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  1. Completely agree on both counts.
  2. Thanks, Brandon, this was exactly the response I was asking for. I'll have to disagree with you drastically, though. For one, as a sports fan and a player on a basketball team, I am firmly of the opinion that "angry" logos are the way to go in sports. That's why I prefer 2000's logo style to the current trend. Secondly, as a graphic designer myself, and pretty darn good at drawing (not to brag), I can tell very well that the current primary wolf is drawn rather well. Especially, considering that wolves are not usually depicted facing forward and growling at the same time, this one succeeds at it brilliantly, and I have always appreciated the way it has been executed so accurately. The dramatic lightning with the other side of the face being covered in shadow with the blue highlights has always worked for me, so I don't see any problem there at all. Comparing it to the UCONN husky, I don't see any difference in quality - on the contrary - the wolf is executed more skillfully. So, your comment about "someone who can draw and someone who can't" just doesn't apply here at all. If there's something to point out, the teeth are drawn too subtly, otherwise your comments might apply to the original KG era logo, but not this updated one. What comes to the wordmark, I like how it's been cleaned-up and simplified from the original logo. This new logo, on the other hand, has jumped on the simple mono-weight font trend, which I think will pass by even quicker. Not to say it doesn't work there, though. Edit: Talking about bad drawn logos, the Phoenix Coyotes logo, now that's just plain awful.
  3. Instant winner. A lot better. As a follow-up to my original opinion on the new logo, I also don't like the use of double blue that both also happen to be rather dark. It makes the logo murky as a whole. What comes to the letter A without the crossbar, you guys arguing about it are taking it too far. Most probably, what happened there, was that the designers just took inspiration from the runes and created a similar shape that slightly resembles it. No more, no less, and doesn't have to be. Design is not science. The marketing talk, however, might have taken the rationale there where it doesn't belong. Also, as I find myself being in the absolute minority, who love the current primary and the forward-facing wolf, I'd like to hear from you, what makes it so bad in your opinion? If I had to choose between the current wolf face and the new logo, or the current secondary, for that matter, I'd choose the first-mentioned ten times out of ten.
  4. Meh. Underwhelming. The current set (yes, the primary logo in particular) is ways better, and the secondary wolf is also drawn better than this new one. Don't mind the color scheme, though. It's refreshing.
  5. I have said it before, the Hawks identity is one big mess and one of the worst in the league at the moment. The only thing I like about the identity is the ATL script on the red alternate jerseys.
  6. That's a nice looking color combo. A good way to start out, Nike.
  7. I also liked color-swaps a lot more for alternates.
  8. The NBA can be really unpredictable at times. I had the Hornets out of the playoff-picture before the season started after losing Jefferson, Lin and Lee.
  9. Wasn't it supposed to be the Jumpman logo on the unis, and not the swoosh?
  10. Yeaaaah, finally getting professional-looking uniforms (after switching from such), it's been so overdue. There's nothing wrong with the logo-set, though. - In other news, the Jazz' new sleeved set is a great piece of design and looks great on the court. That's how you do a sleeved uni. Having the stripes only on one leg of the shorts is key there, to not go overboard with them. The Nets new faux-back alternate suffers a lot from lack of colors and doesn't look good on TV at all. The whole design gets very blurry. As I had already said before, the Rockets' new black set is very uninspired and all the personality of the regular set goes out the window with it.
  11. Also want to say that the biggest mess of an identity at the moment is the Atlanta Hawks (besides the Clippers, but for some reason their brand feels more coherent nonetheless). There is red, black, the sublimated triangle pattern, with a grotesque neon green, and then there is also the retro logo on a white, completely non-related backrground, all on their court. Also, none of the brand colours except red (on white) appear in their primary logo! Eliminating white altogether would bring them a long way.
  12. Funny, since regardless of the nice city skyline and center-court logo details, I find the overall colour use very ugly.
  13. Agree with both of you that the horse logo was over-designed and the Bad Boys logo too dull. But I would say that while the horse is a better concept, and the updated Bad Boys logo still being too dull for a primary, the current logo as is, is the best alternative for the Bad Boys route.