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  1. Jackets/Islanders in Orange numbers MacInnis wore the 94-00 Flames away jersey during the launching. A few weeks later, he signed with St. Louis Blues. He never wore this during an actual NHL game. Pat Burns the Habs PLAYER, not COACH. Does this count?
  2. I'd like to see black on this uniform:
  3. And while we're at it, here's Marty McSorley donning the same dark uniforms in 1999 (and look at that Jofas hahaha):
  4. Emergency back-up goalie Artus Irbe
  5. I'll show you two options: A (The one you requested) B (Two-toned) I made the court almost a year ago, and the Pistons at the time were very much content with the Palace. I do know that the Pistons will move at the Little Caesars Arena. I'll wait for the Pistons' official confirmation of using that logo before I slap the LCA logos on that court.
  6. Can you be more specific? Do you mean placing the main logo in the middle and an outlined text of MINNESOTA underneath it?
  7. Trevor Linden Does this count? Jim Peplinski and Al MacInnis (+ hanging jersey of Gary Roberts). Pep did wear it in 94-95. AlMac left for St. Louis a few weeks after the uniform was rleased. SOURCE: 4:35 of this video EDIT: Also stumbled upon this photo (Roberts, Otto, and Joe Nieuwendyk wearing the wrong uniform for the right team - not sure about Fleury though) Dion Phaneuf Martin Gelinas Curtis Joseph Darcy Tucker and Tomas Kaberle
  8. Captain Wayne in NY Alt. Captain Wayne (first yr. in LA) Gretzky in 90's oilers duds (Not exactly but close) Red-helmeted Jets Newly-acquired Roy Black-helmeted Avs at Home Lemaire in Buffalo LOL Post-lockout Yzerman Chad Johnson (right) and Jarome Iginla (middle) Iggy and Matthew Tkachuk Jean-Sebastien Giguere and Patrick Roy Yee-haw
  9. Check the intro:
  10. Yzerman vs. Flames' current uniform O 80's Oilers in #OrangeCrush Gretzky vs. Howe Lemieux, and Therrien ' Stars/Panthers White-out Sabres vs. Rangers for 9/11 Coulda been deadly Black unreadable surnames for the Flames. Yet the Ducks get away with it LOL. Speaking of the Ducks' alternate. Here's Pronger wearing it. And Sel8nne. Blues Goalies BONUS Babcock Babcock and Bylsma (the dude sticking his tongue out)
  11. This comparison is accurate. The Clippers agree with you. Google it. Plus
  12. Mike Vernon's second stint in Calgary.