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  1. raysox

    Bad Jersey Sightings

    Dodged that one
  2. Just caught up with this thread, man it's the best thing going right now. I loved your complete bastardization of the a's. Can't what to see what you do with the myriad of teams wanting to move to Tampa Bay
  3. raysox

    Adelaide Crows Concept

    Hey, this logo sucks so i made it better I wanted to make it meaner, bolder, more modern, and actually look like a crow. So I traced a picture of a crow murdering another (for real) and created this
  4. raysox

    Community Members with Successful Sports Designs

    Yeah! So I did the logo for Oakland County FC in their first season when they were Oakland United. Nike’s Matt Wolff did their current one. I also did league logo for their first league, the Great Lakes Premier League, and then what it became the Premier League of America. The latter finished 6th on Chris Creamer’s new league logos of 2016. Other than that I’ve done a few other small soccer teams. I interned with the Tampa Bay Rays last year like Brandon just mentioned, but now I’m working at the Women’s Tennis Association in St. Pete full time.
  5. raysox

    Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    I went out and watched some local Aussie Rules, figures out the rules, and joined the club for their next season. did a quick search for these concepts because I liked so much about this thread not knowing anything about the sport. Now that I do, I can fully say there’s some really really neat designs I wish were real! Love the Wyoming and Winthrop ones I hadn’t seen until now. Good job Discrim
  6. Love that Fury concept man
  7. raysox

    NASCAR Playoffs Phone Wallpapers

    I like it! I didn’t have a vector of the sticker when I made it so I didn’t even think about it. I can update the 8 or so of them easily if anyone else wants to see that
  8. Hey guys! I made some art to try to get some traction on mine and another user (Logan I'm blanking on your screen name here) here's racing twitter/creative outlet/racing blog/youtube channel @PushTVracing. You all should be following it! With the NASCAR playoffs coming up this weekend I made a template and plugged in the drivers who made it. Let me know what you think! Aric Almirola Ryan Blaney Alex Bowman Clint Bowyer Kurt Busch Kyle Busch Austin Dillon Chase Elliott Denny Hamlin Kevin Harvick Jimmie Johnson Erik Jones Brad Keselowski Kyle Larson Joey Logano Martin Truex Jr.
  9. raysox

    Beer and Football Crossover

    Stellar. Great work, man.
  10. 1 and 3 are nice. I don’t think monochromatic was the issue, if just felt sort of lifeless. I like the ones you’ve done so far!
  11. raysox

    Hockey beyond the Iron Curtain...

    This owns
  12. raysox

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Damn! Good game gswansea. Second World Cup concept competition I get knocked out in the semis
  13. raysox

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Hey! Top vote getter! Congrats to those who advanced and still a good job to those who didn’t. Such a deep class of concepts in this year’s competition.
  14. Oh Logoserver, the site that got me into all this madness that is sports design. So broad, so simple, so misunderstood. There are some real gems in their vast football collection.