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  1. I remember on MLB 2K8, which came out spring of 2008, had Tropicana Field still having the leaves pattern on the outfield wall, and the current logos on green instead of navy on the ESPN scorebugs and stuff.
  2. Wow I had a similar idea a while back, but you have absolutely crushed all of these.
  3. Funny story, there was a "leak" of these on footy headlines a few months ago and this picture of the design on a familiar template were posted
  4. yeah DYLAN
  5. My thinking was they have a C-Reds logo on the chest and Redlegs on the sleeve
  6. Who wants a second helping of Thanksgiving Color Rush! I came up with the idea for this one while everyone was complaining about the amount of the ones I was doing. I wanted to record myself making it, but it didn't work out. The Reds have a red jersey already, and a sick throwback look. So what I did was make a red version of that. The hat is white because, that is a lot of red, and Pete Rose likes white fashion caps. Lastly, swapping the Mr. Red Legs and Reds logo on the sleeves was a last second decision.
  7. The ONLY thing I would change is lining up the red band on the back ribbon with the top of the F. Otherwise, fantastic
  8. Ok if it is like this, that is FANTASTIC foresight.
  9. My roommate is a Braves fan, and we drove up to the Friday game in the last series at Turner Field. That was a fun experience, and you know what a perfect way to move on to the new ballpark is? A throwback! What I did was make a fauxback to the Hank Aaron era away uniforms. The only real difference is instead of the lowercase a logo, I put a red current A on a white front cap. I felt like I hadn't done enough original caps like the rest of the boys, so that felt good!
  10. I got enough comments about it looking like a basketball jersey! But I just recolored the old grey uniform, so that's why I made the decision.
  11. I have a theory that the Tigers should make the grey pullovers from the 80s their home uniform. The current one has too many outlines for my like when the old one is a clean bold look. Anyways, that's what I wanted to start with for the Tigers. Went navy over orange, and then matched the old look as close to as I could.
  12. I was hung up on the Padres. I knew I wanted to make them gold, but not what I wanted to pair it with. My options were navy or brown. Navy would fit with the current look, but the throwback brown is such a good look. In a series that wants the most amount of color, how could I leave off one from the entire league when so many will use navy. I whipped up a Padres look that's half throwback, half next step forward for the brand that's pretty close to being perfect.
  13. Thanks Marble! Also thanks Coco, you seem to be the biggest NeatO fan here. Ahhhh the Rockies. For a team that can be the only one to wear purple, they sure as hell don't do it often enough. The Rockies used to rock vests, so I did off color sleeves to match that on these. On these, I threw on pinstripes as well to match their homes. Went black for the cap just so it seems balanced with the socks and the obnoxious amount of purple.
  14. When I decide on what colors to use, I look up what color jerseys the teams already have. Sure, I could make another blue Brewers jersey, but where is the fun in that? I love the Ball-in-Glove hat, and since it's used so much, I figured it wouldn't be a stretch to use. What this concept is is the old Brewers look with white and yellow swapped. Turns out it is my favorite one I've done.
  15. Ok to be fair, you were at a hockey game Saturday and my girlfriend fell asleep at like 8, so I just went all out