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  1. Yeah my bad. But I was going to say that this was the first time I had seen the pictures anywhere. I didn't even know they were considering it until yesterday.
  2. Looking like these are unused after the Revs stadium plans near BU got shot down http://www.revolutionsoccer.net/post/2017/04/28/stadium-statement-from-robert-and-jonathan-kraft
  3. YEs, love these so far. Can't wait to see the Rays!
  4. Yankees rebranding as Baby Cakes, confirmed! I would imagine it's everything unless the team asks special permission
  5. I doubt it, teams normally do the vote for the team name change later in the year
  6. That bottom left one is nice. I love that actual designers are coming out to make flag change proposals. I saw one for Tampa, which would be an instant upgrade.
  7. The MLB has a cutoff date for new branding for the following season in April, so it'd be 2019, if anything
  8. On Bowman's birthday too! Junior is also racing some xfinity races next year for sponsorship reasons. He's set to be a Hall of Famer, right?
  9. Yeah but it's free to the NFL and does a damn good job of developing starting players. You aren't seasoning players you expect to contribute in the D-League straight out of college, just bench guys that can add depth before you send them back down. and very rarely do players play in the NCAA and MLB/NHL in the same season.
  10. Dale Jr. to retire at the end of this season
  11. Upgrade, but boy that's rough
  12. I've liked every set the Brewers have had, and used to think the BiG logo was overrated. But it has this element of simplicity and recognizability that it'll never go away. It's like the baseball version of the Whalers logo, where once you unpack what it is at face value, it becomes an iconic look. I think I'd like for them to use it in navy, but a royal blue and yellow team would stand out in the MLB
  13. Not sure what'll get the comments flowing but I took some screenshots of the tracks. Should I do a winter classic looking logo for them all? (North Wilkesboro)
  14. Sorta looks like the logo. Franck Ribery luckily plays for France and Bayern, both of which look super good.