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  1. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Yep, it's a clashing issue.
  2. Baltimore Orioles

    Ohhh I love that template. Good work on it all, that looks like something the Orioles should wear forever.
  3. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    I'm surprised at the general feeling is that these aren't great. I love them. The current set is an inconsistent mess with the primary/partial/script logos all being their own thing. When I went to a Rockets game this month, I saw the Kings crown logo being used by itself, and immediately wanted to rebrand them. Yeah I know it'll come down to color, but I think the one color logos are sharp. Especially when you consider the Clippers, Bucks, and Raptors rebrands we got this year.
  4. 2016 NASCAR Season Thread

    What's the next in terms of European manufacturers? Has there even been one in Nascar history?
  5. Here are two I've seen other people say. I can't think of anything from me because I'm always right. Anyway! My friend Kevin thought that USF quarterback Matt Groethie would go on to win the Heisman. I think it was the same week they upset West Virginia and rose to #2 in the country. My all time favorite was when there were rumors leading up to the '07 NFL draft. To set the scene, Oakland had the first pick, and Detroit had the second. Favre was mad in Green Bay and wanted another big target. There were rumors that the Packers would trade straight up Arron Rodgers for Randy Moss. This trickle down effect would mean that the Raiders wouldn't draft Jamarcus Russell first overall, but instead would've drafted Calvin Johnson, who went #2.Theres a comment on a blog post that goes along the lines of "why would the Raiders trade for an unproven quarterback, when they have a franchise quarterback who can throw the ball 80 yards sitting first overall?" Gets me every time. I did think Chelsea would win the league this year, even though after my bold prediction, I realized the team hadn't done anything in the transfer market and kept losing preseason games. Also I picked Sparty to win the tournament this year, when they got knocked out by the god damn Blue Raiders.
  6. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    I feel like just playing in a college stadium is one thing, but growing a fan base to an in-state college town.Falcons in Athens or Saints in Baton Rouge would be a better comparison In a reversal of that trend, Florida State played their sprig game at the Citrus Bowl afew weekends ago
  7. Super Bowl Shuffle

    I cannot stress how much I hate using my laptop since it's so slow, but here is the final results! First place goes to a worthy competitor in logoroy! Logoroy pulled it out with a 6 point victory after earning double points in the last round. I want to thank fouhy12, and pitt6pack for entering every round they could. Also to OmegaRed, andBlackBolt3 for showing up and really challenging for the title.
  8. Super Bowl Shuffle LIV - Los Angeles

    Sorry for the delay again.I will now reveal the identities of the designers and the results! With 40 points, logoroy winsSuper Bowl LI! Here is your Lombardi Trophy. Here is the final results, featuring the concept title, user, points, then round points. Points are doubled. 1. Entry 5- logoroy - 40 - 50 2. Entry 7- raysox - 33 - 36 3. Entry 2 - blackbolt - 20 - 30 4. Entry 4- gswansea- 19 - 24 5. Entry 6 - pitt6pack - 6 - 20 6. Entry 8 - omegared - 4 - 16 7. Entry 1 - afrobandito - 3 - 12 8. Entry 3 - fouhy12 - 0 - 8 9. Entry 2 - Walkerws - 0 - 4 Fouhy gets the tiebreaker
  9. Super Bowl Shuffle LIV - Los Angeles

    Bump! It's a heated racebetween logo 5 and 7, with 2 not far off.
  10. Super Bowl Shuffle LIV - Los Angeles

    We did it! Finally, the last one. So the voting has been explained before, but I'll go over it again. Everyone can vote for their top 3 favorite concepts in order. First place votes get 5 points, 2nd get 3, 3rd gets 1. After voting closes Thursday night, then the scores will be tallied and assigned points. Those final points will be how much each person earns for that round, and will be the score that carries over to the other rounds. Any ties in this final round will be decided by me. Also, don't vote for yourself. That's self explanatory, but worth mentioning. Without further adieu, here is the 9 entrees for Super Bowl LIV. The point scale will not change for this round, so we don't punish these designers for not filling 10 concepts. This round is doubled, because its special. Entry I Entry II Entry III Entry IV Entry V Entry VI Entry VII Entry VIII Entry IX
  11. Super Bowl Shuffle LIV - Los Angeles

    One more day! I still have to finish my concept but you have time too!
  12. Super Bowl Shuffle LIV - Los Angeles

    Bump! Only a few days left to try to end this competition out strong
  13. Design Elements Every League Should Have

    Yeah they mean uniform cliches in each league, not that each team should look like this
  14. Super Bowl Shuffle LIII - Atlanta

    I'm glad you noticed! I hoped that got across without an explanation
  15. Super Bowl Shuffle LII - Minneapolis

    Sorry for the delay, I've been busy driving out to Houston for the Final Four. I will now reveal the identities of the designers and the results! With 34 points, logoroy winsSuper Bowl LII! Here is my Lombardi Trophy. Here is the final results, featuring the concept title, user, points, then round points. 1. Entry 2- logoroy - 34- 25 2. Entry 1- blackbolt3 - 32 - 18 3. Entry 4 - OmegaRed- 27 - 15 4. Entry 5- mbannon92- 8 - 12 5. Entry 3 - pitt6pack - 7 - 10 Feel free to post your concept for C&C, andplease sign up for the last round.