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  1. Yeah, went from the 51 to 78 to 41
  2. Yeah so you can create an account, but have to be "drafted" to post. Just a system keeping spam bots off there. Invitations expire overtime, so if they aren't claimed then the person keeps them.
  3. All cause I sent you one last time I had invites! https://dribbble.com/MichaelDanger
  4. Couple things 1) Rays burst is older than Walmart 2) Working here has opened my eyes to how phased out the sea animal Rays branding is compared to the sun Rays branding. The sting ray logo is on the sleeve which has carried over from previous branding, and the touch tank (which I hoped you checked out while here) predates the rebranding. Other than that, I can't name a single use of the stingray. 3) It was designed by Fanbrandz, who dunked on me on twitter when I thought the burst logo was the sun and a stingray, which would've been such cool double look. I like the burst a lot, like a lot a lot. I just wish the official graphic didn't have the white inside like the picture I tweeted. The white is hard to design with.
  5. Idk, the art style is definitely different from Germany, used by Nike before, and very Mexican. http://news.nike.com/news/nike-football-unveils-club-amrica-kit-for-2013-clausura-tournament
  6. Minor League Baseball Shake-up...coming
  7. I want one of the HRD caps, and asked the Rays store at Tropicana Field and they said they weren't getting them till next homestand. Then went to a Lids this week and they didn't have them either. The mesh is what I'm interested in because I'm not exactly sure how it'd fit or anything, so I didn't want to buy it online
  8. So Colorado Springs to the Pioneer League, San Antonio to the PCL. Wonder what happens to the Texas League spot?
  9. The waste of Kahne's prime is straight up depressing. This year started so optimistic, then returned to level, then he would get caught up in someone else's business or a part would fail. He had a legitimate shot to win Daytona but ran out of fuel going into 3. Pocono the brakes failed, Texas he was around 10th after starting in the back and an axle broke, and he had an issue that cause him to crash at Charlotte, and finally getting blindsided at Dover on the last restart and making a top 10 go to about 20th because he was like the furthest back of the wrecked cars when they were done. I'm an optimist, and I know he has been running better, and moves up a bunch when the setup gets tuned. Add like 60 points from those DNFs and he's right near the cut off for non-winners. It's just one of those things where you have to have a little luck, and he hasn't had any for the last few years. It seems like such a cop out, but man, it's frustrating. He has been doing great at plate tracks, runs well at Richmond, and has a win at Sonoma. So hopefully he gets a break and can sneak a win. I feel like he'll gladly step away to focus on his son and dirt team before he runs for a mid pack organization, but I digress.
  10. Come for the entrances, stay for the 180s
  11. I think the retractable roof one is very very good. Loved doing sketchup stadiums and this one turned out well. That being said, there's a reason they phased out stadiums like the second one
  12. I noticed just now that there's a lot of missing minor league baseball all star logos. Just in terms of looking back, theres some where the most recent are 2013. Easier said then done, just cause some are hard to find uninterrupted or good quality
  13. Yeah that's why Yakball died out
  14. Just checking in since my last comment, and dang you made that look better than I thought it would. Great job.
  15. Excellent point about the Spa and Italy logos. I made these all in color so I tricked my mind that they worked without color. I'll think about revising. For the header, I thought more for the branding of the races rather than the series, but here this is