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  1. SO last night I got to the start of 2021. I mentioned how good expansion sides are so what I did was instead of "international league" as league type, I selected "AAA" which gave me 2-4 star players mostly, which is mid tier. Spain and France should get a AA or A ball level field. However the main issue is how much cash Israeli teams have. They all have around 60 million vs Dutch and Italian teams that have 2 million. It's all from a big TV contract the game generated so I went ahead and tried to fix it so the smaller teams can sign players and close the gap. Germany will get it's own team post later tonight but comment on everything while we wait!
  2. Started shortlisting players with good stats to keep you all updated. The third season came and went in the EuroLeague. Once again Modiin and Newcastle were the class of their leagues. Modiin was lead by two time home run leader Nawaf Fakiri at catcher, and Newcastle had 3 players batting over .300 and 2 pitchers with ERAs under 2.00. Bryan Sykes is a bona fide superstar for the Coal Sox with a rookie of the year, 2 gold gloves, 2 silver sluggers, 1 MVP of both the league and playoffs, all along with 2 league titles. The Oosterhout Twins were the best team in Honkbal, but did it through runs against and starter ERA. Italy isn't the best league comparatively, but it is the closest. Rimini made the playoffs and won the league for the first time lead by Israeli Nuh bin Ayyad who lead the league in hits and average. He is only a star and a half, and yet was 5 home runs shy of the triple crown. Grosseto had an unsuccessful first season and finished 8 of 8. In each league's playoffs, only one went to a winner take all game. Newcastle and Oosterhout were upset in the championship finals, with Modiin asserting themselves in the Koufax Series. Rimini and Bologna had the series of the year going 7 in an epic battle to make the champions league. Finally the championship series. These were done months ago and I don't have any statistics as usual. The best argument for merging the leagues into a super league with different divisions would be to organize the championship series. I wish 2017 had tournaments like 2018 does hahah. It really wasn't close. So Modiin rocket off to the best start in European history in the championship series, winning 2 of 3. But we will have newcomers to the championship! I'm going to expand to Germany for 2021. Then France and Spain the year after. This will make a 12 team 3 group championship series. Germany will have 10 teams, 8 German teams and 2 Czech teams. and will be the focus of the new post. New leagues get 5 star talent all across the board so expect them to challenge. Will see what I can do to fix this!
  3. I really really love both of those, great job man
  4. Hate to bump but I think I'm gonna bring this back. I have the 2020 season simmed and screenshots of the results. Would you all like to see them? Also I remember having plans of expansion to Germany/Czech Republic so I'm gonna do that too if we come back. This might be a few weeks down the line after some other projects get along more, but I'm interested
  5. People forget that a Chevy is leading the points and have 4 of the top 10, vs 3 each by the other teams Dodge, I'll believe it when I see it. They are still in Xfinity however.
  6. The diamondbacks had basically the same hat. The hat isn't bad, but it does have a green-era patch on the side with a gradient-era logo on the front
  7. Todd Gilliland was in this truck at Dover and it clicked to why those numbers were picked by KBM Christopher Bell won in a rain delay Kentucky truck race last night. He's going to be GOOD. Just another bullet in the chamber of JGR. Also John Hunter Nemecheck lead a bunch last night in his underfunded Dad's car. Hope he can get a chance in Xfinity cause he impresses every week when he isn't crashing Cole Custer.
  8. Unpopular Opinion: The 90s Lightning logo sucked and the jerseys were meh and there's nothing redeeming or better compared to the current set. I've never seen an "add black and silver" Lightning concept that I've liked since the rebrand. it's forcing a square peg into a round hole since the logo wasn't designed to have outlines or fill.
  9. Tallahassee's is the local government star logo used
  10. Give these a look through. https://twitter.com/soccerreform https://twitter.com/bwfast Lots of anti MLS spinning without much of an argument with a lot of followers who agree. It's like soccer InfoWars, Ted Westervelt RT'd Ben Fast saying the US Open Cup is rigged for MLS teams cause each team has a person at the draw. I think there's a lot to like about lower tier soccer, and I get the frustration with a closed system. Detroit, and Chattanooga deserve to play bigger teams more than someone with a fat wallet and an idea. But I think that all this infighting is getting US Soccer as a whole nowhere.
  11. Plant City Stadium Reds Spring Training home until 1999, there was a USL Pro team based in "Tampa" that played there.
  12. There's two yellow seats in Right Field at Tropicana Field. One is for Boggs' 3000th hit and the second is for the first home run as a team, also Boggs
  13. I saw the Houston Astrodome and Silverdome in person over a span of 3 months, truly #blessed I thought Cardinal Stadium in Louisville would be a cool old stadium for Louisville City, but get why they want their own downtown