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  1. NASCAR Racing 3

    So they all 4 didn't work or just Bristol?
  2. NASCAR Racing 3

    Have you tried any other track? It should all work. If they don't, then I may have to reevaluate the ZIP file. Did anyone else download it?
  3. NASCAR Racing 3

    So in that download is a completely playable version with my 2016 mod. I took out the 1999 tracks and cars to save space. i almost, and still might, named this thread "I literally uploaded an entire NASCAR game for you all to download"
  4. NASCAR Racing 3

    The game driving is alright, but simming is real fun.
  5. NASCAR Racing 3

    Hey guys! So after a very productive week post an exciting Bristol race and buying Talladega tickets, I finished my 2016 set of Sprint Cup cars. After a week of testing, and a change of my rating system. Here's some pics for everyone. So I did something I hadn't done before, gone farther than the Cup series! Here are 40 Xfinity Series cars I made over the last month. I'm relieved that I can move on. One thing I've also been doing is updating the tracks. The game is very dated with tracks, and theres a nice little modding community to fill the gaps in the series from 1999 to now. With mods, the track images and info become very inconsistent. So I took it upon myself to fix this. With my 40 tracks, I updated the "trkinfo" and "trkshot" files (yes, the Indy car track) Every year, I edit the calendar file to reflect the changes to the Sprint Cup schedule. With those mods, the race logos range from "pixelated" to "none". I went through and fixed that for every Cup and Xfinity race this year. So I've been doing a lot of work on it, and I'm really glad it's all over. But I wanted to go even further for what I consider one of the best games ever. Download the entire game, my mods and all, right here. Enjoy!

    Same! I'm going at the end of June with my Dad. Going to the Reds-Padres on the way up, then seeing Tigers-Marlins the next week. There's a really good soccer community in and around Detroit if you're into that.
  7. NFL Letterheads

    Great work Darth, this was really cool to look through. How do you come across these anyays? I'm assuming scans
  8. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Bayern looks like half the other teams in the Bundesliga. I didn't like them at the time, but the red and blue striped kits are probably my favorites they've ever had.
  9. Bavarian SC Milwaukee Stadium Concept

    Love these PLA stadiums you have been making. The off center structure seems to work here, and I love the open ends. Great work Mark.
  10. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    The opera singer before the Leicester game had the champion patch which was cool to see. Also I just realized he didn't have any number on the top, so maybe not fully ready to release that font just yet
  11. Dark v. Dark NCAA games

    You see that a lot in baseball/softball. No one in their right mind would make the Raiders and Steelers play black vs black, but with stick-and-ball sports, the opponents don't clash as much, since the batting team is in 1 to 4 spots at a time. The Angels and Twins played a red vs red game this year I think
  12. Plus, these are the tickets
  13. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Swansea had a EVERYTHING MUST GO sale today phasing out Adidas. Jerseys were a whopping 5 dollars. The home kit is the only one left, and it's in XL and XXL. http://www.swansdirect.com/
  14. Nice! Good to hear from you Mike. I like that addition of gold for the Falcons, especially as a replacement of the grey. I guess my only critique would be the red falcon on the black helmet!
  15. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Yep, it's a clashing issue.