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  1. 2016 Open Wheel Racing Chat

    Glad to see Mayor Hinch improving with each race. He looked very solid at the GP of Indy. Also very cool that Watkins Glen is back. Don't get me wrong, I had family that were excited about Boston and planning to go. But given the choice between a questionable street circuit or a solid road course I'm glad they're going with the road course. Few street races can be like say Long Beach (still can't believe it was caution free this year).
  2. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    When they're dead last in attendance and 2 of the new California teams are 2nd and 4th in attendance (and the other 3 were solid) it's not hard to see why they'd roll the dice on another westward move. And Tucson does for the Yotes exactly what the Gulls, Reign, and Cuda have done for the Ducks, Kings and Sharks. They can have a prospect up from the AHL team in less than 2 hours.
  3. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    I actively follow the Gulls and don't mind at all. Granted I'm on the positive side of the unequal schedule so it's nothing negative for my team, beyond not having as many home games to enjoy. That said, ideally the league will eventually compromise it out further getting all the teams to something between the two extremes now. But for now I'm not going to complain about less wear on our players and less money I have to shell out for season tickets.
  4. Dodger is a bit unique in that it wasn't so much built into the ground, as it was built into the side of a ravine. It's not really below ground when you're in the outfield. Petco Park in San Diego is somewhat opposite of it, with the stadium actually below ground level in the outfield but at ground level for most of the main grandstand.
  5. Teams with Mascots that Don't Match Their Nicknames

    He's not the mascot of any team.
  6. I hope so. There's no reason to cave to them at this point. The Chargers made their bed in LA, I hope they sleep in it. But they'll be in San Diego for 2016 Just hope they're prepared for crowds like this....
  7. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    The Quakes new away kit is actually a lot better than the originally leaked mockup.
  8. MLB 2016 Changes

    Wait... so the Padres finally differentiate themselves a little bit from the Brewers by dumping the sand/barley color the two teams shared and add yellow to the navy, and the Brewers go and copy them? WTF?
  9. Why? What markets are either in that really need NFL teams?
  10. Do we have to pick? I mean they both suck so you really can't win.
  11. Rob Manfred: BLASPHEMER!

    You're probably right. But whatever slowed his roll I'm glad it did so. I was about ready to rate him lower than Selig on the commissioner suck list.
  12. Best Number in Each City

    San Diego is easy... #19 Tony Gwynn - being the big reason. Best player to ever take the field for the Padres, one of MLB's all time greatest hitters and member of the HOF. Not to mention just a great guy and member of the community. Lance Alworth - One of the Chargers greater players, one of their few retired numbers, and a member of the Pro Football HOF
  13. Ranking the Teams You Hate (All Sports)

    There's like 7 teams left from the big 4 after all that. Holy jeebus that's a lotta hate right there!Let me put it this way: watching sports with me isn't a fun experience for most people. You kidding, you must be great to watch games with. People who care enough to hate that much are a hoot to watch games with in my experience. Especially when their hate intersects with your own.
  14. Ranking the Teams You Hate (All Sports)

    1. San Francisco Giants (Grew up dealing with their obnoxious fans, and now deal with their even more obnoxious bandwagon) . . . . . . . 2. Los Angeles Galaxy (Chief Rival of the San Jose Earthquakes) 3. Los Angeles Lakers (Cross court rival of the Clippers, and they're the Lakers) 4. Los Angeles Kings (Chief rival of the Sharks, and they always seem to get our goat) 5. Los Angeles Dodgers (Division Rival of the Padres, and the 600 lb Gorilla on the west coast). 6. New York Yankees (They're the Yankees, do you need any other reason?) 7. New York Giants (Super Bowls I'd rather not talk about. And Eli Manning) 8. Houston Dynamo (the zombie remains of the Earthquakes who had the gall to win two MLS cups immediately after leaving town) 9. Oakland Raiders (watched them destroy the Oakland Coliseum as a teen and they will never be forgiven) 10. MK Dons (the zombie remains of Wimbledon FC) Don't really hate anyone else below that on any regular basis. But honorable mention to the Denver Broncos, BYU, and the soon to be Los Angeles Chargers.
  15. Ranking the Teams You Hate (All Sports)

    I mean I get hating the Patriots. Most NFL fans who aren't Pats fans do... but is it really a bandwagon after 16 years? I mean there's a whole generation that have grown up in the time since the Pats got good. Not denying it started as a bandwagon, namely because I was around before the bandwagon and watched the wagon fill up, so I know it started as a bandwagon. But eventually it stops being a bandwagon and it becomes just a big fan base.