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  1. truepg

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Why would you throw them these ideas?
  2. truepg

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    Grizzlies' look at its best. Blows the current update out of the water.
  3. truepg

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    The only thing I like about this update is the powder blue third uniform that references the Vancouver look. The logos, the new font, the two primary unis - all are unnecessary downgrades. The primary uniforms look very generic, the main reason for what is the lack of yellow, especially on the white one, which uses only the two blues. The third one has the right amount of yellow. On top of its small size, the wordmark on the jerseys looks even lighter because of the inline. Not a fan of the 70's/80's graphic motif that extends to the court either.
  4. truepg

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    So unnecessary.
  5. truepg

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Plain as heck! C'mon now?
  6. truepg

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Not sure about the Bucks' court update. That blue outline was an interesting and a unique touch and a reference to the old arena.
  7. This would be so overly funny, if it wasn't so sad. Part of me feels malicious satisfaction and gloat over the fact that you got that black side panel on the purple jersey for wanting to meddle with the absolutely perfect set that they had in exchange for something retro. On the other hand, it's a blasphemy, how all the tradition was flushed down the toilet just like that with the addition of that black side panel. Seems like nothing is sacred and untouchable anymore. Another funny out-there thought that pops in my head, is that Nike added that black panel to crap on the purple uni in order for us to swallow the new model of white at home and yellow on the road for the Lakers, since we won't see the purple uni as usable anymore. What comes to the yellow and white sets - well, they're okay, I guess, but apart from a couple little details that don't make the look, it's the same Showtime look brought back. And, as ScubaSteve said what I had gone through in my mind over and over again lately: ...Just because something was done before, doesn't mean it's good and has to be brought back. It had been changed for a reason. The previous Kobe-era set worked great and was relevant in its design and didn't need changing. This new set is retro for retro's sake - the new craze in the NBA - joining the likes of the Sixers brand and unis, the Hawks' logo, Pistons' logo, and many others.
  8. A stupid narrative? That's what actually took place, not anyone's opinion. It takes a huge amount of homerism and moronism to neglect the fact that it's a soft move. And since when the opinions of fans - those, whose pockets the league is kept afloat with - aren't held that strongly? At least not by Durant, who has been sensitive to respond to them, even with burner accounts. I mean, it's a business and he is free to do what he wants, but if you make that kind of a move, be ready to face and take all the crap that will come your way.
  9. The narrative? The second best player in the league joined a team with the best record of all time, also a team he was within one win of beating in the WCF. That's it right there. Definitely soft. I don't understand, how someone can put it any other way.
  10. By the looks of it, the same people who brought us the Cavs' disaster after LeBron left the first time, and the Knicks' dumbification. This is not quite as bad as that Cavs set, although.
  11. Agree completely on that. The jersey looks rather stuffy in that picture and needs more white. If this is indeed the new jersey, I'm not liking it so far. Especially, when the previous set had nothing wrong to it and was perfect. Also, as already mentioned, the straight down going drop shadow doesn't work very well. I hate it when they fix designs that are not broken, and all that retro craze.
  12. Lemme guess? It'll probably be stars on the uniform...
  13. This one's not quite there yet, it needs some adjustments. The ball should be smaller in relation to the wordmark, for one. The "Los Angeles" font is not the best - the letters have too much contrast in thickness and are slanted to a different angle than the wordmark, and I prefer the seams of the ball to be the same width without the perspective effect, as seen in some other NBA team logos.
  14. Yea, I agree with you on that - it is not reasonable to have two different wordmarks, for sure. I'd just go with the one on the jerseys, myself. The past 18 years have been very iconic for the franchise, though.
  15. Nah man, not seeing it. The only part that I could find fault with after looking at it thoroughly was the width of the stem of the E, which is narrower than the stem of the K and R. Doesn't really pop either, though. Other than that, a rock-solid execution. The R-S connection is solved just perfectly and in a beautiful way. The L connects to the A just right too. The chopped off top of the crossbar of the E works really well there visually with those letterforms (to the extent that I hadn't noticed it right up until now), and is an interesting touch, actually. I'd argue this jersey wordmark comes close (if already isn't) in terms of being as iconic as the wordmark in the logo, since it has had all this exposure being on the front of the jersey all these years.