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  1. Nah, not yet. To clarify, I think the White Sox brand could be simplified. I feel like the logo has too many outlines on the jersey, then the road uniform doesn't match anything on the home set. Also they should wear stirrups with actual white socks. I did make this pullover the other day.
  2. Yeah it was the Rockies, but I listed the White Sox 3rd before I remembered Cleveland
  3. I'm in a 6 person group chat with some great designers my age. When one of us high jacks a conversation to talk New Era fitted caps/snap backs, we call it #hatchat. So you might remember a template I made where I traced the New Era cap on their website. Well, that was on Inkscape. Since then, I've moved on to Illustrator, which uses layers like Photoshop. Recently, I updated my template to make it Illustrator friendly. First, I got a Rays cap from the 2016 MLB All-Star Game with the heather pattern and star buttons. Here is me playing with the template on some old brands. I also cataloged my caps on a new twitter header for myself. Finally, I made a list of teams with the worst branding in the MLB. The Mariners and Indians were 2 of the top 3. Here is my quick rebrands that I want to turn into a full rebrand.
  4. I got a new REALLY good computer, with a new REALLY big monitor and it is everything I need
  5. I always bring up that Tim Beckham was picked #1 overall ahead of everyone in 2008, specifically #4 Buster Posey
  6. Love those Magic and Lakers logos! Also gave you a follow!
  7. To be fair, these are also really bad
  8. Jeb Burton did a throwback to his dad's CAT car last year
  9. Hahah, thanks for the kind words everyone. I wanted to do these for a long time, but the longer I waited, the more fun I was bound to have making it. Hope you guys didn't mind a little tongue and cheek. I'll admit I didn't try too hard on the crests due to the real WCH crests being simple versions of the country's crest. Also Brazil is a little under the 30 degree line, but Lesotho and Brazil really weren't on my list to do. Maybe in the future!
  10. Being from Florida, which is a hockey market, I think 30 degrees North is a good mark of where climates are cold enough to play hockey. If you look at all the hockey power houses, they all are north of this line. But I believe there is a whole untapped hockey market, using 30 degrees South! There are 6 nations that are reasonably south of this line of latitude. So I present to you, the Southern World Cup of Hockey! Here is the logo I made. Here are the 6 teams that compete in the games, which take place in their Summer. (Thank you to McElroy for the template, because I didn't have to do the pants)
  11. Yakball
  12. That's weird. It must be on my end. I'll figure it out this weekend, I guess I might have missed a file. Sorry about that!
  13. Hopefully. Grew up a Rudd fan, and I'm a massive homer, but despite no championships or Daytona 500s(which Mark Martin didn't have either), he won the Brickyard, had the Iron Man streak until last year, and currently has the longest consecutive streak for years with a win(which Johnson should break in the next season or two). That's a pretty good case in my mind. You think that if he stayed in a ride that wasn't his own in the 90s, he may have had a handful of more wins.
  14. I'm actually not sure, I'd love for someone to check that for me. Dang, I'm kind of hoping it's your fault somehow. My roommate tried it and it worked, but I think he just added files to what he had instead of using the download