font for this text?
  11. I also worked on other floors. Sixers Cavaliers @MGoBlue98, here's the Pistons floor
  12. The white round line has been invisible already since 2013. Proof: 3-pt. line should be colored white