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  1. The road trim in particular really evokes the old DP01's from the last years of Champ Car (other than the more pointy IndyCar nose). If their goal was to evoke the past, which it apparently was, they've succeeded. It's the best looking "IndyCar" from the post split era if you ask me. Better than the current car, and WAY better than the hideous pre-DW12 Dallara.
  2. Always thought Petco Park had a good view of downtown San Diego.
  3. Can't really fault them. Ontario makes sense, has a decent modern mid sized arena. Wish they'd come to San Diego but what can you do.
  4. San Jose was dead last in the AHL... if we're being realistic. They were averaging somewhere around 1000 actual fans a game.
  5. Good choice! I would go San Diego Gulls (I'm admittedly biased due to the team being run in a very major league manner) Hershey Bears Durham Bulls Ontario Reign San Jose Giants Brooklyn Cyclones
  6. Fair enough. But people in San Diego do care. And will continue to comment on anything related to the ex-San Diego Chargers for a long time to come if it's at all tangentially related, particularly an issue of the Spanos' making asses of themselves. That happening is in no way related to or aimed at your fandom of the team. As you're not a local it really doesn't apply to you so don't take it that way.
  7. Because we weren't just discussing LA's reaction to it? Not unless Tampa Bay suddenly became an LA suburb.
  8. Best guess... it's because their owners still have that MLS 1.0 mentality. For the Krafts, whose primary focus has been the Patriots, the Revs seem to be largely an afterthought. A training ground for Kraft the younger the get experience running a sports team for his inevitable takeover of the Patriots when Bob kicks the bucket (which frankly worries me given how he runs the Revs). They don't see the Revs as an team on par with the Pats in their portfolio and frankly it shows. Most of the rest of the league's owners treat their MLS teams as the or one of the most important things in their portfolio of holdings (sporting or otherwise). Even a sporting conglomerate like AEG sees the Galaxy and their stadium as one of their more important holdings and treats it as such or the Wolff/Fisher regime who while mismanaging the Earthquakes (and the A's), at least treat both relatively equally.
  9. I asked you why you're still a Chargers fan? In what thread and context? I mean if I did in the context of an earlier discussion that's great. I don't particularly remember it. It's not like I'm purposely jabbing at you in particular. We post in a lot of the same threads. If you're taking it as a passive aggressive attack at you, let me reassure you, it's not. I don't particularly care if you're a fan of the Chargers still or not. That's your business.
  10. Have to agree. The style of the new stripes is an upgrade over the disappearing stripes. But all they had to do was put three on the new jersey to get it right... they didn't. At best it's a lateral move for me. They traded one mistake for another.
  11. Discarded stadium plans of the former San Diego Chargers from their failed (and ill advised) "Convadium" ballot measure last year.
  12. When did I ever tell you, "well you may be fine with it, but everyone in San Diego hate them because they're terrible?" All I said was most in San Diego have relished watching the Chargers bumble their way into LA and that no Chargers fan I know personally remained so, which are both very much true. Nothing about that was directed at you personally. If you don't like hearing those facts, well I don't know what to tell you. Your favorite team betrayed their home of 56 years, and shat on the residents of said city and their San Diego based fans. That being pointed out is going to happen, and keep being pointed out for a long time. Get used to it.
  13. I came at you for your continuing to be a Chargers fan? Did I miss something here?
  14. If I had to guess it would be the, "we're trying!" angle. The Revs fans have been waiting for the better part of two decades for a new stadium and have watched the entire league pass them by in making it happen (once DC's in their new digs). They're the last MLS 1.0 team left in the league and it's largely because they're stuck in Foxboro.
  15. Actually I considered the Chargers my second team until they moved being that they were my local team. Now... not so much. And to be fair, no one I know who was a Chargers fan locally, is anymore. They've all jumped ship to the Niners, Raiders, and Seahawks,