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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    This. As I already said, there's no reason whatsoever to have the manufacturer logo twice on the game uniform.
  2. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Knicks look suddenly better with the armhole trim reaching further down. The Grizzlies' changes are a huge downgrade in removing the collar triangle with the logo and logo on the shorts. Almost nothing left in that set to validate keeping it anymore. I also see the Hawks' got their collar switched to a generic V-neck. Never like custom collars replaced. A wave of that practice came with the switch to Adidas. Not sure about the side-panel modification for the Magic, never was a fan of those robust side-panels anyway. Good that they didn't remove the shape completely and kept it on the shorts, though. I guess, the biggest loser of this offseason uni-wise has been Indiana. Funny, since they were one of those, who had the least to lose.
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers New Uniforms

    These unis are an upgrade over the previous set, as any would be. The white uni is a lot better-looking than the wine one. What comes to the use of navy in the latter, I like it on one hand, but feel like it would be closer quality-wise to the white counterpart had it not included it, and used yellow instead with white numbers. I also get the Warriors' 00's orange alternate uni vibe from it: The downside of this new Cavs' set is, though, that the way the previous set was generic in a dated way, these are generic in a modern way, and don't have anything iconic of the Cavaliers. As bad as the previous set was, it had the multi-striped trim. This was a missed opportunity to use Cavaliers-style checkered trim, which would've looked great on these.
  4. Phoenix Suns New Uniforms

    The shorts are gorgeous with the way the sunburst is executed and the use of white, and I really like how the colors look. Unfortunately, the jersey is that very same generic design from the leaked pic, which we had already deemed a massive L, stripping it from the personality that the previous set had with the sunburst. Also, the numbers on the front are huge.
  5. Los Angeles Clippers New Uniforms

    Only a slight upgrade. Still, a lateral move. There was nothing wrong with the last script wordmark unis. No need to re-invent the bicycle.
  6. Minnesota Timberwolves

    A huge letdown, not much more to say here. We were all expecting lime green and trees. This template is not bad per se, though, but would fit a team named the Seagulls (or even Clippers for that matter) better for it's marine feel. Was also expecting the wordmark on the navy jersey (yes, I'm not gonna call these by their flat-out dumb new marketing names) to be the same font as the "Wolves" on the white jersey, and not this condensed version.
  7. Minnesota Lynx New Logo

    Don't like the Wolves new logo neither I do this one. As are the wolves in both the parent club and G League team logos, this lynx is also poorly illustrated. The previous logo was a hundred times better, as in the Wolves' case too.
  8. Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    As said many times already, getting rid of baby blue as the main color is a huge downgrade. Baby blue was the Nuggets' look. They had it right during the Melo years.
  9. New Utah Jazz Uniforms by Nike

    The wider and single-color collar and arm-trim is a huge downgrade. The way it was fit the look perfectly.
  10. Indiana Pacers New Uniforms, Alternate Logos

    Spot on! LOOL.
  11. NBA Changes 2017-18

    They clearly benefited from the drop shadow, especially the white jersey looks really good with it. For some reason the effect isn't the same on the blue jersey. I guess it's because red shadow works so well off the blue numbers, something that doesn't happen when paired with white numbers. A definite upgrade.
  12. Indiana Pacers New Uniforms, Alternate Logos

    The cornrow idea is an interesting concept and I like it on the side-panels. And as somebody had already said here, they also resemble speed lines that fit the Pacers moniker. The execution just isn't there, there's too much going on with lines facing in different directions together with the triangles connecting to the armholes and the logo panel on the shorts. The front of the jersey is a disaster, though, that destroys this set. It doesn't go together with anything else, with the totally unnecessary full team name around the number, the ugly Agency font and the white outlines on the navy jersey that make the wordmark look even worse.
  13. Portland Trail Blazers new logo

    Going with an outline on the numbers instead of the solid color drop-shadow was a downgrade in this case, since that is such a Blazers' thing.
  14. NBA Changes 2017-18

    What comes to the Hornets' unis, I'm glad they restrained from making any significant changes and kept the design. Changing the collar to solid color is a big downgrade though, since the stripe and the overlap were nice details. Another thing to point out, is that the sideview Hornet logo replaced the crown-C on the white uni's shorts, which I'm not sure was a good move either. I hope that the gorgeous purple uni remains, though, since I liked it more than the teal one. Also, the jumpman logo looks a lot more organic and unintrusive on the uniforms than the Nike swoosh. Nevertheless, still no reason to duplicate it on the shorts.
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Something that hasn't been mentioned here yet, is the overly cluttered look that the Nike swooshes make on the uniforms alongside the sponsor patches, best seen on the new Pistons' set. There's no reason whatsoever to display the manufacturer logo TWICE on the game uniform, the jersey AND the shorts. That is as offensive as the Adidas' three stripes going all the way along the sides.