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  1. Yeah I've had an idea of posting designer listings on Teamwork on a thread here, we should totally do that. But love reading all these Brandon, you're definitely one of the best in the game and it's cool to see how my own personal experiences compare
  2. Pre-Gillette, Hartford made a push to get the Patriots http://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2017/01/23/nfl-new-england-patriots-abandoned-move-hartford-connecticut
  3. Ah I didn't even remember that or bother to search since I was sure it wasn't done. Mods can merge if they want
  4. This is where this should go, yes? Got a team that says their stadium is bad and they just cant get over the hump of taxpayers payin for a new one? Post it here! There is a really cool website on stadium digest that has concept baseball stadiums, on varying degrees on how close they got to reality. http://www.stadiumpage.com/concepts/ Just to start, around the turn of the millennium, the Red Sox wanted to build a stadium to replace Fenway. That's part of the reason they hosted the 1999 All Star Game.
  5. The above post hit everything on the head except regressing to the astrodome part. In the last few years they've made the closed off restaurant in center a batters eye bar with a walkway going 360° around the stadium. I heard someone the other week saying they're thinking of taking out some small areas in LF to have a chainlink fense for fans to come look at field level. They for sure want to get out of the building, but doing what they can to improve. I don't think it's the stadium as much as it's the location. @the admiral post failed downtown sail stadium they came out with plans to make it a retractable roof. From home plate, center field is downtown st Pete and would have a good view, but roof be damned. http://www.stadiumpage.com/concepts/Trop09_R.html
  6. I think aesthetically, the Trop has gotten a lot better. This pic is from 2007ish, and they installed new turf this year, and it's looking a lot better. The Rays got their own contract with the turf company, rather than going through the MLB. Working here has made me appreciate the building a lot more because it looks really playable, in comparison to the way it used to be. Definitely not the best, but I don't think it is as bad as people say, complete bias.
  7. https://www.behance.net/gallery/50368349/Nike-College-State-Mascots put on some nice templates on my behance
  8. It was hilarious how Logano ruins Busch's day twice in a row because of course he does. Newman, Stenhouse, and Truex didn't pit for the GWC, and with Larson winning off pit road, I figured it'd be hard for any of those 4 to lose. Harvick won last year on no tires over Edwards. Good for Newman.
  9. Thirded from me. FSU canceled their graphics program when I was going up there, but I was set to go to school there. Majored in Geography and Sport Management while I was there, worked on design, and built up my resume. I've interviewed with the USL, FC Dallas, and the Buccaneers before getting this Rays internship. I think the best thing to stand out is a resume. I never got called once with a normal word resume. Spent a little time designing a nice resume, and haven't not atleast had an interview in the jobs I've applied to.
  10. How bout them uniforms
  11. Are you talking young people like 12 and under, which get in free to Xfinity and Truck races? Or young people as in the next wave of fans with purchasing power since the older generation is dying out or not relating? Just genuinely curious. I think with Monster on board, they're aiming at the 18-30 crowd. I actually have been seeing some interest through friends and twitter, people who are getting interested because their Sundays now are empty and there is entertaining races on
  12. Looking at a larger pic, it's hot pink if that makes it any better
  13. So how is everyone feeling about segment races now? Last year, Harvick and Truex run away from the field all race then the checkers fall without much of an issue. This year it seems like they've had to fight for it a lot more, though the problems with Harvick last week and Kes this week may have happened in the previous format.