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  1. Not bad. Any reason for that particular pattern of striping?
  2. I’ve only been making one uniform so free reign on one but I’d love to see multiples, as you’ve seen it’s all been pretty basic since there isn’t too much I can do in game! One thing i’ve been wanting to do is a logo like Carleton football club in Australia with a monogram heavy logo
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions for this? I'm sort of lost on where to even start. We can start Chicago! I think I'm gonna advertise these "openings' no real ideas for them, but probably classic looking for a big market like this. Open to any colors, maybe shy away from the Chicago flag, but who knows!
  4. Here's the 7 current caps of the league!
  5. NFL Logos by MCrosby - added Green Bay Packers

    I really like that 49ers one. Super cool project Mark, sort of a create a team feel on a lot but they’re still good logos. I think the “weakest” is the Redtails, solely because it doesn’t feel like a football logo. Great illustration though however
  6. Clubs like this normally have an all white test cricket set, a colored 50 over set and a colored t20 set. They've been clashing so far so I've only made one
  7. Thanks! Unfortunately you just missed the pastel colored team! Had an idea for a new stadium and created this for the Beltway team. It's inspired by Baltimore Memorial Stadium. Would you guys like a recap of hats for the teams? I keep making flat brimmed caps for each team. Also have an idea for the Tampa team, inspired by when I went out to watch cricket this morning
  8. This actually didn't look as bad as I thought it would! Also I realize I didn't mention i changed the logo to the palm being completely within the crest and the SFL11 to SFL in white and XI in blue
  9. same name, same team, same number

    Yeah that's Josh Johnson, played from 2008-11. Rob Johnson backed up Brad Johnson during the Super Bowl too
  10. Let's keep rolling! I'm actually going to watch the Tampa Cricket League tomorrow, so that's cool! Let's do DC. So there's a lot of fields between DC and Baltimore, so I thought it'd be better to combine the region. It'd be cool if anyone wanted to try to do a DC plus Baltimore flag concept. Also open to patriotic colors cause it's DC, obviously. Also are there any other names other than Beltway? Just covering our bases! Also for fun I made a baseball stadium on stadium builder
  11. I still preferred my version, super biassed, but also I liked the muted tones of the colors. Here's the mock up I made
  12. Well yeah but that was before I decided on IX Counties
  13. My thinking was that the city of Miami is far from Lauderhill, which is where the actual stadium is. So I was trying to make it an all encompassing regional logo. I’ve noticed a few teams using 11 in their name, so was trying that out, but not in love with it
  14. Nike Select League Cricket

    Well I haven’t uploaded these club teams, so that’s probably why!