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  1. Yep. It's great on ESPN3. Can watch it anywhere. I can't imagine it won't be this year as well. The rights have to be super cheap compared to US sports.
  2. The Mayor of Hinchtown's car is not only easy on the eyes, it's easy to find in the field on a sunny day.
  3. I was being facetious. Still, that game was a great example of why the US will never go to the Euro winter schedule for soccer. Can you imagine how many of those freezing games NE, Chicago, Toronto, etc... would have to play during a winter schedule?
  4. You'd think so. But there's a school of thought out here that there's another party interest in the land who hasn't made themselves known yet who SDSU is counting on to give them what they want (a 40,000 seat stadium plus campus expansion) along side a redevelopment of the site. Long time San Diego developer and former Padres owner John Moores has been silent on his thoughts so far, and he had previously been tied to an earlier plan to redevelop that site. If he's is planning an as yet unseen redevelopment plan that favors SDSU as his earlier plan did... well the soccer plan may be dead man walking. Moores is connected up the yin-yang around SD.
  5. Pansies. It's just a little below freezing gusting win. Man up and play.
  6. Well I won't be surprised if Portland, ME lands a team now that's for sure. The Aces made it official they're folding after this season.
  7. They start collecting signatures in about a week. So far the city is very supportive. SDSU is less supportive on it because they're having delusions of Power 5 grandeur. But they also don't have much choice since Qualcomm is being demolished after the 2018 season and the Padres are only letting them shack up for 2019. After that the Aztecs are homeless without a new venue. Doug Manchester (local developer extraordinaire) suggested an alternative of rebuilding Qualcomm Stadium (for $500-$600 million) along the lines of what the Chiefs did to Arrowhead, but he'd need an NFL team to make it pencil out which all but the delusional know is not in the cards. I think ultimately SDSU and the MLS guys come to an accommodation and it'll get done. They're claiming conservatively the project will bring in $2.8 billion in economic activity and 26,000 permanent jobs (plus 42,000 construction jobs). A project of that scale won't be derailed over a few thousand seats for a Mountain West football team.
  8. Reminds me of another reason I was a fan of In Space. Unlike the 3 shows that came before it, MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, the Space Rangers did not lose their powers at the conclusion of the series, pass them on, or retire in any way. They were still out there floating around kicking evil backside. Something about that appealed to me. Which of course also led to the first, previous team pair up when they showed up on Lost Galaxy. But unlike some of the similar style crossovers that followed, it made much more sense that they'd happen to be out and about crossing paths with the Galaxy Rangers.
  9. Seems a real possibility. The Dolts put out a warning to ticket brokers that whomever bought the season tickets had to be the ones sitting in the seats (trying to discourage sales on the secondary market through ironically enough, Stubhub). Which says to me that a large number of the season tickets being bought in the small venue with its limited supply of seats (which is a prime situation for a secondary marketer) are being bought by ticket brokers (the same brokers who used to buy a decent number of their tickets in San Diego). And those folks will sell to the highest bidder, which is much more likely to be an away fan then the non-existent LA Charger fan. So I'd wager you're right about it being filled with away fans, particularly for matchups like the Raiders. What's worse for the Dolts, they're going to need those brokers, that they're pissing off now, in a few years when they have a 70,000 seat stadium in Inglewood to fill and still no discernible fan base.
  10. Forget if I posted this one. But this was from the Los Angeles Lakers visit to San Diego vs the Golden State Warriors in 2015, the two squared off in SD again in 2016. The Lakers typically visit SD once a year and play at the Valley View Casino Center (formerly the San Diego Sports Arena) which was the Rockets, Conquistadors, and Clippers former home (and current home of the San Diego Gulls of the AHL). Last couple of years the Lakers have been consistently playing the Golden State Warriors who ironically also called this arena home for a number of home games during the 1971 season.
  11. Wait is that a regular season game?
  12. The NFL Finance committee has approved the financing package and recommended it to the league's owners for the vote at the end of March. Looks like the only thing stopping the Mayflower trucks at this point will be if the owners get cold feet on either the move to Vegas itself (which seems doubtful since there were no real indications they were outside of Adelson's prior involvement) or the debt load the Raiders will be taking on. But then $750 million in public funding talks to so no surprise there. Worst part being that with the Raiders in Vegas the only real reasoning behind the Chargers move to LA evaporates and they look even more stupid for having made that move to irrelevance.
  13. I was always partial to "In Space". The uniforms were clean and much more functional than most and the show had a great resolution wrapping up basically the entire arc from the first episode of MMPR to the end of In Space.
  14. As I understand it the Ducks have a sweetheart lease at Honda Center, which just got a slew of government funded upgrades for them. I don't see them abandoning that and their core fan base (both corporate and otherwise) to play second fiddle to LA's second fiddle basketball team. Sure seems like this is a done deal. B of A can't require much vetting being the behemoth bank they are, and their existing ties to the NFL. And when funded previously the owners seemed gung ho on Vegas given the $750 mil in public money waiting there (and Oakland offering nothing in return).
  15. That would be a damned shame. But it sounds like the low oil prices are hitting everyone up there if University of Alaska was considering ditching their hockey program as well. Frankly given the demise of the ECHL's western division after the AHL moved west in 2016 I'm surprised the Aces fielded a team the last two years. The ECHL is supposed to be a bus league, and travel to Alaska isn't cheap, or easy given the distances and time zone issues. Basically the Aces are a latter day Alaska version of the old Hawaii Islanders of the PCL. And are no doubt suffering many of the same problems. And with eastern cities like Portland, ME waiting for replacement teams for lost AHL squads there's got to be enormous pressure to sell at a hefty profit. I hope they can work it out though. The Aces shouldn't have to fold just because the AHL gutted their former division.