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  1. You act like this is something new. They've been bumbling around San Diego like this since the day they fired Marty Schottenheimer. Just they were in a small market and hadn't pissed off pretty much everyone on Earth so no one noticed except us San Diegans. Welcome to the show!
  2. THAT IS FREAKING HYSTERICAL!!!! I hope the hits just keep on coming. They've made this whole thing so much easier to bear. We're finally rid of this disaster of an organization.
  3. Amazing any taxes get passed in California. Everything requires 2/3rd unless it's a general tax or for schools.
  4. Oh please let this be true... The destruction of the Chargers would be complete (many of the 19% of San Diego fans who are still going to follow the Chargers are only doing so because of a few select guys Rivers and Gates).
  5. Well I mean that's already the case now. 81% of San Diego based Chargers fans have already dumped them. They really have no fans left as it is. Because Raiders fans in LA certainly aren't jumping ship to them even now.
  6. Got an MLS sized crowd of media out to their coaching unveiling too. Absolutely pitiful. Looks like cancelling the big "Fan Rally" was their first good idea since moving to LA.
  7. Maybe that's why everyone seems ok with these moves. More home games for their teams. I mean the Raiders will get at least one extra home game each year in LA. As will any other popular team playing the Chargers. And with Vegas being a destination the "Black Hole" will lose some of its intimidation factor compared to Oakland or LA for opposing teams/fans.
  8. My take on the boo'ing, and subsequent cancellation of the "Fan Rally". Is that both reasons are in play that you mention. Some Angelenos just don't care. They're fans of the Rams, the Raiders, or just not fans of the NFL. Some of it has to do with the Chargers being San Diego's team and Angelenos don't seem to want them, they have a team such as it is, why would they want someone else's team? And some of it is simply anger at how this has gone down. You don't have to be from San Diego to realize Spanos moved the team for no reason than his own pocketbook. There was a workable plan he abandoned in San Diego that even several of his fellow owners thought he should explore. But Spanos is such an inept coward he didn't have the fortitude to see it through. Not exactly a thrilling organization to get behind if you're from LA. About the only good from the Chargers move to LA is it makes the Rams organization look like they at least have half a clue what they're doing. As for "national following" and the stadium next season, I expect the Raiders game to be almost entirely Raiders fans. They now have a 9th home game on their schedule. The Broncos game will be an orange out for sure. The rest will be a mix of empty seats and a good nunber of away fans. The Chargers very well may play 16 road games next season as they deserve to. And regarding rolling it back, at this point I don't think there's anything stopping them from aborting the plan to move. They've yet to opt out of their Qualcomm Stadium lease or their lease on Chargers Park in San DIego. But that would involve them looking critically at just how much of a PR disaster this move has been (the first move in NFL history where the new city wasn't at least ok with getting a team nevermind the typical excited reaction). I've little hope that would happen however because if they'd looked at this critically in the first place they never would have moved to be a 5th rate football team in LA.
  9. Here's a link to their latest aborting of a plan due to no interest in LA.
  10. More bad news for the Chargers. Had to cancel their fan rally at the Forum tomorrow. No fan interest.
  11. Hey it's not to many for MLB. I don't think it's too many for MLS. Particularly given the soccer footprint this state has and the overall population. And being that the SD and Sac teams would be taking advantage of markets that don't have much Big 4 competition (and even the jilted fan angle in SD), it makes even more sense.
  12. Hell it felt like they made a deal with the devil the moment the lights went out during that Super Bowl.
  13. Considering Big Ben is having a down season I like their chances.
  14. Yeah on paper Sac should absolutely be next. Solid size market, well developed fan base already, Bay Area spill over population that is growing, stadium plan is ready, solid ownership group, ready made NorCal rivalry with San Jose. I think the one thing holding Sacramento back, is they're Sacramento. No offense to my state's capital, but they're essentially Columbus west. Not exactly a sexy market for MLS nor do they expand the league's footprint into new territories as some of the others do, nor are they necessarily the largest market out there of the 10 options. I think for MLS they have to sit down and consider what is more important, a solid team who will be an immediate competitor and contributor to the league or someone who might some day be a major contributor but comes with clear risks. If they stay true to form Sac shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  15. Actually Vegas has almost 2 million permanent residents in it's metro area. So there's a solid base on which to build. For the NFL for example they're bigger than Nashville's metro for example or Jacksonville's.