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  1. Since it has no ice abilities I'd say it's a pretty poor one. Moda Arena in Portland does however have an ice plant. Only issue there is the same as Victoria, WHL already has the Winterhawks in town. Fresno has an ice capable arena, but it may be Vegas' choice for their AHL team. Seattle has Key Arena of course which can host hockey and no competing WHL team in the building. Issue there is the a fore mentioned potential NHL team however. That and the WHL is again already in town out in Kent. And I get the feeling these towns prefer the WHL to the AHL for whatever reason based on Victoria and other's reaction to WHL over ECHL or AHL.
  2. Exactly. They put jersey ads in baseball I demand all commercials be pulled from the game except during the 7th inning stretch. Same with football, that guy with the orange sleeves on the sideline better be taken out with extreme prejudice if they put soccer style ads on their jerseys.
  3. Padres just took the top three picks and prospects that were available in the Rule 5 draft.
  4. I agree, it would make more sense to "join the California fray" or perhaps look at Portland? I mean Seattle would make sense to look at too if not for the persistent rumors of them getting their own NHL team.
  5. One has to wonder if Utica is a long term solution. I mean the rest of the western teams bought and moved their teams when a suitable location was found in California or Arizona. You'd have to think the Canucks will follow suit eventually with all of the potential AHL markets on the western US or Vancouver itself. And of course I'm sure they're keeping their eyes on what Las Vegas does as well with regard to an AHL team.
  6. It's on the Chargers. They've become obsessed with downtown which is a huge disconnect when it comes to the city leadership and population. The city and its people want them at the Qualcomm site, polling from multiple independent sources has confirmed that and it allows the county to be easily involved. But the Chargers have ruled it out in favor of the far more expensive downtown option. And worse still as you mention they tried to muddy the issue by shoehorning a convention center expansion that no one wants, least of all the Convention Center itself, on to the project to try and sell it. Everyone saw through it and rightly told Dean to pound sand.
  7. Not many. Most Chargers fans I know and talk to both real world and online are just about done with the team right now (after last winter's attempted move shenanigans), and as a result many voted against Measure C and D (the two stadium measures). And it shows if you look at the Chargers attendance this year, it's been dismal. You throw in knowledge the team is leaving, openly known or even open secret, and Qualcomm will be a virtual ghost town other than games when the Raiders or a similar opponent are in town (but it won't be filling with Chargers fans as there won't be many left calling themselves that).
  8. So just roll over and accept something that ugly? No thanks.
  9. I'd have thought it was Joe Robbie Stadium. Before that one everyone almost everyone was in a baseball/football multipurpose venue. Irony being about the time the Marlins moved into Joe Robbie was when everyone else started copying the general style first at the Georgia Dome and then in Jacksonville.
  10. I said it earlier, and I'll say it again, I never thought I'd miss Bud Selig.
  11. Bland, understandable, and not surprising. It seems that unless you have a good NASL name to pull from most teams are opting for the FC/SC route out of simplicity. Almost makes one pine for the days Nike came up with the team names. That said, breaking with their NASL identity and Traffic's tarnish as they pursue MLS (and likely move to USL) makes perfect sense. Can't blame them for leaving corruption and failure behind.
  12. Very simply way to fight it, don't buy the crap with the logos on it. Enough people forego the over adverted crap, they'll roll it back to save their merch sales.
  13. Yeah, I can't see the Yankees going for that. Or several of the other teams for that matter. I'd bet my favorite hat that logo will be on the sleeve by 2020.
  14. Well I mean the brown is currently an on field cap for the Padres along side the blue. I imagine the team has sales data on the two cap styles and which sold better. It would be interesting to see that data. Anecdotally I saw a lot more of the '16 blue and yellow caps around town than I did the new taco bell brown cap despite both being active on field caps. It will be interesting to see if that carries on now that they've gone back to blue and white along side the still active on field brown taco bell cap.
  15. We'll have to disagree. I can't divorce the killing of two leagues from the Cosmos logo (yes I know the new one isn't identical but the same basic logo is used as the base) as for me they come as part of the same package. NYCFC may be a tad generic but it's a classic logo in and of itself. The Metrostars logo I'll grant you visually isn't as good, but frankly I think it would look great on a scarf and such and has it's own sense of nostalgia to it as I don't think a team today would use that either. It screams 90's.