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  1. And suddenly Brooklyn is an interesting team again.
  2. I think I didn't express myself clearly enough. What I meant, was that those introduced anniversary logos have too small elements in them to work as a jersey patch. Maybe the patch designs have always been just simpler versions, just don't recall now.
  3. I guess these anniversary logos that the Bucks and now the Nuggets have released aren't gonna be on the jerseys as patches, at least as they are, since there are too many small elements for a patch that size.
  4. And you are who to tell me that, exactly? Tuck in your Steph Curry jersey, it's sticking out from under your shirt.
  5. Lol, wrong about what? You're so insecure. Mods, you might want to look into this guy, his level of obsession has reached to personal insults. Dude even tagged me in that post to make sure that I'll see it, even though it wasn't addressed to me. This is ridiculous.
  6. I say, first win more than once against a full Cleveland lineup, then declare yourself the ruler.
  7. You are really obsessed with me. You just can't let it go, can you? You're making this so hard, smh. Just for the record, I'm not a Clevelander.
  8. What people don't understand, is, that the thing with the Celtics' and Bulls' unis is, that they were introduced in another era, when those designs could have very well been considered relevant to the times. What made them classic, was the success of those teams. Not in the slightest. What summoned up such a reaction, was, that besides being such a ridiculously bland design, it also replaced a set that was one of the best in the league and all-around excellent. If Lebron had stayed, I would've been equally outraged by this uniform change.
  9. The Pistons' interlocking DP logo is pretty decent, but needs thicker gaps that are separating the letters to feel more sturdy. The two notсhes on the letters together resemble the two exhaust pipes from their 90's primary logo, which is a cool detail. If the flying ball in the second logo is intended as a hood ornament, it definitely could've been executed a lot better using only the D. I'm just loving the Spurs' new secondary. Very badass and fits their identity perfectly. What comes to the new primary, the letters in the nickname are definitely missing outlines, which makes it look too primitive. Otherwise, I like it. The Pacers' new secondary is rather trivial and doesn't add anything new to the brand.
  10. This series is one boneheaded play by Kyrie away from being 2-2.
  11. Everyone except Chris Grant and seemingly you saw objectively. It wasn't hard to see in this case. The period was put long ago.
  12. Funny, since I don't remember you laying out the truth with any of your opinions either. I still remember the Waiters pick nonsense you were pushing to no end. And, so what? Warriors are in no position to make excuses whatsoever, especially that game 5 that Green was suspended is the lamest thing to do, when they still had 2 games after that to finish it off. (And for the record, Curry said himself he was at 100%. Not that it matters.) If the Warriors win a championship this time, it will be the first time they do it with 2/3 of the opponent's stars not sitting on the sidelines in suits. So, GT* off of me already.
  13. I stand corrected. They still had two games left with Draymond.
  14. False. The Warriors had two games on their home floor after that with Draymond playing to wrap it up. So don't act like that was the reason.
  15. Not feeling the updated logo set AT ALL. Neither I do the wordmarks, which fit a team called the 'Spartans' or the 'Gladiators', but not the 'Cavaliers'. The old primary logo wasn't anything special, but it was solid. This new global logo is total crap. Won't reiterate everything that's wrong about this logo set that has already been said here. The ball-shield looks like a quick afterthought. And those who saw that the new 'Portland' wordmark was afwully spaced, brace youselves, this 'Cavs' wordmark blows it out of the water. Like Bucfan said it above, the first identity of the LeBron era was the best the Cavs have had by far. Looks like another Cavs identity period in a row coming for me without buying a jersey... 0/2 for Nike so far.