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  1. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Hope you throw that bad boy in Predators colors, love me a city with matching sports colors
  2. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Wow I’ve never noticed that there were 3 swords in the logo. That’s uhhh interesting. super clean concept, love the flag shape. I think red orange and black can work. I think black bringing the two colors together is what misses in a lot of creamsicle based uniforms. As sad as it would be to lose a unique color as pewter, it is a lot to take in. Good work!
  3. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    I think the cardinals head is in the top 5 logos but this is really really good execution without moving far from the path. cant wait for the Bucs!
  4. European Baseball Championship Sim

    Here's what I'm looking at, the leagues look way more even in one season through. The leagues I created are different levels of players so when I make leagues for bad countries like Portugal or Ireland, i'll set them to High School Also yes, Curacao won 93 games, lost their league playoffs, then won the champions league
  5. European Baseball Championship Sim

    Hate to bump this, but I remembered this project and was looking into it. Shot in the dark, but I tweeted at OOTP if the game from last year had a champions league type mode with the tournament mode they released. They replied and said that there's been an "association mode" for years. I went and found what they're talking about and it'd work just like this but end in a playoffs. Since this league is sort of messed up with balancing, I'm gonna test with this save. But hopefully in a few weeks i'll have a massive real team league system with all sorts of European countries and go from there. So sorry for the bump but this is going to reincarnate to something bigger and better
  6. Hi htown, long time listener first time caller. this thread owns and I wish I didn’t give a :censored: as much as you. ill hang up and listen, thanks!
  7. Mexican College Rebrands

    Thanks Raymie! The idea was sort of like how UC-Berkley, UC-SB, UC Davis all have unique brands with the same colors. Was going to explore different brands of nicknames that aren't used. So like Vaqueros, Osos, and Huracan etc. I think a lot of logos may just be retracing logos that are good as they are. but then again the entirety of the project depends on how much information I can get! And yeah I always do concept series I've never seen before just because I can only do so many Vikings concepts or whatever. It never gets the clicks but I'd love to see your series again!
  8. Mexican College Rebrands

    Thanks guys! This is gonna have a lot of fun logos in it. I'm probably gonna do a bunch of new brands for all the Lions and Rams in the league, so open to suggestions for generic team names! My next team may be Lobos or Potros Salvajes.
  9. Mexican College Rebrands

    So sometimes your joke ideas COULD be cool! I found that map and i couldn't stop thinking about it. I really like league structures. That led me down a wormhole of translations and I've sort of decoded what Mexico's college football system is like. Basically the ONEFA (pictured above) is full of schools in 3 divisions, two better divisions (Green and white) then a lower division for newer teams (red). There's also the CONADIEP, which is a breakaway league. They're mostly the better teams, but the winner of CONADIEP and ONEFA play for the title game. My issue is that the branches of colleges use the same logos and stuff, just different city names attached. There's literally 6 Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey around the country all with the same Wild Sheep logo. As you can see, if the logos aren't rip offs of other schools, they're mostly just duplicates or crude. SO THAT'S WHERE I COME IN. I'm not sure how much or what I want to do. But I do like matching styles(In this case, American college logos) and want to be more intricate with my logos. So rebrands for now, but maybe football uniforms if I get a good template. UVM-Lomas Verdes Linces (Lynx) Current: Mine: Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo Toros Salvajes (Wild Bulls) Old: Mine: A mix of USF and Cincinnati to build their own brand.
  10. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Yeah it bugged out copying the link and I copied one that was in the place after an ad was loaded. Fixed as quick as I could but looks like you two got there about the same time.
  11. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Here’s a big reveal from the Broncos logo designer with a ton of sketches of potential logos https://www.behance.net/gallery/61221339/The-Denver-Broncos-Identity
  12. Simmed a 9 team t20 league and DC went 0-16 when rated 81 overall haha
  13. Thanks man! It's been fun but also hard. I couldn't have done it alone, thanks to everyone else who has contributed. DC gave me fits, just really had trouble. A lot of the feedback I got from twitter said that DC and Baltimore should be treated as 2 different cities. I shaded to DC and used them as the source for the brand. DC's known for their cherry blossoms and cherries are the "state" fruit. Here's what I got! I want to do a maroon colored uniform so expect that later. Anyone have a concept for Chicago?
  14. Finally got Philadelphia's Commonwealth CC into the game! Thanks @gswansea for the logo. I did about an hour of tweaking to get it under size for the game so it has a worse font and no hole in the ribbon and I feel pretty bad about it, but it is what it is.
  15. Not bad. Any reason for that particular pattern of striping?