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  1. Check this out!
  2. Nah I don't like reaching out trying to get someone to pay for my work. But considering how my concepts come up most of the times you search a team name, I'm sure they'll see the concepts hahah
  3. So a little background into this project. Football Manager is a great game, and the Editor program that comes with it is also great. Last winter, I figured it out, and created a mod where I could do Promotion/Relegation in the US leagues. I picked Puerto Rico FC for the sole purpose of using the youth system to make Puerto Rico a better national team. Bayamon FC was a semi pro team that was in the lower leagues, so I could use them to get first team minutes. It is really hard with 2 teams to do this. The in-game editor lets you pull up any player, and edit them to your liking, essentially. This includes moving to other teams. I not only was a successful manager, but basically acted as a pimp/commissioner trying to get players to places where they could actually play. There were a handful of independent teams in Puerto Rico, who weren't attached to a league. I used them to try and keep players for 3 years to gain citizenship. I didn't play long enough to see many players not on my team gain citizenship and get called up to the national team. Fast forward to last week. I was playing a different save and wanted to check editor for something. I ended up looking to see how many teams were based in Puerto Rico. The answer is 25. That's not entirely too many for one league. I moved Bayamon FC to the league, who were marked as a US team since they're in our pyramid. I figured a super league consisting of the 14 Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Puerto Rico, the 7 independent teams, and any other team that I could find. The teams play everyone once, then the league splits, and the two sets of 13 plays another round against each other. The total of 37 games is around the amount most leagues play. I started adding to the logos that already existed in a massive logo file someone put together. There were teams with blurry logos, there were teams with bad logos, and there were teams where I couldn't even find logos for. My goal in this save is to become the Puerto Rican national team manager, just to remain impartial. The job opened in 2017, but I wasn't considered because I didn't have experience. One team fired their coach 4 games in, I took over and finished 3rd in the league. So the league is in it's offseason and I'm thinking that there are a lot of really bad logos. In previous FM saves, I've had my concepts as the graphics in game, and it just didn't feel as immersed. But I felt that if I replaced them all, I could really make the game better. Here are the current logos in order Quintana, Bayamon, Maunabo, Roosevelt, Rio Piedras, Spartans, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico United, River Plate PR, Criolles Caguas, Carolina Giants, Fluminese, Huracan, Sevilla PR, Tornados de Humacao, Atletico San Juan, Guayama, Yabucoa, Brazilian Soccer Academy, EFBR, Isabela, Leones, Koricanacha, Universitarios, Fenix, and finally Yabucoeña. As you can see, there isn't a lot of great logos here. I wanted to place them on a map, and ended up making little icons for a google map. I based my logos after of Spanish teams, mostly. Their logos are so simple and wording isn't necessary. So without further adieu, here is the league. There are a lot of concepts, so here is a link to my blog post about them all http://sportslogospot.blogspot.com/2016/10/puerto-rican-soccer-league.html For those of you too lazy to click, look at this map
  4. Kahne fan here, Mid summer, I'd agree with Kahne needing a new scene. No results in one of the best seats in cup. But with the rest of Hendrick stepping up, Kasey hasn't finished outside the top 14 in the last 9 races. 6 of the last 7 were top 10s. Call it confidence, call it him getting equipment to compete, but I think next year will be a good year for the guy. Also this dropped on Jayski today Also I'm going to Talladega for the 4th time in the last 5 races there. Always a fun time.
  5. They keep taking away spoiler from the wrong series! Xfinity would benefit from lowering downforce and increasing the amount drivers have in the result
  6. Not necessarily too bad, seems like something you'd see in the NHL in the RBK Edge era. I don't know if the word mark comes in white or red, but I'd go for that. maybe doing the hurricane flag stripes on the sleeves would help the look further
  7. Marble has a photoshop template posted somewhere and I converted it to .ai
  8. Thanks! Went back and looked at your concepts after I posted these, Marble. In terms of modding f1, I don't even know where I could begin with that. I've seen F1 2014 modded with 2016 livery concepts before, but don't really have a way to do it.
  9. Finally had some time to play around with this F1 template I have. Just wanted to make some livery concepts for teams who really don't look their best currently. First is Force India. They used to have a bold memorable orange and white look, but has since been grey scaled out. I wanted to make orange more prominent, then add an accent of a puke green to throw in a bright color to separate the two main colors. Second is McLaren. It's a mix of current and classic. Gun metal grey with the red stripes that the Marlboro sponsorship in the 80s and 90s rocked. I feel like it's a classic look that the team can rock because it's simple enough to be replicated. I made chrome stripes to separate, and chrome decals on the black, including the boomerang shapes they have now. Lastly, the one I did for Toro Rosso. I HATE how similar they look to their parent team. I wanted to go to a different Red Bull brand, so I did some light blue that the sugar free cans have. I moved the bull to the wing, which isn't where it is on Red Bull. Those are the 3 that were screaming for some concepts in my mind, but I might do more!
  10. This is killing me, I've seen this stupid B and R before, but I cannot find what font this is. EDIT: ITC Serif Gothic.
  11. I like it! Hope you guys used Global Scarves! just did some AO Phoenix scarves today for the USA-Mexico game
  12. So the reason I've been so quiet on the concepts front is because I have a regular day job designing scarves for a company called Global Scarves. Between the youth soccer teams, rugby tournaments, and breweries, sometimes I design scarves for the American Outlaws. Each chapter needs a different look, one that stands out from the others. So that's why I decided on posting all the AO scarves I've made in the last 2 months in a nice little Behance piece. Check out them all here
  13. Good call, I think what happened was I was fixing the kearning and did the wrong weight on the outline. Fixed. But thank you everyone, I appreciate it.
  14. I posted this on my Behance, but I felt like I should post it here too! One of my least favorite brands in the MLB is the Seattle Mariners. I feel like their current brand is too cluttered with outlines, and doesn't represent a bold identity. This concept stems from an idea I've had for a while, adopt the color scheme the other pro teams in Seattle use. I was going for a bold refresh of a past identity, similar to the Houston Astros.