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  1. Super Bowl Shuffle

    We could do a 800x600 image any color you want, just in case you want a white stroke on the outside
  2. Super Bowl Shuffle

    Correct. The first 3 rounds is to establish points, then the 4th round has 3 different logos so you can pick whatever one can earn you points going into the last round. Then the last round is everyone head to head.
  3. Super Bowl Shuffle

    We can do that
  4. Super Bowl Shuffle

    So today's discussion on hammering out details...   How should the presentation be? A size limitation probably wouldn't work just because no one would listen, but I think JUST the logo on a blank white background. Should we do on a color? Should we allow comments and reasoning? I feel like a good logo doesn't need reasoning.   Thoughts?
  5. Super Bowl Shuffle

    Yeah just let me know you're in before you submit
  6. Super Bowl LI

    Bid logo, it's the logo that Minnesota bid under. You can find them for all the recent Super Bowls.
  7. Green leaf, red text. Good luck Chris!
  8. Super Bowl Shuffle

    Post in the thread that you're signing up for it so I can get a head count. There's no penalty for not submitting a logo, as not earning points in one of the rounds is enough.
  9. New Premier League logo

    According to historicalkits.co.uk, no team in the top 4 leagues. The closest you'll get is a claret color used by a handful of teams.
  10. New Premier League logo

    Yeah, probably figured it'd be hard to clash with, no matter what color it was on.   Related, this set may be one of my favorite EPL sets ever
  11. 2015-16 NASCAR OFF-SEASON

    Essentially. Think of it as the NFL having franchises, and not just a random assortment of teams that play every season. If an owner wants to sell his team, then they'll make a profit on their investment. It insures the 36 teams a spot every year. If a team like HScott starts tanking, they can sell their two guaranteed grid spots, and have something to pocket.
  12. New Premier League logo

    You know what color is connected to regality? Purple. I'd imagine that's why they went there.   As for the ball, a lion head would do. The premier league script seems out of place.
  13. 2015-16 NASCAR OFF-SEASON

    Ah okay I didn't know that, I figured it was just buy ins and not grandfathered.
  14. Miami SC/96 : Major League Soccer Team

    Love this version. What would the right one look like with an inverted soccer ball? A green circle(with no break from the palm fronds) dark panels, and the current green panels now the sand color.   I wasn't feeling the original, but I could see this turning out nicely. Good work!
  15. Joined in December 2008, but most likely happened in 2009