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  1. Was thinking about the elite plate drivers in the sport. In the last 3 seasons, excluding Almirola's rain shortened win, Dale Jr Keselowski Hamlin and Logano have won every points plate race. That's pretty incredible. Makes me think Brad wins Sunday
  2. I think anything moving away from last year's livery would be a downgrade, but this is still nice. One thing I noticed at Daytona was Truex running a reverse of the Erik Jones 5 Hour car. I think I like it better
  3. Anything specific? I'll have year 3 up as well as Germany
  4. That's a good point. I think I have the 6 teams I want down and now I need to act on it. I think as of right now I'll pass on it due to teams existing. It is an option for Spanish teams though, which I need to look into. England has a u23 system but I'm not entirely sure they're getting any developed players from it. All the leagues have the same dates for drafts and roster stuff, so I have a big draft day but players normally aren't great. The game is good with regulating roster sizes and stuff. So a 40 man date happens late July. Each team has a reserve roster, but there's enough free agents to fill that spot if they don't have the players. i finished season 3 and I'm gonna play around with a league and manually moving the winners to it after the season. Gonna do an unofficial test run this offseason and see how it'll work going forward. I found the ticked check mark that messed up the English baseball playoffs so that's back for this season
  5. It's funny you say that because I was thinking about it this morning. The diamond logo I made is easily expandable to 1 and 2 more points. Germany/Czech Republic would be the first league and Spain will be the second league. I'm not sure when a good time to expand, but I think it might be this offseason. I have a few different choices. I could just create 4 teams and the only thing is one has to be Czech and one has to be at this stadium. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armin-Wolf-Arena But there is a weak European league that tried to get Italian and Dutch teams to play, but it ended up being 2 German teams and a Czech team. Most places have baseball teams, but the only thing that'd stop me from using them is accessibility to logos. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euro_League_Baseball if I brought Euroball into this I'd rename it an all encompassing Central Europe league and take teams from the Baseball bundesliga
  6. So I did another season real quick for the night. Going into this season, I changed a few rules for leagues. Italy and Netherlands had a limit on foreign players and that they couldn't trade with other leagues. Setting all leagues to 10 foreigners lets them stock up on some free agents while still remaining true to their country. This resulted in Italy and Netherlands improving at the top of their roster. The seasons played out very different to the previous season. All but Modiin were new champions, just squeaking out a title campaign. by under 4 games in each over the defending champs. But in the 3 playoff series, underdogs won. San Marino nearly won the Italian League, and made up that difference and then some in a 4 game series. The Oosterhout Twins upset Curacao(who literally had a WAR change in the offseason of -38), and then went on to beat UVV. Then in the biggest upset, the Blue Sox beat the best team in this save convincingly. While this set of European Championship games didn't have the extra innings games like the last one did, I felt the overall quality was better. Very few blowouts and non-regular season champions resulted in a championship that came down to a 4-0 Newcastle and 3-1 Blue Sox series to prove who really has the best pair of hose. Newcastle went undefeated but snuck by in nearly every game. Going forward, I'm forcing expansion on Italy. The new team will be the Grosseto Gryphons, a real team in Italy that wasn't in the top league when this game decided who is up. Italy was playing less games in the same amount of times as everyone else due to a forced bye for a single team in every series. The expansion draft will hurt the teams, but with a full offseason of moves to make with other leagues means they can retool their roster.
  7. Finally had some time to sim the 2018 season! The regular seasons were tight, except for the Netherlands which was a runaway by Curacao Neptunus. The regular season champions won the playoffs. The GBBA playoffs were eliminated this season because I had simmed the season and then the playoff roster broke and I had to quit and reload. The European Championship was the first chance to see teams together. Israel probably had the deepest rosters, and it showed. Their insane spending lead to a thumping of Curacao and they coasted from there. Other than that, the other games all stayed close. Modiin pulled away late in every game they had, just due to the lack of bullpens of certain teams. Going into the offseason, all of the best players are English or Israeli. I balanced the balance of the teams out, so the Dutch and Italians should be able to sign good players who are still cheap. The draft classes coming in aren't good, so I expect these 5 star players to bounce around to the highest bidder and drive up salaries. There are several Latin American players coming in as international free agents with good potential, so sooner or later they'll be hot commodities. Also COventry is the worst run franchise I've ever seen. Once they traded for a 5 star starting pitcher from Israel from 2 players, then released him the next day, and he went on to sign for the team that traded him. Gonna try and fix them going forward. Is there anything you guys want to see moving forward?
  8. Here is the full project on behance https://www.behance.net/gallery/48896665/Premier-League-Numbers-Concept
  9. Formula One teams are going to start coming out soon. Williams is the first team I saw drop today. No changes, just the new body. Haas is going to be released the same day as the Daytona 500
  10. It's funny because the reason I named it that is because I didn't have a working title. I thought for a project that could be seen as a joke could have a joke name, and what better joke would be naming it after another putting game!
  11. I think they were wanting to have a clean brand like the NFL when it comes to sponsors, so the ball is in their hands when branding for numbers for the future
  12. Doing a fancy Behance project on these and did some photoshops for you all
  13. I've had an idea for a realistic golf game, but done with putt-putt. So I made some menus based on a 20 year old joke from The Simpsons because creating a video game is out of my reach. https://www.behance.net/gallery/42586049/Lee-Carvallos-Putting-Challenge
  14. You can sim single games under the same menu as skip a week/play game etc is. At the bottom you can do single games vs any team in the game, best of whatever series, or a whole 162 games between two teams