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  1. I think the only application I've seen was a small piece of the sideline art
  2. Heh, that's funny I was just thinking yesterday about how for 35 years DC didn't have a team and how most people became Orioles fans in the time before the Nationals. Not trying to answer for him but I imagine that's it. Also did I mention that the Rays are wearing fauxbacks the first game of the double header vs Oakland June 10th?
  3. I'm super intrigued now. I noticed the rumble strips on the road course in Charlotte looked in better shape going to turn 1 and inside the infield wall. I thought something was up. Might be cool. Indy as the regular season finale is the biggest question mark. Also not noted above was Daytona is moved to Presidents Day weekend.
  4. I've thought of that, but It's probably cheaper to start fresh, especially with the land the stadium sits on being a big parking lot and a soon-to-be-replaced arena
  5. Best I've been to was Comerica, the sunset off the buildings was stunning
  6. Belles was the name I would've done for Philly if I expanded by 1 team on my NWHL concepts (shameless self plug) http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/111673-nwhl-concepts/
  7. After the last pit stop I believe they went down and checked lugnuts. They did that after the pit stops atleast once. I don't really think NASCAR needs an all star race. People have ideas to move it around or race on the quarter mile. Every race is an all star race. Give the drivers a week off or something. EDIT: I really really hate the average finish thing they've been doing. I wish they did an eliminator or random bracket cut up by segments. It's hard to follow if you have to come up with an average. Bowyer was upset cause he beat Logano 2/3 segments then lost on the tiebreaker on the final segment.
  8. Haha I know how much you like the old Lakers giraffe logo. Good work on the first one Mark
  9. Yeah sure, I'll take pics of the stuff I've done when they get put up
  10. Hey guys doing a little house keeping on this. I'm in month 4 with the team, and here's some big things I've worked on. A lot of birthday graphics for social media https://www.behance.net/gallery/48990707/Rays-Birthday-Graphics-pt1 and a logo for a radio show hosted at Tropicana Field https://www.behance.net/gallery/50774111/Rays-Bats-N-Brews-Radio-Logo There's so much that I've done that I don't have pictures of, but I'm glad I've sort of asserted myself as the logo guy on our design team haha. Follow my twitter, I share a lot of graphics on there.
  11. That was one of the last ones, but the most recent and overall last one was Padres at Blue Jays last year
  12. Yeah but looking at their careers, Bowman does more with underfunded teams. Truex got canned before the chase in 2014 when they were teammates. Bowman wasn't lighting the world up but still had a 32.5 average finish vs a 35.5 for Truex. Bowman also would've made the Xfinity chase for RAB racing in his one full year of Xfinity, while missing a race. I think Bowman earned his spot on merit, one where overachieving in a lower team opened some doors. I mean yeah putting Cassill or DiBennedetto in a Hendrick car would make them look like super stars, but you have to think there's a reason why Truex has been bouncing around lower levels.
  13. Apparently Bubba still is having sponsorship trouble at Roush, all while sitting 5th in points. Sources said he was only able to run until Charlotte, Mello Yellow had gotten a deal together since then, but I believe that was only a one race deal. Hell if he got a cup ride for a few weeks that might be a time to do it.
  14. I don't know if those guys are necessarily ready for the big series. Ryan Truex had time for BK but that wasn't anything special. But realistically, I could see them picking up a veteran like Regan Smith , Greg Biffle, or David Gilliland. They have ties with Jeb Burton which I think would be the top young. Unlikely, but I wonder if they bring in a Ford prospect for some seat time, and road course ringer for Sonoma if this lasts 6 weeks.