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  1. Those ASG year unis were very good. Miss them. Actually just picked up an on field worn one at FanFest last week cheap. And the accompanying BP jerseys for $5 each.
  2. bosrs1

    Pacific Pro Football

    Not really sure that's even true. Playing in Spring means they're inevitably off season and not in a position to benefit should the NFL miss a year. But the rest you're spot on. The only way these league survive is to not incur the wrath of the NFL, which inevitably means they either stay small, or find a way to work with the NFL. Pacific Pro seems primed for the former. AAF on the other hand seems to be angling for the later (being overly accommodating to the NFL losing key players and coaches with not only not complaint, but their blessing. The XFL... not sure what their angle is going to be since McMahon doesn't do small, and even toned down he comes off as antagonistic toward the NFL and their brand of football.
  3. Hadn't seen these on this thread. The San Diego Gulls broke out these homage jerseys on Willie O'Ree Night honoring the long time Gull and NHL legend back in mid November The major change from the jerseys of O'Ree/Western Hockey League era was the inclusion of the modern "SD" wordmark on the right shoulder like the Gulls standard home jersey, and the modern Gulls' logo on the left shoulder in place of the typical Duck's logo.
  4. bosrs1

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    I'm a long time Patriots fan and even I'm not opposed to this idea. I mean of course I want the Pats to win... but if they were to lose to Mahomes this week or Goff in two weeks I'd not hate either storyline. Passing of the torch to the next AFC stud QB if the Pats lose the AFC Championship game. And passing of the torch to the next young pretty dominant "system" QB in Goff with the added caveat that you mention of the Rams being the team that ushered in the Pats Dynasty to being quite possibly the team that ends it almost 2 decades later. That said... Brady beating both young bucks is it's own brand of crazy story.
  5. bosrs1

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    You'd think he is with the huge Santa beard he's walking around with. But nope, still playing at 47.
  6. bosrs1

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    They're pretty consistent actually after week 1. Sat always had the night game at 8pm Eastern, and Sunday has games at 4 and 8pm Eastern. Really the only floater is the early Saturday game which bounces between 2, 3, and 4pm various weeks. Considering CBS undoubtedly has other programming on the schedule during that early Saturday block it’s not too bad.
  7. Not if their intention is to move to brown is wouldn’t have been. Now their goal would be to sell people on brown for good or ill.
  8. bosrs1

    2019 CFL Uniforms

    Feel the same way about BC. The current uniform is a mess and they’d benefit from a return to the old one.
  9. We do. They’ve said many times the blue merchant is far more popular than the brown.
  10. bosrs1

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I mean on the balance, yes. Keep in mind only 2% of NCAA football players are drafted to the NFL. That leaves a lot of talent just sitting around or playing in alt leagues like the CFL currently. Will they have that one or two guys who are heisman possibilities from the top Power 5 teams, no. But they’ll probably have better players than many college teams have Power 5 or otherwise, who were aged out of college but weren’t in that two percent. Will they be better than Bama and Clemson and the top of the Top 25, probably not. But they’ll be on par with most NCAA and CFL teams I’d think.
  11. bosrs1

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Thats what I thought. They’re like LA’s third team after the Rams and Raiders.
  12. bosrs1

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    The cherry on top... Dean’s tears
  13. bosrs1

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Not only that, but I saw a stat that this was his 28th post season win. Giving Brady one more postseason win than any other NFL QB has postseason starts. Let that one sink in...
  14. bosrs1

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Absolutely. Everyone knows the Chargers are the Tampa Bay Rays of the NFL. And as for Cowboys fans in LA, don’t the Cowboys summer there?
  15. bosrs1

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    The league certainly doesn’t seem upset about it. Coaches and QBs being poached mean they may be on to something with this AAAA level league in terms of getting that overflow talent and giving them something better to do than just sit on NFL practice squads.