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  1. Agreed. Wahoo has been a pretty blatant racist mess for a long time. They've done a decent job of weaning the fan base off him the last few years, time to put the fork in him and be done with it.
  2. Have to disagree there. The '85-'03 Padres wordmark was beautiful, especially with the orange drop shadow. And while simple, the '91-'03 San Diego wordmark wasn't bad. And the '78-'84 Padres wordmark, while not my favorite color, was also not a bad style at all. In fact throw a little yellow where the grey is on the former Tucson Padres jerseys and you have a great modern update.
  3. Still the best uniform the Pads have ever worn. Wish they'd just go back to it and be done with it.
  4. I like that they incorporated the yellow. I dislike that they don't have the city name on them. Having the city name spelled out on an away uniform should be mandated by MLB. Cap logos belong on caps, not jerseys.
  5. I agree. The 2016 home with the yellow D has been pretty popular around San Diego anecdotally. And at the end of the year the hats most sold out from the Padres team store were the 2016 home and the 1998 style with the white S and orange D.
  6. That's not a Padres road uni for 2016. That was a one off for the ASG only. It was never worn during the regular season.
  7. Figured they were in trouble when they needed to start having playoff games in another region down in San Diego.
  8. The Padres didn't have a road uni with yellow on it. They had a one off in the ASG that had gold, a kind of mashup between their home and aways last year, but that was a nod to the fact it was the Padres home park and their players were being forced to be the away team in it. As for the blue and yellow being popular, it wouldn't shock me. Anecdotally I saw a great number of the blue and yellow Padres home caps around town this year. Far more than any other style in recent years being worn in the wild. It does seem to have caught on. And it and the similarly styled '91-'04 blue with orange D that it appears to mimic were the two caps that appeared to be in shortest supply at the team stores.
  9. Guess the reporter (Lin) saying the Navy and Yellow was a one year thing was wrong. Glad to see them sticking to it, and if the reports of the Brown and yellow remaining on Fridays are true they may finally have settled on a balance that can work.
  10. I was in Vegas that weekend, it did anything but throw a fit. In fact the place was hopping. The Raiders will do well for themselves there. Transient team, with dispersed fan base, in the most transient town in America.
  11. Exactly. The Raiders are one of those rare teams that transcends location. They could be playing on the moon and most of their fans would save up for a trip on Space X once a year to go see them and would gather at bars and rocket launch sites the rest of the year to watch the games with other Raider fans.
  12. My experience is similar to yours. Mostly older pole who grew up with the PCL Pads and those born in the 80's and later tend to favor blue. I mean first time I ever saw them they were wearing the '91 style unis. They've always been a blue team to me. They went to the first WS I remember wearing that uni. I equate brown with being bad as they pretty much always were for all but that one WS year in '84.
  13. Rumors are swirling around San Diego today as to why Mike Dee was fired/let go as team president so soon after the ownership had said they were committed to keeping him. Apparently according to John Gennaro and others the Padres were so adamant about getting rid of him that they're lawyering up and don't intend to pay off his remaining contract. And MLB is apparently equally happy he's gone. Gennaro in particular is saying that what Dee did was as worse than what you can imagine it would be. Several reporters apparently have off the record sourced the reason, but no one is going on record so they can't release the reason due to the likely legal action to come.
  14. Well as I understand it he works at a sports equipment store in San Diego. So they get gear as it's being released. It's how he got the scoop last winter on the 2016 cap with the yellow D. He's always been an impeccable source so if he say's it's sand, it's sand until proven otherwise.
  15. Well they launched the yellow as a one year thing, and they had sand in the unis in a limited fashion in 2015. They could be simply reinstating it after it's planned one year hiatus.