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  1. Do minor league sports ever engender that kind of pain though on such a large scale level?
  2. Everybody on the west coast hated the Lakers. When I was a Kings fan they were seen as the biggest rival due to the playoff series the better part of two decades ago. The Warriors saw them as a huge rival, back before the Cavs became enemy No. 1. The Clippers have always hated their roommates.
  3. Well that's a given. The Raiders are now the first team in the NFL that will always have at least 9 home games since all Chargers v Raiders games in LA will be a defacto Raiders home game. And the occasional years they play the Rams have a good shot of making it 10 home games.
  4. There aren't many San Diego based Chargers fans left. So I doubt anyone would care what their opinion is. And besides they'd still show up once a year when the Chargers were back in town anyway.
  5. Not that the Oakland "plan" was viable in the NFL's view. But that will probably put a crimp in it none the less.
  6. Welcome to the European model of naming leagues. There's a reason it's the Barclay's Premier League or the SkyBet League One. I won't be shocked if the NBA itself has a sponsor in a few years. Of the Big 4 they seem most willing to whore themselves out.
  7. San Diego heavy hitters making their play to Mark Davis and the NFL in the event Vegas doesn't happen. This group, led by developer Doug Manchester, would offer $350 million in private money toward an NFL stadium (matching and replacing what the city had previously scrounged up for the Chargers). In exchange they want some development rights to the land around the stadium but not apparently ownership stakes or anything like that.
  8. Well you may still get a rebrand in the Bud Adams Oliers/Titans vein. Remember they're playing two placeholder years in StubHub Center. A natural jumping off point to try to one up Kroenke in his own palace would be to rebrand with a solidly LA identity when the Chargers move into it. I mean for now they seem content to soldier on with the Chargers identity since they don't have to sell many tickets. But they're going to have to sell PSLs and big season ticket packages to fill a 70,000 seat stadium and all it's club seats, luxury boxes, etc... And trying to sell them the crappy Chargers product wrapped in a cast off San Diego brand isn't going to sell well to anyone (and yes the Chargers name was founded in LA, but 6 months vs 56 years made it a solely San Diego brand).
  9. That's the real equation they have to consider. I imagine they'd lose the bulk, if not all, of the remaining 19% of their pre-move San Diego Chargers fan base. Question is, would a new brand get them back that and more? Given the history of moves and rebrands I'd think it would. I mean think about the Oilers/Titans, Browns/Ravens (even if it was a forced change), etc...Such rebranded teams were heartily embraced by their new cities as the "taint" of being someone else's team is diminished. The Oilers/Titans IMO is particularly instructive as they didn't really start to hit it off in their new state until they rebranded to something not so intimately tied with their former city.
  10. Levis isn't crappy because of seismic considerations. Pac Bell Park and Petco Park are two of the best stadiums in MLB, and neither had price tags that were any more than their contemporaries. No the issue was the Niners had a flawed stadium model trying to incorporate the Lakers Staples Center design to it's ultimate conclusion. And the results sucked. The stadium has no character. Unless you're in the Tower of Power on the west side, you'd be hard pressed to know you're at a Niners game unless you looked at the endzones.
  11. 19% are following them to LA. So they have to rebuild 81% or more of their former fanbase out of a city that couldn't care less they're coming...
  12. I don't think they'd consider moving into the current downtown arena. A rather they were considering a theoretical new one.
  13. They're probably just doing some preliminary vetting in case they exhaust all options in Phoenix. I mean they've still got Scottsdale and downtown to work through. And in Seattle at least they've still got to lock their arena down be it renovated Key or the Sodo one. So we're not anywhere near the Mayflower truck phase yet.
  14. Rip off of the old NASL or not, that's a solid brand. They'd be wise to do something like it and leave the Chargers brand in the past.
  15. Seeing as it's a PPV not excited at all. However I'm watching UFC Fight Night the following weekend with my old buddies so I'm pumped for that one regardless of who is on the card.